Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/8/15

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/8/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Eric tells Serena to tell him what's going on or they aren't going anywhere together. Serena argues that he doesn't mean that but Eric shouts that he's not putting up with anymore lies. He asks why she was so willing to work with Xander if she hated him. Eric can't figure out what's going on and demands it all be explained now or he's walking out the door.

Daniel works on the elephant statue and finds the secret compartment where the diamonds used to be. Daniel tells Parker that he will fix it but finds it weird and wonders why there is a secret compartment.

Nicole continues searching Xander and finds out that he served time for murder. Nicole is pleased with what she's found but her computer shuts off and she is crushed that she has nothing.

Victor tells Xander that he upset him and Daniel. Victor complains that he chose to defy him. Victor warns that he could break him right now. Victor declares it's time to end this now and says he's out.

Ben meets Clyde and notes he looks serious. Clyde brings up Will's article saying things about him that Ben should hear from him first.

Chad argues that he and Abigail want each other even more than before and all their mistakes have only made them want it more. Chad says it's going to be even better when it does happen. Abigail says no but Chad says yes and takes her hand. Chad tells her that she knows it's true and kisses her. Abigail drops her things and kisses him back. Abigail pulls away, grabs her things and runs off.

Daniel tells Parker that he will fix the elephant statue later. Daniel checks with Parker and then leaves with him.

Eric tells Serena that this is her last chance to tell him what's going on with Xander. Eric brings up her affair and her hating him but it never coming up until now. Eric asks what else she's hiding and why Xander would send the picture. Serena thinks back to finding the diamonds and her dealings with Xander's threats. Serena tells Eric that he doesn't understand. Eric agrees and orders her to tell him with no more lies. Serena cries that she has no idea so Eric storms out of the room. Serena whispers that she had to protect him.

Nicole works on her computer but can't get her access back and decides to start her search over. She then finds all the files on Xander's murder are sealed.

Xander talks about respecting Victor and doing everything he asked. Victor complains that he disobeyed him. Xander calls it a mistake but Victor argues that he lied to his face. Xander apologizes and promises it will never happen again. Xander asks for another chance to show how grateful he can be. Xander brings up Brady, Daniel, and Sonny getting an incredible amount of leeway but he makes one mistake and he can feel his anger. Xander promises he'll never go near Daniel's girlfriend again. Victor says he can't afford to have a screwup who thinks he can change the rules. Victor repeats that Xander is out and tells him to go. Victor tells him to finish his business, give him his cut, and then leave Salem for good. Victor says goodbye so Xander storms out in a rage.

Ben asks Clyde what Will is going to be saying about him. Clyde explains that Will went to Poplar Bluff and asked around about him. Ben argues that Clyde isn't like that anymore. Clyde thanks him for the support but feels Will is going to put out a fair and honest article that proves people can change. Clyde then asks Ben what's wrong and guesses it has something to do with Abigail.

Abigail returns to Chad and they resume kissing then begin undressing each other.

Daniel walks through the town square with Parker advising him about going swimming. Eric walks by so Daniel greets him. Daniel mentions taking Parker to Maggie. Daniel tells Eric about the elephant statue breaking. Eric calls it no great loss. Daniel assures that he'll fix it but asks Eric about the secret compartment. Eric doesn't know what he's talking about.

Serena holds the picture of her and Xander then says that if she told Eric, he'd be in so much danger. She thinks back to Xander threatening her and declares that he's insane so she needs to figure out a way to neutralize him.

Nicole decides Xander must have killed someone before changing his name while in Scotland. Nicole wants to figure it out but her boss calls.

Xander is enraged outside, screaming about Victor and how he'll do anything for Daniel. Xander shouts that he's a Kiriakis so he goes where he pleases and takes what he wants.

Serena grabs her phone and calls Xander. She blames him for Eric knowing everything.

Daniel explains to Eric about the secret compartment in the elephant statue but Eric never knew about it. Daniel adds that something could have definitely been concealed inside. Daniel then takes Parker and leaves while Eric wonders about a secret hiding place.

Nicole sends Sally to find out what her boss Miles needs. Nicole complains that Xander would go ballistic. Sally comes back so Nicole explains her plan and heads out.

Clyde thought things were great with Ben and Abigail. Ben says they are but she's been swamped at work and isn't talking about something that happened with her family. Clyde brings up JJ being arrested for drugs in the past. Ben questions how he would even know about that. Clyde says Kate mentioned it. Ben insists that JJ has been clean for awhile now. Clyde comments that it sounds like he has new problems. Ben notes that Abigail is protective of JJ which Clyde compares to Jordan with Ben. Ben says he just wants to be there for her but it's like she completely closed him out. Clyde asks if he's sure this isn't about Chad.

Chad and Abigail have sex in the garden.

