Days of Our Lives Update Friday 6/19/15

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 6/19/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Eric tells Nicole that they just have to wait Xander out. Xander then bangs on the door shouting that he knows they are in there and demands they open it as he tries to get in but it's locked.

Paul meets with Kate at the Pub and assumes she wants to warn him to stay away from Will and Sonny.

Sonny goes home. Will thought he was going to the club. Sonny forgot his tablet to make the schedule. Sonny asks when their next appointment is with Dr. Myers. Will informs him they don't have one because he wasn't sure he wanted to go back.

Rory points JJ in the direction of girls at the party. JJ tells him to bring it on.

Bev asks why Paige and JJ broke up. Paige reveals to her that he was having sex with her mother which shocks Bev. Bev laughs it off thinking she made it up but then realizes it's true.

Eve continues searching Laura on Marlena's computer until Jennifer enters and startles her, questioning what she thinks she's doing. Eve says Jennifer just barged in to a shrink's office which is private. Jennifer questions what she's doing on Marlena's computer.

Xander continues shouting for the door to be opened as there is no way out. Xander begins trying to break the door down as Nicole and Eric hold against it on the other side. Eric and Nicole move a shelf to block the door. Xander then takes Navidad's gun while Nicole worries about what they are going to do.

Kate would prefer Paul stay away from Will and Sonny but says that's not why she called him. She asks if he has a lot of time on his hands. Paul is not comfortable discussing his personal life with her. Kate calls it strictly business as she has a very good proposition for him.

Sonny tells Will that he never said he didn't want to have another appointment. Will felt like Sonny didn't want to. Sonny feels that it's important to go back to what happened to move forward. Will suggests trying another doctor again. Sonny stops him and asks what's going on with him.

Eve tells Jennifer that Marlena just had to step out. Jennifer asks her again why she's on her computer. Eve responds that it's none of her business. Eve then claims that she was trying to make an appointment with Marlena through the computer. Jennifer is glad she's getting help. Eve talks about losing Paige and paying for her mistakes. Jennifer reminds her that she set JJ up for a felony to try and hide her secret. Eve doesn't want to deal with her judgement and says she's trying to salvage everything she can with her daughter.

Bev asks Paige if she's sure and how she knows. Bev apologizes and asks why JJ would do that with her mom. Paige tells her to ask him. Bev doesn't know what to say as she notes Paige seems really cold.

Rory plans with JJ to go after two girls at the party. JJ considers taking a drink.

Xander tries to claim they can work things out if they open the door then continues trying to break in. Xander breaks in and gets in with Navidad but doesn't find Eric and Nicole inside.

Paul asks Kate about her proposition. Kate says she runs Mad World cosmetics and they are coming out with a new men's line that they want to appeal to everyone. Kate says marketing will be crucial so they want Paul as their spokesman for the entire line and the campaign would be built around him if he's interested.

Will says he wants Sonny to be comfortable. Sonny insists that he wants to see Dr. Myers again. Will agrees to then. Sonny says this time they will talk about everything and tells Will to set up their next appointment for tomorrow. Sonny heads out and Will is frustrated.

JJ finishes his drink then tries to leave but Rory brings the girls over and introduces them as Lisa and Wendy. They praise JJ's music. JJ thanks them. Rory connects with Wendy then steps aside with JJ, telling him to find his game and asking if he's alright.

Paige tells Bev that they aren't worth it as she's done with anyone who lies to her or manipulates her. Paige says if that's cold, she can live with it. Bev tells her to take care of herself.

Eve tells Jennifer that she doesn't have to explain herself to her. Marlena returns and asks what Jennifer is doing there. Eve explains that Jennifer didn't know they were in a session and was just leaving. Jennifer says she'll come back later and exits. Marlena apologizes for taking so long as she was trying to reach Eric and says he's fine.

Xander complains about Eric and Nicole disappeared. Navidad argues that there is no way out. Xander shouts that they cannot lose now so they have to find them. Eric and Nicole remain hiding in the air vent.

Kate goes over her offer with Paul. Paul realizes it wasn't her idea. Kate gives him a folder with the offer and tells him to let them know as she then exits.

JJ tells Rory that he no longer feels good and has to go. JJ tells Rory that he's got it and to go for it. JJ sends Rory back to the girls. JJ goes to leave when Bev arrives and asks if he's alright as she just ran in to Paige, who told her everything. JJ turns and walks away so Bev goes after him.

Marlena agrees to fit in Eve tomorrow at 11. Eve asks if there is anything earlier but Marlena says she can't. Eve hopes that after she explains everything, Marlena will be in a better position to give her a referral. Eve asks Marlena if her records are confidential. Marlena says they are by law. Eve asks if there's any big hospital cloud that anyone could access. Marlena says they have a great security system and she has extra firewall. Eve talks about being nervous to share everything. Marlena notes a file cabinet that stores records that are over 15 years old. Marlena assures her that her records will be secure. Eve thanks her for fitting her in and says she'll see her tomorrow as she exits.

Kate goes to see Will and tells him right away that it wasn't her idea. Will said he texted her to come over because he's about to lose Sonny if she doesn't do him a big favor.

Paul catches up to Sonny outside and tells him that there is something important he needs to talk to him about.

Xander continues shouting out to Eric and Nicole that it's only going to make things worse. Xander and Navidad exit the room and lock the door. Xander declares they will find out exactly where they are. Nicole worries about being found. Eric argues that someone's going to realize they are missing and will come looking. Nicole mentions that Daniel isn't expecting her tomorrow and Serena could be gone, adding that no one knew Eric was coming here. Nicole cries that it's over.

