Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/27/15

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/27/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Hope questions why Rafe is lying to her instead of telling her that he was looking for help with Clyde. Hope refuses to drop it and points out that she's more stubborn than he is. Hope asks if Detective Thompson was any help. Rafe informs her that he wasn't there. Hope says this stays between them.

Clyde meets with Aiden at the Pub and talks about how excited Ben was to be a Weston again. Clyde wants to throw more business his way to thank him. Clyde tells Aiden that he trusts him.

Nicole works in her office and says Daniel should be home by now so she has to tell him about Serena and Xander even if it blows up in her face. Eric enters and asks for a few minutes because it's important.

Serena walks through the town square and sees Navidad on the phone so she hides around the corner. Navidad tells Xander that Nicole is still in her office. Xander tells her to keep an eye on her and if she does anything with Daniel or that he wouldn't like and then he will take it from there.

Kimberly asks if he has any ideas about what's going to happen next with Tate and Theresa and where he sees Theresa fitting in to his life. Brady wants what's best for Tate but Kimberly asks about what's best for Theresa.

Theresa tells Melanie about being grateful to her. Theresa says she's getting out of the hospital in the morning and Tate will be coming home soon too. Melanie is happy for her. Theresa says the question is where is Tate's home. Theresa tells her that big decisions have to be made and big changes are coming for all of them.

Eric tells Nicole that he has something to share and it's very good news.

Serena goes to Xander's hotel room and questions what he's up to. Xander claims to have no idea what she's talking about but Serena tells him that she saw Navidad and knows he brought her to Salem to do a job for him. Serena has a bad feeling about it.

Melanie tells Theresa that she's staying out of it but Theresa points out that Melanie is a part of Brady's life now and in love with him. Theresa then informs Melanie that she is too.

Hope tells Rafe that he can talk to her and asks if he trusts her. Rafe says it's not that. Hope feels he's afraid of her getting in over her head. Hope tells him that she will get to the bottom of it. Rafe admits he's here today because the stakes have been raised and something happened that made him concerned because others are involved meaning Will. Hope asks if it has anything to do with his article. Rafe explains that DiMera bought the magazine and ordered the article. Rafe suggests it could be because Stefano is jealous of Kate's new fling or he's really scared of Clyde. Hope asks to see what he has so far since Will and Arianna are family. Rafe goes to her computer.

Clyde shows Aiden about his business and what he needs for his trucking company. Aiden says he needs a tax attorney, not him but Clyde wants to keep his business with him. Clyde adds that he wants him to draw up a will as well.

Xander asks Serena why she's so upset. Serena points out that Navidad only shows up when he needs something dangerous done. Serena thought they had an understanding. Serena warns him about going after her or Eric. Xander assures her that he isn't. Serena then realizes this is about Nicole.

Eric tells Nicole how much it means for them to be friends again as it's been tough getting there but her friendship means a lot to him. Nicole is grateful to hear him say that and feels the same. They agree that they've come a long way. Eric feels blessed that things worked out for the best for both of them. Eric then informs Nicole that he will have to say goodbye to Salem because he's moving away with Serena.

Brady and Kimberly talk about their relationship with Theresa. Kimberly states that having a baby is always a blessing which Brady agrees with. Brady says he loves his son too much to even think about separating him from his mother. Kimberly points out that Theresa is going to need a little help. Brady asks what she's saying. Kimberly tells him that she thinks it would be best if Theresa and the baby move to California.

Theresa tells Melanie that she's just being honest. She knows Brady doesn't love her back so it would be crazy to try and come between them. Melanie asks why they are talking about it then. Theresa says she's trying to do the right thing. Theresa talks about trying to let go of her feelings for Brady. Theresa adds that Tate changes everything for all of them. Melanie agrees. Theresa is glad she sees that. Theresa brings up how she and Brady have come together for their son and it's made her realize that she's more in love with him now than she ever has been.

Brady says Kimberly isn't going to move thousands of miles away with his son. Kimberly tries to say he could move too but Brady continues to argue against it. Brady brings up that Theresa could move in to the Kiriakis Mansion in her own wing but Kimberly refuses to allow that to happen because of Victor, who walks in to the room.

