Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 6/11/15

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 6/11/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

JJ talks to Abigail at home about everything with Paige. JJ declares that he made Paige hate her own life. JJ asks how Abigail can stand him after what he did and how she could possibly understand. Abigail thinks back to sleeping with Chad and tells JJ that she can understand very well.

Paige goes through her drawers at home and finds the music box that JJ gave her and then thinks back to their first time together. She throws the music box across the room.

Eve goes to Theresa's. Theresa invites her in to help her as she is having difficulty with the baby. Theresa stops and asks what's wrong. Eve complains that Jennifer and JJ have ruined her life.

Jennifer goes to Daniel's. She wanted to talk alone with him about what happened. She says she knows what he's going to say and he has every right to say I told you so. Daniel hugs her.

Hope goes to see Victor. Victor is surprised to hear from her and feels it sounded important. Hope tells him it's about Clyde.

Ben goes to Clyde at the Pub. Clyde asks him what's wrong. Ben says he didn't say anything was wrong but Clyde can tell. Clyde asks if he didn't reconnect with Abigail. Ben says he just saw her. Clyde says that tells him he's still upset with Chad.

Chad goes back in to the living room to find Stefano inside, surprised to see he's back. Chad reminds him that coming home is not a good idea with the tax charges hanging over his head. Stefano says they are close to a deal and no one knows he's here. Chad questions the risk. Stefano wants to see him celebrate the good news that Abigail spent the night with him.

Jennifer knows what she did to Paige was wrong. Daniel understands she had the best intentions. Daniel tells her to cut herself some slack but she says she can't let herself off the hook. Daniel says sometimes it's easier to blame herself rather than JJ. Jennifer wishes she never knew what happened. Jennifer says she and JJ screwed up badly but it was all Eve's fault.

JJ tells Abigail that what happened with her and EJ was way different. Abigail points out that EJ wasn't her only mistake. JJ doesn't want to bring up history and praises her being with Ben. JJ adds he's glad Jennifer has one kid who isn't a screw-up. JJ says it doesn't get much worse than sleeping with his girlfriend's mother.

Eve continues to complain about JJ and Jennifer. Theresa asks what happened. Paige arrives and tells Eve to go ahead and tell her.

Chad questions if Stefano had someone watching him or if he has cameras in his bedroom. Stefano informs him that Harold saw Abigail leaving in the morning so he didn't invade his privacy. Chad tells him that what happens between he and Abigail is private. Chad adds that there is nothing to be happy about yet. Stefano feels it's only a matter of time after a woman is with a DiMera man. Chad brings up Kate being happy with Clyde now.

Ben asks Clyde why he always assumes everything is about Chad. Clyde feels he's trying to convince himself. Clyde gets a call, informing him that Hope has been tracked to Victor's. Clyde thanks them and hangs up. Ben asks if everything is okay. Clyde says it's fine and just business.

Hope brings up Clyde taking over Victor's trucking business. Victor claims it was never important and asks if this is official police business. Victor asks what Clyde did wrong. Hope wants Victor to tell her.

Jennifer tells Daniel about Eve having drugs planted on JJ. Daniel wants to tell the police but Jennifer convinces him that it's over and they don't want to put Paige through that. Jennifer talks about Paige feeling like she betrayed her. Jennifer adds that she's never doubted herself as much as right now. Daniel tells her to stop and listen to him.

Eve asks Paige if she's alright but Paige orders her to stay away from her. Paige goes to Theresa and asks if she can go to Eve's to pick up a few of her things. Paige talks about getting a summer job and sees Tate's baby clothes. Paige gives Theresa a list of what she needs. Theresa tries to say she's busy and Eve offers to do it but Paige says she's never talking to her again. Theresa asks what happened so Paige reveals to her that Eve slept with JJ.

Abigail assures JJ that he's going to be okay. JJ refuses to give up on Paige.

Daniel tells Jennifer that she made a mistake with consequences but everything she does is for her kids. Daniel praises her as an amazing mother as he hugs her.

Abigail questions JJ not giving up on Paige. JJ feels he has to try. Abigail stops him and says she won't let him do this as he needs to accept that it's over. JJ disagrees and rushes out of the house.

