Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/22/15

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/22/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Paul asks Sonny to tell him that he doesn't still love him then. Sonny tells him not to do this. Paul wants him to be honest. Will interrupts and questions what the hell is going on.

Melanie sits at home and gets a call from Brady, who says he needs to see her as it's very important. Brady stands at the hospital, looking at the ring he has.

Chad asks why Stefano's so concerned on whether they get back together or not. Stefano asks if he's saying he's not in love with her.

Abigail asks if Jennifer already knew about JJ and Eve before today. Jennifer admits she knew. Abigail asks how long she knew. Jennifer reveals it was months. Abigail questions her living with this months and why JJ told her. Jennifer explains that JJ didn't tell her as she found them in bed.

Eve's phone rings so she answers, expecting Paige but it's Theresa who tells her that she can come visit her and the baby at the hospital. Eve responds that she can't because she has other things going on. Theresa questions what could be more important than seeing her son. Eve stares at a photo of Paige.

Paige questions JJ why he slept with her mother. JJ doesn't want to lie to her anymore and says he can't. JJ agrees to tell her everything but it's so complicated and it will take time. JJ doesn't think anyone will understand it as he doesn't himself. Paige questions him being unable to tell her why he slept with her mother. JJ tells her that he thought he had thought he lost her forever.

Sonny tells Will that Paul is just trying to explain to him what happened. Will gets upset about Paul punching him and questions finding Sonny alone with Paul. Will asks what kind of lies Paul is feeding him now. Sonny tells him to stop.

Melanie tells Brady that she's not coming in to the hospital as she's taking a few days off. Brady decides he'll come to her but Melanie says he needs to be there for Theresa and the baby. Brady insists it's important but Melanie tries to say it's not a good time.

Eve tells Theresa that her life can't be a party anymore since she has a baby. Eve warns her to be careful because she could lose it all in an instant. Theresa questions where this is coming from as she hangs up. Anne comes in to check on Theresa.

Chad points out that Stefano dodged his question. Stefano wants to know how he's feeling. Chad feels he's changing the subject and not telling him what he gets out of him being with Abigail. Stefano says he gets to see his last child be happy and he won't let anything stand in the way of that.

Jennifer recalls being so angry when she saw Eve in bed with JJ. Jennifer says she was furious with herself because she should've protected JJ from that. Abigail questions her. Jennifer feels JJ was weak and Eve is a predator. Abigail questions them agreeing to keep quiet about this and not even thinking about what it was doing to Paige. Jennifer tries to say she did but Abigail says everything Jennifer did was for JJ. Abigail stops and remembers Jennifer being so upset that day and only saying JJ needed their support. Abigail can't believe Jennifer wanted to make it like nothing happened despite what it might do to Paige.

JJ reminds Paige about finding out what Jack did to Kayla. JJ says he and Eve were a mess that night and he was drinking so he went to find Paige but Eve was there, crying. Paige still doesn't think it makes sense. JJ calls it the worst mistake he ever made and says he's been trying to fix it ever since. Paige points out that she knows he didn't make the mistake just once. Paige asks how many times they did it.

Chad tells Stefano that he's still getting mixed signals from Abigail so he doesn't think Stefano can help him. Stefano tells him not to doubt himself because he's going to succeed. Stefano says he has to go now. Chad thanks him for bringing Marlena home and for his support with Abigail. Stefano repeats that he will do anything for his son.

Abigail tells Jennifer that she had to know there was a chance of Paige finding out but she set it up that she would already be back in love with JJ when she did find out. Abigail points out that Jennifer lied. Jennifer admits she didn't see it that way. Abigail understands JJ's desperation to hold on to Paige but not why Jennifer went along with the sick deception.

Maxine goes to see Melanie and asks her about taking off work. Maxine jokes about everything Melanie went through. Maxine asks Melanie why she's crying.

Anne talks to Theresa about seeing Tate. Theresa jokes about how she was telling the truth about being pregnant. Anne brings up Brady being one of the richest men in the country and they laugh together. Brady enters and notes they seem to be in a good mood. Theresa comments that she's the happiest she's ever been.

Eve wonders what she's doing as Paige isn't going to answer her and wonders where she's gone to. Eve says she'll kill JJ if he lied his way out of this and rushes out.

JJ tells Paige that he's not going to lie to her. JJ talks about having it out with Eve when Paige was in California. JJ says Eve threatened to tell Paige everything and he thought he had lost her forever and was never going to see her again. Paige is more confused and questions why he slept with Eve again and again and again if he was so upset with her.

Theresa talks to Brady about feeding the baby. Brady tells her that he was going to step out for a while as there is something he has to do. Theresa thought he didn't have work. Brady informs her it's personal.

Melanie talks to Maxine about how she was raised and how screwed it up it was which made her think about how different it would've been if she had her parents. Melanie cries that she would've been a better person and not done the screwed up things she's done. Maxine asks what's making her think about all of this now.

Will questions Sonny wanting him to stop. Paul repeats that he wants Sonny back now more than ever. A worker comes out of the club to tell Sonny that someone hacked in to the computer system. Sonny tells Paul to go but Will says they have issues to resolve. Sonny tells him to keep it down as he heads inside. Will questions what Paul was talking to Sonny about. Paul informs Will that he just asked Sonny if he was still in love with him.

Paige tells JJ that maybe she could understand once but questions how many times it happened. JJ tells her it wasn't like that. Paige brings up Eve hating her but him wanting her. JJ says he felt like a screw up. JJ doesn't expect her to forgive him and says she can't hate him as much as he hates himself. Paige tells him not to be so sure about that. JJ adds that no matter how he screwed up, he does love her and says she has to believe him. Paige responds that she actually does.

