Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/24/15

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/24/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Chad remains sitting in the garden and thinks back to being with Abigail. Zoe arrives in a red dress.

Abigail asks Ben if something's wrong. Ben thinks back to overhearing Abigail and Chad. Ben turns around and tells her to tell him.

Daniel struggles to find a pulse on Nicole. Serena and Brady check the same on Eric. Eric manages to open his eyes and begins screaming to get her away from him.

Xander uses his phone outside of the town square when he is suddenly shot in the back and collapses. Someone walks over Xander's body and rolls him over.

Daniel tries to revive Nicole while Brady goes to try and find some water. Daniel gives Nicole CPR. Brady returns with a bottle of water and a towel and Nicole wakes up. Serena tries to apologize to Eric but he tells her to go.

Zoe notes that Chad seems miles away. Chad blames work. Harold checks in with Chad and he orders their food and champagne to be brought out to the garden. Zoe thanks him for making time for her when he's busy. Chad talks about the Clyde article being a flop. Zoe brings up the cover story on Chad being her first idea. Chad tells her that he's spoken to Stefano about giving her more say in the big decisions. Zoe responds that she didn't realize tonight would be all about business. Chad asks what she thought it would be about.

Abigail doesn't know what to say and feels Ben is upset. Ben says she just surprised him and he didn't get a chance to clean up. He asks about how it went with Jennifer. Abigail says she didn't get a chance to talk to her. Ben asks if she changed her mind. Abigail says no so Ben asks if she had something else to do. Abigail tells him that she wanted to talk to him first as she can't commit to moving in with him until she tells him and she hopes he'll understand.

Brady tells Eric that he'll be okay as the ambulance is coming. Eric wants to see Nicole. Brady assures him that she's okay too. Nicole mentions being scared. Eric yells asking why Serena is still there. Nicole struggles to stay awake. John and Abe arrive with another cop and check in. Daniel worries about the ambulance getting there as he calls Kayla at the hospital. Daniel asks her to check on the ambulance as it should've been there by now. Daniel tells her the victims are Eric and Nicole of heat stroke. Kayla tells him she'll drive an ambulance there herself. Eric shouts to get Serena away from him. Daniel worries about Nicole's condition and sends Abe to do something about the ambulance.

Ben says it sounds like something he isn't going to like. Abigail says he won't like this but she hopes they can talk about it and stay calm so they can do this without a big fight. Ben points out that they haven't had any big fights. Abigail calls him the man she fell in love with. Ben talks about keeping his temper under control and says he can handle the truth. Abigail tells Ben that she won't move in unless he lets her pay half the rent.

Harold brings the food and champagne to the garden. Chad asks Zoe what she thought the meeting would be about if not business. Zoe says it doesn't matter and notes that he has a lot on his mind. She asks if anything has changed since they last talked. Chad mentions the stock price dropping. Zoe argues that whatever is bothering him has nothing to do with that. Zoe adds that he wasn't thinking about business when she walked in. Zoe admits she wants him to think about her.

Daniel, Brady, Abe, and John arrive at the hospital with Eric and Nicole brought in on stretchers. Daniel and Kayla go with the doctors. Brady tells Abe that this was no accident and says he's pretty sure he knows who did this so he better be get the guy or he will.

The unknown shooter drags Xander's body away.

Abigail says she knew Ben wouldn't like it but argues it's only fair. Ben questions that being all she was worried about telling him. Abigail knows he's proud and wants to take care of her. Ben says he does but doesn't always do the best job. Abigail asks if he's okay as it feels like something is off with him. Ben says maybe he is since he's been on an amazing high since she told him she wanted to move in but then he just started thinking. Abigail asks if he changed his mind. Ben brings up Abigail not wanting any part of it before then all of a sudden she had a big 180 so he couldn't help but wonder what made this happen.

Chad tells Zoe that he pays her to edit the magazine not analyze his thoughts. Zoe apologizes if it's none of her business. She didn't like seeing him look so unhappy. Chad questions her caring about his happiness. Zoe decides it was a mistake to come and goes to leave but Chad stops her.

Kayla gets Eric in to his hospital bed. Eric complains about being hot. She encourages that his temperature is coming down and he's improving. He asks about Nicole.

Daniel gets Nicole in to her hospital bed where she is unconscious. Brady joins him and asks if she's any better. Daniel tells him that her temperature is still 104 and she's still delirious so she's not out of danger. Daniel adds that her heart rate is elevated. Daniel says the specialist said they did everything they could so they just need to pray that they did it soon enough. Brady asks if something like this could change who she is. Daniel says the longer she's out of it, the greater the risk of brain damage.

Zoe asks Chad what he wants. Chad says she wanted him to be thinking of her. Chad blames his rotten mood. Zoe admits coming on to him while working for him was a bad idea. Chad tries to explain. Zoe says she'll resign. Chad wants to start over. Zoe doesn't want him to think she's only there because he's her boss.