Victor asks Hope what she's fishing for. Hope says she's just trying to piece things together. Hope brings up Victor not liking Clyde much at first but then suddenly changed. Victor says he judged him quickly but decided he doesn't matter that much. Hope accuses him of lying. Victor jokes that she's hurt his feelings. Hope decides to go then. Hope stops and asks if Victor realizing Clyde didn't matter much came two days after Sonny was almost killed.

Stefano tells Chad that he didn't come back to talk about Clyde. Chad asks if he really came back just to figure out how it's going with he and Abigail. Stefano says he's just happy for his son but Chad believes he's lying.

Jennifer goes home. Abigail tells her that she just missed JJ. Jennifer asks how he's doing. Abigail responds that he's hanging in there. Abigail understands how tough the situation is on her and apologizes for coming down on her so hard. Abigail is sorry for judging her. Jennifer tells her that she was right. Jennifer says she just lost it when she found out about JJ and Eve. Jennifer wanted to punish Eve and make everything better for JJ but all she did was make everything worse for Paige. Abigail can tell Jennifer is back to herself and tells her that she loves her so much. Abigail says they've all screwed up but Jennifer has always kept them on track and a family. Abigail adds that they will always have each other no matter what.

JJ goes to Daniel's. Daniel asks how he's doing. JJ says he's not great. Daniel understands after all he's been through. JJ blames himself. Daniel knows he has got to be mad at Eve for setting out to destroy his family. JJ can't believe it. Daniel assures that he's on his side as he cares about him and always will. Daniel says JJ was confused and manipulated but he'll learn. Daniel wishes he could make it easier and help him. JJ suggests maybe there is.

Theresa questions Eve and tells Paige that she's so sorry. Paige mocks the situation with Eve and JJ. Eve apologizes but Paige brings up all the times that Eve slept with JJ over and over. Paige adds that she didn't come for sympathy as she doesn't want to see Eve ever again. Paige storms out.

JJ tells Daniel that he thought about talking to Kayla but she's family so it's a little too weird so Daniel is the only other adult that Paige might listen to. Daniel questions him wanting him to talk to Paige. JJ suggests he could explain things and maybe get her to understand and give him a second chance. Daniel says no. JJ thought he wanted to help. Daniel says that doesn't mean making Paige understand. Daniel says Paige understands but JJ doesn't, that it's over. JJ questions why Daniel said he wanted to help then. Daniel insists that he does and will but he wants to help him come to terms with what happened and learn from it. Daniel tells him to accept responsibility without hating himself. Daniel wants the same for Jennifer but says only Paige can decide on a second chance. JJ feels she won't make that decision alone. Daniel apologizes and tells him he will have to find some way to live with that.

Theresa questions Eve about how this happened and why. Eve says it's just like Paige said and asks her not to tell Shane or Kimberly. Theresa agrees not to but doesn't understand since she hated JJ and questions how she could sleep with him.

Abigail asks Jennifer to try not to worry. Jennifer agrees that she should have more faith. Jennifer talks about being so worried about Abigail before and now everything is so wonderful for her with Ben. Jennifer remarks that Abigail and Ben have the brightest future ahead of them.

Stefano warns Chad to never accuse him of lying again. Chad points out that he keeps evading the question. Stefano reminds him that he's all he has left. Stefano says he made so many mistakes with his other children so he's desperate not to repeat those mistakes with him.

Clyde tells Ben that there's a pretty easy way to keep tabs on Abigail. Clyde shows him an app to install on her phone to keep track of where she is at all times. Ben questions spying on her. Clyde asks if he wants to know she's okay, adding that she won't have to know as it's completely untraceable. Ben refuses so Clyde tells him to suit himself. Clyde says he has a few things to take care of and exits.

Victor doesn't know what Hope is implying. Hope asks if Clyde was involved in what happened to Sonny. Victor gets a phone call from Clyde, who tells him it's time they had another talk and he'll see him soon. Hope asks if it's trouble. Victor calls it just business. Victor knows how stubborn Hope is and that she's a good cop but he implores her to leave this alone. Hope doesn't know if she can since Aiden represents Clyde and she doesn't want him taking any chances. Victor points out that she's taking chances. Hope wants an answer as to if Clyde was involved in what happened to Sonny. Victor tells her to leave it alone.

