Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 6/18/15

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 6/18/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Theresa goes to the hospital where Anne stops her and tells her that Brady is already in with the baby.

Brady and Maggie look over Tate and talk about him leaving the hospital tomorrow morning. Maggie mentions them bringing him to the Kiriakis Mansion. Brady informs her that he's not doing anything with Theresa now or ever.

JJ gets a call from Rory, inviting him to a keg party in the park with babes. JJ tells him that he doesn't care as he only wants Paige and hangs up. Jennifer enters and tells JJ that he needs to accept that Paige is gone and never coming back.

Paige meets Kayla at the Pub and tells her that she doesn't want to talk about what JJ and Eve did but just needs a favor.

Eve searches on her computer about Laura Horton and finds out her doctor was Marlena.

Marlena calls Eric, leaving a message that she's worried about him and asks him to call her. Marlena looks at her photo of Eric and wonders if Daniel got a hold of him.

Serena tells Daniel that she tried to protect Eric. Daniel asks whats he did. Serena says she didn't do anything as it was all Nicole. Serena insists on leaving but Daniel grabs her and demands to know what Nicole has to do with this. Daniel says it's scaring him to death and needs her to tell him.

Xander approaches the door to the room that Eric and Nicole are hiding in and raises his gun but goes in to the wrong room. Xander screams that he's going to find and exterminate them as Nicole and Eric continue hiding.

Theresa is surprised Brady is there and questions him being there every time. Anne encourages her to join him and asks what's wrong since Melanie is out of the picture. Theresa responds that getting rid of Melanie may have been the biggest mistake of her life.

Brady informs Maggie about their agreement to have minimal contact so he won't have anything to do with Theresa. Maggie says it sounds like he's figured it all out. Maggie asks if he's sure about this.

Daniel asks Serena what is wrong and if Eric, Nicole, and her are in trouble. Daniel lets her go and enters the room, guessing it has something to do with the elephant statue.

Xander continues screaming that he should've wasted them when he had the chance and calls them dead meat. Eric tells Nicole to be quiet as he'll definitely be back. Nicole hopes they'll get lucky and he'll have to give up. Nicole worries that Xander is insane and obsessed. Nicole asks Eric why he showed up here and what is going on.

Brady tells Maggie that he' s doing this to protect Tate and control any anger. Maggie agrees with him.

Anne continues encouraging Theresa to try and talk to Brady. Eve joins them wanting to see Tate but Theresa tells her not to bother since Brady's in there. Anne tries to explain things to Eve. Eve questions who Anne thinks she is then thanks her for being a friend to Theresa. Anne takes Theresa out for some fresh air while Eve looks over.

Paige informs Kayla that she's going to apply for a night shift job at the yogurt shop and needs a recommendation. Kayla is happy to but notes that she's perfectly qualified for jobs at the hospital but Paige doesn't want to have to run in to Jennifer, Abigail, or JJ every time she works. Paige adds that she never wants to see JJ's lying face again.

Jennifer knows it hurts and it's hard but sometimes you have to walk away and start over. JJ points out that Jennifer didn't do that with Jack when he made a ton of mistakes and she took him back every time. JJ then notes that what he did was ten times worse than anything Jack ever did.

Daniel doesn't know Nicole's involvement but she was asking tons of questions about the elephant statue. Daniel questions Serena about the secret compartment and how Eric wanted to handle it privately. Serena asks him to leave it alone. Daniel gets a call from Marlena, asking if he got a hold of Eric. Daniel says no but he's at Serena's place and he or Eric will call her as soon as possible. Marlena thanks him and hangs up. Serena threatens that she will call hotel security if Daniel doesn't leave. Daniel tells her to forget that and suggests calling the police.

Eric tells Nicole they will get to that in a minute and they go over not knowing this room existed. Eric hopes maybe they're safe. Nicole wishes they had a phone. Eric says people are going to have to come back to work eventually. Nicole hopes Xander will get busy and have to leave. Eric says maybe in a few hours they can make it out. Nicole needs to know why he showed up here. Eric informs her that he found out what Serena and Xander had done and how much she was hurt. Eric hugs her and apologizes.

