Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/17/15

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/17/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Xander pins Nicole against the wall and calls her a weak, stupid little bitch. Nicole questions why he's doing this and what he's after. Xander says she won't live long enough to hear the answer as he chokes her.

Will and Sonny go home. Will tells Sonny that he was right about couples therapy and praises the therapist. Sonny asks about Arianna and wishes they talked things through more. Sonny talks about Dr. Myers pushing them to move forward and asks how they can do that if they don't figure out how their marriage went to hell in the first place.

Chad sees a girl at the club and imagines it's Abigail then realizes it's not and sits down. Ben enters and sees Chad.

Abigail sits at home with her computer and thinks back to sleeping with Chad and then Chad breaking things off.

Serena paces in her hotel room then grabs her phone but stops to think back to Eric arguing with her. Serena says he has to stay away from Xander and not go near that psycho. There's a knock at the door so she answers hoping for Eric but it's Marlena, who asks what is going on.

Maggie tells Daniel that she's going to take another look at Tate. She says he doesn't have to wait around for her but he says he is going to anyways. Daniel decides to try and call Nicole.

Xander tells Nicole that someone is trying to reach her but they won't. Xander informs her that the cameras are blocked and her car is being moved so no one will find her. Xander threatens her as holds her.

Serena asks what Marlena is talking about. Marlena tells her that Caroline called her, very upset that she and Eric are breaking up and she's leaving town. Marlena tells Serena to come clean to her about what's going on since she hasn't been able to reach Eric. Marlena asks why she broke up with Eric.

Daniel leaves a message for Nicole about Maggie being fine and he definitely wants to see her tomorrow so they can get things on track.

Xander grabs Nicole's phone and shows her that it was Daniel who left her a message. Xander says she won't ever see him again. Nicole brings up Serena. Xander says all that matters is right now and it's about them. Xander accuses her of sneaking around behind his back, lying and using him. Xander tells her it was a big mistake and yells that nobody plays him. Nicole cries that he's out of control and asks if this is what happened in Scotland. Xander questions what she said. Nicole says she knows the whole story that he's a murderer. Xander calls her a nosy, two faced bitch who's gonna die as he begins to choke her with a wire.

Ben keeps his eye on Chad. Zoe enters and Ben exits. Zoe approaches Chad and asks how it's going. She comments that he looks like he just lost his best friend. Zoe compliments his smile. She wishes she had good news but the sales and downloads on the latest issue aren't hot. Chad jokes that Clyde sucks as a cover boy and says they should've expected the drop going from Paul to Clyde. Zoe questions him not being upset. Chad says they can call it a corporate write-off. Zoe says she wasn't happy about the cover story and asks if he expected Will to dig up secrets on Clyde. Chad remarks that Clyde must be a saint.

Ben walks out of the town square and makes a call, finding out that Abigail left work early so he wonders where she went and who she's going to meet. Ben recalls loading the app on Abigail's phone and decides he might as well trace her phone. Ben discovers that she's at home and walks off.

Abigail works on her computer, typing up an e-mail but stops and says she can't work right now. Abigail speaks out loud as a diary entry in to the computer and says she doesn't know why she's so obsessed with Chad and that her family would be so ashamed to know she crawled in bed with a DiMera yet again. She can't believe she was so stupid to believe he loved her. Abigail tells herself that Ben loves her and cares about her. Abigail cries that it's torturing her that she betrayed him. She adds that she can't be honest with him or she would lose him forever when he's an amazing guy who she loves. Abigail declares that she almost blew it by sleeping with Chad. She walks away leaving her computer open.

Will tells Sonny that it was just their first session and he thinks it makes sense to focus on the future. Sonny thinks they glossed over what happened. Will says they both want to stay married so he doesn't see the problem. Sonny tells him to be honest and asks if it really went great or just the way he wanted to.

Serena tells Marlena that she's fine and just has to call someone. Marlena says she and Eric were so close and asks what happened. Serena says people break up. Serena says she has to make a call and get her flight to get out of here. Marlena questions her. Serena yells at her to get out.

