Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/1/15

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/1/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

JJ is glad he ran in to Paige. Paige mentions she was so angry and hurt before so she suggests now they should talk. Paige remarks that she can ask him who was better in bed between her or her mom. Paige decides she doesn't want to talk after all and walks off.

Jennifer doesn't think Eve should be in her office. Eve doesn't care and blames Jennifer for destroying Paige's life.

Paul has a dream about Sonny coming to him to tell him that he still loves him and kissing him. Paul wakes up and decides he needs some air.

Sonny goes home and gets a call from Will. Sonny asks if he's alright as he's been trying to reach him and he got worried. Will says he had his phone off during his meeting with Zoe. Sonny questions Will having a meeting during their first therapy session. Will says he didn't forget and will meet him there but Sonny tells him they already cancelled because he didn't show up. Sonny tells Will to just come home.

Anne asks Theresa what she said to Melanie. Theresa says she just told her that she still had feelings for Brady and that it hurt her to see them together so she was thinking about moving to California to Tate because of it. Anne realizes that's why Brady was so mad at her. Theresa says she made it clear that she could stay with Brady's baby if Melanie was out of the picture.

Melanie announces that she's going to leave Salem today. Brady says she can't do that but Melanie says she already has it planned and is leaving in a few hours. Brady asks how long she's leaving for. Melanie says she's the only thing between Brady and his son. Brady blames Theresa. Melanie says she has to do this. Brady doesn't want to let her go but Melanie tells him that she loves him so much that she has to go. Brady tells her not to let Theresa threaten her. Melanie says she couldn't stop her if she tried. Melanie insists that she should step back from the whole situation but Brady disagrees. Melanie feels his whole responsibility should be his son. Brady argues that he has enough room in his life for both. Melanie says Theresa will make life miserable for them and his son if she stays so she won't stay around and be part of a reason that a child suffers.

Will goes home and apologizes to Sonny. Will doesn't understand why they couldn't have just met at the therapist's office. Sonny says they were supposed to be there early to fill out paperwork. Sonny says they are rescheduled and Will agrees to make it. Will thinks there is something they can try before they go to counseling.

JJ follows Paige out of the town square and says he thinks he has an answer to how he could do what he did.

Jennifer is sorry for what happened to Paige but says it's pathetic for Eve to blame her for what she did. Eve argues that Paige wouldn't have found out anything if Jennifer didn't blackmail her. Eve complains about JJ being a screw up. Jennifer admits she was wrong but Eve says what she did was evil.

The nurse has Theresa sign out to leave the hospital. Theresa wants to see her baby but she tells her that he's having a follow up evaluation. Theresa says she'll come back then. Anne thinks Theresa made a mistake giving Melanie an ultimatum like that and says there's a very big flaw in expecting Melanie to put Tate above herself.

Brady feels Melanie is letting Theresa win instead of fighting back. Melanie doesn't want his son in the middle of a fight. Melanie feels Theresa is dangerous so if she stays then Theresa will either take Tate to California or stay and punish Brady for the rest of his life. Melanie says the only way to keep her from doing that is for her to leave.

Paul runs in to Marlena at the hospital. She says it's good to see him and asks if he's okay. Paul says he's fine and just had extra time so he decided to donate more blood. Marlena brings up Paul saving Sonny's life. Paul questions her now wanting him to stay out of it.

Sonny questions Will not wanting to do couples therapy. Will says he's fine with it but since it's been postponed, he found some online exercises they can do. Sonny mocks the idea then apologizes. Will points out an exercise called Honesty Hour.

Paige asks JJ what his answer is. JJ brings up trying to change and turn his life around when he met her. JJ talks about Paige making him feel like he changed. Paige questions what this has to do with what he did. JJ explains that he didn't know how good he had it as it was perfect until Eve came in to town.

Jennifer calls Eve a bad person and threatens her if she tries to hurt JJ again. Eve tells Jennifer that JJ is playing her and she doesn't have a clue who he is. Eve calls him selfish, destructive, and a liar. Eve hopes JJ burns in Hell as she takes Jennifer's photo of him and smashes it against the wall.

Anne doubts that Melanie will be willing to go gently for the sake of Theresa's son. Theresa calls Melanie selfish and says if she doesn't do the right thing then she'll have no choice but to move to LA.

Melanie talks to Brady about how she grew up and what it did to her so the most important thing is that Tate grows up happy and strong. Melanie says they love each other and want each other but his son needs him. Melanie promises to be a part of his life even if she's 3000 miles away. Brady points out that she's the only reason he knows he has a son. Melanie says she has to go do something before going to the airport. Brady wants to go with her but Melanie says she has to do it by herself and asks Brady to wait for her. Melanie kisses him and tells him not to go anywhere as she exits. Melanie cries as she walks away.

Maggie goes to Daniel's and is surprised to see Brady. She goes in looking for Melanie but Brady tells her that she's not there. Maggie asks him what's wrong.

Melanie goes to Theresa's. Theresa questions her knowing she was there. Melanie says she called the hospital. Theresa doesn't think her lawyer wants her speaking to her. Melanie informs her that she got what she wanted as she's leaving Salem.

Paige mocks JJ blaming Eve for everything. JJ says everything was his fault but he meant that everything changed for them when Eve came in. JJ talks about Eve making him feel not good enough. JJ talks about being freaked out that he was like Jack.

Jennifer tells Eve to get out. Eve questions her going back to her life like nothing happened. Eve says Jennifer keeps her son while she has nothing and doesn't even know where Paige is. Jennifer tells her to focus on how strong Paige is because she's going to be fine. Eve questions her seeing Paige. Jennifer informs her that she came by earlier for answers. Eve questions her coming to see her. Eve asks what she told her and if she said it was all her fault. Eve yells that she will blame her if Paige never speaks to her again. Jennifer tells her to get out. Eve feels Jennifer wanted JJ to be with Paige so she wouldn't feel like JJ was completely worthless. Jennifer says maybe Paige will never speak to or look at her again and that could be the best thing in the world for her. Eve yells at her to shut up and attacks Jennifer.

