Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/26/15

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/26/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Kate walks through the town square on the phone with Will about getting Arianna presents for her birthday. Will tells her that he and Sonny don't want her to be spoiled. She asks how they are doing after Will got back from Poplar Bluff. Will says they are doing better and hangs up as someone is at the door. Kate turns around to see Hope, who asks about someone being in Poplar Bluff. Kate tells her that Will was there which she questions why.

Will answers the door to see Rafe, who brings a dress for Arianna from Gabi for her birthday. Arianna wakes up so Will goes to get her. Rafe sees files on Will's computer from Poplar Bluff so he questions Will about going there when he warned him not to. Rafe asks if he just blew him off.

Clyde meets with Ben at the club and asks him about Abigail knowing that Ben took his last name back. Ben says she felt he sprung it on her and he tried to talk to her but she was with Chad.

Abigail states that she wasn't fair to Chad when he lied about his brain tumor. Abigail feels she was judgmental and never even tried to understand why he did it. Chad responds that he did it because he loved her.

Theresa tells Kimberly that she and Tate are staying in Salem. Kimberly asks if she's sure that's the right thing after all they have been through.

Brady pulls out the ring and proposes to Melanie. Melanie responds that she loves him and always will. Brady points out that isn't an answer.

Theresa tells Kimberly that Brady wouldn't let her leave with his son. Kimberly knows he has rights but argues that Tate growing up in Salem isn't the best. Kimberly adds that she knows Brady is in love with another woman.

Melanie tells Brady that it's so sweet and romantic but she needs him to get up for a minute and put the ring away.

Kate questions Hope eavesdropping. Hope says she was curious and asks what Will was doing in Poplar Bluff. Kate explains that Will is a journalist and has to travel sometimes as he did an article on Clyde for Sonix. Hope notes that Will's articles stir things up around here and asks Kate if she's comfortable with that. Kate doesn't think they should talk about their boyfriends.

Clyde asks Ben about Abigail being with Chad. Ben says they were just talking and then walked away. Ben says he was mad and hasn't talked to her since. Clyde suggests he should.

Chad repeats that he was in love with Abigail but it doesn't justify what he did. Abigail understands he didn't do it to hurt her. Chad adds that he was so desperate to win and hold on to her. Chad talks about being no expert on love but he's learning. Chad says he should've thought about her happiness and wished her the best even if not with him. Chad didn't want to screw up her life again.

Rafe thought Will heard his warning. Will says he did but Clyde decided that he wanted him to do the article. Rafe asks what Will found out in Poplar Bluff. Will says almost nobody would say a bad word about Clyde. Will then goes back to giving Arianna her birthday present from Rafe.

Theresa tells Kimberly that she knows Brady is in love with Melanie but she still thinks they need to raise Tate in Salem. Kimberly tells her the offer to come back to LA is on the table because her probation is almost over. Roman and Caroline enter. Kimberly hugs them. Caroline asks if they came at a bad time. Kimberly says they are just trying to work a few things out.

Brady worries that this isn't going as he planned. Melanie tells him it was so romantic and sweet but he doesn't have to prove anything to her. Brady says he was just trying to tell her that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. Melanie asks if he would be proposing if everything with Kristen and Theresa didn't happen. Brady says it's possible that whole mess made him realize what he wants. Brady says he almost ruined his life with Kristen and Theresa so now he knows exactly what he wants and how he feels about her. Melanie thinks he's worried about how she will feel about Theresa and the baby. Brady questions her thinking he's just doing this to reassure that he loves her and tells her that she couldn't be more wrong.

Hope laughs at Kate trying to throw her off track. Kate continues to accuse her of eavesdropping and interfering with her life. Hope points out that she is in public. Kate agrees not to insult her relationship with Aiden and says he seems like a good catch as she knows Clyde wouldn't have anyone else represent him. Kate suggests the four of them get together for dinner. Hope notes that she still hasn't told her how she feels about Will writing this article. Kate says she has to go but tells her not to forget about the dinner as she walks off.