Xander continues choking Nicole until Eric arrives and busts a glass over Xander's head from behind. Eric hugs Nicole as Xander collapses.

Will tells Sonny that he didn't see that coming. Sonny just doesn't think everything is great after one session as it's too early to judge. Will says it's just the first time he's felt optimistic. Sonny apologizes for being negative. Will wants to fix things and get back what they had as they hug. Sonny tells him that he has to get to the club. Will understands this is going to take more time. Sonny exits. Will throws things in frustration.

Ben goes to see Abigail. She's surprised as she wasn't expecting to see anyone and then questions how he knew she was there and not at work.

Chad asks Zoe about Sonix upcoming articles. Zoe is surprised he's interested. He calls it a slow night. She tells him about a Hollywood exclusive and then the couples therapist that Will is pushing for. Chad asks what else. Zoe touches his hand and suggests going to his place to talk more.

Maggie tells Daniel that she just ran in to someone she sponsors who needs her. Daniel has no problem waiting. Maggie explains that she wants to drive her home so they can talk and she wants Victor to hear from her about what happened. A nurse calls Daniel over for a consult. Maggie tells Daniel that she'll see him tomorrow.

Marlena is worried about Serena. Serena cries that she's fine and asks her to please go so Marlena exits. Serena pulls her phone back out and calls Eric but he doesn't answer so she wonders where he is.

Eric checks on Nicole and tells her it's okay. Nicole says it was Xander's payback for lying to him. Nicole explains that she was just trying to get information on Serena. Eric says he knows all about it and wants to call the police. Nicole wants to get out first so they go to leave but Nicole stops and reminds that Xander has people watching her so if they leave together then they will both be in trouble. Xander regains consciousness and grabs Nicole so Eric punches him down.

Ben tells Abigail that he called the hospital and they said she was working from home. Abigail finds it weird since she didn't tell them but decides it doesn't matter as he's there. Abigail goes to make him some tea. Ben approaches the computer.

Sonny goes to the club and sees Chad talking to Zoe. Chad asks Zoe about being in the mood to reveal everything. Zoe says it could take all night. Chad says it sounds like a plan and he'll have to get back to her. Zoe hopes he does. Zoe reminds him that her phone is always on as she exits. Sonny goes over and tells Chad that he can't believe he bailed on Zoe coming on to him and asks what's going on.

Daniel finishes up at the hospital as Marlena arrives. Daniel asks if she's okay. Marlena responds that she's not as Caroline just told her that Eric and Serena broke up and Serena's leaving town. Marlena says she hasn't been able to reach Eric so she went to Serena but got nothing. Daniel thinks back to Eric asking about Serena and the elephant statue. Daniel asks Marlena what Serena said. Marlena says she was agitated and clearly upset but wouldn't say a word. Marlena adds that she left messages for Eric. Daniel decides he'll swing by Serena's place to see what's going on. Marlena asks him to call if he has any luck.

Serena tells herself that Eric will be fine as long as he doesn't track down Xander as he can't let him know that he knows about the diamonds. Serena worries that if Eric went to the police, Xander will kill him. She goes to her phone but decides she can't tip off Xander and just has to find Eric. Serena worries that he has no idea how vicious he can be. Serena calls Eric again.

Eric continues fighting Xander. Xander punches Eric back, causing his phone to drop. Xander punches him against the wall. Nicole hits Xander from behind and runs away with Eric, leaving Eric's phone behind as Xander continues shouting threats from the ground.

Zoe goes to Will's and tells him about the Clyde article not doing well. Will isn't surprised and says there's always next issue. Zoe thinks they should forget Will's idea for an article on the therapist Dr. Myers and find someone new and hotter.

Ben sits down next to Abigail's computer and instead picks up the photo album nearby. Abigail comes back and quickly shuts the computer. Ben asks if there was something she didn't want him to see. Abigail admits it was her interactive diary. Ben asks if he should be worried about what she's saying about him. Abigail assures him and says she just wrote that he's handsome, loving, kind, and hot. Ben then kisses her.