Ben asks why Clyde would think it's about Chad. Clyde brings up Chad sniffing around Abigail. Ben argues that he doesn't give a damn about Chad as Abigail is with him. Clyde feels Chad won't give up and advises Ben not to trust him. Clyde then informs Ben that Chad and Stefano bought Sonix magazine and warns him not to trust a DiMera.

Chad and Abigail lay together afterwards. She says they shouldn't have but they continue kissing.

Eric sits in the town square wondering about the secret hiding place in the elephant statue. He thinks back to Serena really wanting the elephant statue and realizes something had to be in that compartment, wondering if it was the picture that Xander sent.

Xander questions how much Eric knows. Serena explains that he got the photo Xander sent and warns him about playing mind games. Xander makes sure that she didn't tell him what they were up to with the diamonds. Xander asks what the problem is if Eric is clueless. Serena shouts that he ruined her life. Xander calls her pathetic. Xander says the only person who ruined her life is herself a long time ago.

Nicole goes to the park for the story her boss wanted her to get. She decides she'll ive the source two minutes. Daniel then arrives, surprising her.

Ben questions why the DiMeras would buy the magazine to bury Clyde. Clyde explains that Stefano can't stand that he's with Kate and Chad wants him to look bad to Abigail. Ben insists that he and Abigail are solid. Clyde suggests he make himself more sure of that. Clyde tells Ben to see if he can make it permanent with Abigail.

Abigail tells Chad that she needs to go home but he says that's not what she wants and convinces her to stay with him.

Serena complains that things can't get any worse and wants to find a way to fix things and get Eric to trust her enough to go away with her. Eric then returns to her room. She says she was so worried when he left and she was about to text him. Eric asks if she was going to explain or give him the truth. Eric tells her that she doesn't have to explain because he knows everything.

Nicole asks what Daniel is doing there then realizes that Daniel texted Miles pretending to have information. Daniel says he didn't have a choice as he knew she worked the article so she would come alone. Daniel suggests she tell him what's really going on. Nicole says she can't and reminds him that she said she would explain in a couple of days. Daniel is sick of her avoiding the issue and wants her to tell him what's going on with her and Xander.

Clyde asks Ben what is stopping him from taking the next step and proposing. Ben brings up being in school and working at the nightclub. Clyde says he'll make sure he's happy with whatever they need if it's what he wants. Clyde asks if he's thinking maybe that's not what Abigail wants.

Chad tells Abigail that what they did was perfect. Abigail insists that she has to go but Chad declares that she wants him to take her upstairs and make love to her all night long. Chad states that's exactly what he's going to do. Chad picks her up and carries her off.

Serena asks what Eric knows all about since she told him about the affair and the picture. Eric tells her that he knows about the elephant statue and points it out in the picture. Eric brings up the hidden compartment and tells her to skip the lie because he knows. Eric asks what was in the hidden compartment that she brought in to the country to Salem. Eric talks about her being desperate. Serena tries to explain. Eric tells her to stop the lying and asks if Xander knew what was in the statue. Eric realizes he did and asks Serena to tell him what was inside.

Nicole tells Daniel that she's busy. Daniel questions her being too busy to be honest with him. Nicole complains about Daniel tricking her to get her here. Daniel laughs off that she is such a sucker for a secret but he's not. Daniel asks for five minutes but she refuses and insists upon a few days. Daniel agrees if that's what she wants but adds that he's given her every chance to come clean but he's gotten nothing but evasion and silence so this is it. Daniel declares that he's done. Nicole stops and questions him. Nicole asks him to give her until tomorrow because things aren't what he thinks but she needs facts. Daniel asks if something is wrong as she keeps looking around. Nicole states that she's not thrilled to be out in public with him as she can't be sure whether she was followed. Nicole says tomorrow he'll understand. She kisses him and tells him to trust in that until then.

Serena tells Eric that he has to believe her that she didn't know about the secret compartment. Eric doesn't believe her. She doesn't know what else to say and asks him to let it go. Eric refuses and demands to know what was inside the statue. Eric says whatever was inside is definitely more important to her than he is. Eric then storms out, leaving Serena crying.

Nicole tells Daniel that she's now going back to work. Daniel says he will hold her to the promise that he gets everything tomorrow. Daniel adds that he wants her to understand how much he loves her as they kiss again. Xander then appears in the bushes and sees them.

Ben tells Clyde that he asked Abigail to move in a few weeks ago but she didn't want to yet so he doesn't want to push marriage. Clyde understands. Ben says they decided to take things slow. Clyde says that's good as long as Chad doesn't cut in. Ben argues that won't happen because they are solid and he won't let Chad take her away from him. Clyde says that's good and encourages him to hold on to Abigail.

Chad carries Abigail to the bedroom where they kiss in to bed.

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