Paul asks Marlena if she's going to tell him to stay away from Sonny. Marlena says no and she was going to ask him about John. Paul calls him a hypocrite when he tells him to stay away from Sonny while he went after Marlena when she was in a relationship. Marlena talks about people making bad choices. Paul says he won't lie to anybody like Marlena and John did. Marlena questions Paul knowing what they should've done and if John did that, Paul wouldn't exist.

Sonny and Will joke about honesty hour. Will tells Sonny that he'll go first since it was his idea. Sonny starts off asking Will what really happened to his Taylor Swift shirt, not believing it got lost in the laundry. Will admits he threw it out because he found it pitiful. Sonny jokes that he was honest. Will says that's the point. Sonny then goes for something more important and asks why he backed out of the counseling session today. Will insists he had a meeting but admits he had it so that he wouldn't have to go to the session because he was scared that Sonny would find more reasons to leave him.

JJ talks about all the lies he told. Paige brings up all the times that she asked him to come clean and he didn't. JJ says it was so easy for him to lie because the one big lie was that he changed. JJ tells her that she was right that he's still the same guy who sold drugs, lied about everything, and doesn't deserve her. JJ says he kept lying because he was too afraid to admit it to himself.

Eric rushes in to break up Jennifer and Eve's fight. Eve shouts that she made a huge mistake but so did Jennifer so if she loses her daughter then it's only fair that Jennifer loses her son. Eve exits. Eric asks Jennifer what happened.

Brady thinks Melanie should be the one to tell Maggie what's going on. Brady says he's just waiting for her to get back. Maggie asks if she should go. Brady says probably. Maggie stops and brings up Melanie talking to her and Daniel about family. Maggie notes that Melanie seemed very emotional and it felt like she was trying to say goodbye. Maggie was hoping she was wrong about that and asks why she would go.

Theresa is surprised and then invites Melanie in but claims she hopes she's not leaving because of her. Melanie says she understood what she was getting at so she's on the next flight to Vienna to see her mom but she hopes when she's gone, Theresa will stop using her son as a weapon. Melanie mocks her start as a mother using her son as blackmail and calls her despicable. Melanie tells Theresa that she may think she won but it won't be long before she realizes she's lost.

Paul questions if Marlena saying it's okay to make bad choices because of a chance of something good coming from it. Marlena feels sometimes things happen for a reason. Paul argues that she shouldn't believe in fate. Marlena brings up Paul finding Sonny when he came to Salem and having no idea his father was also here. Marlena tells Paul that sometimes, things are beyond control as she walks away.

JJ tells Paige that as long as he had her in his life, he could convince himself that he was a decent guy. Paige questions it when it meant lying to her every day. JJ states that he would still lie all over again if it meant keeping her. JJ says he still loves her and would do anything to keep her in his life. JJ knows it's the crazy kind of love but it might be the only kind he knows. JJ declares he can't go on without her.

Maggie tells Brady about Melanie wanting to give Tate every chance to grow up loved and secure after how she grew up and not wanting to jeopardize that. Brady says he loves her but thinks they have to let her go.

Theresa can't imagine how Melanie could think she lost when she has her baby who she will raise with his father without Melanie hanging around and their family will grow closer. Melanie calls it a beautiful fantasy and says Brady knows Theresa is forcing her out and hates her for it. Melanie adds that Brady will always hate her. Theresa feels he'll get over it. Melanie states that Theresa will always be the person who used Brady's son to get rid of the person he loves. Theresa tells her to go now. Melanie says if she just left everything alone, she might have gotten what she wanted. Melanie says they weren't ready for the lifetime commitment so maybe they would've drifted apart. Melanie adds that Theresa was too stupid. Theresa tells her to go. Melanie stops and tells her to be good to Tate because he might end up being the only person who doesn't hate her. Melanie then exits, leaving Theresa with a smile.

Paul asks Anne where Theresa is so he can smooth things over with her but Anne tells him that she left. Anne points out that Tate is back in his room now. Paul goes over and looks in the window, mentioning being Tate's uncle.

Will tells Sonny that he knows he screwed up so he's afraid that a counselor will keep pointing it out to make Sonny wonder why he's even with him. Sonny assures that won't happen. Will promises that they will go see the counselor for the rescheduled session. Sonny is glad they were honest. Will mentions having to go for an interview but they have time for another question. Will brings up Sonny not answering Paul when he asked if he was still in love with him so Will asks if he is.

Theresa rejoices over Melanie leaving and can't believe it worked. Theresa says Brady will get over it in time and they will finally be together.

Melanie goes home and hugs Maggie. Melanie asks where Daniel and Parker are. Maggie agrees to go get them and exits. Melanie informs Brady that she gave Theresa the news. Brady says she hates Theresa for doing this to them. Melanie wonders if Brady hates her now for leaving and making this decision.

Paige tells JJ that she didn't need him to be a saint, just for him to be honest with her and not sleep with her mother. Paige is sorry if he has self esteem issues but doesn't care and tells him to go to Hell. JJ responds that he's already there. Paige says good and walks away.

Eric asks Jennifer if there's anything he can do to help but she doesn't want to talk about it yet. Eric tells her to call if she needs a friend and to be careful of Eve because you never know what one may do when they are that angry. Eric exits. Jennifer looks at JJ's photo.

Eve walks through the park and calls Paige, leaving a message for her to call her. Eve hangs up and declares that Jennifer and JJ are not going to get away with this.

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