Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 6/25/15

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 6/25/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Hope sits in the Pub, researching Clyde. Rafe approaches and says he thought she was going to forget about Clyde.

Kate goes to meet Clyde at the club but finds Stefano instead, who tells her that he's back.

Roman is at the hospital on the phone with John about what happened to Eric and Nicole, wanting to find who was behind it. Roman mentions that he's about to check on them as John tells him that he and Abe will be on their way. Roman hangs up and approaches Serena to ask if she's been in to see Eric. Roman hopes Eric can tell them more today. Serena hopes they found Xander.

Xander wakes up, tied up and gagged and struggles as Victor is revealed to be the one who has him. Victor tells Xander that he has betrayed his trust so now it's time to pay the price.

Eric dreams of kissing Nicole in the vent as Marlena enters his hospital room and asks if he's okay.

Nicole dreams of kissing Eric in the vent. She wakes up as Daniel enters and asks what's wrong.

Rafe asks Hope about being unable to let it go. Hope insists that she's trying. Rafe asks if she found out anything new. Hope brings up Will's notes and wonders why it's so hard to find something on Clyde. Rafe tells her that there's nothing she can do. Hope says not yet. Rafe brings up Clyde being dangerous and points out that Ciara will need her mother. Rafe says if Clyde was behind Sonny getting stabbed and Victor wanted to back off then there's a reason for that. Hope questions what that reason might be but Rafe has no idea. Rafe says his money is on Victor because crossing a Kiriakis always comes back to bite you.

Victor tells Xander to cry and scream all he likes because no one will hear his final words.

Roman tells Serena that they haven't found Xander yet but they will. Roman asks if she has any idea why Xander would do this to Eric and Nicole. Serena tells Roman that he has to find Xander and not let him hurt anyone else.

Eric tells Marlena that he's okay and asks how Nicole is.

Nicole tells Daniel that she was just having a dream and says she needs to see Eric.

Hope asks Rafe what he thinks Victor is planning. Rafe says he only runs the nightclub and is sorry that he got Hope involved in this. Rafe says he would never forgive himself if anything happened to Hope or Ciara. Rafe knows it's hard but encourages Hope to let it go and stay away from Clyde.

Kate questions Stefano texting her from Clyde's phone. Kate decides to call 911 and says she's at the club with a wanted felon in Stefano.

Roman is confused as he thought Serena, Xander, and Eric were old friends so this doesn't make sense. John and Abe arrive. Roman tells them that Marlena is in with Eric. John gets called away while Abe sends Roman in to see Eric while he finishes taking Serena's statement. Abe tells Serena that he has a few more questions for her and notes that she's trembling. Serena says she's just worried about Eric. Abe tells her that he will be alright. Abe tells her to take a few minutes to calm down and then they can talk.

Eric tries to get up but Marlena holds him down. Roman enters and jokes about Eric giving Marlena a hard time. Roman comments that he looks a whole lot better. Marlena asks if there are any leads but Roman says not yet. Roman doesn't want to push Eric. Eric informs him that it was Xander who tried to kill them last night.

Victor has no more patience for Xander's lies. Victor tells Xander that Eric and Nicole are still very much alive so his idiotic plan to kill them was a failure. Xander tries to deny it but Victor says he knows all about his alibi. Victor says the police can't put him at the scene but he knows better. Victor recalls talking to Daniel and he was upset that Xander was still pursuing Nicole after promising to stay away from her. Victor tells Xander that defying him is the ultimate sin.

Daniel tells Nicole that Eric is fine so she can relax. Daniel is thankful they got to them when they did. Nicole asks how Daniel found her. Daniel explains that he and Brady went to her office after being worried about her. Daniel asks Nicole if she remembers any of last night after how long they were trapped. Daniel assures her that she's safe and it's all over now as he hugs her. Nicole wishes that was true but says it's not.

Hope tells Rafe they've been over that they both promised to stay away from Clyde. Rafe says when Clyde threatened Arianna and Gabi, he realized it wasn't worth it. Rafe tells Hope that he has some friends watching out for Gabi to protect her instead of going after Clyde. Hope asks what if Clyde goes after somebody else they care about. Hope gets a call and is informed that Stefano is in Salem so she gathers her things and rushes out.

