Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/23/15

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/23/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

John and Paul talk at the hospital, joking about Tate already needing a baseball glove. They discuss Kate's job offer. Paul says there is a lot of reasons to say yes. John tells him that he wants him to because he wants him to stay to get to know his family. Paul would like that but has something to do first as he sees Brady. Paul approaches and tells him that it's been awhile. Brady says he's sorry as it's been crazy. Paul apologizes for being a jerk when they met.

Ben goes to the club and talks to Sonny, who notes Ben's good mood. Ben informs him that he and Abigail are taking it to the next level as she is moving in with him.

Chad waits in the garden and thinks back to having sex with Abigail there. Abigail then arrives to meet him. Chad asks what her excuse to see him this time is.

Xander and Navidad discuss Daniel texting Nicole and Eric's phones. Xander says they have to keep Daniel in Chicago until their dealings with Eric and Nicole are terminated.

Daniel and Serena are in Chicago. Daniel complains about being unable to find Eric and Nicole. Daniel says he got a text from Eric that they decided on a different hotel and their phones are dying. Daniel knows Eric would call him instead of texting him so he demands the truth from Serena. Serena says Xander's name.

Nicole worries that they are dying as Eric holds her. Eric encourages her to stay with him. Nicole cries that she can't. Eric refuses to give up.

Ben tells Sonny that it has to stay between them and that right now Abigail is telling Jennifer. Sonny says it's great and they are going to be happy together. Ben feels like the luckiest guy in the world. Ben recalls the first time he saw Abigail on the day of Sonny and Will's wedding. Ben talks about knowing he could fall in love with her at that moment. Ben calls it crazy but Sonny disagrees and thinks back to when he first met Paul. Ben says it must be like when he first met Will.

Abigail tells Chad that she doesn't need an excuse as she came with a very good reason. Chad says he was clear about what he thinks of her yet she came back for more. Chad reminds her that he already got what he wanted from her. Abigail says he did all the talking last time and now it's her turn.

Daniel asks Serena what about Xander. Serena worries that Xander leaving Salem was a lie, meaning he was behind the text and has them somewhere. Daniel asks where and why. Serena hoped Xander was gone and Eric didn't track him down to question him. Serena doesn't know if it was Eric or Nicole as she warned them both and is now scared. Daniel asks her what she thinks is going to happen. Serena admits she's afraid he's going to kill them.

Eric encourages Nicole to hold on. Eric tries to push the vent open but can't. Nicole holds him and asks if he's okay.

Brady tells Paul it's okay and then sees John so he asks if everything is okay. John asks about Tate. Brady says he's good and is coming home tomorrow. John goes in to see Tate. Brady thinks John was trying to give them time to talk and asks Paul about hanging out with John. Paul says they are getting to know each other. Brady jokes about hanging out at the hospital. Paul is glad for baseball so they have something to talk about. Paul gives Brady a baby baseball glove as a gift for Tate. Brady thanks him and they shake hands. Brady says Paul will be a good uncle. Paul is excited to see how things turn out. Brady welcomes him to Salem and the family.

Sonny tells Ben how it wasn't that simple when he first met Will as he wasn't out yet and was with Gabi. Ben feels part of Sonny still must have known. Ben adds that it was clear how Will fell for him. Sonny asks if Abigail is going to his place. Ben thanks him for reminding him that he needs to go clean it up. Sonny congratulates him and hopes it's everything he wanted. Ben thanks him and exits. Ben checks his phone to track where Abigail is and finds out that she's at the DiMera Mansion.

Chad tells Abigail that he knows she came to say the same thing about how she can't get it out of her mind. Abigail says she can't because she's disgusted by what she did. Chad argues that she couldn't get enough as she thinks back to that night. Chad says she wants it to happen again more than anything but Abigail stops him and calls that a lie.

