Days of Our Lives Update Friday 6/26/15

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 6/26/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Eric enters Nicole's hospital room and they flash back to kissing in the vent.

Kate and Will sit together in the town square. Kate comments on Nicole nearly getting Eric killed and joked that it would make a great story. Will reminds her that he's never writing about his family again. Kate brings up possibly getting TruVista to publish his article on Dr. Myers.

Sonny and Chad sit together at the club and go over their finances. Sonny talks about paying Chad back for the new club not working out. Chad tells him not to worry about that and talks about their friendship. Chad then informs Sonny that Stefano is back in town.

Anne and Theresa talk about Tate. Anne brings up Brady only letting her live at the mansion for a limited time. Theresa says she's living in the moment and has been waiting for this. Theresa gets a call from her mom Kimberly, who asks if she's lost her mind.

Abe tells Serena that Roman will be in to question her. Serena refuses to answer without her lawyer. Abe says Roman wants to know why his son was almost killed. Abe brings up believing she cares about Eric and how she's the only person who could help find Xander. Serena wishes she could help but has no idea where Xander is and that scares her.

Victor has his men untie Xander and drop him to his knees with a knife to his throat. Victor takes the knife himself and says to allow him.

Eric talks to Nicole about being afraid of losing her and starts to bring up what happened between them when Brady walks in.

Victor brings up Xander saying he'd give up his life to protect him so his word will mean something. Victor mentions not having much use for his father. Victor presses the knife against Xander's throat and blood drips out.

Brady questions what Eric is doing when he's not supposed to be out of bed. Eric says he needed to see for himself that Nicole was alright. Brady asks what Eric was saying about something happening between them. Nicole speaks up to say she might as well tell him because everyone will know soon enough anyways.

Will tells Kate that he will do whatever it takes to save his marriage. Kate has no problem with underhanded tactics but questions bribing his couples therapist. Will argues that he's not bribing him. Will talks about working things through in their sessions. Kate feels he just said what Sonny needed to hear. Kate warns him to be careful or it will backfire on him.

Sonny thought Stefano would be arrested. Chad explains that he cut a deal. Sonny takes that as he paid someone off. Sonny doesn't understand what it has to do with their friendship or partnership. Chad hopes nothing but points out being a DiMera and a Kiriakis. Sonny notes that Stefano has always been friendly to him. Chad mentions that Stefano just hates them working together so he'll never trust Stefano.

Theresa tells Kimberly about how it's only a few days of living in the mansion and she won't go near Victor. Theresa thinks being with Brady is what's best for Tate.

Nicole tells Brady that Xander tried to kill them. Brady informs her that he was there which Nicole forgot. Nicole and Eric thank Brady. Brady says it was Daniel who realized she was missing. Eric asks about Brady taking Tate home so they don't want to keep him. They thank him for checking in so Brady goes to leave but he stops and says he knows them too well. Brady asks if they're fine then why do they look so upset.

Roman joins Abe and Serena, saying they've come up empty on Xander. Abe tells Roman about Serena still not talking. Abe brings up Serena being involved with Xander's illegal activity but she continues demanding her lawyer. Roman says a lawyer will tell her not to talk but they need to know what she knows to keep her and Eric safe. Serena thinks back to confessing to Eric.

Victor lowers the knife to against Xander's chest but then gives it back to his men and sits down. Victor's guard cuts the ties from Xander's wrists. Victor talks about Xander's father begging for help so many times until he refused and he died. Victor has no remorse over not preventing his death but he understands now that mercy is not weakness so perhaps he can give him one last chance only because he's family and might prove useful one day, assuming this taught him his place. Victor points out that he said perhaps so his fate is far from decided.

Theresa finishes her talk with Kimberly and hangs up. Anne reminds Theresa that Brady despises her. Theresa decides to get to the hospital. Anne comments on her work not getting done as they exit.

Nicole complains that Xander is still at large. Eric adds that the near-death experience is upsetting. Brady remains unsure. Maxine comes in and wants Eric back in his hospital bed. Eric tells her that he just needed to see Nicole was alright then he exits with Maxine. Brady tells Nicole that what they went through is almost impossible to believe.

