Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/9/15

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/9/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Kate and John talk about Arianna's birthday party. John mentions having to work. Kate says she was going to look for him about Paul.

Sonny finds Paul outside the town square.

Marlena goes to see Will, who is finishing a call. Marlena asks about he and Sonny seeing a therapist. Will mentions the therapist cancelling on them. Marlena asks if he wants to save this marriage or not.

Hope and Rafe talk in her office about Clyde. Aiden arrives and questions if Rafe is consulting another case.

Ben sits in the Pub and texts Abigail that he missed her last night. Clyde joins him and asks what Abigail's been up to. Ben says she hasn't been up to anything and questions what that means. Clyde asks if he's touchy because he said that Chad wants his girl.

Abigail's purse remains out in the DiMera Mansion garden.

Abigail sleeps in Chad's bed where he brings her a flower and watches over her with a smile.

Hope greets Aiden with a hug while Rafe covers up the information on Clyde. They talk about ordering food later. Aiden jokes that Rafe gets to see more of Hope than he does. They kiss goodbye and Aiden exits. Hope thanks Rafe since they had already gone a couple of rounds over Clyde. Roman enters and asks what Rafe is doing there. Roman questions if it has anything to do with Clyde.

Will assures Marlena that he wants to save their marriage. Marlena questions not going to couples therapy. Marlena comments that they have to want it to work. Will tells her that he's in trouble.

Sonny tells Paul that he saw him in the town square and caught up to him. Sonny asks how he's doing. Paul says he's okay. Sonny asks about John. Paul stops him and questions what he's doing here. Paul brings up Arianna's birthday party. Sonny says he's on his way to the club to set up but he had to talk to Paul. Paul reminds him he told him if they were going to talk, it needed to be about them. Sonny says he heard him. Paul asks if it is about them then.

Abigail wakes up where Chad greets her.

Hope tells Roman that she's working an old case and Rafe had some background to help her. Roman questions if it fits in to the terms of Rafe's resignation. They clarify so Roman wants specifics on Rafe's exact involvement. Rafe talks about the case so Roman tells them to keep him posted as he exits. Hope thanks Rafe. Rafe asks if she's okay lying to Aiden and Roman. Hope says she's not but they need to get to the truth about Clyde.

Ben tells Clyde that he and Abigail don't give a damn what Chad wants and adds that she can't stand the guy. Ben assures that she's fine and he'll hear from her soon. Ben doesn't need another fight with him. Clyde talks about Chad setting up things like that. Clyde doesn't know why Chad won't move on since there are women who would fall over themselves for him. Ben responds that Abigail is not like that.

Abigail worries about being late for Arianna's birthday party but Chad assures her that she has plenty of time. Chad says he needs to tell her something first.

Kate talks to John about Paul being an impressive young man and having him to bond with. John asks what her point is. Kate doesn't want Paul to cause trouble for Sonny, Will, and their family.

Marlena is a little worried about Will. Will responds to her that Sonny told him that he's still in love with Paul.

Sonny tells Paul that what he did the other night was surprising when he walked away. Paul says he doesn't want anything to happen with them if it's really about Will. Sonny says he would never use him. Paul asks if they are still fighting. Sonny mentions planning to go to counseling. Paul starts to leave but Sonny reminds him that this is about him. Sonny tells him that he and Will's honesty hour didn't work out so well because he told Will the truth.

Chad tells Abigail that last night was everything and he doesn't want to say the wrong thing. Chad says she knows how he feels and that's more true than ever. Abigail asks what he has to tell her. Chad imagines telling her that Stefano has been pushing him to pursue her and Abigail getting furious over it.

Kate tells John to keep Paul away from Will and Sonny. John tells her to leave it alone or she'll be sorry then he exits.

Paul wants Sonny to be honest. Paul says he's made clear how he feels and Will has too so Sonny has to decide. Paul tells Sonny that he will respect his choice. They agree to talk again soon and Paul walks away.

Marlena tells Will that Sonny was honest with him. Will complains about Sonny loving Paul instead of just him. Marlena talks about people still loving their exes. Will argues that they get along for their kids bur aren't still in love. Marlena asks if Sonny said he's still in love with Paul. Will says not exactly but calls it a fight. Marlena says he can't tell Sonny how he feels. Will refuses to lose him and wonders what to do. Marlena encourages him to just be himself. Marlena says he can't manipulate Sonny or he will lose him and have nobody to blame but himself.

John runs in to Paul in the town square and asks what he's up to today. John mentions heading to work. Paul would like to see that some time so John suggests coming with him. John asks if it's alright to introduce him as his son. Paul says that's who he is and they walk off together.

Rafe tells Hope that he believes Victor feels Clyde is dangerous since Victor wouldn't tell him why he called him off. Hope comments on Clyde still walking around. Rafe says they were both called off of it which is why they need evidence. Hope brings up Jeremiah being the only one to talk negatively about Clyde for Will's article. They conclude that he may have been a plant. Rafe suggests he go to Poplar Bluff to question him but Hope says no and feels they can find something. Hope believes Clyde fed Jeremiah every word.

