Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/10/15

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/10/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Aiden tells Clyde that he has to go. Clyde remarks that he can't be late to pick up his son. Aiden points out that he didn't say he was going to and questions how he knew that. Clyde tries to say he did tell him but Aiden questions if he's keeping tabs on him.

Chad goes to walk away but Ben stops him. Chad asks if he wants something. Ben tells him that he knows he was with Abigail. Chad thinks back to sleeping with Abigail and questions him seeing him with Abigail. Chad says he didn't see him. Ben remarks that he was busy.

Will and Marlena watch Arianna at her party. Marlena asks who else they are waiting for to come to the party. Will mentions Lucas being out of town on business. Marlena says Adrienne and Justin wouldn't miss this.

Outside the club, Lucas returns to town and catches up to Adrienne. Lucas says he got back early and he's glad to see her. They talk about being sick of keeping this a secret.

Marlena comments to Will that they haven't heard from Adrienne and Justin. Kate approaches and makes a comment that they would miss it. Abigail pulls Marlena away while Kate proclaims that it's not like she didn't know Adrienne and Lucas were sleeping together.

Clyde informs Aiden that his secretary told him that he didn't have much time because he'd be picking up his son. Aiden apologizes and says he's just a little protective of his son. Clyde asks why he'd have to protect his son from him.

Lucas suggests telling some people today about them but Adrienne decides it's not the right time. Lucas agrees that they don't want to make Arianna's party about them. Lucas says it just feels natural. Adrienne suggests she go in while Lucas wait a minute or two.

Kate thought the whole world knew about Lucas and Adrienne but Marlena didn't. Adrienne enters and Hope goes to her. Sonny questions Kate making this about her. Lucas enters and asks why everyone is so quiet. Will informs him that Kate just told everyone about he and Adrienne. Lucas can't believe Kate. Kate tells him that the truth was going to come out.

Chad accuses Ben of spying on Abigail and hiding in the bushes. Ben denies it. Chad asks if he followed Abigail to him. Chad doesn't care and says he has nothing to hide.

Paul jogs through the park and comes across Justin. Justin asks how he's doing. Paul says he's just trying to keep in shape. Justin talks about late nights of working. Justin asks Paul to help with translation for his work in Japan. Paul agrees to help him.

Lucas says this isn't how they wanted people to find out but they weren't hiding it. Lucas admits he's crazy about Adrienne and they are seeing each other so he wants to move on with the party. Hope suggests getting the cake ready for Arianna.

Aiden tells Clyde that it's just a reflex and he didn't mean any offense. Clyde comments that he knows it's about Hope.

A family photo is taken at Arianna's party and then she blows out her candles on her cake. Abigail steps away and texts Ben that she needs to see him and asks if they can meet.

Ben tells Chad that he was walking through the park like a normal person. Chad realizes he only saw them talking. Ben says he knows it was about Kristen and he just wanted to say he's sorry for his loss but Chad doesn't believe him.

Marlena tells Adrienne that she thinks Lucas handled it very well. Adrienne feels bad because she wasn't ready to go public and it's Arianna's day. Marlena tells her it's fine. Adrienne thanks her. Lucas asks Kate if he gets any warning as to what's next. Kate thought everyone knew and claims she didn't intend to ruin his life. Lucas asks what mother would do that to her son. Kate comments to Abigail that it's not that upsetting. Sonny tells her to give it a rest because nobody wants to talk about that. Abigail says she has no idea what Kate's talking about. Sonny says he's sure that she's glad she's in a good relationship with a great guy. Adrienne apologizes to Hope. Hope understands things happen and she's not one to judge as they hug.

Paul goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and helps Justin translate work from Japan. Justin thanks him. Paul asks about this being where Sonny and Will got married. Paul comments that Sonny always wanted a big wedding. Paul adds that it could've been him but it was all his fault because he was too afraid to come out.

Will gets everyone's attention for a toast. Will says he's so grateful to them all being there for Arianna so that she's surrounded with love. Will mentions the challenge of Gabi having to go away but thanks them all for Arianna feeling joy. Will says everyone being there means the world to him especially Sonny after they almost lost him. Will toasts to them all and Arianna as everyone says happy birthday to Arianna.

