Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/15/15

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/15/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Theresa thinks it's great that she and Brady are going to be in Salem for another year. Theresa suggests it could be a new beginning for them and they can get to know each other in a whole new way. Brady agrees that it will be a new beginning for them but not in the way she thinks. Brady says he's put up with her interfering in his life for way too long but now that's all going to change. Brady tells Theresa it's over and they are done. Theresa complains. Brady says he will be reasonable when it comes to Tate. Theresa asks what he's talking about when he said things will change.

Maggie sits with Victor and talks about Victor canceling the dinner party. Maggie mentions bad timing with Melanie leaving town and asks when they will reschedule for. Victor thinks back to kicking Xander out. Maggie asks him if something is wrong. Victor responds that there won't be a dinner honoring Xander because he doesn't want him in this house ever again.

Nicole searches Xander's legal problems in Scotland on her computer at work. She gets a call from Xander and says she's been meaning to call him but she's been really busy. Xander thinks back to seeing her kissing Daniel in the park. Xander says he thought about her last night.

Daniel goes home from work and looks at Nicole's photo on his phone. Daniel says she should be home soon so they can work this out. Eric then arrives. Daniel asks what's wrong. Eric admits it's Serena.

Caroline goes to Serena's hotel room and brings her some cookies that she baked. Caroline comes in and sees Serena's bags packed so she asks if she's going on a trip. Serena responds that she's leaving Salem. Caroline asks if Eric knows that.

Xander tells Nicole that maybe they can get together later. Nicole says that can be arranged since he sounds eager to see her. Xander remarks that she has no idea.

Theresa tells Brady that she meant she hoped for a new beginning for them as parents. Theresa says Tate is going home soon so they need to figure this out. Brady says this isn't the best place for them to talk so he invites her over to see Tate's nursery. Theresa suggests he come to her place so he can see where he'll be with her. Brady agrees and they exit.

Serena tells Caroline that she was hoping Eric would come with her but she doesn't see it happening. Caroline doesn't understand. Serena calls it complicated. Caroline says it's none of her business. Serena adds that some things aren't meant to happen. Caroline apologizes but doesn't understand. Caroline talks about her being so good for Eric and making him so happy. Serena hugs her.

Daniel asks Eric if he wants to talk about it or if he can help. Eric says he can if it's not too much trouble. Daniel assures him. Eric reveals that he found out some things that made him believe Serena's been using him and he also believes she was using Melanie and Daniel.

Nicole tells Xander that she might be able to come over but she's doing some research tonight. Xander questions her doing that rather than being with him. Nicole says it's her job and she keeps coming up with dead ends. Xander encourages her and says she's like him in not giving up on what they want. Nicole decides she'll call him when she's done. Xander says he'll be waiting for the call. Nicole resumes searching Xander's legal problems. Xander says to himself that he does not like to be kept waiting as he grabs his things and exits.

Serena thanks Caroline for the cookies and the nice words. Caroline is sorry they didn't get to know each other better. Serena wishes they had more time as she feels she could've learned a lot from her. Serena opens the door and Xander arrives. Serena introduces Xander and Caroline. Caroline asks about him knowing Eric. Xander says he's a good man. Serena hugs Caroline goodbye. Caroline wishes her all the best and exits. Serena asks what Xander is doing here. Xander tells her to guess.

Nicole continues searching Xander and finds something on his case but needs a password. She finds the law firm that represented Xander in his legal problem. She grabs her phone and calls to be connected to the office in Glasgow.

Eric tells Daniel about Serena coming up with excuses to come to Daniel's. He asks if Daniel saw anything odd about her. Daniel notes that she seemed to forget things there a lot. Eric mentions her having to come back to get them. Eric asks if she was ever there alone. Daniel recalls the one time when Nicole found her. Daniel asks what this is about. Eric says there's one thing he can do for him and asks to see the elephant statue. Daniel gets it and shows him the secret compartment. Eric says whatever was in it couldn't have been big. Daniel asks why she was wanting to get to it and wants to know how Serena fits in to this.

Serena tells Xander that she's not playing his mind games and wants to know why he's there. Xander declares that today is the day he ties up all the loose ends in his life, starting with her.