Stefano asks Kate about her life is in his absence. Kate says it's been wonderful. Stefano asks if him being behind bars is what she wants. Kate doesn't want to see him at all for the next 10-20 years.

John joins Roman and Marlena in Eric's room to check on him. Eric says he's better. John wants to question him a little more and asks for time alone. Roman says he was just starting but John suggests Roman question Nicole. Roman agrees and says goodbye to Eric as he exits. John is okay with Marlena staying. John asks Eric what he and Nicole were doing in the crawl space behind the vent.

Daniel knows Nicole is traumatized after almost dying. Nicole tells him that's not it. Daniel asks if Xander hurt her in any other way. Nicole thinks back to Xander choking her and tells Daniel about it, saying she couldn't breathe. Nicole tells Daniel that Xander came to her office and tried to kill her. Daniel asks if she has any idea why. Nicole recalls being alone and going to meet Daniel when Xander showed up. Daniel asks what happened next. Nicole explains that Xander went crazy after seeing Daniel's name on her phone since she was using him to find out what he and Serena were up to. Nicole informs Daniel that Serena and Xander were smuggling blood diamonds from Africa. Daniel is shocked as he realizes the elephant statue was for that. Daniel knew Serena was too afraid of Xander to tell him the truth. Nicole says she understands now why Serena was so afraid. Nicole adds that she had found out Xander was in prison in Scotland a few years before for murder. Daniel says Xander was a troubled kid and he knew he wasn't reformed but never imagined he was capable of that. Daniel asks how she found out. Nicole admits it wasn't easy but the charges were eventually reduced and he was released. Daniel questions why but then stops, realizing it was Victor.

Victor says Xander defied him and wouldn't admit what he did then wouldn't leave when he told him to. Xander claims he was on his way to tell him everything when his men assaulted him. Victor drops an envelope of money and says he raided his fund and knows Xander was going to run away without facing him. Xander swears that the police can never prove he did anything to Eric and Nicole. Victor tells him that the police are not his concern.

Kate tells Stefano that she's moved on and now he will. Kate exits as Hope arrives with a cop. Hope informs Stefano that he's under arrest and reads him his rights.

Victor questions Xander thinking he's smarter than him or that he could deceive him. Xander argues that Victor hated Nicole so he doesn't understand the problem. Victor says he told him to leave her alone and that's not what he did. Victor adds that Xander doesn't seem to know his place. Xander says Victor made it very clear to him his whole life that despite his hard work, loyalty, and risks he's taken, it was never enough. Xander complains that he'll always be unworthy to Victor underneath everyone including Daniel.

Daniel can't believe Victor was behind that. Daniel apologizes to Nicole for calling when he did and asks why she didn't tell him what was going on. Nicole says she was going to last night. Daniel talks about wondering what was going on with her and Xander all this time. Nicole says she needed proof. Daniel realizes that she didn't think he would believe her. Nicole didn't want to put him in danger. Daniel is so grateful that Eric was with her.

Marlena asks Eric if he's ready to talk about it. John apologizes but needs him to tell him everything he knows. Marlena comments that Eric looks flushed so she goes to find a nurse for an ice pack. John says now that Eric doesn't have to worry about upsetting his mother, he asks what he can tell him.

Daniel talks about thinking of Nicole being trapped in the heat and how things could've ended differently if Eric wasn't there. Roman interrupts and says he needs to talk to Nicole to get her statement. Roman adds that Abe will get Daniel's. Nicole tells Daniel to come back soon. He kisses her goodbye and exits. Roman asks Nicole if she's ready to tell him what happened last night.

John tells Eric to take his time as he knows it's hard but it's important. John asks Eric if he can tell him what happened. Eric responds that he can.

Stefano tells Hope that she must not have checked in at the station this morning so he suggests she make a phone call first.

Rafe runs in to Kate in the town square. Kate tells Rafe that she is sending Stefano to jail. Rafe informs her that he just talked to a friend in the FBI so she shouldn't get too happy yet.