Chad tells Sonny that Zoe is an employee so hooking up with her would be completely inappropriate. Sonny is surprised that DiMera Enterprises owns Sonix magazine. Sonny jokes that Zoe is really interested but Chad says he's not interested in her that way. Sonny asks if he means not in the way he thinks about Abigail.

Serena calls Eric's neighbor, asking her to go knock on Eric's door but she hangs up. Serena decides she'll just go herself. Serena goes to leave but Daniel arrives. Serena desperately asks if he's seen Eric.

Nicole and Eric go down to the basement to find another exit from the TV station. Eric wants to call Roman but realizes he must have dropped his phone.

Navidad joins Xander with a gun in hand. She says she saw Eric come in and asks if he's okay. Xander says he jumped him. They talk about how they have to still be in the building. Navidad logs in to the cameras on the computer. Navidad says she blocked the basement door from the outside so no way they get out. Xander says they are trapped so they exit to go get them.

Will assures Zoe that Dr. Myers is fantastic but Zoe argues that the Sonix demographic isn't that interested in couples therapy. Will suggests finding the right angle. Zoe suggests Will could give it a shot himself then but Will doesn't want any thing to do with the article. Zoe wants him to focus on his next piece unless he wants her to assign him one. Will says he will get on that so Zoe tells him to text him when he has a pitch. Zoe exits. Will remarks that he promised Dr. Myers.

Chad asks Sonny where that came from. Sonny says he knows him and the way he looks at Abigail. Chad claims he's been trying to stay out of Abigail's way as she has no part in his life in any way. Sonny doesn't believe him.

Ben continues kissing Abigail until she stops him so he asks what is wrong with kissing her. Abigail brings up that Jennifer or JJ might walk in. Ben forgot they aren't at his place and comments that they'd be free to do what they want if they lived together. Ben apologizes for bringing that up but Abigail says she's been thinking a lot about moving in with him.

Daniel tells Serena that he did see Eric as he came to get the elephant statue. Serena insists that she has to go. Daniel asks what's going on since Eric didn't say much but he was obviously upset. Serena says they broke up but she has to go. Daniel stops her and says she isn't going anywhere until she tells him what's going on but Serena tells him to get out of her way.

Nicole and Eric head towards the basement exit but find the door is locked. Eric says they have to go back for another way. Nicole reminds him that they don't know where Xander might show up. Xander then calls for them, saying there's no way out and here he comes.

Will calls Dr. Myers, who tells him this is highly unusual and they shouldn't be talking outside the office especially without Sonny. Will claims that his editor is psyched to do the article on him. He thinks his techniques would make a fascinating article. Will assures him that Sonny will come around. Dr. Myers says they will be another one of his miracle saves.

Chad tells Sonny that he's moved on. Sonny points out that he tried. Chad repeats that nothing is going on between he and Abigail. Sonny says not right now maybe. Chad says nothing in the future as there can't be. Sonny asks if it's because of Ben. Chad tells him there's a lot of reasons and then walks away.

Ben asks Abigail about moving in with him and what brought it on. Abigail says a lot has happened lately and she's been thinking. Ben brings up JJ going through something. Abigail apologizes for being secretive but Ben understands respecting JJ's privacy. Ben asks if she knows when she wants to. Abigail asks for some time as she wants to make sure JJ and Jennifer are good first. Ben says there's no problem and her just thinking about moving in made his day. Ben knows she has a bunch of work so he'll let her get back to it. Ben kisses her goodbye and they say I love you. Abigail walks him out and he agrees to text her later. Ben stops and tells her that he loves her so much then exits. Abigail shuts the door and declares he can never ever find out about Chad.

Daniel notes that Serena is freaked and wonders if he should be worried about Eric. Serena cries that she needs to get to Eric to help him before he gets hurt. Daniel asks what she did to him. Serena responds that she tried to protect him and didn't do anything. Serena says it was all Nicole.

Eric and Nicole sneak in to one of the control rooms, hoping Xander won't notice the room. Xander follows with a gun and says he's getting closer.

Serena insists on leaving but Daniel grabs her and demands to know what Nicole has to do with this.

Xander approaches the door to the room that Eric and Nicole are hiding in and raises his gun as he prepares to open the door.

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