Aiden tells Clyde that he and Hope keep their business separate. Clyde meant what happened with Ciara as Kate told him about her being kidnapped a few years ago. Clyde guesses she'd be real sensitive about kids. Aiden reminds that he has to go. Clyde thanks him for fitting him in and tells him to take care. Aiden exits.

Hope tells Sonny that Will's toast was beautiful. Sonny agrees that he has a way with words. Rafe and Sonny talk about Sonny recovering from being stabbed. Will gets Sonny for a picture. Hope asks Rafe about bringing up Sonny's stabbing and the timing of it. Rafe talks about Victor telling him to back off around the time of Sonny's stabbing. Hope wonders if Victor was scared of Clyde and doesn't think it was a big coincidence. Will tells Kate that he sent her an advance link to the article on Clyde and he thinks it turned out pretty well. Kate thanks him for being so nice to her when everyone else isn't for telling the truth. Will says he gets it as he tells the truth for a living.

Ben tells Chad that he has a sister he loves very much and he doesn't know what he would do if anything happened to her. Chad still accuses him of fake sympathy. Ben explains that he went looking for Abigail to clear up a disagreement. Chad thinks he's scared to leave her alone with him. Ben comments that he's not threatened by him but Chad doesn't believe him. Abigail then arrives in the park.

Paul says he was an idiot for turning down Sonny's proposal since his family was great when he finally came out. Paul says Sonny always knew they'd support him and never doubt who he is. Justin says they just wanted him to be happy. Paul asks if he never freaked out about Sonny being gay. Justin says no but they were worried at first about what kind of relationships he'd find. Justin comments that they are all the same as Sonny's facing the same kind of issues that he and Adrienne are.

Rafe holds Arianna and mentions taking her to see Gabi tomorrow. Will informs that he told Gabi he would take her to see Gabi after the party today. Sonny didn't know about that. Rafe tells them to figure it out but he's happy to take her tomorrow if they don't mind. Sonny asks Will about Gabi wanting them to come up there today. Sonny accuses him of doing it on purpose. Will questions what he means and tells him that he doesn't have to go if he doesn't want to but Sonny says he won't bail on Arianna or Gabi.

Rafe exits the club where Hope is finishing a phone call with Ciara. Hope tells Rafe that Ciara said to tell him she needs that thing and he would know what she means. Rafe wants her to back off the Clyde and Victor thing. Hope refuses and wants to get Clyde for attempted murder. Rafe says they don't know if he's connected. Hope insists on getting to the bottom of this. Hope says if Clyde is as dangerous as they think, she doesn't want him anywhere near Chase or Aiden.

Kate tells Lucas that no matter what, he's still her son. Lucas feels that always sounds like a threat. Kate tells him that she loves him which he calls really sad. Lucas says they are over and he wants nothing to do with her so he tells her to stop talking to him. Lucas walks away and to Adrienne. Lucas apologizes to her for the way everything came out today. Adrienne says it's not his fault. Lucas says there are some people they need to warn for damage control. Adrienne agrees. Lucas tells her to brace herself for their first PDA as he kisses her. They hold hands and exit together. Kate gets a call from Clyde. Kate tells him that the party is done and she was looking for an excuse to leave. Kate asks Clyde to meet him at the Pub in ten minutes as she has a surprise for him.

Ben asks Abigail if the party is over. Abigail says almost and asks if he got her text. Ben says he hadn't seen it because he was talking to Chad. Chad remarks that Ben seems to think something is going on between them. Ben says that's not true as he knows there's nothing going on and he was just trying to tell Chad that he's sorry about Kristen but he doesn't believe him. Abigail backs up Ben. Chad mocks Ben's sincerity. Abigail says she has to go home so Ben walks out with her.

Kate meets Clyde at the Pub. Clyde comments that she sounded down on the phone. Kate says not anymore as she sent him an advance on Will's article.

Aiden goes to the park and sends Chase off to go play baseball. Rafe arrives with an umpire mask from Hope for Ciara. Rafe stops to ask Aiden about Clyde.

Clyde declares the article came out okay. Kate thinks it's just right and believable. Clyde comments that it doesn't give Stefano much to work with. Kate adds that no bad thing Clyde's done could compare to Stefano's evil. Clyde asks how the party was. Kate says she accidentally outed Adrienne and Lucas. Clyde feels she doesn't do anything accidentally but Kate says it was totally unintentional as she was talking to Hope. Clyde questions Hope being there.