Xander tells Navidad that they need to take care of the fingerprints downstairs and come up with an alibi. Xander says they need to go their separate ways as Victor will be furious when this blows up. Xander talks about having two dead bodies in clearly suspicious circumstances. Xander blames Nicole for all of this and says Eric could've lived. Navidad wants to get out so they exit the office.

Daniel asks Serena why Xander would want to kill them and says she needs to talk to him. Serena admits that Daniel was right that Nicole was digging in to her and Xander. Serena tried to warn her but she wouldn't give up and now she's afraid they might be too late. Daniel asks if this is making her sad that good people could be dead because of her covering her ass. Daniel says Serena is going to help him by telling him everything. Daniel calls Victor and leaves a message that he doesn't know what Xander is up to but Eric and Nicole are missing so he needs to do something. Daniel concludes that if anything happens to them, he will kill Xander himself. Daniel takes Serena and exits.

Eric tries again to push open the vent but can't. Nicole stops him and tells him that it's okay and it's over as there's nothing they can do now. Nicole declares they have to accept that. She cries that she'll never see Daniel again to say goodbye. Eric hugs her.

Paul talks to Brady about how he used to fantasize about having a brother. Brady says he used to fantasize about a baseball career. Paul jokes that he does about that too now. Brady apologizes for being insensitive. Paul knows nobody can pitch forever. Brady is sure it must be hard to walk away. Paul feels the lifestyle was damaging anyways. Brady praises him as brave. Paul thinks about if he came out while still pitching. Brady assures him that he did great. Paul thanks him but still wonders how different things would be if he came out sooner and wasn't so afraid.

Eric apologizes to Nicole for being unable to stop Xander. Nicole says if this is it, she doesn't want it to end with sorry. Nicole just wants to hold Eric and have him be the last thing she sees.

A man walks through the park and alerts that everything is quiet. Ben comes out of the bushes and follows.

Abigail complains that Chad used her for his sick revenge. Chad says what he did wasn't sick like Abigail sleeping with EJ was. Chad says Abigail killed any chance of them getting back together when she did that. Ben finds his way to the garden and listens in. Abigail shouts that they never could've got back together while Chad yells that it's not how it was when he took her upstairs where she begged to make love over and over again which Ben overhears.

Paul talks to Brady about Tate. Brady says he always wanted kids so he's excited but wishes he had the nine months to prepare. Brady calls him a miracle and asks about Paul meeting Theresa. Paul admits he hit on her to prove what a player he was which they laugh about. John joins them and asks if they are getting along. Brady tells Paul that he will buy him a beer sometime and they can talk baseball. They joke around about a game that Paul lost. Brady walks away as Paul laughs and tells John that they are going to get along.

Abigail tells Chad that she came to tell him that she loves Ben but Chad disagrees and says Abigail slept with him and would do it again. Abigail yells that he'll never touch her again. Chad asks about her getting so worked up. Abigail complains that Ben is everything and the exact opposite of him. Ben continues listening in. Chad doesn't disagree and asks Abigail why she felt the need to come tell him that she's in love with Ben. Abigail says she's moving in with him. Chad asks what's stopping her. Abigail responds that he could.

Brady goes home and gets a call from Daniel, who asks if he's heard from Nicole or Eric. Brady says no and asks what's going on. Daniel doesn't have time to explain but says it's about Xander and they could be in danger. Brady asks what he needs. Daniel tells him to try and track down Eric and Nicole. Daniel adds that he's getting back to Salem as soon as he can. Brady rushes out.

Nicole passes out in Eric's arms as he tries to wake her up. Eric starts to pass out as well.

Paul goes to the club and asks Sonny how he's doing tonight. Sonny says he's not bad and asks about him. Paul responds that he's terrific as he and John went to see Tate and he had a really good talk with Brady. Paul admits he was wrong about Brady as he's a really great guy. Paul declares he kind of likes his new family. Sonny says that's great. Paul brings up that what he said to him the other day wasn't true at all.