Will tells Rafe that he was right that Clyde wants everyone to think that he's just a dumb hick but he found out differently when he showed up at his door. Rafe questions Clyde coming here. Will talks about Clyde commenting on Arianna and how Gabi was in prison which could be a dangerous place. Rafe asks if he threatened him. Will states that Clyde told him to stay safe because he's all Arianna had. Will admits he thought Rafe was overreacting but then found out that everything he said was true. Will declares that Clyde scares the hell out of him.

Clyde knows Ben is serious about Abigail but worries that leaving things tense will leave the door open for Chad. Ben declares that he won't let Chad take her away from him. Clyde encourages Ben to hold on to Abigail no matter what he has to do.

Abigail tells Chad that she's doing a great job screwing up her life on her own. Chad jokes that he's a DiMera so he's in the big leagues of screwing up. Abigail points out that he's only a DiMera by blood and he shouldn't buy in to the family curse. Chad feels he can't ignore it after what happened to EJ and Kristen. Abigail's phone rings. She tries to ignore it but Chad points out that it could be the hospital so she checks it. Chad assumes it's Ben and suggests Ben could pick up her spirits better than he can so she should take the call. She tries to stop him but he walks away. Abigail answers the phone. Ben asks if they can get together and talk. Ben asks if she's free right now.

Caroline and Roman talk to Theresa about Tate. Anne comes in and says she needs to discuss Theresa's maternity leave so Kimberly, Roman, and Caroline exit. Theresa complains that they were making her nuts and Kimberly trying to ship her back to LA. Anne is surprised but Theresa insists she's not going back. Anne knows she'll never get Brady back from 2000 miles away and it's going to be hard even here since he's in love with Melanie.

Brady tells Melanie that he sees her more clearly than he ever has. He talks about what she did for him in giving him his son back. Brady hoped the ring would prove and show to her that he wants to spend every day of the rest of his life with her.

Will assures Rafe that he will take Arianna to see Gabi tomorrow. Will thanks Rafe and takes Arianna to give her lunch. Rafe says he'll let himself out but stops to look further on Will's computer then exits.

Melanie tells Brady that her head is spinning from all of this and everything he said means the world to her but before they were taking it one day at a time which she liked. Melanie wants Brady to spend every day with his son. Brady feels he can be with both. Melanie says he makes her feel like she's finally grown up. Brady calls her one of the wisest, most mature women he knows. Melanie says she doesn't need him to assure that he still loves her as she's fine. Melanie adds that she gets him and kisses him.

Theresa tells Anne that she's not staying in Salem because of Brady but for what's best for her son. Theresa wants Tate to grow up knowing his father. Anne is fine with her staying but doesn't think Kimberly is a villain for offering her an option. Theresa decides she's right and calls it the first real option she's had.

Ben joins Abigail in the park and apologizes for acting like a jerk and assuming she'd be happy about him changing his name. Abigail says she was just surprised. Ben talks about Clyde trying to make up for how he was when he was a kid and Ben feels he's putting that rotten time behind him. Ben shows her that he got his license changed to Ben Weston. Abigail states that Clyde must be really proud of him. Ben says he is and apologizes for not telling Abigail what he was going to do. Abigail admits she thought about calling after they argued but she decided he didn't want to hear from her. Ben says he wanted to apologize and even went looking for her. She asks what happened. Ben admits that he found her with Chad.

Chad goes to see Will and asks if it's a bad time. Will says Arianna is sleeping and that's the only time that he can get some writing done. Chad brings up his article on Clyde. Will questions how he knew that. Chad is surprised Kate didn't tell him as he reveals DiMera Enterprises bought Sonix magazine. Will questions working for him now and if he wanted the article on Clyde. Chad claims it was Zoe but Will figures that Chad wants it to break up Abigail and Ben.

An officer tells Hope about Rafe being there looking for another detective. Hope wonders why and she assumes he was just there to say hello.

Kate meets Clyde at the club. Kate complains about Lucas raiding her company. Clyde points out that it was his company but Kate doesn't care and calls it business. Clyde talks about how he used to be envious of how close she and Lucas were while his son didn't want anything to do with him but now it's the opposite. Kate blames Adrienne while Clyde orders her a martini.

