Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/22/15

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/22/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Theresa and Anne struggle trying to put together a baby crib. Theresa worries about Tate coming home to a disaster and wonders what to do.

Paige shows up at the keg party in the park. Rory approaches and asks what she's doing there when it's not her scene. Paige asks if Daphne is here. Rory doesn't know but warns her that she's probably going to run in to JJ.

Bev grabs JJ and kisses him. JJ stops but Bev insists and they continue kissing.

Abigail talks on the phone at home about mailing out orders for work. She hangs up and sits down with the mail until she comes across an envelope addressed to Chad and thinks back to sleeping with him then him breaking things off with her.

Stefano makes a call and says there's been a complication regarding the Abigail situation but he's not giving up as it's much too important. Chad enters the living room where Stefano greets him. Chad warns him that the Salem police will catch up to him if he keeps making these secret visits. Stefano declares he's not visiting but he's back for good.

Xander taunts Eric and Nicole as they hide in the vent. Xander decides it's time to get this over with and tries to open the vent.

Theresa and Anne get the crib put together but then it falls apart. Anne tells her they will figure it out. Theresa complains. Anne encourages her to have a drink and chill. Theresa worries that Brady will get a court order against her to take away her son. Brady then arrives at the door.

Xander yells that Eric and Nicole are not getting out alive so they are only delaying the inevitable. After being unable to open the vent, he declares he will just shoot his way in.

Paige asks Rory which way JJ went. Rory asks if she's looking to tear in to him again. Paige admits she wouldn't mind ruining his good time by telling him what a jerk he is so Rory claims he forgot which way he went and walks away.

Bev and JJ kiss onto the bench until Bev sees someone and stops, saying she didn't expect to see them there.

Stefano informs Chad that the tax evasion charges have been dropped. Chad remarks that it couldn't have been cheap. Stefano says it was worth the price to be home again with his son. Stefano notes that Chad doesn't seem pleased. Chad is happy he's back as long as he accepts that he and Abigail are through.

Abigail reaches into her drawer and finds the music box that Ben got her. She comments that he loves her so much and says she loves him. She then grabs her phone and calls Ben, who is in the town square with flowers. Ben says he was just thinking of her and asks if she's done with work. Abigail hoped they could spend time together so Ben agrees to come over.

Xander prepares to shoot his way in to the vent but his gun is jammed. Navidad suggests her gun but Xander doesn't want to attract too much attention. Navidad says they can't leave them in there so she wonders what to do. Xander has an idea.

Brady tells Theresa that he was driving by and saw her light on. She invites him in and explains that she and Anne are putting Tate's crib together. Brady comments that it looks like they need help. Anne says they have it covered but Theresa says it would be amazing. Theresa sends Anne away so Brady decides to help work on the crib.

A guy named Kyle interrupted JJ and Bev. Bev introduces him as a friend. JJ feels he's seen him around before. Kyle asks to speak to Bev in private so they step away.

Daphne joins Paige at the party and encourages her to stay and try to meet someone new. Paige agrees that she may be right and tells her to come with her.

Stefano tells Chad that he doesn't have an ulterior motive in wanting him to be with Abigail. Stefano doesn't want him to lose his first love. Chad tells him that he doesn't feel anything for Abigail anymore. Stefano declares it's all for the best then and calls Abigail a fickle little whore. Chad warns him to never call her that again.

Ben goes to Abigail and brings her flowers. Ben talks about moving all his life but she's the first person to make him want to stop running. Ben states that now he finally has a home because of her. Abigail brings up moving in together. Ben asks if she's seriously moving in with him. Abigail says yes if the offer still stands. Ben excitedly hugs her and tells her how happy she just made him as they kiss.

Eric and Nicole hold the vent shut as they wonder what Xander is doing now. Xander and Navidad move a shelf over to block the vent and reveals he turned the furnace up full blast so they will suffocate to death. Nicole yells that he can't do this but Xander says he is doing this because she played with fire by messing with him and now will get burned. Xander tells Navidad that they need to get going to cover their tracks. Eric tries to get out but can't. Nicole cries that there is no way out.

Paige and Daphne go to the town square where Paige shows her a dating site on her phone. Daphne worries about meeting sketchy guys but Paige says it can't get sketchier than JJ. Paige clicks ignore on several guys. Daphne questions her ignoring cute guys and asks why she's on the site then.

Kyle brings Bev back to JJ and thanks him for letting him borrow her. Kyle tells Bev that if she needs anything else, he'll be around. JJ asks Bev what that was about. Bev responds that he has nothing to worry about as she's not in to Kyle. JJ says that's not what he meant but he's seen Kyle around so he knows he's her new dealer. Bev admits it and says she's fine with JJ not using anymore. Bev says she doesn't do it much anymore but had to get some stuff for friends for the 4th of July party. Bev adds that she'll toss it if JJ wants it gone. JJ doesn't care what she does as she can do whatever she wants. Bev assures him that she can take or leave getting high as all she wants is him. Bev then kisses JJ again.

Chad tells Stefano that if they are going to co-exist peacefully then they will avoid talking about Abigail as she is out of his life. Stefano says it's as he wishes. Chad welcomes him home and exits.