Abigail claims she realized how stupid she was being and came to her senses. Ben asks if she's sure she wasn't just tired of him whining about it and felt sorry for him. Abigail says she realized how lucky she is since every relationship she's been in had hurt her while Ben respects him and her family loves him. Ben asks how she feels. Abigail says she wants to move in because she knows how much she loves him. Ben tells her to show him how much she loves him as they kiss.

John calls Marlena and tells her that Eric is not out of the woods yet but Kayla says he's doing better. John adds that Abe talked to Roman and tells her not to worry as he'll keep her posted on changes. John hangs up. Brady tells John and Abe about finding Nicole and Eric at the Titan offices. Brady talks about how the lights were knocked out and the space they were in was blocked in. Brady adds that he and Daniel both believe Xander was behind it. Serena asks if they found Xander yet. John says they are looking for him. Abe gets a call and talks about looking for Xander, mentioning that he's a Kiriakis so they should check Victor's place. Abe tells them that they will check out his hotel and the Kiriakis mansion but there is no sign of him yet.

Xander is tied up and gagged in an undisclosed location.

Kayla tells Eric that he is starting to recover so Nicole should too. Eric worries that the heat got to her first so he needs to know if she is any better. Kayla says she promised not to leave his side. Eric says he'll use the call button if he needs so Kayla agrees to get an update and exits. Serena then enters his room.

Chad apologizes to Zoe. Zoe says he made it clear that he thought she was trying to get him in bed to advance her career. Chad says he got it wrong and he's not looking for anything long term. Zoe says she isn't either. Zoe adds that her career is the farthest thing from her mind when she came.

Ben kisses Abigail in to bed. Ben tells her how much he loves her and says he'll never let her forget how much.

Brady, Abe, and John go back to where Eric and Nicole were found with two cops to investigate the space. They talk about no one coming and going as the security guard went home early and the cameras were all disabled so whoever did this knew what they were doing.

Eric doesn't want Serena around. She says she had to make sure he was alright. Eric says they say he's going to make it. Eric asks how it feels to know Xander did this to Nicole as she might die. Serena says she told Nicole to stay away from him and said he was dangerous. Eric asks if she mentioned he's a killer. Serena knows she deserves everything he says to her but she's so grateful he's alive. She asks if he'll let her stay around long enough to try and make him understand. Eric tells her to go for it and try to make him understand.

Daniel remains at Nicole's side as she dreams of their times together and their relationship. Nicole starts to move. Daniel tells her he's there and asks her to open her eyes. Daniel apologizes for doubting her and calls her the strongest and bravest. Daniel says he loves her so much. Nicole says his name and then opens her eyes.

Serena talks to Eric about coming to Salem for the wrong reasons but it being her best decision because of him. She says she warned Nicole about Xander and wishes she told him but she was terrified of Xander. Kayla comes in and tells Eric that Nicole is going to be okay. Eric wants to see her so Kayla goes to check. Serena tells Eric that she's so grateful.

Nicole tells Daniel that she was dreaming about him. Daniel assures her that she's going to be okay. Nicole talks about being so scared. Daniel promises her that she's going to be just fine and he loves her. Nicole tells Daniel that she loves him and it's always been him.

Zoe asks Chad if he has a confidence problem thinking she only wanted to be with him because of what he could do for her. Chad talks about his brother and sister dying in the past year. Zoe asks when he last had fun. Chad responds when he had dinner with her. Zoe tells Chad that it does not bother her one bit that he's still hung up on Abigail.

Ben and Abigail have sex. She calls it unbelievable as they lay in bed together while Ben imagines Abigail with Chad. She asks if something's wrong but he claims everything is fine. Ben tells her that he'll be right back as he gets out of bed to get a drink of water. Ben tells himself that she's his again.

Chad questions what gave Zoe the idea that he's hung up on Abigail. Zoe brings up how he looked at Abigail, talked about her and the look he got when she mentioned him. Chad assures that she has no clue when it comes to figuring him out as he kisses her.

Abigail remains in bed and thinks back to waking up in Chad's bed. Ben gets back in bed with her and tells her that it's fine with him if she wants to pay half the rent. Abigail thanks him. Ben says he's never going to give her a reason to regret being with him and swears to make her happy as they kiss.

Serena asks Eric if what she said made any difference at all. Eric doesn't care what happens to her, if she goes to prison, or if he ever sees her again. Eric shouts that she disgusts him and he wants her gone. Serena rushes out of the room crying. A cop stops her and says she's wanted for further questioning.

Xander wakes up, tied up and gagged and struggles as someone watches over him.

Abe and John talk about the only prints being from Nicole and Eric. Brady can't believe no one saw anything. Abe hopes a bystander saw something. Brady brings up Daniel. John says their best bet will be Eric and Nicole since Kayla said they would make it. John hopes they will able to tell them why someone would do this to them.

Nicole tells Daniel that she can't stay awake. Daniel tells her not to worry and get her rest. Daniel tells her he'll be back as he exits the room.

Eric remains in his hospital bed and thinks back to kissing Nicole while they were trapped.

Nicole wakes up from also dreaming about kissing Eric in the vent.

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