Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/16/15

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/16/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Rafe meets with Justin at the club, thinking he was meeting with Victor. Justin informs him that he's the go to guy for some of Victor's holdings like the nightclub. Justin tells Rafe that Victor is disappointed in him. Rafe asks why since the nightclub is doing well. Justin tells him this is personal.

Aiden calls Clyde and tells him that he has something to talk to him about. Clyde tells him he's on his way and hangs up. Kate joins Clyde in the town square and presents him with Sonix magazine with his cover article.

Aiden tells his secretary Maria that he needs his personal life to stay personal since she told Clyde about him picking up his son. She apologizes and exits as Hope enters. Hope tells Aiden that she doesn't want Clyde to cause any more trouble for them. Aiden informs her that it's no longer an issue as he's dropping him as a client.

Maggie joins Daniel in the living room and asks where Victor went. Daniel tells her that he had a meeting. Maggie notes it's probably good that he doesn't see Nicole. Daniel tells her that for some reason Nicole wants to see Victor.

Eric argues that he has a right to understand. Serena tells him that if she makes him understand, he'll wind up dead. Serena cries that he can't go digging in to this and pushing him too far. Eric asks if she means Xander.

Nicole gathers her things to leave her office but Xander shows up at her door. Nicole asks what he's doing there. Xander reminds her that they talked about getting together. Nicole reminds him that she was going to call. Xander tells her that she hasn't called. Nicole calls it a long day. Xander responds that he couldn't wait any longer and just had to see her.

Eric tells Serena not to bother and says he's going to find Xander. Serena tells him to leave this alone. Eric asks if he's going to kill him. Serena tells him there's no point because Xander is leaving Salem. Eric asks where he is.

Nicole wishes she could go out with Xander right now but says she has to be somewhere else. Xander asks if there's another guy.

Maggie questions why Nicole would want to see Victor. Daniel hopes to get a lot of things cleared up tonight. Daniel says he and Nicole are turning the corner. Daniel thought she'd be here by now and wonders if he should call her. Maggie almost falls so Daniel gets up to check on her.

Serena argues against Eric finding Xander. Eric brings up Serena's crime and not forgetting it. Eric complains that he's such an idiot as he thought Serena honestly loved him. Serena claims she does. Eric tells her to prove it to him by telling him what he got right and what he's missing. Eric tells her not to leave out anything because he'll get what he needs out of Xander one way or another. Serena agrees to tell him everything if he makes her a promise first.

Kate talks to Clyde about his cover photo of the magazine. Kate says everyone's talking about the article and saying Will is a brilliant writer. Kate gets a text that she missed an e-mail and is being summoned by Justin.

Rafe has no idea what Justin's talking about. Justin tells him that Victor gave him explicit orders to leave Clyde alone. Rafe responds that he has but Justin says he got Hope involved and that was a very bad move.

Hope tells Aiden that she overheard him talking in the park to Rafe about Clyde and he saw how upset he got so she feels totally responsible. Hope says Clyde's not a suspect as cops are always suspicious but she can be wrong. Hope doesn't want their relationship to affect a very important client for him. Aiden asks if she's saying she doesn't want him to drop Clyde as a client.

Serena tells Eric that this has to stay between them. Eric can't agree to that. Serena says she will tell him nothing if he doesn't promise. Serena claims she's trying to cover her ass but she's more worried about him. Serena admits he was right about the blood diamonds. Serena needs his word that he will listen to everything she says without running to the police or Xander. Serena says he needs to understand all the implications and she'll give him the whole truth. Serena warns that if he takes the information out of this room, he will destroy them both.

Nicole questions who would be another guy and asks Xander if they are going down this road again. Xander claims he was joking. Nicole tells him that she's meeting colleagues for a drink to go over some business. Nicole then remembers Sally saying the lights were out in the front and the guard was sick so she questions how Xander got in.

Rafe tells Justin that he didn't get Hope involved but tried to get her to back off. Justin accuses him of joining her to go after Clyde together after promising Victor he wouldn't. Justin tells him to take concerns to his boss not the police. Rafe brings up Hope's access to information. Justin says Victor has all that and more. Justin asks if he has anything solid on Clyde. Rafe says maybe he doesn't but asks if Victor doesn't either. Justin tells him that Victor would tell him and asks him to drop it at least until they tell him otherwise. Justin asks if they can count on him. Rafe agrees to drop it for now and then exits.