Ben tells Abigail that he is beyond psyched. They hug and Abigail thinks back to waking up in Chad's bed. Ben asks if she's okay as she suddenly looked serious. Abigail mentions having to break the news to her mom and feels she should be alone to tell her. Ben agrees to go back to his place to start making room for her things. Ben calls it the best day of his life and kisses her goodbye then exits. Abigail tells herself there is just one thing she has to do to make sure everything doesn't fall apart.

Eric tries to use his shirt to block the heat. Nicole worries about no one coming. Eric says they have to try. Nicole complains that no one is there but Eric refuses to stop trying. Eric tries calling out for help and Nicole joins in.

Brady gets the crib put together. Theresa calls it amazing and thanks him as she couldn't have done it without him. Brady tells her that this place is not ready for a baby to live in. Theresa complains. Brady cuts her off and says he's just stating a fact. Theresa apologizes as she was just overwhelmed. Brady knows she needs more time to get things together so he suggests she and Tate move in to the Kiriakis mansion with him. Brady asks how she feels about that.

Paige tells Daphne that she isn't ditching all of them and points out a guy that she liked back. Paige says she is liking people that aren't like JJ. Daphne worries about her getting hurt again. Paige insists that she knows what she's doing. Daphne decides she's going home as she's not feeling the party anymore. Daphne hopes Paige finds what she's looking for and then exits.

Bev and JJ continue kissing. Bev reaches for his clothes but JJ stops her and tells her that he can't do this. Bev understands he's not ready and admits things were moving too fast. JJ tells her that if he was going to hook up with her right now, he'd just be using her like he used to be before he met Paige and quit dealing. JJ talks about ruining everything and he doesn't want to make the same mistakes over and over again. Bev tells him that she gets it. JJ says they really connected once so he can't hurt her like that. Bev kisses him on the cheek and tells him to go home and get some rest. Bev adds that she's there if he needs to talk. JJ thanks her and exits.

Chad comes back to the living room but finds Stefano is gone. Chad then gets a text from Abigail, saying she must see him now. Chad responds that he doesn't know what they have left to talk about but they can meet in the garden.

Abigail hopes this won't be a mistake and leaves home.

Eric tells Nicole that they need to save their strength. Eric blames himself for this whole mess since he got mixed up with Serena and Xander. Nicole argues that he had no idea how dangerous Xander was. Nicole recalls Serena trying to warn her and she was too stubborn to listen. Nicole cries about trying to find out what Xander was up to. She hopes Daniel knows how much she loves him because she doesn't think she'll get a chance to tell him. Eric assures her that he knows.

Theresa smiles as she asks Brady about moving in with him. Brady says for a few days until she gets things set up or finds a bigger apartment. Theresa thought he wanted nothing to do with her and didn't want to see her again. Brady understands this is a unique circumstance. Brady calls it a temporary solution. Theresa agrees to think about it. Brady adds that it's obvious that she's not ready to do this here and he knows how concerned she is about doing right by Tate. Brady says him being furious with her won't change but he wants her to be the best mother to Tate. Theresa asks how his family will take her living in the house. Brady says he will handle it. Theresa agrees to a few days. Brady says he'll meet her tomorrow at the hospital to pick up Tate so they can take him home together. Brady exits. Theresa screams in excitement and jumps for joy.

JJ walks through the town square and runs across Paige. Paige remarks that she's surprised he left the party so early since it seemed like his kind of scene. JJ asks how she knew. Paige says she was there a while and Rory told her that he was there. JJ asks if she left because of him but she says no. JJ asks if she got the job at the yogurt place but Paige tells him that her life is none of his business.

Eric is sorry for how he treated Nicole and says it was only his feelings for her that kept him from the priesthood and he was just in denial. Eric tells her that she'll always be the love of his life. Nicole feels the same and says maybe this means they were meant to die together. Eric insists that they are going to make it. Nicole thanks him for believing and talks about living her life desperate for love. She's comforted knowing that if this is the end, she's with someone who loved her. Eric and Nicole then kiss.

Xander and Navidad wipe down the office to clean off fingerprints. Navidad comments on the heat and wonders how long it will take for Eric and Nicole. Xander declares they will be dead within the hour.

Eric and Nicole continue kissing in the vent.

Anne comes back to Theresa's. Theresa excitedly informs her that she's moving in to the mansion which surprises her. Theresa laughs about it and opens a bottle of wine. Theresa mentions it only being for a few days so Anne questions why the big announcement about moving in. Theresa implies that anything can happen in a few days.

JJ tells Paige that he knows it's over between them but hoped they could be civil. Paige asks him to turn around and walk away the next time he sees her. JJ says he just tried but she called him over. Paige says he means nothing to her. JJ brings up her saying that a thousand times. Paige tells him to go to Hell and storms off. Someone watches as JJ walks away.

Chad waits in the garden and thinks back to having sex with Abigail there. Abigail then arrives to meet him.

Xander tells Navidad to finish up here. Daniel sends a text to Nicole and Eric's phones, asking where they are. Xander says by the time he finds out, it will be much too late.

Eric and Nicole continue kissing. She tells Eric that he made her feel loved in this moment. They mention feeling dizzy as they hug. Nicole worries that they are dying.

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