Abe says they aren't getting anywhere here so he's going to go follow up on what they have. Roman tells Serena that her lawyer will be there soon. Serena says the one thing she wants to say before she gets there is that she loves Eric no matter what he says. She admits she came to Salem for an ulterior motive and she did everything she could to make sure he didn't get hurt. Roman points out that he did get hurt and a lot of that blame goes to her. Abe adds that despite her feelings, what matters is what happened and that's Eric and Nicole almost dying. Abe brings up a case being built against her and Xander for attempted murder.

Victor goes over the police having a case against Xander for going after Roman's son. Victor talks about everything could be stripped from him and in the best case scenario, he could be a servant in his home. Victor tells him to be grateful for his life and get out. Victor says he's shown him the limits of his affection and the rest is up to him.

Sonny tells Chad that it's no secret how Victor feels about the DiMeras but he still supports their business so they can survive Stefano. Chad just wanted him to be one of the first to know. Sonny asks if he's happy that Stefano is back. Chad hasn't figured it out yet. Chad tells Sonny to tell Will that if the article he's pushing to Zoe is really important to him then he'll make it happen if he says so. Sonny questions what article.

Kate continues to warn Will about Sonny finding out what he's doing. Will says he's just steering their marriage in the right direction. Will remarks about Paul trying to screw everything up for them. Kate reminds Will that Paul is likely to accept the Mad World job so he'll be staying in Salem and also getting positive press. Will thinks he knows exactly how to deal with Paul.

Chad explains to Sonny that Will wanted an article on a couples therapist when Zoe didn't think it was a big deal but Will was pushing it . Sonny confirms that it's Dr. Myers.

Kate doesn't want to hear what Will is thinking but Will stops her and asks her to have Paul work in another division from another state. Will asks her to help him. Kate agrees to think about it and assures she'll do her best to help his article on Dr. Myers. Will hugs her and tells her that he loves her then walks away.

Sonny asks Chad when Zoe mentioned this article. Chad says it was early last week and last night. Chad says Zoe wasn't convinced but if Will wants it, he'll make it happen. Sonny is upset and agrees to tell him. Chad exits. Sonny asks a worker to cover as he might be gone awhile then he heads out.

Roman asks Serena if there's anything else she wants to say to keep Eric and the rest of them safe and Xander off the streets. Roman gets a call and says he'll be right back. He warns her not to go anywhere as he exits. Serena reaches over and steals Roman's cell phone that he left behind.

Maxine brings Eric back to his hospital bed and tells him that Kayla is looking forward to releasing him if his tests are clear. Maxine adds that Marlena dropped him off a new phone. Maxine tells him to take care of himself as he exits. Eric's phone then rings with a call from Roman's phone. Serena says she knew he wouldn't pick up if he knew it was her. Eric tries to hang up but she stops him and says he needs to know that as long as Xander is still out there, his life is on the line.

Victor clarifies to Xander that he won't help him with his legal mess or what Serena will tell the authorities. Victor says the court can laugh at Nicole but not Eric. Victor reminds Xander who owns the Titan TV station so he's aware of the lengths he went to destroy all evidence. Victor adds that he still may end up in another prison and if he does, no one will come to his rescue and he'll be there for a very long time.

Nicole says she's an idiot as she knew Xander was bad but not how bad. She complains about him enjoying torturing them. Brady knows he's a bad guy but assures she's safe now. Nicole hates that she involved Daniel in this. Brady jokes about his two best friends finding their way together. Nicole says she loves Daniel so much and really doesn't want to hurt him. Brady is sure she won't. Brady says he has to go sign papers to discharge Tate. They hug as Nicole congratulates him. Nicole mentions having a gift for Tate and she'll bring it soon. Abe enters and asks for a moment with Nicole. Brady exits. Abe is sorry to bother her again but wants to clarify a few points from her statement. Nicole says she has to talk to Daniel first and needs to see him now.