Kayla tells Paige that JJ barely comes to the hospital. Paige says he might if he knows she's there as he keeps popping up to try and apologize. Kayla knows she's terribly upset. Paige gets that she's his aunt. Kayla can't defend what JJ did but suggests finding someone to talk to about all of this. Paige says she's good and moving on. Kayla asks if she's dating again. Paige says not yet but she's checked out websites and started chatting with guys. Kayla warns her about that. Paige says she can deal after what she's been through. Paige adds that she's sure JJ is already out there trolling for women that will make him happy like Eve.

Eve goes to Marlena's office and asks if she has a minute to talk.

Jennifer tells JJ that every person and relationship is different and if Paige is going to forgive him, she'd have to decide if she can live with what happened. Jennifer wishes she could give him hope that Paige will forgive him. JJ understands it will never happen and is stupid to hope. JJ says he has to go. Jennifer asks where. JJ responds that he just has stuff to do. JJ thanks her for never giving up on him. Jennifer tells him that will never happen ever.

Xander complains to Navidad that he was sure they were in the closet. Navidad insists the basement doors are sealed so they must be in there. Xander suggests going back up and Navidad mentions the computer. Xander says the computer can show them where they are and where they are going to die.

Nicole questions Eric being sorry when he saved her life. Eric explains to her that Xander and Serena had been smuggling blood diamonds out of Africa. Nicole asks how they could pull that off. Eric informs her that there was a hidden compartment in the elephant statue. Eric notes that she doesn't seem surprised so she must have known they were up to something. Nicole responds that she's known for weeks.

Serena stops Daniel from calling the cops, saying it will make things worse. Daniel says whatever was in the statue must have been dangerous and Eric and Nicole must be in trouble. Daniel asks Serena to tell him what's going on so he can help Eric. Serena cries that she loved Eric. Daniel argues that all she did was use him to smuggle something in to the US but realizes Nicole must have figured it out. Serena denies it. Daniel calls her a good liar. Daniel says he will track Eric down and get the whole story then he'll tell him that Serena didn't do anything to help. Daniel exits so Serena chases after him.

Anne and Theresa walk out of the town square together. Theresa complains about how Brady treated her and they blame Melanie. Anne brings up that Brady will have to give her money in child support. Theresa says that's not important as Tate comes first. Theresa admits she's scared of being a mother as she doesn't know the first thing about taking care of a child. Theresa complains about Kristen taking that from her. Brady appears around the corner behind them and listens in. Theresa tells Anne that Tate is coming home tomorrow and she doesn't know what to do. She says she loves him but what if she's a terrible mother.

Marlena asks Eve what's on her mind. Eve informs her that she made a terrible mistake with Paige and now she's not talking to her while she would do anything to take back what she did. Marlena questions her thinking she can help. Eve responds that she has no idea how much.

Paige walks through the town square and runs in to JJ. She questions what he's doing there and if he's stalking her.

Xander and Navidad check the computer in the office. Xander checks Nicole's phone and sees Daniel cancelled their meeting tonight so that makes her all his. Xander then finds Eric's phone and checks his messages. Xander realizes Serena must have said something she shouldn't have to Eric which must be why he showed up tonight. Navidad worries if she called the cops or the FBI. Xander responds that Serena isn't that stupid and Eric showing up may be perfect as he has all the tools he needs with the cell phones.

Daniel goes to Eric's and knocks on the door. Serena catches up to him and Daniel says she must know where he is. Serena swears she doesn't. Daniel demands she tell him what's going on. Serena tells him that it would be a disaster. Daniel then gets something from Nicole's phone sent by Xander.

Nicole tells Eric about leading Xander on to try and find out what was going on between he and Serena but she never found out about the diamonds. Nicole talks about knowing the elephant statue was involved since Serena acted so weird about it and she found a picture of it on Xander's phone. Nicole brings up finding out about the murder in Scotland but he knew she was on to him and showed up at the office to kill her. Eric asks why she didn't say anything or go to him or Daniel. Nicole wanted to but after all her false starts and stories, she felt she couldn't back up. Eric realizes she didn't think he would believe her which she admits she didn't.