Chad asks Abigail if she's here to get out of moving in with Ben. Abigail calls him insecure then tells him that she wants to be with Ben who is a real man who loves her. Abigail says Ben makes love with her and isn't a cold hearted calculated son of a bitch. Abigail complains that she had meaningless sex with a meaningless person who has been bragging about it. Abigail says she had it coming for being so stupid but Ben deserves better. Abigail adds that if what she did comes out, she would have to give up Ben. Chad believes Abigail came because she wants it to get out so she can lose Ben if he goes public with it.

Daniel and Serena go to Nicole's office. Daniel smashes a window to get in and they talk about how hot it is. Brady arrives and notes finding Eric's car a block away. Daniel says they both could be in the building. Serena notes that Xander could be too. Daniel decides to head to the boiler room first as the heat is blasting for some reason. Brady decides he'll call the cops.

Eric and Nicole lie unconscious in the vent.

John sits with Abe at the Pub and talks about Brady and Paul getting along. Abe says it's one happy family as they then joke about Theresa. John mentions Tate getting out of the hospital tomorrow. Abe says Theo wants to meet Tate. Abe and John both get calls from the station and say they are on their way.

Daniel, Brady, and Serena split up to search for Nicole and Eric. Daniel finds his way to the room where the vent is. Daniel calls for Brady and Serena as he thinks he's on to something. Daniel pulls the shelf that is blocking the vent.

Paul clarifies with Sonny that he didn't lie but just said something untrue. Paul brings up the job offer from Mad World being up to him and says that wasn't true. Sonny agrees. Paul adds that he knows he loves him and wants him back but he thought he was the only thing that mattered to him in Salem but it turns out he has things he never imagined having like a father, a brother, and a nephew. Paul says this job would challenge him in a new way along with funding charity. Paul declares that he wants to stay here and get to know his family. Sonny thinks it's the right decision and knows his family is great. Sonny adds that he'll do great at the job as Kate wouldn't offer him a job he couldn't handle. Sonny welcomes him to Salem, thinking he'll be really happy either. Paul adds one more thing, saying in his heart he knows they belong together.

Abigail questions Chad if it's fun for him to tease her and make her feel like dirt. Chad says he will keep quiet. Abigail brings up his past lies. Abigail talks about how EJ told her that when he or Stefano gave their word as a DiMera, that meant something so she wants Chad to give his word as a DiMera then she can leave and never worry about Ben finding out. Ben continues listening in. Chad gives Abigail his word that nobody will find out from him what they did. Abigail declares that's what she came for as she holds back tears. Chad stops her and says that he hopes Ben can make her happy. Abigail says it's funny as it almost sounds like he means it. Chad adds that he hopes he can but he doubts it. Abigail then walks away. Chad shouts out to Stefano that the show is over so he won't get what he wants as he and Abigail are over for good. Ben sneaks away from behind the wall.

Brady and Serena join Daniel as they remove everything from blocking the vent. Daniel gets the vent open and finds Nicole and Eric unconscious inside.

Paul tells Sonny that what they had was great and he was the reason it ended because he was gutless but now everything has changed as he's staying here. Paul states that if they both want, they can start over as they now have that chance. Sonny agrees that everything has changed since he's married now. Paul says if he decides to work it out with Will then he will live with that but if he doesn't, he'll be here. Paul doesn't know how to give up on him and doesn't want to give up on them. Paul then exits.

Chad pours a drink and thinks back to Abigail waking up in his bed. Chad gets a call from Zoe and tells her that he's alone so he invites her over.

Ben goes home and can't believe that Abigail slept with Chad. He almost throws a glass when Abigail walks in asking if everything is okay.

John and Abe show up with a cop at Nicole's office, looking for Daniel and Brady. Abe stops to wonder why it is so hot in here.

Xander uses his phone outside of the town square when he is suddenly shot in the back and collapses. Someone walks over Xander's body.

Daniel, Brady, and Serena get Eric and Nicole out. Brady and Serena check on Eric and determine he's still alive while Daniel struggles to find a pulse on Nicole.

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