Theresa and Anne arrive at the hospital. Anne comments on it being busy today. Anne goes to check the break room. Theresa finds Maggie and knows she's unhappy about her moving in. Maggie says they will graciously open their home to her and do anything for her and Tate. Theresa feels they'll toss her out in a few weeks and can only imagine what Victor is saying. Maggie doesn't know as she hasn't talked to Victor since last night so she hasn't been able to tell him yet. Brady brings Tate over to Theresa. Anne comes back to Theresa and informs her that Nicole and Eric almost died last night. Brady says he was going to tell her. Theresa is shocked to hear about Eric.

Serena tells Eric that they need to stay away from Xander as he's dangerous. Eric says Xander can't do anything behind bars. Serena doesn't know what charges are against her but she's just trying to stop Xander from hurting him any more.

Xander argues that nobody can prove that he left Eric and Nicole for dead. Victor says if he's right, they will talk about his new duties or if he goes to prison, they'll talk after he survives. Victor warns him about running and hiding from him leading to a slow, painful death. Victor tells Xander to go as he knows what he has to do. Xander walks out.

Abe knows Nicole is exhausted so he wants to make it quick. Abe says when they were trapped in the space behind the vent, that's the crucial time they need to confirm that Xander was trying to kill them. Abe asks if there's anything she left out about Xander's actions or what they did to survive. Nicole thinks back to kissing Eric and tells Abe there is definitely something she left out.

Chad runs in to Kate in the town square and asks if she heard about Stefano. Kate says Stefano will be trying to run his life. Chad asks if she really thought Stefano would let the arrest happen. Kate knew he'd be back but wonders why now.

Eric tells Serena that it's too late to try and protect him from Xander so he has nothing left to say to her and hangs up. Roman returns to Serena and says he doesn't know what is taking her lawyer but Xander remains out there. Roman asks if she has any idea what kind of trouble she's in. Serena responds that she doesn't care.

Eric gets out of his hospital bed and grabs his bag. Theresa enters and hugs him, saying she's so glad he's okay. Theresa says she couldn't stand not having him around and thanks him for always believing in her. Eric hopes she believes in herself. Brady enters and tells Theresa that Tate is ready. Brady tells Eric not to push too hard. Eric tells him to take care. Brady and Theresa exit.

Nicole says she probably should've told him this in the first place. Maxine interrupts with a note from Daniel, saying he'll be up to see her in a few minutes. Nicole goes back to Abe and says she might have heard Xander talking to someone and thinks it was a woman but she's not sure. Abe says it's something so they'll look in to his known associates to try and find a connection. Abe knows she's tired so he'll let her rest. Nicole agrees to let him know if she thinks of anything else. Abe exits. Nicole tells herself that if she just explains things to Daniel, he'll have to understand as she just can't lie to him about this.

Sonny goes home where Will is on his computer. Sonny asks about Arianna. Will says she's taking a nap and thought he was working at the club this morning. Sonny thought they could talk about their marriage unless he's too busy writing the article on Dr. Myers. Will tries to explain but Sonny doesn't want him to start with a lie. Sonny suggests honesty hour again and starts by asking how this isn't a conflict of interest and why he's so set on doing an article on their therapist.

Chad tells Kate that Stefano has been working on this deal for a long time. Kate says they know he could've done it months ago. Chad says Stefano wants to spend more time with him. Kate hopes he's strong enough to avoid his influence. Chad hopes the same for her kids. Kate knows Stefano loves his children but that love has had a tragic effect. Chad isn't worried but Kate says he should be. Kate asks what else Stefano has to do other than screw up his life as she walks away. Chad thinks back to Stefano yelling at him over breaking it off with Abigail.

Eric returns to Nicole's hospital room, surprising her as she expected Daniel. Eric tells Nicole that they need to talk about all of what happened last night.

Roman has a cop bring Xander in to the waiting room. He walks in and smiles at Serena.

Brady and Theresa bring Tate to the Kiriakis Mansion. Brady goes to prepare with Maggie. Theresa puts Tate in his crib and gives him a toy rattle. Theresa tells him that she's there and not going anywhere. Victor enters and questions what the hell she's doing in his house.

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