Hope tells Aiden that she won't tell him what she thinks he should do as it's for him to decide and she just wishes she stayed out of it in the first place. Aiden asks where this is coming from. Hope doesn't want their jobs coming between them. Hope kisses him and tells him that she's so happy he's in her life. Hope adds that Clyde is not worth worrying about as they hug. Aiden asks if she's not worried anymore. Hope doesn't see any reason not to keep him as a client. They say I love you and they kiss goodbye as Hope then exits.

Clyde gets a call from Stan, who tells him that he's outside Aiden's office and that Hope went in and is now coming out alone. Clyde tells him to keep him posted.

Eric sits down and agrees not to go anywhere until he hears Serena out so he tells her to start talking. She wishes she never got involved with Xander. Serena brings up Eric getting his calling to be a priest and she had fallen hard for him. Eric thought she understood. Serena says she did but it was still hard and she was lonely. Serena thought Xander was fun at the time. Eric thought he was a good judge of character and asks how long she waited until she jumped in bed with him. Serena brings up his last assignment. Eric questions her seeing Xander before he even left and lying about that too. Serena says that Xander had a way of talking her in to things and one day she believed one of his ideas.

Maggie tells Daniel that she just cancelled a luncheon and hadn't eaten anything. Daniel asks if she's been dizzy. Maggie says it's nothing but Daniel insists on taking her to the hospital for a checkup. Maggie brings up Nicole coming over. Daniel says he'll call her and tell her not to come.

Nicole asks about Xander coming in while Xander mentions that Sally was still there and now they are still there. Nicole's phone rings with a call from Daniel. Nicole tells Xander that she should take this and answers the call. Daniel tells her that Maggie isn't feeling well so he's taking her to the hospital to get checked out. Daniel says they'll find another time to get together and suggests maybe later. Nicole agrees on another time and hangs up. Xander asks who that was.

Serena talks about the adrenaline. Eric questions smuggling diamonds giving her a rush. Serena argues that she was broke back then and that Xander convinced her. Serena says there was no turning back once they started. Eric brings up how heartbroken she was when they said goodbye but she already completely moved on because she couldn't wait until he was gone.

Nicole claims that Sally called her. Xander notes it sounds like something came up and asks if that means he has her all to himself. Nicole claims she's exhausted and hopes he understands about doing it another night. Xander thinks maybe she's just not interested in the way she's led him to believe. Xander doesn't think she's ever been interested in him as it's always been about something else with her. Xander doesn't think he likes her. Xander then grabs her.

Kate meets Justin at the club. Justin says the sales numbers aren't bad. Kate calls them the best. Justin brings up losing their top designer and distributor. Kate suggests having new blood around. Justin has some ideas on the new men's line. Kate says that's her job but Justin says her job is what he says it is. Justin suggests a celebrity pitch man to tell the guys that Mad World is for them too. Kate mocks him having an idea. Justin tells her to hire Paul. She calls him insane.

Clyde goes to Aiden's office. Aiden gives him something to sign. Clyde first asks what he wanted to discuss with him.

Rafe and Hope meet at the Pub. Rafe brings up Stefano signing a deal to get rid of the tax evasion charges so he could be back in Salem any day now. Hope knows that's not why he called. Rafe tells her that he made a mistake in telling her everything he knew about Clyde. Hope says he didn't just tell her as she twisted his arm. Rafe says he needs to drop it now. Hope assumes it's coming from Victor and insists that he won't find out. Hope then tells Rafe that she's dropping it.

Serena tells Eric that it was very emotional saying goodbye to him as she just wanted him to be happy. Serena mentions that she mixed up their elephant statues so Eric had the diamonds. Serena says Xander wanted to store them. She says she stayed in Africa with Xander for one more month. Eric questions her. Serena says she found out who Xander really was and his temper and how violent he could be. Eric asks if he hurt her. Serena says there were two men who got into it with Xander in a club and got injured badly so she knew then that she needed to get away from him. She adds God help anyone who gets on his bad side.

Daniel gets Maggie set up at the hospital and wishes she'd let him call Victor or Brady but Maggie insists that nothing is wrong. Daniel just wants to make sure she's okay. Maggie says she just needs a good meal. Daniel is grateful to have her. Maggie assures him that she's not going anywhere.

