Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/2/15

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/2/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Kate and Clyde go to the club. Kate complains about having to answer to Justin. Kate says Victor only cares that Lucas is sleeping with Adrienne and she can't believe he's doing this. Clyde comments that he would've fired Kate if he was Victor.

Will brings up Sonny not answering Paul when he asked if he was still in love with him so Will asks if he is. Sonny tells Will that he's in love with him and that's all that matters. Will stops him and tells him to answer the question.

Paul sits in the park and thinks back to talking to Sonny.

Xander calls Serena and asks what she told Nicole. Serena says she told her to stop digging and mentions leaving town. Xander asks why she cares what he does. Serena tells him to just leave Nicole alone. Xander tells her to just let him worry about Nicole.

Daniel plays with Parker in the town square. Nicole approaches and sees them. Navidad watches from a distance.

Brady tells Melanie how much he loves her. Melanie says she has to say goodbye.

Serena warns Xander that this will blow up in his face. Xander says it's his business and they don't have anymore business. Xander tells her that the diamonds have been verified and he'll send her a souvenir. Serena tells him to keep it because she plans to forget she ever knew him and hangs up. Xander writes Serena's name on an envelope that he put a picture in. Serena finishes packing her bag. Eric goes to see her. Serena says she's almost ready to go and hopes Eric hasn't changed his mind.

Maggie finds Daniel and tells him to come home with Parker as it's really important and she'll explain on the way so they walk off. Nicole walks away as Navidad comes out to keep watch.

Brady questions Melanie saying goodbye. Melanie tells him that Theresa is never going to stop and insists this is the only way. Brady argues that this doesn't have to be forever. Brady hates this. Melanie says she's going to stay with her mom and figure things out. Brady shouts that he's not letting her out of his life and he's not letting her say goodbye as he storms out while she cries.

Kate tells Clyde that he has no idea what she's done for Mad World as she made it a success. Clyde calls it old news and asks why Victor didn't fire her.

Sonny questions if Will was setting him up with this honesty hour. Will says he wanted the truth. Sonny says he told him the truth that he's in love with him. Will asks why he didn't just say no to still being in love with Paul. Will says all he needs is for Sonny to tell him that he doesn't still have feelings for Paul and this will all be over. Will then realizes Sonny can't do it because he still loves him.

Eric tells Serena that he hasn't changed his mind. Serena notes there is a problem. Eric brings up Marlena being shaky after what happened in Italy so he hasn't told her or the family about leaving and he hasn't given notice to work yet so it's going to take a couple more days. Serena is disappointed. Eric assures that he'll catch up with her in a week or two and he's not stalling. Eric just wants to make sure everything is okay with his family. Serena calls him such a good man. Eric says he knows who he is again since she came back in to his life and they will start a wonderful life together very soon.

Xander calls Navidad, asking if there is any news. She tells him about Nicole running in to Daniel but not talking to him and she went the opposite direction. Xander thanks her and hangs up.

Nicole goes back to her office and wonders what to do as Xander won't tell her anything, Eric could leave town with Serena tomorrow and she'll be stuck with the elephant statue but she can't go near Daniel's apartment. Nicole says someone is going to get her that statue and decides Melanie is worth a shot.

Daniel goes home with Maggie and they look for Melanie but she's not there. They don't believe Melanie would leave without saying goodbye. Daniel finds a note and hopes she didn't say goodbye in a note.

Melanie goes to the hospital and tells Maxine about leaving. Maxine wishes she could change her mind and tells her that she's proud of the woman she's become. Melanie asks for one more thing before she goes.

Brady walks through the park and sits down frustrated.

Maxine allows Melanie to hold Tate. Maxine leaves them alone. Melanie tells Tate that he is what Brady has been looking for his whole life and he will be the best dad. Melanie says she wanted to stick around but she has to say goodbye.

Kate tells Clyde that Victor understands her value so he's keeping her around. Kate feels she just has to prove that Justin is irrelevant. Clyde warns her to stay on her toes. Clyde tells her that he's doing his interview today with Will. Kate thinks he'll do a great job on the article. Clyde decides he will take her with him and they exit.

Sonny asks Will if he wants him to lie to him. Will wants him to tell him that he doesn't love Paul. They complain about driving each other nuts. Will argues that you can't love two people at once. Sonny argues about love and points out that Will is the one who slept with Paul. Will wishes he would stop throwing that in his face. Sonny explains that Paul was the first guy he loved and was with for over a year. Sonny says they didn't break up because they didn't love each other. Sonny says in a way he still does but he's committed to Will and Arianna. Will complains that Sonny is making it sound like a job. Sonny questions having to defend himself when Will is the one who screwed up their lives. Will complains about Paul doing everything he can to get him back.

Melanie tells Serena about leaving for Brady's sake. Serena is understanding. Melanie cries that she's going to miss her and they hug as Nicole arrives at the hospital. Serena walks away and Melanie runs in to Nicole, who asks if she's okay. Melanie tells Nicole that she was just saying goodbye as she's leaving Salem which surprises Nicole, who asks about Brady. Melanie explains that she's leaving for Brady to focus on his son. Nicole doesn't understand but says she has to do what she has to do. Nicole sees it's hard on her. Melanie admits it is hard to leave her friends and add that she includes Nicole as a friend too which surprises her. Melanie says she sees what Brady and Daniel see her in as she is a loyal friend. Melanie isn't sure when she's going to see her again but asks her to do her a favor before she leaves. Nicole says whatever she needs. Melanie tells her to get over whatever is keeping her and Daniel apart and work through it. Melanie wants Daniel to be happy and she thinks he's realized that means being with her so she's a big fan. Nicole hugs her.

