Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/29/15

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/29/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Justin uses his computer at the Kiriakis Mansion. Kate walks in to apologzie for her behavior last night as she was just stunned. Kate doesn't know what gave Victor the idea that they should work together. Justin points out that he will be her supervisor. Kate suggests a united front. Justin tells her that Victor won't change his mind. Kate asks if he's really going to let Victor bully him into this or if this is about Lucas and Adrienne.

Lucas and Adrienne kiss in bed. Lucas tells her that he's so glad she spent the night. She tells him that she can't help but feel guilty. Lucas brings up Justin being with his mistress in Dubai as they continue kissing.

Parker wakes Melanie up on the couch. Daniel and Maggie watch as Melanie says this is exactly what she needed today.

Theresa puts on her makeup in her hospital room. Brady enters and asks her about being released soon. Brady says Tate looks great and should be home in two days. Brady apologizes about last night for being out of line. Theresa understands that they both want Tate to be happy. Brady feels he didn't come off calm or reasonable so he thinks it would be best if they settle this whole thing today. Theresa asks how that is possible. Brady pulls out a custody agreement that he thinks she will find very fair.

JJ goes home on the phone with Jennifer. JJ says no one has seen Paige and worries about something happening to her. Jennifer suggests giving her some time. JJ hangs up as Eve arrives at the door. Jennifer looks at a photo of JJ as Paige enters her office.

JJ questions what Eve wants. Eve says she's looking for Paige. JJ yells at her to get out because she's not here. Eve asks if he found her and talked to her before. JJ says he was completely honest with her and she wanted him out of her life for good. JJ hopes Eve is happy that she got what she's been wanting.

Jennifer tells Paige that they have been so worried about her. Paige asks where that worry was when she helped cover up JJ and Eve's sick affair for months. Paige asks how she found out. Jennifer informs her that she walked in on them together. Paige can't believe she didn't say anything and let JJ keep a secret like that from her. Jennifer admits it was her fault because them getting back together after everything that happened was her idea.

Lucas jokes with Adrienne about making his own schedule and he's not ready to leave her yet.

Kate feels Justin let Victor manipulate him. Justin suggests accepting the situation and focusing on doing the job. Justin goes over projected sales as Kate walks out. Justin then goes after her.

Brady shows Theresa that nothing is limiting her parental rights and he's willing to be extremely generous in financial support. Brady says all she has to do is sign it and this issue will be put to rest. Theresa finds that it says she can't live anywhere but Salem. Brady says they are going to raise Tate here and he'll put her up in a nice home. Theresa brings up thinking about moving to California. Brady tells her that she's only holding that over him because she wants Melanie out and that's not going to happen. Brady calls it a limited time offer and tells her to sign it. Kimberly interrupts and tells Theresa not to sign a thing.

Eve blames JJ for everything that happened but JJ says none of it would happened if Eve stayed away. Daphne shows up and gives JJ a box of his things from Paige. Daphne notes that he must be busy but JJ tries to explain. JJ and Eve both stop her to ask if she knows where Paige is.

Jennifer tells Paige that they were miserable apart. Maxine interrupts and talks highly of JJ's surprise birthday party for Paige. Maxine comments that JJ sure knows how to keep a secret. Paige responds that he must have learned it from his mother.

Lucas and Adrienne go to the town square. Lucas steps away and Adrienne covers her face while Kate walks by. Justin then follows after Kate which Adrienne watches. Justin catches up to Kate and says she's being ridiculous. Kate doesn't want to listen but he says she better or she'll be out of a job.

Daniel surprises Parker with his stuffed animal bear while Melanie has flashbacks to finding out about Daniel being her dad and Maggie being her grandmother. Parker shows Melanie a drawing of them and he runs off to make another one as Daniel reminds they are going to the park soon. Maggie invites Melanie to join them but Melanie says she's going to wait for Brady and she needs to tell them something before they go.