Brady jokes that Melanie's kiss convinces him they are right for each other. Brady agrees to put the ring away for now but says he isn't giving up on the idea and next time, he will persuade her. Brady assures her that his son will love her as much as he does. Brady asks her not to stay away or give him space by not coming to the hospital. Melanie asks about Theresa. Brady thinks she's grateful for what she did and has grown up from this experience. Melanie admits she was thinking about going to the hospital. Brady has a conference call so Melanie assures that she can do it on her own. They agree to see each other later and kiss goodbye. Brady then exits. Melanie remains looking worried then grabs her purse and heads out.

Anne notes Theresa's look. Theresa says she just realized her mother might have her best interest in mind and it's all coming in to focus for her now. Theresa thinks she may have just done her a great big favor.

Rafe goes to Hope's office. Hope says she brought him before anyone got wise to what he's doing here. Hope tells him that he's not leaving until he tells her everything.

Chad denies being behind the article on Clyde and says he was just wondering what kind of piece he's doing. Will says nobody would say anything bad about Clyde. Chad questions Clyde not having an enemies and asks what he's hiding.

Clyde tells Kate that she and Lucas will work things out. Kate continues to blame Adrienne for poisoning Lucas's mind against her. Kate adds that he's not as ruthless as her so she has the edge. She asks about Clyde and Ben. Clyde tells her that everything worked out with the name change and he was so excited. Kate notes that he looks really happy. Clyde says he'll make sure Will writes about that and thinks the article should be about their father-son reconciliation.

Kimberly goes to the Kiriakis Mansion. She stops and can't believe she has to step foot in this house again. She rings the doorbell and Henderson answers the door, surprised to see her. She asks if Brady is around. He asks if he's expecting her. Kimberly says no but she's his son's grandmother so he invites her in. He tells her he'll be just a moment as she enters the living room and looks around nervously. She sees a picture of Victor and Maggie. Brady then enters and startles her. Brady asks what she's doing there and if everything is okay with the baby. She assures him that everything is fine and hugs him. She just wanted to come and ask about Theresa. She says they are just so sorry for what they went through. Kimberly knows the damage Theresa did to his life isn't repaired. Kimberly feels he must still be angry with her. Brady says they are trying to work past all of that for the baby. Kimberly hopes he will let her help

Anne asks Theresa how Kimberly taking her back to LA is a favor. Melanie then enters and wanted to see how they were doing. A nurse mentions that Tate will be in soon for his next feeding. Melanie says she can come back but Theresa says she had something to say to her so she asks Anne to give them a minute. Anne exits. Melanie tells Theresa that she already thanked her more than enough. Theresa responds that thanking her wasn't what she had in mind.

Abigail tells Ben that she just ran in to Chad who had just found out his sister had been killed. Ben is shocked and doesn't know what he would do if that happened to Jordan. Ben says he would've stuck around if he knew. Abigail says it's okay as he's here now. Ben asks if everything is alright between them. Abigail says it's great and they kiss. Ben calls himself the luckiest guy on the planet as he hugs her.

Rafe tells Hope that he was just talking to Detective Thompson about the Cubs game. Hope catches his lie and thought they were friends. She questions why Rafe is lying to her instead of telling her that he was looking for help with Clyde.

Kate tells Clyde about Will just getting back from Poplar Bluff. Clyde says he knew. Kate questions if he had his eye on him. Clyde says people will let him know when someone is asking questions about him. Kate wonders what Will found out. Clyde has a feeling that Kate will agree that Stefano won't find any satisfaction in the article.

Will tells Chad that he's not hiding anything and doesn't know what game he's playing. Will says he is doing what he was assigned to and then he's done as he has a family to think of. Chad stops him and asks if Clyde threatened him. Will tells Chad that he can't put him in this position. Chad tells him to write the article he needs but he wants everything he has on Clyde with no filters or censors. Will tells him that he's got it.

Brady appreciates Kimberly wanting to help but doesn't know how she can other than supporting Theresa. Kimberly says she has some ideas but first wants to ask a personal question. Brady jokes that she's entitled to one. Kimberly asks if he has any ideas about what's going to happen next with Tate and Theresa and where he sees Theresa fitting in to his life.

Melanie asks Theresa what she wanted to talk about. Theresa mentions Kimberly flying in from LA who had some news so she thought Melanie should know what it might mean for her because so much of what's about to happen depends on her.

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