Days of Our Lives Update Friday 6/12/15

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 6/12/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Paige sits at the club. A man approaches and comments on her cell phone. She says she's deleting contacts. He suggests getting his number and offers to buy her a drink.

Eve reads about Laura being in a mental hospital and says she almost forgot that Jennifer's mother was out of her mind.

Jennifer runs in to Brady at the hospital and asks about Tate. Brady says he can come home tomorrow and he's thrilled. She asks about Theresa. Brady is sure she's thrilled but he hasn't talked to her today.

Theresa shows up at JJ's door and sarcastically asks him how it's going. JJ asks what she wants. Theresa claims she was looking for Paige. JJ says she's not here. Theresa mocks Paige hating him and laughs at JJ sleeping with Eve.

Abigail gets a call from Ben as he's leaving the club and he asks how things went with JJ. Abigail says things went good and it's sweet that he checked on her. Abigail apologizes for rushing out on him before. Ben doesn't like seeing her upset and just wants to see her happy. Ben tells her that he loves her. Abigail tells Ben that she loves him too right as Chad arrives in the garden. Ben asks if he can see her later. Abigail agrees then turns around to see Chad. Abigail tells Ben that she has to take care of something first.

Paige informs the man that she's not 21 so she can't drink. He responds that he knows a place where that wouldn't be a problem. She calls him a creep and tells him to get lost before she gets the manager. He calls her a bitch and walks away. Rory approaches and tells her that was nicely done. She complains that her day couldn't get worse. He praises her getting rid of the guy. Rory compliments her attitude. Paige asks Rory how many people he's told about JJ doing Eve. Rory swears he hasn't told anybody. Paige asks why not.

JJ wants Theresa to go. Theresa jokes that JJ must have never gotten over her. Theresa mocks his family and calls JJ trash, saying what he did to Paige is the definition of disgusting. She talks about JJ always acting like he was better than her but calls him the same lying loser he always was. Theresa is happy that his life is blown to hell while she has her child.

Jennifer brings up Melanie leaving town but Brady doesn't want to talk about it. Jennifer says she's sorry and has to get going to the post office to mail her mom's birthday present. Brady asks how she's doing. Jennifer responds that she's really happy right now. Brady is glad to hear as her life hasn't been easy.

Eve recalls Jennifer breaking off her engagement with Frankie years ago because she was afraid of inheriting her mother's illness. Eve remarks that mental illness would scare the hell out of anyone.

Ben tells Abigail that he will see her later at the Pub and they say I love you again. Abigail apologizes to Chad. Chad is sorry for keeping her waiting. Chad comments on Abigail sure making herself comfortable the other night.

Rory questions Paige wanting him to tell people about JJ and Eve, thinking it's embarrassing. Paige says it's not to her and doesn't care if it ruins their reputations. Paige brings up that it didn't just happen once. Rory notes that she's really pissed. Paige encourages him not to keep it inside. Rory says it used to get on his nerves how nice she was but she's different now. Paige responds that being betrayed changes a person then she walks out of the club.

JJ feels sorry for Tate getting stuck with Theresa as a mom. Theresa argues that she's going to be a great mother. Theresa says she loves her baby so much that she'll never do drugs again. JJ argues that she only loves herself and will use the kid to get what she wants. JJ asks what it's like having a baby with a guy that hates her guts.

Brady makes a call, saying he wants to take care of this as soon as possible because he wants to make sure he stays ahead of Theresa.

Abigail asks Chad if he's upset with her. Chad says he's buried in work and doesn't have a lot of time so he questions what she wants. Abigail thought they should talk about what happened. Chad asks if she means them having sex on the table, in the grass, and in his bedroom. Abigail stops him. Chad asks if she's here to talk about it or because she wants to do it again.

Eve searches for more articles on Laura until Paige appears behind her.

Theresa tells JJ that Brady will come around and sooner than Paige. Theresa jokes that Paige may hate him more than he does. JJ asks what she said but Theresa says she has to go pick up her son. Theresa was glad to rub it in. JJ calls her a bitch. Theresa responds that she has a bright future while JJ has nothing.

A woman joins Brady at the hospital. He thanks her for coming and says he wants to be ready for when Theresa arrives.