Kimberly argues with Brady that a lawyer hasn't looked over the document. Brady suggests Kimberly look over the agreement. Theresa adds that Brady is being very generous and she doesn't have a problem but she just has to stay in Salem. Kimberly argues against it. Brady says they both want to be parents to Tate and they don't want to take him away from each other. Brady says his business is in Salem so he can't just move away. Kimberly mocks him making Theresa make all the sacrifices. Kimberly calls Brady controlling. Brady suggests letting Theresa make her own decisions. Kimberly argues that she already had. Brady insists that he will be there for his son. Brady says it's between he and Theresa then tells Kimberly to butt the hell out.

Daphne states that Paige would be really unhappy to see JJ or Eve right now. Eve argues that she's her mother. JJ wants to know where she is to try and make things right. Daphne questions how he'd ever do that. JJ threatens to go tell Daphne's parents that she's dating a divorced guy with two kids if she doesn't tell him. Daphne informs them that she went to Eve's to get some things. Eve rushes off. JJ thanks Daphne and runs off as well.

Maxine exits as Jennifer talks to Paige about walking in on JJ and Eve making her sick and disappointed in JJ. Jennifer tells her that after JJ explained everything, she saw how much he loved Paige and regretted it. Jennifer felt partly responsible for them being devastated when they thought they lost each other. Jennifer feels they have suffered because of her horrible history with Eve. Paige argues against it. Jennifer talks about feeling helpless by not preventing this. Jennifer admits she blackmailed Eve.

Kate questions Justin threatening to fire her. Justin says he's going to be professional and if she can't be, he has other people that can take over. Kate argues that none of them can do what she does. Justin mocks Kate losing her workers and says no one can alienate people like her.

Lucas returns to Adrienne. Adrienne informs him that Justin just walked through so apparently he didn't go back to Dubai after all. She adds that he didn't see her because he was chasing after Kate.

Kate argues that she has an excellent track record. Lucas interrupts with Adrienne and asks what's going on.

Melanie talks to Daniel and Maggie and says she was thinking about what it was like growing up not having a real family. Melanie says the love they have showed her has made her want to be a better person so she's glad she got a second chance. Maggie asks where this is coming from. Melanie states that she knows exactly how important family is because she knows what it's like to live without one so she knows exactly what she has to do.

Kimberly tells Brady that she's just trying to protect her daughter and grandson. Brady argues that she's only considering California to get him to dump Melanie. Kimberly asks if that's true. Theresa says of course not. Theresa brings up owing Melanie everything. Theresa says she's putting Tate first. Kimberly tells Brady that Theresa won't sign anything unless their lawyer looks over every detail. Brady states that taking his son away from him is never going to happen as he walks out.

Eve and JJ go to Eve's but Paige isn't there. JJ goes to leave but Eve stops him and says they are where this whole mess started and ended. JJ wants to go but Eve accuses him of being not man enough to face his mistakes. JJ tells her that he looked Paige in the eye and saw how hurt and betrayed she was. JJ knows he broke her heart and will never be able to forgive himself. Eve says if he listened to her, she never would've lost her daughter.

Jennifer explains that she went to Eve and blackmailed her to get her to let JJ and Paige be together. Paige says it all makes sense now how JJ went from pushing her away to wanting her back. Paige asks how she could do this to her. Jennifer explains how she wanted them to have a chance. Paige says with her way, she would've been living a horrible lie for the rest of her life.

Justin tells Lucas that his wife didn't come home last night so he guesses she spent the night with him. Adrienne thought he was going to Dubai for Elsa. Justin says it was for work. Lucas asks why he's here. Kate announces to them that Justin is coming to work for her.

Jennifer tells Paige that she just wanted to spare her the hurt. Paige argues that she didn't give a damn about her feelings and only about enabling JJ. Jennifer insists that she wanted to help her but knows she made things worse and she's so sorry. Paige always thought JJ was so lucky to have a mother like her compared to Eve but now she sees her as not that different from Eve at all. Paige then walks out.

Eve says she knew from the beginning JJ would hurt Paige because she saw how selfish he was. JJ accuses her of always trying to come between them. Eve says if it wasn't her, it would've been someone else. Eve mocks JJ going to Jennifer to blackmail her into getting Paige back. Eve asks how he feels about it now because Paige never would've been that devastated if he didn't make her fall in love with him again. JJ says he just wanted to make her happy. Eve points out that instead, he destroyed her and he took from her the only thing she ever cared about in the world. Eve adds that at least she knows Paige will never end up with JJ. JJ argues that she's wrong because he's going to get her back.