Sonny tells Will that Paul is in Salem for John, not him. Will doesn't believe it and thinks Paul will ask to talk to Sonny to clear the air and he'll say all the right things to get him in bed. Clyde and Kate arrive for the interview. Sonny calls it perfect timing and walks out.

Melanie goes home. Daniel is relieved that she didn't already leave. Maggie takes Parker to his room. Melanie cries that she didn't know how else to tell Daniel. Daniel tells her that she doesn't have to do this as they will figure it out. Melanie disagrees. Daniel tells her that he will love her forever and hugs her.

Will finishes interviewing Clyde and thinks he has everything he needs. Clyde asks if he's sure after one short interview. Will mentions everyone thinking he's a great guy in Poplar Bluff but mentions one guy who disagreed. Clyde demands his name. Kate assures that he can trust Clyde. Will admits it was Jeremiah. Clyde asks what he had to say about him. Will shows him his notes.

Melanie talks to Daniel about being the happiest she had been in so long but feels this is the best thing for Brady and his son. Melanie mentions talking to Nicole. Daniel asks if she's still trying to patch things up before she leaves. Melanie hopes she hasn't let him down. Daniel calls her the best daughter in the world. Melanie says she's just trying to live up to him. Daniel gets teary-eyed and jokes that he had no idea how to be a father when they first met. Daniel doesn't know why she's doing this but hopes Brady knows it's because she loves him so much.

Brady holds Tate at the hospital and talks about taking him home.

Maggie sits with Melanie and asks if Theresa believes forcing her out of town is really going to work out well for her. Melanie says she does but tells her to focus on Brady and Tate because they will need her. Melanie jokes about keeping Victor from controlling Tate. Maggie guesses she gets why she's doing it. Melanie cries that Maggie was the first person to ever believe in her and she loved her when she didn't deserve it. Maggie responds that she always deserves to be loved. They cry and hug as Melanie says she's so lucky to have her.

Serena walks through the town square and gets a text from Eric that he misses her and to come home. She texts back soon as Eric gets a delivery for Serena which is the envelope Xander sent. Eric signs for it and takes it inside.

Xander goes to Nicole's office. Nicole jokes about him not caring about being seen in public with her. Xander says he has to come to her but is starting to think all this sneaking around is not necessary. Xander mentions running in to Daniel who is already down on him for being interested in her. Xander tells Nicole that they have the chance to tell everyone including each other exactly where they stand.

Clyde tells Will to use every bit of what Jeremiah said as it's the truth. Will points out that it's not very flattering. Clyde says people need to know who he used to be and that people can change. Clyde looks forward to reading his work. Kate decides she will stay and talk to Will for awhile. They kiss goodbye and Clyde exits. Will asks what Kate wants to talk about. Kate notes Sonny being so angry when he left and asks what Will has done now.

Sonny meets Paul outside the town square and asks if something's wrong because he knows him. Paul mentions seeing his nephew Tate for the first time today. Sonny questions what has him down. Paul talks about seeing a father playing catch with his son which made him think about what he didn't have growing up. Paul talks about how lucky Arianna is to have two fathers. Sonny asks what he's getting at. Paul states that maybe John was right that he should stay away from Sonny.

Eric uses his computer and accidentally spills his coffee onto the envelope for Serena so he has no choice but to open it.

Xander tells Nicole that Victor is having a family dinner so he thinks she should come. Nicole laughs at how Victor would take that. Xander says that Victor won't say a word if she's there as his date.

Melanie finishes her goodbyes to Parker and mentions going to the airport. Daniel says he will be driving her. Melanie asks them to go wait in the car so she can have a moment by herself. Daniel goes to get her suitcase. Maggie hugs Melanie. Daniel and Maggie take Melanie's bags and exit with Parker. Melanie looks around and states there's no place like home. Melanie turns to leave as Brady returns to the doorway.

Will complains that everyone is turning against him like Victor pushing Sonny and Paul to be together because he hates him and despises Lucas. Kate feels Lucas's affair with Adrienne is going to ruin everything. Will asks Kate to talk to Victor but she says she's not in his good graces either. Will declares he's going to lose his mind if he doesn't figure out a way to keep Sonny away from Paul.

Paul tells Sonny that's all he had to say. Sonny questions him dropping that on him and walking away. Paul asks if he wants him to stay away. Sonny thought that was the best idea. Paul asks if he still thinks that. Sonny says he made a commitment. Sonny adds that just because Will made a mistake doesn't mean he should. Paul brings up their history. Sonny admits he and Will just had another big fight. Paul doesn't think they should be talking then because he doesn't want something to happen just because he's mad at Will. Paul says it needs to be about them as he walks away.

Melanie didn't think she would get to see Brady again. Brady apologizes and says he just had to get out and think. She asks what he came up with. Brady says because he loves her as much as he does, he has to trust her to let her do what she thinks is right. Brady credits her for giving him his son. Brady tells her that he will love her as long as he lives and kisses her. Brady says he won't let her leave without a proper goodbye so he's taking her to the airport. Brady insists he has to spend every possible moment with her. Brady knows she'll be far away but he's going to think of her every time he is with Tate. Brady hugs her as she cries then they walk out together.

Nicole tells Xander that Victor would hate him if he brought her to dinner. Xander doesn't care but Nicole refuses to come and let him do that to himself. Xander needs to know if her turning him down again is because of Victor or Daniel. Xander says if it's Daniel then they are going to have a very serious problem.

Serena comes to Eric's as Eric has opened the envelope to find an old photo of Xander and Serena in bed together. Eric turns and asks her what this is.

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