Ben remains at the Pub and thinks back to the last time he saw Abigail and asked her what's wrong. He calls Clyde and asks him about the app to track Abigail's phone. Ben says he knows he didn't want any part of it but after talking to her, he can't shake the feeling that something is going on with her that she won't tell him about.

Abigail shoves Chad and says it was a mistake that won't ever happen again. Chad says that's fine because he got what he wanted. Chad says he came back to Salem with one goal to prove that she still wanted him. Abigail doesn't believe that he was just trying to get even with her. Chad argues that it was pathetic how she kept trying to find excuses to find him and be alone with him. Abigail thought he loved her. Chad admits he said whatever he needed to get her in to bed. Chad asks if EJ taught her more. Chad brings up Abigail dumping him and sleeping with EJ. Chad declares he's humiliated her back only he won't go tell everyone that she's still a bit of a slut. Abigail slaps him.

Jennifer goes home and asks JJ how he's holding up. JJ says he's okay and hanging out with Rory later. Jennifer mentions sending a scarf to her mother for her birthday from all of them. JJ says he'll send a card and comments on Jennifer taking care of all of them. Jennifer disagrees as she feels she has failed him across the board.

Eve tells Paige that she startled her. Paige asks what she's up to now. Eve says nothing but Paige tells her to save it. Paige knows whatever comes out of her mouth is a lie. Paige says she only stopped because she has one last thing to say and then they are done for good.

JJ points out that Jennifer always told him that he could lose Paige but he continued. Jennifer feels she let him think he could stay together with Paige. JJ blames himself for Paige being alone and he has to live with that. JJ states that he's finally starting to get that he's lost Paige forever.

Theresa arrives at the hospital wanting to see Tate. The doctor tells her that he'll be ready in an hour and can go home in the morning. He tells Brady to stop worrying and enjoy a happy, healthy baby. Theresa tells Brady that she's kind of nervous about bringing Tate home. Brady wants to get a few things straight.

Chad asks what Abigail is getting so worked up about when she said she came to end this. Abigail cries asking why she's being so cruel. Chad responds that he's a DiMera and cruel is in their DNA. Abigail rushes off. Stefano appears and questions what the hell Chad is doing.

Paige tells Eve that she got her check for Stamford but she doesn't want her money either so she rips it up. Eve complains that she can't pay for her tuition now. Paige responds that maybe she just won't go. Eve talks about fighting Jennifer to get that money. Paige argues that nothing she ever did was for her and just had fun sticking it to Jennifer. Paige tells Eve that she doesn't have a daughter anymore as she doesn't want anything to do with her. Eve says she can't mean that. Paige adds that she's going to block her phone calls too. Eve tries to get through to her and blames Jennifer for Paige getting back with JJ. Paige says Eve knew she loved JJ and she slept with him so who cares. Paige tells Eve to forget the phone and don't call her ever. Paige says they are done and walks away. Eve cries that none of this would have happened if not for Jennifer.

JJ recalls Paige telling everyone what happened at the surprise party. JJ tells her about trying to get Daniel to talk to Paige for him but he turned him down because it wasn't his place. JJ says he realized if Daniel couldn't back him up then there is no hope. JJ adds that he ran in to Paige while leaving Daniel's but she hates him more than ever. JJ mentions Theresa coming by and saying the same thing. Jennifer can't believe she was there. JJ blames himself for what he did. JJ says he did something so stupid that he lost Paige forever. Jennifer hugs him and tells him that she knows how hard it is but acceptance is the beginning of healing. Jennifer promises it will get better but JJ doesn't see that happening. JJ tells her not to worry about him as he exits.

Theresa asks Brady if this is about Melanie leaving. Brady calls over the woman, Pam, who is a notary and says this is about them and the legal issues they need to settle. Theresa questions doing this now.

Chad tells Stefano that he was doing something private, personal, and none of his business. Stefano questions him. Chad says he was telling the truth. Stefano yells that he lied because he loves her. Chad talks about being young and rich and not wanting to be tied down. Stefano calls him an idiot for breaking it off with Abigail just to defy him.

Abigail joins Ben at the Pub and apologizes for being late. Ben asks if she's alright. Abigail hugs him.