Nicole pulls away and questions what the Hell is wrong with Xander. Xander admits he lied about getting in and says she's been lying to him from the start. Xander yells that she never wanted to see him tonight and just lied again because he saw her phone that it was Daniel calling. Xander says it's always been Daniel. Xander tells her that she led him on and that was a big mistake.

Justin tells Kate that it's a brilliant move as Paul would appeal to all their target demographics as a superstar athlete. Justin argues that Paul is young, attractive, and has an international following. Kate complains that he wants to split Sonny and Will. Justin calls this is a business discussion. Kate argues that it's about Lucas having sex with Adrienne and now he's going after Will. Justin says Will is causing problems all by himself. Kate brings up Justin wanting Paul back in Salem and now trying to give him a job to get him to stay. Justin says if Will and Sonny's marriage is strong then Paul won't be a problem. Justin adds that Will can look in the mirror and see who is to blame.

Aiden brings up Clyde's charity donations and brings up tax benefits to explore if he's interested. Clyde responds that he's all in favor of exploring.

Rafe questions Hope dropping it. Hope says they have been digging for weeks and got nothing. Hope knows Clyde is dirty but he's an expert at covering his tracks. Hope says she got the same message from Victor. They know that Clyde was behind what happened to Sonny but without proof, they have nothing and can't do a thing. Hope says they have to wait until Clyde trips up. She worries about continuing to push leading to someone getting hurt or worse.

Daniel gives Maggie medicine for her blood sugar and has her promise to take better care of herself. Maggie asks if they can look in on Tate since they are there so they exit the room together.

Serena tells Eric that Xander was never interested in her and then she went to Europe and did research to find out more frightening things about Xander then couldn't wait to be done with him. Serena says years later, she got the go ahead to deliver the diamonds but realized she didn't have them. Serena says it took her awhile to realize what happened then she saw a picture of Eric and knew what happened. She didn't want Xander to go after him so she told him there was a delay and had to come up with a reason to come to Salem. Eric brings up her pretending to want to be with him and now knows that she couldn't wait to get in to his bedroom to get her hands on the diamonds.

Nicole tells Xander that she didn't tell him that Daniel called because he's been so jealous for no reason. Xander brings up seeing her kissing Daniel last night. Xander says she's been playing him all along and asks if Daniel was in on it too. Xander says they'll find out sooner or later and grabs her, warning her about thinking she's smarter than him.

Kate tells Justin that they are not offering Paul a job but Justin insists that they are. Justin thought John was Kate's friend and brings up him deserving a chance to know his son. Kate says not to bring him in to it as it's not about him but all about Sonny. Justin tells her to make it happen. Kate says if he wants Paul so much, he can do it. Justin questions if she's quitting and thought she wanted the job especially after what she did to Lucas. Justin then remarks about Clyde taking care of her as Kate grabs the paperwork and storms out.

Clyde finishes up with Aiden then asks how Chase did in his baseball game. Aiden says he did well and hit a home run. Clyde can imagine how proud he must feel. Clyde states that being a dad is the best thing in the world. Clyde tells him to take care and exits.

Hope tells Rafe that she made Aiden uncomfortable enough about Clyde that he was ready to drop him as a client and she doesn't want him to get hurt. Hope tells Rafe that she told Aiden not to worry about Clyde so he's keeping him as a client. Hope argues that Clyde needs to feel safe or he'll trace back to them and go after the people they love. Rafe questions doing nothing. Hope says if he makes a mistake, they'll have one shot to take him down.

Daniel asks Maggie if she's feeling better. Maggie says she's fine and talks about looking forward to having Tate home. Maggie says Theresa loves him very much but she doesn't think she's ready. Maggie brings up Eric knowing Theresa and Brady and wonders if he could mediate between them. Daniel notes that Eric is dealing with some personal issues right now. Maggie is sorry to hear. Daniel says Eric is just really stressed out and he hopes he's okay.

Serena admits that at first it was about the diamonds and she wasn't in love with Eric but that changed when they got back together and she saw what got away. Serena tells Eric that he is everything she ever wanted. Eric tells her to stop. Serena insists she fell in love with him. Eric doesn't want to listen to this anymore and storms out. Serena calls out to him asking him to let it go.

Xander pins Nicole against the wall and calls her a weak, stupid little bitch. Nicole questions why he's doing this and what he's after. Xander says she won't live long enough to hear the answer as he chokes her.

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