Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/3/15

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/3/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Kayla goes to see Abigail in her office and asks if she's keeping herself in her work to get away from Jennifer, JJ, Eve, and everything going on as she is looking at a letter to Chad.

Zoe finds Chad at the club making a poster for Arianna's birthday party they are having tomorrow. Chad asks if Will turned his article in on Clyde. She tells him that he postponed so she's free all night.

Victor goes to see Daniel and talks about Melanie leaving. Daniel says he already misses her. Victor wants to reveal his plan at dinner but Daniel stops him and says he can count him out.

Xander needs to know if Nicole turning him down again is because of Victor or Daniel. Xander says if it's Daniel then they are going to have a very serious problem. Nicole says Daniel isn't an appropriate conversation for them. Xander disagrees so Nicole tells him to go then because they are done here. Xander grabs her.

Serena comes to Eric's as Eric has opened the envelope to find an old photo of Xander and Serena in bed together. Eric turns and asks her what this is. Serena is shocked and doesn't understand how he got it. Eric demands she answer the question.

Abigail tells Kayla that she's right that she has been thinking about everything going on. Abigail says lying didn't seem like Jennifer but she realized she was being judgmental and knows mistakes will be made.

Victor asks why Daniel doesn't want to come to dinner. Daniel says if it is for Xander then he can forget it. Victor questions him having a problem with Xander.

Xander kisses Nicole until shes pushes him away and he realizes she isn't done with Daniel at all.

Serena accuses Eric of going through her things. Eric explains that Xander sent it by messenger. Serena questions Eric opening her mail. Eric shouts that it's her and Xander in bed then demands an explanation.

Chad tries to go back to work but Zoe wants to check out a theater in Chicago and asks if he's interested in joining her. Chad says he's just tied up right now. Zoe says it's too bad. Chad tells her to let him know when Will turns in his article. Zoe leaves as Kate arrives. Kate comments to Chad that Zoe isn't used to be blowing off. Chad says he was being polite. Kate says Zoe is obviously interested in him and she's surprised Chad's not interested. Chad points out that she works for him. Kate assumes it's because he can't stop thinking about someone else.

Kayla talks to Abigail about sometimes what seems like a mistake ends up being right. Abigail asks if she doubted her love when her family disapproved. Kayla says she knew Steve was the one for her and didn't care what other people thought. Abigail wishes she could be more like her. Kayla points out that Jennifer approves of Ben so she questions her concern. Abigail says sometimes she just has her own doubts about herself.

Victor doesn't understand how Daniel can have a problem with Xander. Daniel questions how well Victor knows him. Victor admits not too well but he's family and asks what he's getting at. Daniel comments that Xander changed pretty dramatically and questions his story. Daniel isn't buying it.

Nicole questions Xander coming to her office and kissing her then thinking she's upset because of Daniel. Xander points out that nobody is here and she didn't seem to mind in his hotel room. She questions him feeling entitled. Nicole asks what makes him think she enjoys being pushed around. Xander apologizes for being rude and decides he would be crazy to bring her to dinner since he doesn't want to create a scene. Nicole says that was her point. Xander admits his family will get in the way a lot. Nicole asks if he's saying they should end this but Xander says no.

Serena tells Eric that it's nothing. Eric questions being in bed meaning nothing. Serena calls it years ago. Eric calls it an affair. Serena says this was after Eric left to become a priest and she never cheated on him. Eric questions her never saying a word about being involved with Xander and asks why she would keep this from him.

Abigail talks to Kayla about not feeling like herself sometimes. Kayla encourages her to enjoy what's happening today. Kayla says Ben makes her happy so that's all that matters. Kayla says she can tell Ben is a great guy who is crazy about her. Kayla tells her to be happy and grateful for what she has and let her heart tell her what's right. Abigail thanks her and they hug. Kayla then exits. Abigail goes back to the letter to Chad. A worker comes in to take the mail. Abigail decides she will keep the letter to Chad to hand deliver as she has a message for him.

Chad tells Kate that his personal life is none of her concern. Kate says she still wants what's best for him. Kate asks about the invitation list for Arianna's party and brings up Abigail being there. Kate asks if he needs her to remind him of reasons they shouldn't be together as she then walks out.

Victor feels Daniel is being harsh on Xander. Daniel thinks he's still a thug. Daniel talks about Serena's opinion of Xander and brings up how he has seen Xander be to Nicole.

Xander tells Nicole that as long as things stay private, they should be fine and he won't push unless she wants him to. Xander says they understand each other and now he has to get going for the dinner at Victor's. Xander stops and asks about her chat with Serena.

Eric questions Serena never thinking to tell him about her past with Xander. Serena doesn't want him to be mad. Eric says he's just confused since she's always been upfront about her old boyfriends but left this one out. Serena tells him that she never said anything because it was awful and a huge mistake. Serena says she found out that he wasn't a good person so she was ashamed that she could ever be with him. She didn't want Eric to think less of her or to be reminded of her mistake. Eric says it still doesn't make sense to him. Eric asks why Xander would send the picture now.