Theresa complains about not knowing how to take care of a baby. Brady continues listening in. Anne suggests she call her mom to ask for advice but Theresa worries that she'll just barge in on her life. Theresa adds that she can't lean on Eve so she's not going to have anyone. Anne tells her that she's there to help and encourages that they can learn together. Theresa thanks her but says it's her job. Theresa decides they should get back to the hospital since Brady should be gone and she just wants to see Tate. Theresa says she can't do anything wrong until it gets scary tomorrow. Theresa and Anne walk off as Brady watches.

Marlena is flattered that Eve thinks she can help. Eve insists that she has an amazing reputation. Eve brings up Theresa so she probably can't have her as a therapist. Eve just wants to set up an appointment to sit down and talk then possibly get a referral. Marlena tells her to call her office tomorrow at noon but Eve wants to do it first thing in the morning. Eve cries that sometimes she just feels like she wants to die. Eve asks her to check her schedule if she can fit her in. Marlena says it's quite busy but she'll see what she can do. Eve thanks her and says she's so grateful.

JJ tells Paige that he was just on his way to the yogurt shop to apply for a job because he needs a summer job. Paige can't believe it and questions if Kayla told him that she was applying so he could run in to her. JJ calls it a coincidence but Paige doesn't believe him. Paige tells him that she will never believe another word out of his mouth.

Xander continues using Nicole's phone and he texts Daniel that she and Eric are driving to Chicago all night. Daniel responds asking where they are as he wants to come. Daniel texts again asking if she's there.

Nicole tells Eric that he and Daniel would've closed her down for good if she said one more thing about Serena but she knew they were up to something. Eric realizes she was trying to protect him. Eric states that he owes her a big apology because all he's done is accuse her of being cruel and jealous while he kept thinking Serena was an angel. Eric blames himself being a fool for almost getting her killed. Eric tells her that he's so sorry.

Theresa goes to see Tate and sings to him. Brady comes in. She apologizes as she thought he was gone and goes to leave but Brady stops her, suggesting they talk. Theresa tells him that she has nothing to say to him ever.

Paige calls JJ a liar and a cheat who isn't worth her time. JJ gets that she hates him and never wants to see him again. JJ tells her that she can have the job as he's done and storms off. Bev approaches Paige and comments on their back and forth relationship. Bev jokes that they should have their own reality show. Paige decides she'll fill Bev in on exactly what happened.

Eve asks about Marlena's photo of her daughter Belle and talks about remembering when Paige was younger. Eve cries that Paige was her best friend before her mistake. Eve starts coughing so Marlena goes to get her some water. After she leaves, Eve runs to the computer to find out what she has on Jennifer's mother Laura.

Xander sends an address to send Daniel away. Serena grabs the phone from Daniel and sees the address, declaring that she's going too.

Nicole tells Eric that all he did was trust, care, and be kind so he has nothing to apologize for. Eric feels bad about how he treated her. Nicole says they are friends again. Eric brings up when she tried to warn him about Serena and he hurt her by saying terrible things about her. Nicole feels she gave him multiple reasons to do that. Nicole says he could've been a priest again and lived his dream. Eric thought they got past that. Nicole says she couldn't have told him what she thought of Serena. They mention now being in danger. Eric starts to feel that Xander not coming back could be a good sign. Nicole notes that he can't come after them if he doesn't know where they are.

Navidad continues working on the computer and finds where Eric and Nicole are then shows Xander where the room is.

Theresa tells Brady that he made it real clear that she's scum and he wants nothing to do with her so it's mutual. Theresa tells him to talk to her attorney about anything to do with Tate as she then exits. Brady declares that no matter how he feels, he's going to do what's right for Tate.

Marlena checks her phone and gets a text from Eric that Xander sent, claiming that he's fine and will talk soon.

JJ goes to the park and joins Rory at the keg party. Rory notes that he looks a little bummed. JJ says screw it as it's a party and takes a drink.

Bev tells Paige that she's always up for juicy tidbits and asks why she and JJ broke up. Paige reveals to her that he was having sex with her mother which shocks Bev.

Eve continues searching Laura on Marlena's computer until Jennifer enters and startles her, questioning what she thinks she's doing.

Daniel tells Serena that she's not tagging along because Eric will never want to see her. Serena declares she needs to see him one more time. Daniel walks away and Serena follows.

Eric tells Nicole that they just have to wait Xander out. Xander then bangs on the door shouting that he knows they are in there and demands they open it as he tries to get in but it's locked.

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