Eric doesn't want to speculate about Serena and asks if he can keep the elephant statue. Daniel lets him. Eric tells him to respect that he doesn't want to talk to him about this. Eric says he only brought it up because he's his good friend. They agree to keep in touch as Eric quickly exits.

Serena asks what Xander wants with her. Xander says he just came to say goodbye since she's leaving. Serena reminds him that Eric doesn't know anything about the diamonds or anything to come back on him as she made sure of that. Xander guesses that keeping things from Eric didn't work out well for him. Serena says she made sure he doesn't know what she did for him. Xander asks why she looks so worried. Serena complains about Xander sending the picture of them in bed. Xander encourages that she'll bounce back and brings up their past in bed. Xander suggests she could find a real man. Serena asks where one is. Xander grabs her and says he doesn't like being insulted by a woman. Serena asks which woman has him so mad because it's not her. Serena assumes it's Nicole.

Nicole calls the Glasgow law firm office and pretends to be someone else. She asks about case files for Xander's case and tries to get the password. The lady on the phone agrees to e-mail it. Nicole hangs up and goes to check her e-mail. She hopes it works and it does. She finds out it's true that Xander was charged with murder but the sentence was reduced to homicide and questions why he got such little time for killing someone. Nicole looks further and can't believe it.

Maggie doesn't understand. Victor tells her that Xander is no good and has worn out his welcome so he's leaving town. Maggie agrees to let it go. Victor says the sooner they foret about Xander, the better. Maggie tells him that Brady called and Tate is coming home tomorrow. Victor says he can't get over the fact that Theresa is the mother of a Kiriakis. Maggie complains that Melanie is all alone while Theresa is part of the family. Victor insists that Theresa won't be satisfied just getting rid of Melanie and she'll use the baby to suck all the money and life out of Brady.

Brady and Theresa go to her place. Brady questions this being all she's done to prepare for the baby. Brady argues that there's no way she is ready to take care of an infant here. Theresa complains that she didn't have enough time. Theresa talks about having to do it all on her own and not having a staff like him. Theresa admits that Tate doesn't even have his own room here. She knows he doesn't want Tate living in a dump and calls it hard times. Brady asks what she wants. Theresa brings up him saying that she could move in to the Kiriakis mansion. She says she's not thrilled about it but suggests she could put it up with it for Tate. Brady says he's sorry but that's never going to happen. Theresa doesn't understand. Brady says he made that offer when things were different but he thought it over and knows Victor won't put up with that. Theresa argues that Victor and Maggie would deal with it for him. Brady questions if she really wants to sit in the living room with the fireplace poker she used on John. Brady warns her not to use Tate to get what she wants. Brady says plenty of parents share custody without living together. Brady suggests she get a bigger place and offers to help with rent and babysitters. Theresa complains that it's not about money. Brady says they will see each other when picking up the baby but suggests communicating by e-mail otherwise. Brady says they need to decide on how they will share custody.

Maggie tells Victor that she doesn't like Theresa either but suggests asking Brady how he wants them to treat her. Maggie encourages that Brady can take care of himself though she's impressed by how he'd do anything to take care of his family member.

Nicole finds out that Xander's sentence was reduced thanks to a letter from Victor. Nicole says that means Victor knows what Xander is all about. She gets a call from Daniel, who tells her tonight is a good night if she wants to talk. Nicole says yes as she's dying to see him. Daniel says he has to drop a gift off for Tate. Daniel asks if he should pick her up or if she wants to meet at his place. Nicole suggests meeting at the Kiriakis Mansion as she has a baby gift too. Daniel questions if she's sure she can face Victor. Nicole says she's looking forward to it. Daniel is looking forward to clearing the air. Nicole knows she has a lot of explaining to do and hangs up. Nicole declares everything is finally going her way.

Xander tells Serena that he doesn't care about Nicole as he knows she was playing him and he doesn't want Daniel's used merchandise. Xander adds that he doesn't have to explain himself as his business is done here and he's leaving Salem too so this is goodbye but maybe their paths will cross again. Serena says maybe in Hell. Xander remarks that she's admitting she's a very naughty girl. Xander tells her that she and Eric have nothing to fear from him as long as she keeps her mouth shut. Xander then exits. Serena is relieved he's out of her life. Eric then shows up with Serena angrily answering the door assuming Xander came back. Eric asks if it was a lover's quarrel.