Abigail finds Chad outside the DiMera Mansion. She gives him the memo about the charity. Chad questions her hand delivering it. Abigail says she wanted to know if he had any questions. Chad says he doesn't and cuts her off.

Victor tells Daniel that Xander backed off completely when he found out Nicole was with Daniel. Daniel argues that he didn't mean a word. Victor thinks back to telling Xander to stay away from Nicole. Daniel says Xander has been lying to his face since the start so if he wants Nicole, he should say it to his face. Daniel has had it with Xander's act. Victor is sorry to hear and mentions meeting with Xander as he exits. Victor texts Xander to come to the house immediately.

Nicole asks Xander if Serena told him she came by. Xander asks how else he would know. Nicole says she seems happy to leave Salem. Xander gets Victor's text and says he has to get going. Nicole mentions getting back to work too. Xander kisses her hand and then exits.

Serena tells Eric that maybe Xander is jealous of Eric or trying to start something between them. Serena insists that she hates Xander and can't wait until he leaves. Serena wants to get past this and focus on positive things if he just lets this go. Eric says no because she's lying to him.

Kayla finds Kate at the hospital and informs her that she is still cancer free. Kayla asks about Kate being back at Mad World. Kate says she has to get back. Kayla stops her and asks about Lucas not working there anymore so she questions if she fired her own son. Kate says Victor did that. Kayla asks why. Kate tells her to ask Victor but Kayla wants to hear from her. Kate reveals to Kayla that Victor fired Lucas because he's sleeping with Adrienne.

Abigail decides she will just leave the letter for Chad in the study. She starts to walk away but stops and asks what's wrong and going on with him. Chad mocks his life being able to drink, having all the cars, and a jet along with being given whatever he wants. Chad asks what more he could want out of life.

Parker wants Daniel to play with him. Daniel tells him to give him a minute while he thinks about calling Nicole but decides she'll just put him off unless she can't. Daniel tells Parker that he'll be right with him as he opens his laptop. Daniel decides this could work as he goes to Nicole's web page.

Xander goes to see Victor and asks if it's about the dinner. Victor informs him that the dinner is cancelled. Xander asks what's wrong. Victor tells him that he is very disappointed in him.

Eric asks Serena how this makes any sense. Serena repeats that it was a huge mistake and insists that Xander means nothing to her. Eric questions her considering working with him when he came to Salem. Eric argues that this just doesn't add up. Serena says she only considered it to stay with Eric in Salem. Eric questions her working with someone she hates just for him. Serena shouts that everything she does is for him. Eric still isn't buying any of it.

Kayla is speechless about Lucas and Adrienne. Kate questions Lucas choosing Adrienne and remarks that even Kayla would've been a better choice. Kayla doesn't get why Adrienne would cheat on Justin. Kate explains that Justin was sleeping with someone else too. Kate thanks Kayla for her results and walks away.

Abigail comments that Chad is obviously upset and still grieving over Kristen. Abigail suggests being alone in the DiMera Mansion is a bad idea. Chad responds that he doesn't have to be alone because Zoe made it perfectly clear that she's available tonight. Abigail starts to go but Chad asks her to stay and get what she really came for. Abigail says she came for the charity money. Chad asks why she's here. Abigail claims not to know what he means. Chad says he's talking about them and what's going to happen. Chad argues that they both know why she's here.

Nicole goes back to her laptop and searches Xander Cook. She mentions already going through all the links then suggests trying the dark web to help her find something she hasn't already found. Nicole declares that no one can completely hide their past.

Victor reminds Xander of his instructions and says he ignored what he told him. Xander says he has no idea. Victor tells him that it's about Nicole and asks if he couldn't have been more clear to stay away from her. Victor repeats that she is trouble. Xander thinks he has a false impression and claims he takes his orders very seriously. Victor says not in this case and tells him to shut up because he will not lie to him.

Daniel finishes with his computer then goes to play with Parker. Daniel sees the elephant statue's trunk broke and says he can fix it.

Serena wants Eric to understand. Eric says he's known her for a very long time and he knows she wouldn't take any assignment that she didn't believe in. Eric feels there is something she isn't saying or doesn't want to say. Eric questions how they are supposed to go away together.

Victor tells Xander that he upset him and Daniel. Victor complains that he chose to defy him. Victor warns that he could break him right now.

Nicole continues searching Xander's name and finds out that he served time for murder.

Daniel works on the elephant statue and finds the secret compartment where the diamonds used to be.

Eric tells Serena to tell him what's going on or they aren't going anywhere together.

Abigail doesn't know what Chad is talking about. Chad tells her that it's going to happen which is why she's there. Chad argues they want each other even more than before and all their mistakes have only made them want it more. Chad says it's going to be even better when it does happen. Abigail says no but Chad says yes and takes her hand. Chad tells her that she knows it's true and kisses her. Abigail drops her things and kisses him back.

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