Lucas goes to the DiMera Mansion and tells Chad about his business with Mad World. Lucas is glad to stick it to Kate and tells Chad he's with this 100%. Chad tells him to keep it up. Lucas then informs Chad that he should know he is seeing Adrienne.

Paul tells Justin that they're good parents to Sonny. Justin asks about his mother and grandfather being supportive and now finding his father. Paul says they are still getting to know each other. Justin calls John a good man. Paul says Justin is too. Paul is sorry that he didn't get to know him before when he was with Sonny. Justin states that they are all still here. Justin tells Paul that Sonny had a beautiful wedding but that's the easy part while getting the marriage right is the hard part as Paul exits.

Ben walks Abigail home. She tells him that he didn't have to walk her all the way home but he wanted to and kisses her. Ben asks her what's going on.

Adrienne goes to see Justin to warn him that everyone knows about them and Lucas because of Kate. Justin feels it was bound to come out. Adrienne disagrees. Justin notes that she's a lot more upset than he'd expect.

Lucas tells Chad that it's not a business conflict as Adrienne has nothing to do with that. Chad asks if it's going to get messy. Lucas doesn't think so but they are together. Chad thanks him for telling him. Lucas says Kate pretty much told the world. Chad tells him no mess. Lucas agrees and says they care about each other a lot so it's really hard to hide that kind of thing.

Abigail tells Ben that nothing is going on. Ben points out that they are alone now and he's missed her. She says she's missed him too. Ben hoped she'd come over last night. Abigail thinks back to being with Chad and claims she was just exhausted.

Kate tells Clyde about Hope being family to Will. Clyde comments on Aiden saying that he and Hope don't mix business and personal. Kate brings up Hope asking her why Will was in Poplar Bluff. Kate doesn't think having Aiden as Clyde's lawyer is the best idea but Clyde says he's just who he needs. Kate kisses him goodbye and exits to get back to the office. Clyde makes a call to a Stan, wanting him to find out what Hope is up to now and he wants answers by the end of the day.

Aiden questions if this is Rafe asking about Clyde. Rafe assures that Hope wouldn't want him to say a word but he has a feeling he's going to get in to hot water. Aiden says Clyde is just a client and he hasn't been charged with any crimes. Hope appears in the bushes and watches. Rafe wants to warn him about Clyde but Aiden says it's none of his or Hope's business so they need to back off. Aiden walks away while Hope approaches Rafe.

Will and Sonny walk through the town square with Arianna. Paul walks by and sees them. Sonny goes back to get Gabi's present for Arianna. Will turns around and sees Paul. Paul says happy birthday to Arianna while Will tells her that this is the man who is trying to destroy her family.

Lucas shows Chad pictures from Arianna's birthday. Lucas comments on it being nice to see Abigail so happy. Chad asks if she is. Lucas thinks Ben is good for her and says he's a pretty nice guy. Chad says he has calls to make. Lucas agrees to e-mail him from his trip and exits.

Abigail apologizes to Ben, claiming she worked all day. Ben loves that she spent so much time at his place as he loves her. Abigail hears a sound upstairs and says JJ is still pretty messed up so they might need some time. Abigail asks Ben to meet up later so he exits.

Rafe apologizes to Hope as he was just trying to warn Aiden and wasn't trying to stir anything up. Hope blames herself and says she'll handle it. Rafe takes the umpire mask to go give to Ciara. Hope makes a call and says she needs to see them right away.

Adrienne tells Justin that it's upsetting, messy, ugly and no one comes out looking good. Justin says the only person looking bad should be him as he put it all in motion. Adrienne thanks him as it's the first time he admitted it. Justin calls it the ugly truth. Adrienne doesn't know what to say. Justin tells her that he's here at home. Adrienne questions it being by choice. Justin doesn't want to give up on them but also doesn't want to fight all the time either so he's here now. Justin says what happens next is more about what she wants. Justin thanks her for the heads up and exits.

Paul tells Will that's not him. Will questions him not looking for a way to run in to Sonny. Will tells him that they are taking Arianna to see Gabi today. Will says this is their life and they don't need any more distractions or intrusions. Sonny returns and Will comments on Paul wishing Arianna a happy birthday. Paul tells them to have a good day and walks away. Will and Sonny walk on.

Ben goes to Clyde at the Pub. Clyde asks him what's wrong.

Chad goes back in to the living room to find Stefano inside.

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