Brady is sure they can work out seeing Tate but the problem will be picking up and dropping off. Brady insists on e-mail, hoping to see her as little as possible which upsets Theresa.

Daniel goes to the Kiriakis Mansion. Maggie talks to him about missing Melanie but he seems better and happier. Daniel states that he and Nicole are working it out. Victor enters and hopes he was hearing things.

Serena invites Eric in. Eric says not if she's expecting Xander. Serena says she's not. Eric tells her not to lie as he just saw him leaving and she called out his name. Serena insists that it's been over for a long time and she's done with him. Eric pulls out the elephant statue and says they can talk about this. Eric tells her that he already knows everything. Serena says they don't have time as she has to catch her flight. Eric stops her and says she might not be interested in what he has to say but Roman might be.

Nicole finishes up at work as the other worker, Sally, tells her that she's about the last one there and warns her to be careful when she leaves as something knocked out the lights.

Navidad meets Xander outside the town square and informs him that the lights at the TV station are out and the security guard has been taken care of. She confirms that Nicole is still there.

Theresa questions her and Brady never speaking or seeing each other being best for the baby. Brady says the situation is not ideal but he's doing it for her. Theresa questions him. Brady doesn't think it's good for Tate to know that he thinks his mother is the lowest form of humanity. Theresa claims being a mother has really changed her. Brady hopes so because there's a baby involved. Theresa thinks they can make this work but Brady shouts that he's tense now and wants to strangle her. Brady adds that kids pick up on that and declares that he's doing what is best for his son. Theresa asks if this is about Melanie leaving. Brady says she's damn right it is.

Sally tells Nicole that everyone has to go out the back way. Nicole asks about the security guard. Sally says he went home sick and offers to go out for a drink with her but Nicole informs her that she has a date so Sally exits. Nicole hopes things will be better after tonight.

Maggie steps out to let Daniel and Victor talk. Victor tells him that he loves him and wants what's best for him. Victor says his plate is full with having Theresa in his life but if Daniel wants to be with Nicole, he won't have any problems with him. Daniel takes it as his blessing and informs Victor that Nicole is meeting him so he can say it to her face. Victor says he's late for a meeting but wants to talk about Xander before Nicole gets there.

Eric tells Serena that he knows what she and Xander were up to with the elephant statue. Serena denies it but Eric brings up Serena wanting to be alone in his apartment only for the statue. Eric complains about her showing interest in his artifacts only for the statue and lying when Nicole saw her with two statues. Eric knows she came to swap the statues out. Eric asks if she grabbed the wrong one because she was so desperate to get it back that she even slept with him. Eric brings up Serena coming up with every reason to go to Daniel's to get it. Eric says he doesn't know how he didn't catch on to it but it looks like she got what she wanted as he shows her the secret compartment and says he deserves to know what it was.

Theresa says she knew Brady would blame her for Melanie bailing. Brady shouts that Melanie forced her to take off. Theresa claims she didn't tell her to but Brady says he will never forgive her for it. Brady says he's doing what he's doing because he doesn't want his son to know that the sight of his mother disgusts him. Brady says he's going to spend time with his son and hopes she doesn't come by the hospital until he's gone. Brady exits, leaving Theresa crying.

Eric tells Serena that she doesn't have to tell him as he figured it out. Eric says it was too small for drugs or cash but he realized they worked together in the Congo. Eric talks about people becoming very rich trading in diamonds. Serena tries to leave but Eric asks what Xander did with the diamonds. Eric says she got what she came for so he deserves to know why she used him. Serena cries that she loves him and never stopped which is why she can't explain. Eric argues that he has a right to understand. Serena tells him that if she makes him understand, he'll wind up dead.

Victor tells Daniel that Xander is leaving Salem so no one will have to worry about him in this town again.

Nicole gathers her things to leave her office but Xander shows up at her door.

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