JJ asks Daniel to talk to Paige. Daniel says he is going to apologize to her. Daniel repeats that it's over between JJ and Paige so he needs to accept that. JJ says he can't and begs Daniel as his last chance. Daniel tells him that his last chance was a long time ago. Daniel tells JJ that Paige is coming over so he needs to go. JJ goes to leave as Paige arrives.

Abigail asks Jennifer about donating to the children's fund in memory of Kristen. Jennifer talks about having hope for Kristen but she ended up like the DiMeras. Jennifer comments that she's grateful they have nothing to do with any DiMeras in their life anymore. Jennifer apologizes for bringing up the past. Abigail says there is something she has to do and quickly exits.

Paige apologizes to Daniel for being early and says she'll come back. JJ tries to stop her but Paige warns him not to touch her. JJ tells her that he's leaving. Paige says good and walks in. JJ then exits. Daniel apologizes to Paige for JJ stopping by. She asks about him wanting to see her. Daniel asks how she's doing. Paige says that's pretty clear and asks what he has to tell her. Paige asks him to please not lie to her because she's so sick of being lied to. Paige asks for the truth if he knew too about JJ and Eve.

Theresa questions Eve blaming JJ and Jennifer for her affair with JJ. Eve says she's still trying to undo the damage to take care of Paige. Eve remarks that Jennifer should be shot for blackmailing her and letting JJ back in to Paige's life which made everything worse. Eve complains that Jennifer still has her family while she has no one. Eve refuses to let it go and declares she won't let Jennifer go on with her life like nothing happened after what she did to her. Eve promises that Jennifer is going to pay.

Harold comes in to the living room to inform Chad that Abigail is there to see him. Chad thanks him and says he'll meet her in the garden. Chad tells Stefano not to gloat. Stefano laughs and admits he's not surprised she's back. Chad heads out.

Daniel admits to Paige that he knew and he's so sorry. Paige says it's okay as Daniel is low on the list of who should've told her about it after Eve, JJ, and Jennifer. Paige complains about how stupid she was. Daniel wishes there was something he could do to help. Paige informs him that there is one thing he can do.

JJ goes home and sits on the stairs, thinking about Paige then hearing that it's over repeated constantly in his head. JJ tells himself that it is over as he's lost her.

Jennifer talks with Abe in the town square. Eve walks by and watches from a distance. Abe and Jennifer talk about Jennifer's mother's birthday. Eve comments to herself on Jennifer's mom, Laura Horton.

Clyde goes to see Victor and says they need to talk about Hope. Victor doesn't like him showing up like this. Clyde brings up their agreement and says it didn't include Victor talking to Hope. Victor argues that she's family and he'll talk to any member of his family any time he pleases. Victor says he couldn't tell her anything even if he wanted to. Clyde argues that none of it would hold up in court unlike the information he has on him.

Harold tells Abigail that Chad will be right with her and walks away. Abigail thinks back to sleeping with Chad.

Daniel asks Paige what he can do. Paige tells him to tell JJ, Abigail, and Jennifer to back off because she doesn't want anything to do with JJ ever again. She wants him to make sure JJ gets the message. Daniel agrees to do so. Daniel asks if she has anyone she can talk to like Kayla. Paige says no. Daniel brings up therapists but Paige states that she's done talking about this to anyone and she's done opening up to people. Daniel gets that she's hurt but argues that she can't shut everyone out of her life as they all need love. Paige responds that if what she had from JJ and Eve was love then she doesn't want anything to do with it ever. Paige then exits.

Eve sits outside the town square, looking up articles about Laura being in a mental hospital.

Jennifer calls JJ and leaves a message, reminding him that it's his grandmother's birthday and she'd love to hear from him. Jennifer promises they will get through this.

Theresa shows up at JJ's door and sarcastically asks him how it's going.

Clyde hopes he made himself clear. Victor doesn't want him back in the house and warns him that people are still shot for trespassing and this time, he'll make sure himself that he's dead. Clyde laughs and exits.

Abigail gets a call from Ben as he's leaving the club and he asks how things went with JJ. Abigail says things went good and it's sweet that he checked on her. Abigail apologizes for rushing out on him before. Ben doesn't like seeing her upset and just wants to see her happy. Ben tells her that he loves her. Abigail tells Ben that she loves him too right as Chad arrives in the garden.

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