Victor tells Xander that Daniel is more important to him. Victor asks if he did this because he felt slighted. Xander says no and that all he ever wanted was his love and approval. Xander claims he did this to protect him. Xander brings up Nicole finding out details of dealings he did for Victor's business. Xander adds that he would give his life for him or take the life of anyone that dared threaten their family.

Marlena finds Serena in a waiting room. Serena asks how Eric is. Marlena tells her that he's fine, no thanks to her. Serena doesn't understand and claims she helped rescue him. Marlena blames Serena for getting her in to this mess. Marlena brings up Serena's past with Xander and how she threw her out of her hotel room without mentioning that Eric was in trouble. Marlena tells Serena to stay away from Eric forever and then exits.

Eric informs John about Serena and Xander smuggling diamonds from Africa and he realized how unfair he was being to Nicole. Eric mentions knowing Serena a long time and never knowing she was using him. Eric says after finding out the truth, he went to the TV station to tell Nicole but nobody was in the building other than finding Xander strangling Nicole. Eric had no doubt that he was going to kill her. John asks what he did next. Eric says he subdued him for a moment but Nicole said he wasn't working alone so they tried to get out through the basement but the exit was blocked.

Nicole explains to Roman how Xander found them in the utility room with a gun and there was no where else to go but the crawl space in the vent. Nicole goes over Xander not finding them but then coming back.

Eric continues telling John how Xander couldn't get the vent open so he tried to shoot it but his gun was jammed and then he blocked them in after turning up the heat. Eric talks about trying to scream for help and blocking the vent.

Nicole recalls how it just kept getting hotter. She thinks back to kissing Eric.

Eric thinks back to kissing Nicole. John asks him if he just remembered something or if he has nothing else to tell him. Eric says that's it.

Nicole tells Roman that's the whole story.

Rafe asks if Kate really thought Stefano would just wait to be arrested. Kate talks about Stefano doing it before and getting away with it. Rafe informs her that Stefano just cut a deal.

Hope questions how much it cost Stefano. Stefano tells her that he paid his tax bill so it was all just one big misunderstanding.

A nurse comes in to give Eric an ice pack. John decides they are finished and he will check the other statements. John says he'll be back if he has any more questions. John tells Eric to take care of himself and to let him know if he thinks of anything else. John exits and rejoins Marlena. Marlena tells him that she's holding up alright. John promises that they are going to get Xander and Eric will be alright. Marlena has no doubt. John asks what about them.

Roman asks Nicole if she has any other small detail as it could all help. Daniel returns to the room and notes Nicole being tired. Roman suggests Nicole call the police next time she investigates a crime. Nicole says she's learned her lesson. Roman thanks her and exits. Daniel wishes he could stay but has to go finish giving his statement then he'll be back to talk. Daniel kisses her and exits again. Daniel catches up to Roman and asks if Xander has been found. Roman says no but he's more worried that someone else could get hurt now.

Victor is disgusted by Xander's attitude and is now sorry that he didn't let him rot in prison years ago. Victor has one more question and doesn't want a lie. Xander tells him to go ahead. Victor asks if it's true that he would give his life for him. Xander says that it is. Victor declares then so be it.

Abe joins Serena in the waiting room and asks if she's ready to talk now as he has some questions to ask her about Xander. Daniel enters the room and says Serena might not answer them, but he will.

Kate tells Rafe that Salem was a much happier place without Stefano but now he's back. Rafe says of course he found a way to make the charges disappear but wonders why now. Kate calls it a very good question and walks away.

Hope comments on the deal that the judge cut Stefano being unlike him. Stefano tells her that now she's free to focus on the true criminals and suggests starting with Clyde. Stefano then sarcastically asks about Victor.

Victor has his men untie Xander and drop him to his knees with a knife to his throat.

Daniel explains to Abe that Nicole and Eric found out that Serena and Xander were smuggling blood diamonds from Africa. Daniel is sure that's why Xander went after them. Abe tells Serena to start talking but she wants a lawyer first.

John tells Marlena that this is about them as he's been blaming her for something that really doesn't matter now. Marlena asks how it is with Paul. John tells her that it's getting better every day. She is glad to hear. She adds that they've been through so much. John tells her that he knows and feels the same way.

Eric enters Nicole's hospital room.

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