Kate questions what Will was thinking offering to do a piece on the marriage counselor then realizes he agreed to help get Will and Sonny back together for it. Kate tells Will that he and Sonny have to do the work to make their marriage work. Will complains that she has no idea what he's dealing with against Paul. Will talks about Victor and Justin pushing for Paul and Sonny to get together. Kate admits it sounds plausible. Will asks what she knows. Kate says she thought it was the reason he texted her as she just came from offering Paul a job. Will is shocked and says not her too.

Paul shows Sonny the job offer. Sonny calls it a really good deal. Paul talks about Kate offering it but it not being her idea. Sonny realizes it was Justin.

Jennifer returns to Marlena's office. Jennifer apologizes for interrupting her session with Eve. Marlena stops her and knows they have a long history but Eve may become a patient of hers so she can't discuss anything about her. Jennifer agrees that maybe she's jumping to conclusions. Marlena asks what brought her by in the first place. Jennifer says she came by to talk about her and her mother.

Eve goes home and talks about the Horton's illness. Paige comes in. Eve is happy to see her but Paige says she came for her box that Theresa never brought her. Paige adds that she's not here to talk as she's just here to get her things and then never has to see her or the place again.

Bev catches up to JJ in the park and tells him that she's sorry. JJ tells her to go to Hell. Bev says she means it but JJ believes she loves this because she wanted Paige to dump him. Bev admits she tried too many times and did lousy things because she was mad and hurt but never wanted to see JJ like this. JJ responds that he deserves this because he ruined everything.

Xander checks Eric's phone and sees Serena sent five messages but she followed Daniel to Chicago so they have to find Eric and Nicole.

Eric feels Nicole wouldn't have been in this position if not for him. Eric blames himself for all of it. Nicole argues that he saved her life. Eric feels he was a jerk as he let Serena play him. Eric adds that Nicole is the only one who ever completely loved him.

Sonny asks Paul if Kate told him it was Justin. Paul says no but she was clearly uncomfortable and not liking the idea which is why he wanted to talk to him. Paul says he won't take the offer if Sonny doesn't want him to. Sonny knows Justin must think it's good for the company. Paul adds that he'll give the money to charity but it gives him another reason to stay in Salem.

Kate complains to Will that she answers to Justin now and he gave her an ultimatum. Will calls it such a nightmare and asks what the job is. Kate informs him that Paul would be the celebrity spokesperson for their new line. Will complains about it. Kate worries that Will is overreacting since Sonny is still with him. Will worries that Dr. Myers will turn on him if he doesn't get his cover story. Kate asks what she can do for him. Will brings up Victor owning TruVista or Salem Style and maybe they could do a story on Dr. Myers. Kate says she doesn't run that division but Will says she can make it happen.

Marlena asks if Laura is alright. Jennifer says they are fine now so Marlena asks what's going on and what's on her mind. Jennifer recalls when Laura was in the clinic with Jack and the affair they had. Jennifer thought she and Jack would never get past that but they did. Marlena asks why this is coming up now.

Eve tries to talk to Paige. Paige tells her that she blocked her number. Paige searches her box for her biology files. Eve offers to help her look but Paige says no. Eve argues that she can't walk out on her mother but Paige tells her that she's nothing to her.

JJ tells Bev that he slept with Eve but it's complicated because he and Paige weren't together and they were in a bad place so it just happened. JJ says it's all screwed up. JJ thought getting back with Paige was a real second chance but then she found out. JJ says he never had a chance because sleeping with Eve doesn't go away. JJ brings up Eve setting him up to go to jail. Bev says she sounds just like Theresa. JJ says he can't blame Eve as he crossed the line. Bev encourages that maybe in time Paige can forgive him but JJ disagrees. JJ asks how anyone could understand what he did. JJ declares it's over and he has to accept that then figure out some way to move on. Bev tells him that she's so sorry.

Navidad shows Xander the computer where they have found something.

Eric talks about wanting better but feeling he was never good enough. Nicole promises they are good and guarantees they are even. Nicole asks him to please believe that there is nothing to forgive as she kisses him on the cheek.

Kate tells Will to stop trying to control everything. Will questions letting Paul steal his husband while his family cheers him on. Will asks Kate if she would just sit back or if Sami and Lucas would. Kate brings up Will's mess of a childhood. Will says that's not going to happen to Arianna. Will states that he and Sonny are staying together. He asks Kate if she's going to help him or not. Kate doesn't know if she can make the article happen but she'll think of something.

Sonny thanks Paul for the heads up and tells him he's okay with him taking the offer as it's not his call. Paul responds that everything is his call as he walks away.

Paige grabs her box and goes to leave but Eve gets in her way. Eve cries that it wasn't all her fault. Paige doesn't care and tells her to leave Salem if she wants to help. Paige tells her to get out of her way as she storms out. Eve complains about Jennifer and declares now she's going to lose her son and everything else.

Jennifer tells Marlena that she just keeps thinking about the shock of it and wondering how Jack could've done that. Marlena notes that they were apart at the time. Jennifer says they were still deeply in love but so hurt. Marlena asks if she's experiencing that now. Jennifer says she's struggling with forgiveness and then remembered this which she thought was unforgivable. Marlena points out that she did get over it. Jennifer recalls forgiving them and says that it can happen. Jennifer states that nothing is over unless you really want it to be.

Bev tells JJ to stop feeling like dirt and breathe. Bev argues that he's not one big mistake and tells him to forget it and feel better. Bev then grabs JJ and kisses him.

Nicole and Eric almost kiss but Xander returns to the room and approaches the vent then asks them how it is in there.

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