Melanie doesn't know what to say and apologizes. Theresa just wants her to know she's not after Brady because she's bad for him. Theresa goes over what they've been through but says she matured a great deal since then. Theresa knows their ship has sailed and she's sure in a year, Brady and Melanie will be married and planning their futures while she will be looking at what she will never have. Melanie questions her point. Theresa says it's going to kill her. Melanie is sure she will learn to deal with it but Theresa doesn't think she will.

Rafe talks to Hope about investigating Clyde because of Jordan but now he's involved with Will. Rafe points out that it's personal for him because of that but isn't sure why Hope is so involved. Hope explains about Victor's dealings with Clyde. Rafe shows Hope what he got off of Will's computer. Hope asks about Will being rattled. Rafe talks about Clyde wanting Will to write the article. They talk about Will feeling threatened. Rafe states that Clyde has no redeeming qualities to write about and is nothing but bad news.

Eric asks if Nicole isn't happy for them as he thought she and Serena were getting along. Nicole says they're working on it but jokes that she won't have to worry about it anymore. Nicole tells Eric that she's really going to miss him but she wants him to be happy. Eric thanks her and wants the same for her. Eric adds that he will miss her a lot. Eric says not long ago, he thought he'd have a hard time saying that. Eric is glad they are friends again and he doesn't want that to change. Eric hopes she's happy for him. Nicole asks when exactly he's leaving.

Serena questions Xander having Navidad check out Nicole to find out what she knows about their business. Xander goes over Nicole seeing the picture of the elephant on his phone. Serena doesn't think she could know anything unless they told her. Serena asks why he can't just ignore her. Xander yells at her not to tell him what to do. Serena wants him to drop it. Serena then realizes he thinks Nicole is playing him and it's killing him to the point that he would kill her for it.

Eric isn't sure when he's leaving as Serena is leaving soon and then he's following soon after as he has to finish some things up. Nicole is glad she doesn't have to say goodbye yet. Eric mentions not telling his family yet. Nicole agrees not to say anything and wants something good to happen for him. Eric hopes he didn't make things harder for her and Daniel. Nicole assures that they have plenty of problems without him. Eric knows she loves Daniel. Eric adds that Xander isn't right for her but Daniel is.

Serena argues that Xander can't stand that he won't have her to push around anymore. She argues that he's mad that Nicole loves Daniel and not him. Serena calls Nicole a psycho bitch who would be perfect for him. Xander yells at her to shut up and forces her out of the room. Serena regrets telling Xander what Nicole was up to and worries that he could kill her as she rushes off.

Victor questions who let Kimberly in. Kimberly argues that she won't let Theresa live there. Victor says he wouldn't allow it and runs down Theresa. Brady questions what is going on here. They flash back to Victor and Kimberly talking about making love in the past many years ago. Kimberly repeats that Theresa isn't coming within a mile of this place as she would never be comfortable after what happened with John. Kimberly argues that she doesn't want Tate corrupted by Victor. Kimberly says she and Shane will help raise Tate. Victor mocks how they raised their own kids. Kimberly feels that coming home is Theresa's best option. Victor tells her that's out of the question. Kimberly tells him to just watch as she walks out. Brady asks what the hell Victor did.

Nurses bring Tate to Theresa to be fed. Theresa explains to Melanie how Kimberly flew in from LA with this idea for her to move back with her. Melanie asks if she'd leave Tate with Brady. Theresa says she never said that as where ever she is, her son belongs with her.

Eric tells Nicole that she deserves to be treated better than he ever did. Eric feels a lot of the reason she doesn't trust people has to do with him. Eric assures her that she can trust Daniel so he wonders why Xander is even in the picture. Nicole tells him that she will even miss his sermons and hopes this isn't goodbye as she hugs him. Eric assures her that Salem will always be his home. Nicole tells him that she will see him later then as he exits. Nicole tells herself that Eric is right, she can trust Daniel so it's time to tell him everything. Nicole then gets a work call and asks if it can wait. She then asks what they have.

Clyde meets with Jeremiah outside the town square and asks how his interview with Will went. Jeremiah says it went just how he scripted it and asks about it. Clyde explains that they can't have everyone saying he walks on water or people might start asking questions.

Rafe and Hope go over Will's notes about everyone saying Clyde was a good guy except for one. Aiden enters and greets Hope then asks what Rafe is doing there.