Brady takes Theresa to a room with Pam for a privacy. Theresa complains about her and not signing anything without her lawyer. Brady realizes he was wrong to pressure her into an agreement and it won't happen again. Brady says they will talk about living arrangements, custody, and child support later. Theresa agrees as long as she has her attorney. She asks what the notary is about. Brady shows her that he had Aiden write up an agreement that they will remain in Salem for the first year of Tate's life. Brady assumed she wouldn't have a problem with Melanie gone. Theresa supposes not so Brady tells her to sign it.

JJ joins Rory at the club. Rory mentions a cousin in Chicago having a place they can crash at. Rory complains about him being down and suggests having a beer to lighten up. Paige returns to the club as the guy from earlier informs her that she forgot her phone. JJ questions who the guy is. Rory explains and says he must have not gotten that she would never go out with him. JJ interrupts and tells the guy to get lost. He says he had to try and tells Paige to call him as he walks out. JJ tells Paige that he just couldn't let the guy bother her. Paige says it's alright and she appreciates it. Paige jokes about thanking JJ for rescuing her while comparing that the guy was probably as old as her mother. Paige then walks out.

Jennifer runs in to Eve in the town square. Jennifer tells her to keep walking. Eve comments on JJ. Jennifer tells her that JJ is out of her and Paige's life so she should forget that she ever knew him. Eve remarks that it's hard to forget someone she knew so intimately. Jennifer calls her a disgusting pig and says JJ never wants to see her again. Eve brings up how JJ kept coming back for more. Jennifer warns her that if she ever hurts JJ again, she promises to destroy her. Jennifer walks off while Eve comments that JJ is not the one she's after.

Chad tells Stefano to walk him through how breaking it off with Abigail defies him. Stefano calls him stubborn. Chad doesn't want him to dictate his love life. Stefano insists on wanting him to be happy. Chad says it makes him happy to end things with Abigail so why does he care. Chad then walks away.

Abigail apologizes to Ben for falling apart like that. Ben asks her what's going on. Abigail claims it's everything with JJ and it's reminding her of all the mistakes she made. Ben encourages learning from it and moving on. Abigail promises it's all over. Abigail gets a text so Ben tells her to read it as it could be JJ. Abigail says it's just the reminder about her bill. Ben looks down at Abigail's phone and mentions seeing her cousin Joey before she got there. Ben says he's in the kitchen with Caroline so Abigail goes to say hi to him. Ben then takes Abigail's phone.

Jennifer calls her mom and tells her that she just mailed out her present. She hopes she'll do something very fun for her birthday. Laura comments that she sounds funny but Jennifer says nothing's wrong, it's just been a stressful day.

Eve walks back out of the town square and sits on the bench. Eve says she needs to know more about Laura's breakdown but wonders how to do it. Eve decides where there's a will, there's a way.

JJ goes back to Rory and tells him that he told Jennifer today that there's no hope with Paige. Rory asks if he would get past it if Paige slept with his dad. Rory suggests JJ back off because Paige doesn't seem like her old self and is really mad. JJ asks what she said. Rory says Paige wanted him to spread around what happened. Rory adds that Paige is a little scary when she's that mad.

Paige goes to her room, crying that she hates JJ and Eve so much and questions how they could do that to her. Paige wishes she could hurt them as much as they hurt her. Paige decides maybe today wasn't so awful and she can make what happened today work for her as she goes to her computer.

Ben loads the app on Abigail's phone and complains that it's taking forever. Abigail comes back to the table. Ben comments on seeing Joey cheering her up. Abigail adds that Caroline told her how lucky she is to have such a sweet and handsome boyfriend. Abigail talks about Ben putting up with so much from her and being patient and kind. Ben tells her not to make him out to be a saint because she knows that's not who he is. Abigail comments on how amazing he is and says she's so lucky to have him in her life as she kisses him.

Chad goes back in to the living room and drops to his knees as he thinks back to sleeping with Abigail then breaking it off. Chad cries that he does love Abigail and never stopped.

Theresa makes a call to make sure it's okay for her to sign the agreement. Brady points out that she's only agreeing to stay in Salem for one year. Theresa signs it then Brady signs it as well. Pam finishes up and Brady tells her to make sure Aiden and Theresa's attorney get copies. Theresa tells Brady that she can be agreeable. She thinks it's great that they are going to be there for another year. Theresa suggests it could be a new beginning for them and they can get to know each other in a whole new way. Brady agrees that it will be a new beginning for them but not in the way she thinks. Brady says he's put up with her interfering in his life for way too long but now that's all going to change.

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