Clyde tells Ben that he doesn't need to compete with Chad as Abigail is with him. Ben asks what the point was of bringing it up. Clyde praises him but warns that any woman can make him crazy if he lets her. Ben states that he won't. Clyde exits.

Chad tells Abigail that last night was everything and he doesn't want to blow it by saying the wrong thing but it's what he wanted for so long. Abigail can't believe what she did because of Ben and doesn't know how to explain this. Chad tells her that she doesn't have to. Chad calls last night the most incredible night of his life and no one can ever take it away but no one will hear it from him. Chad understands if it doesn't mean that much to her. Chad says he won't push if this never happens again as whatever happens is now is up to her. Abigail decides she should go.

Rafe tells Hope that he can check with some old FBI friends. They talk about Clyde being a smart business man. Rafe talks about Victor cutting him off about Clyde and knowing there's more to it. Rafe says they will get to the bottom of it and they exit together.

Clyde meets with Aiden in the town square. Clyde praises his work for him. Aiden says he's just doing his job. Clyde calls it a very big deal for him.

Caroline meets Roman at the Pub. Caroline talks about Arianna's birthday party and she can't believe she is turning two. Roman talks about Sami wishing she could make it. Caroline says she misses Sami and the kids. She asks how long it's been since she's seen them. Roman reminds her that she just visited them two weeks ago.

Abigail gets Ben's texts and tells Chad that she has to go for Arianna's party. Chad tells her to have fun. She asks if he's not going. Chad says it's a family thing. Abigail says goodbye and exits. She stops to look back but Chad already walked away.

Ben walks out of the town square and gets Abigail's text that he's so sweet and she's on her way to Arianna's party.

Will and Marlena go to the club with Arianna for her birthday party. Will gives Arianna to Sonny and questions him just getting there when he left a long time ago. Sonny admits he ran in to Paul.

Caroline thought she was doing better. Roman encourages that she is. Caroline complains that she can't remember two weeks ago. Roman shows her a picture from then and Caroline remembers the details. Roman suggests putting dates on the pictures and joke about getting the kids to do it.

Rafe arrives to Arianna's birthday party. Will tells Marlena that he won't make a scene and ruin Arianna's birthday party. Marlena encourages him that things will work out okay.

John brings Paul to Hope's office and says he'll work out of here while Hope is at Arianna's party. Paul says he works with nice people. John asks about seeing Tate and if he's enjoying the family. Paul says he'll fit right in and admits he told Marlena that he felt they were hypocrites because of how he felt. Paul states that some things in life don't make sense but they happen for a reason.

Abigail goes to Arianna's birthday party and apologizes to Sonny for being late. Sonny asks if she was at Ben's. Abigail thinks back to being with Chad. Sonny asks if everything is okay with Ben and Abigail claims it is.

Paulie, a girl that works at the club runs in to Ben outside and asks if he's going to Arianna's birthday party. Ben says it's a family thing. She comments on Chad being there which Ben questions. She talks about Chad being so hot. Ben advises her not to mix business and pleasure since Chad's her boss. She comments that any woman would want to be with him as she walks away. Chad then appears in front of Ben.

Abigail takes a picture of Will, Sonny, and Roman with Arianna. Will kisses Sonny on the cheek during the picture. Abigail takes Arianna to show her presents with Roman and Marlena. Sonny asks Will if that was necessary and tells Will that he doesn't have to put on a show. Sonny tells Will that they don't need to force things in public as everyone here knows they are going through stuff. Will complains about if they saw him with Paul today.

John asks Paul if he believes in fate. Paul doesn't know. Paul talks about having a list of the top five surgeons and everyone having an opinion but nobody wanted him to come to Salem which is what he wanted but didn't know why. John feels he just knew somehow he needed to be in Salem. Paul says if he hadn't come, he would've never known John was his father, never ran into Sonny again and maybe never would've come out if he didn't met Will. John is sorry it's such a mess and doesn't want him to be hurt. Paul talks about taking chances in life. John brings up Paul's mother and says she did a great job with him.

Kate goes to Arianna's party and asks Abigail about Ben, saying she and Clyde would love to take them out to dinner sometime. Kate says it must be nice for Abigail to be with a kind, decent man after being with the DiMera brothers. Abigail nervously goes away to go take more pictures. Will joins Kate. Kate asks if Lucas is coming. Will says he had to go out of town on business. Kate talks about causing Lucas a loss. Will questions her enjoying a loss at Lucas's expense. Rafe comes over and tells Will that Abigail wants another photo. Rafe comments to Kate that it's nice to see her without Clyde for a change. Kate questions if Rafe enjoys being alone all the time and walks away.

Aiden tells Clyde that he has to go. Clyde remarks that he can't be late to pick up his son. Aiden points out that he didn't say he was going to and questions how he knew that.

Hope tells Roman that she and Rafe finished up the case report. Sonny goes to check on the birthday cake. Marlena approaches Will and senses tension. Will tells her that the calm he managed is gone.

Chad goes to walk away but Ben stops him. Chad asks if he wants something. Ben tells him that he knows he was with Abigail.

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