Eric joins Serena at the club and asks about her starting drinking early. Eric mentions not telling his family yet about moving as he wants to handle it the right way. Eric talks about wrapping up a lot of loose ends but tells her that everything will be okay. Serena says she just can't wait to be in Hawaii with him so he can see how good it can be for them. Serena adds that it can't be as good here. Eric calls her the best thing to ever happen to him but she disagrees.

Victor questions why Brady would even consider having Theresa here. Brady doesn't want to change the subject and brings up lawyers. Brady asks why he doesn't know about Victor's history with Kimberly and questions if it's going to affect his son. Victor says no and it was a different time. Victor doesn't think he has anything to worry about. Brady refuses to calm down. Victor tells him that his son's future is not in jeopardy. Brady decides he will handle this and walks out.

Melanie tells Theresa that she doesn't have the right to take Tate away from Brady. Theresa says it's not about what she wants but what's best for her son. Melanie questions taking him thousands of miles away from his father. Theresa says the judge often sides with the mother if it comes to that. Theresa brings up Melanie never having a child. Theresa says her son's well being will be her first priority for the rest of her life so there are some crucial decisions to be made given the complicated nature of the situation. Melanie can't believe she's even considering moving thousands of miles away from Brady. Theresa states that it's hard to figure out what's right. Theresa adds that the only way she will stay in Salem to raise Tate is if Melanie wasn't there. Melanie shakes her head and walks out. Theresa tells Tate how happy he makes her. Melanie calls her a crazy bitch and walks away.

Aiden finishes a call and apologizes for the interruption. Hope informs him that Rafe stopped by to help with an old case. Rafe says it was good to see him again and exits. Aiden asks if she's sure this isn't a bad time as Hope kisses him.

Eric asks Serena where this is coming from. Serena says she has just had work on her mind. Eric asks if he could help. Serena says it could be great for her but it comes at someone else's expense. Eric says a lot of things work that way. Serena says this person might actually suffer so it's not right. Eric agrees that it doesn't sound right. Serena says she's never been as good as Eric but maybe it's not too late to try. Eric tries to ask what it is but Serena kisses him goodbye and says she doesn't have time to waste as she rushes out.

Kimberly joins Theresa in holding Tate at the hospital. Kimberly worries that she ruined everything as she went to see Brady and it was a mistake. Kimberly says she lost her temper and told him that she was going to take them to California. Kimberly figures Theresa is upset but asks her to keep an open mind. Theresa responds that it's too soon to rule anything out.

Melanie goes home upset. Brady arrives and is glad she's there. Melanie asks what's wrong. Brady informs her that he called Aiden who is going to meet them here. Brady shouts that he was blindsided by this whole thing and didn't even see it coming but they have a fight on their hands. Brady informs her that Kimberly came to see him and Melanie then reveals she already knows about her wanting to move to California.

Aiden tells Hope that he missed her and asks if she found what she was looking for. Hope jokes about not talking about work. Aiden says he has to meet Brady but is thinking tonight they'll have dinner, drinks, and dancing. Hope agrees as they continue kissing and they walk out together.

Clyde talks to Jeremiah about his lawyer getting everything fixed up for him. Clyde talks about trusting Aiden as a fellow single father and widower. Jeremiah questions trusting him. Clyde assures that Aiden would know exactly where his priorities lie.

Rafe walks through the town square on the phone, saying he knows he's asking a lot but wants anything on Weston Trucking sent to him and he'll keep their name out of it.

Brady questions how Melanie knew. Melanie informs him that Theresa told her and is definitely thinking about doing it.

Kimberly tells Theresa that she did good but she's kind of surprised as she was so against the idea of moving to California and thought she'd be furious at her seeing Brady. Theresa says she can't be angry with Tate and knows Kimberly was just trying to help. Theresa knows she just wants what's best. Theresa adds that they have their issues but she's realizing that having her here is the best thing to happen to her.

Xander runs in to Eric at the club and asks how he's doing. Eric informs him that he's moving to Hawaii. Xander notes that Serena mentioned it as a possibility and he figured she would talk him into it to get what she wants.

Nicole finishes a call in her office and prepares to leave as Serena enters and asks if she has a minute. Nicole says she doesn't but Serena says she needs to talk to her about Xander.

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