Theresa appreciates Kimberly sticking up for her and notes how tense Brady got. Theresa says that she can handle him and knows it would cost a fortune for her to change her flight at this point. Kimberly gets that she wants her to go home. Kimberly says she'll be back in a moment if she needs her again. Kimberly talks about getting her prepared to come home. Kimberly wishes she saw Paige and Eve while she was here but they didn't return her phone calls. Kimberly decides she'll make sure they are there to support her while she's gone. Theresa hugs her and thanks her for all of her help.

Maggie questions what Melanie means what she has to do. Daniel asks it if has to do with Brady and Theresa. Brady then arrives and asks Melanie if they can talk. Maggie goes to get Parker ready while Daniel adds that they will finish this conversation. Melanie asks Brady what's wrong. Brady tells her that things went really badly with Theresa. Melanie says she's sorry but promises everything will be okay.

Adrienne can't believe Justin would give up his Dubai deal. Justin says he won't only be working for Mad World. Kate talks about Justin taking over Lucas's old responsibilities. Adrienne questions them. Lucas doesn't believe that's what is going on here since obviously neither of them are happy about it. Adrienne realizes it was Victor's idea.

Eve calls JJ a sick, delusional idiot and says Paige will never take him back or forgive him. JJ says he's still going to try and reminds her that he has proof of her trying to plant drugs on him so if she tries to stop him then he will turn that over to the police. Eve argues that if he really loved Paige, he would set her free and stay away from her to let her live her life. JJ asks if that's what she's going to do. Eve says she's her mother. JJ calls her the worst mother she could possibly ask for so Eve slaps him. JJ then walks out.

Daniel sits with Maggie in the park and says he knows how much Melanie loves Brady but it's just gotten complex. Maggie wonders what Melanie is planning to do and says this will be a huge test in their relationship. Daniel thinks they will be strong enough to get through this. Maggie hopes he's right but she can't help but worry when Theresa is involved.

Anne questions Theresa giving up all of Brady's money. Theresa says she still wouldn't be getting what she wants which is Melanie not being around. Theresa feels it's best for Tate to have his parents together. Anne doesn't see Melanie going anywhere, anytime soon.

Melanie asks about the custody papers. Brady says Theresa and Kimberly flipped out. Brady mentions Theresa claiming she didn't want Melanie out of the picture. Brady says Theresa can't dictate how he lives his life and he doesn't live his life without Melanie. Melanie asks if he wants to live his life without his son.

Maggie tells Daniel that so many people she loves are going through tough times. Daniel asks if she's talked to Jennifer. Maggie says she's in a terrible state, blaming herself. Daniel wishes there was something he could've done. Maggie asks about how Daniel found out. Daniel explains how Paige thought he slept with Eve because of the jacket that JJ borrowed. Daniel says he tried to get them to tell Paige the truth and he just hopes it hasn't gotten any worse. Parker runs back to Daniel.

Maxine returns to Jennifer and asks if she wants to talk about it. Jennifer says no because she's just going to beat herself up about it more. Maxine compliments her and tells her to be kind to herself as she exits. Jennifer decides to call JJ but stops when Eve walks in.

Paige walks through the town square and stops as she thinks back to past times with JJ. She then runs in to JJ.

Lucas jokes that Victor has a great sense of humor since he thinks they'll do anything to destroy him. Lucas declares that Mad World is going down and there's nothing they can do about it. Lucas walks off with Adrienne. Justin tells Kate to stop telling people that he works for her. Kate agrees as long as he doesn't tell people that she works for him because as far as she's concerned, she doesn't.

Anne feels Theresa looks too happy and she knows she's up to something. Theresa says she just gave Melanie something to think about so the ball is in her court and whatever she decides, she will be ready.

Brady tells Melanie that he won't be separated from her or his son and they will figure out a way to make this work. Melanie says no as Theresa won't back down and Aiden doesn't think he'd get custody. Brady insists there's a way but Melanie says there is only one way to solve this. Melanie says she is going to take herself out of the situation for Brady's sake and his son's. Melanie announces that she's going to leave Salem today.

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