Abigail tells Jennifer that she will always love her and hasn't forgotten her standing by her when she's screwed up but this just doesn't seem like her. Jennifer responds that she hasn't felt like herself since that day. Abigail steps out to get some air. Eve then enters to see Jennifer.

Anne tells Theresa that she knows where Brady is going. Theresa says she has to act like she's fine with it. Theresa's mom Kimberly shows up and wants to see the baby. Theresa informs her that he's in isolation so Kimberly says she will be there to take care of her then and hugs her.

Will asks Paul why he's doing this. Paul says Will is the one who informed him of John and Marlena's history of pretending their love would go away. Will argues that the difference is that Sonny doesn't love him. Paul brings up Will blackmailing his mother and calling her a whore. Paul adds that Sonny knows why he punched him. Paul threatens to tell Sonny about the blackmail too if Will keeps lying and pushing him.

Abigail walks through the town square. Chad sees her and follows her out. Chad catches up to her and notes that she's upset. Abigail tells him it's nothing for him to worry about. Chad says he'll never forget that she was there for him after he found out Kristen died and how great she was to him so if she wants to talk, he's there for her.

Jennifer tells Eve to go away but Eve says no and asks what happened to the party. Jennifer says Eve came back to Salem and destroyed everything in her path including JJ and Paige. Eve suggests blaming JJ for trying to blackmail her. Jennifer says it wouldn't have happened if she didn't sleep with her daughter's boyfriend. Eve calls her a smug brat and compares her kids. Eve blames JJ for not bothering to check if Paige was listening in the other room. Jennifer accuses Eve of planting drugs in JJ's backpack. Eve denies it but Jennifer says she got someone to do it for her and asks if she paid him. Eve admits they hate each other but says this isn't about them. Eve says she came to find out where Paige is.

Paige repeats that she does think JJ loves her. Paige says he's done talking as it's her turn now. Paige never thought he was lying about his feelings for her which is why she forgave him in the past but even he realized Eve would be tough to forgive. Paige talks about JJ's lies and trying to blackmail Eve just to keep her in the dark of finding out what he did and who he is. Paige says that may be love to him but that's not love to her. JJ tries to talk but Paige tells him to listen because there's one more thing she does believe about him.

Will tells Paul that he's right that he did terrible things and he was wrong but he was scared of losing Sonny. Paul responds that if Sonny loves him, how he could possibly lose him. Will says it's his first love coming back and becoming a gay icon. Paul questions Will thinking Sonny would choose him over superficial things.

Abigail tells Chad that she's in no position to judge anyone after what she's done. Chad assures her that no one thinks less of her for her one mistake with EJ. Chad says everyone's made mistakes. Abigail brings up Jennifer and says maybe it's unfair to her but she's always put her in a different category as she's so honest and upfront about mistakes when she was younger. Abigail states that she loves and respects her. Chad asks if that's changed.

Eve asks Jennifer if Paige is with JJ. Jennifer tells her that she doesn't know. Eve asks what she does know. Jennifer tells her that it's bad and everything they didn't want to happen. Jennifer tells Eve that she's lost Paige forever.

Paige tells JJ that he is messed up but he's smart and cunning. Paige mocks him being misunderstood and playing girls. JJ calls her special but Paige argues. Paige says she's done and gone. JJ admits he's done terrible things and doesn't want to change who she is. Paige questions if she should try to save him again then says she needs to save herself. JJ isn't trying to get her to forgive him as he knows it's not possible since what he did was so wrong but he'll do anything to make things right. Paige says she will take him up on that.

Kimberly talks to Theresa about a baby being a new responsibility. Theresa complains about not carrying the baby. Kimberly tries to talk to her but Theresa argues. Theresa says she's already made her feel like she's messed up everything but Tate is the best thing she's done in her entire life.

Melanie cries to Maxine that every child deserves to be happy with a good start. Maxine assures that she's redeemed herself no matter what she's done. Brady arrives so Maxine exits. Brady tells Melanie how much he's missed her as they kiss.

Eve tells Jennifer it's not true that she's lost Paige as she can't. Eve asks where JJ is and if he weaseled his way out of this one. Jennifer can't believe her blaming JJ. Jennifer yells at her to get out. Eve argues that no matter what happens, Jennifer is there for JJ. Jennifer tells her to deal with it. Eve calls it just wrong that Jennifer gets to keep her child while she loses hers.

Paige tells JJ to never call, text, or come near her again because she wants nothing to do with him ever. JJ responds that he can't live without her. Paige argues that he can go find someone else like Bev, Roxanne, or Eve. Paige says they'll accept his lies but eventually he will end up alone. Paige declares she is going to wake up and walk away but JJ stops her.

Kimberly tells Theresa that she and Shane are on her side. Theresa points out Shane not being there. Kimberly tells her that Shane is doing everything in his power to solve Theresa's legal problems back home. Theresa doesn't understand.

Brady tells Melanie that it's been killing him how little time they have been able to spend together which is why he doesn't want to wait on doing this. Brady decides she needs to know how he feels about her. Brady then gets down on one knee, surprising Melanie.

Will apologizes to Sonny for going off on Paul again. Sonny says they should talk about that. Will says he has to get back to work but he will see him at home and they will talk about it then. Will kisses him goodbye and walks away.

Stefano has an envelope with Abigail's name on it and says there is still time for Chad to win her for the family.

Abigail tells Chad that something happened with Jennifer and she was pretty rough on her when she should've been more supportive and less judgmental. Chad encourages that they will work it out. Abigail says she makes snap judgments about people and turns her back on them when it's not fair or right. Abigail turns and says that she wasn't fair to Chad.

Eve tells Jennifer that JJ was in bed with her and that's who she raised. Jennifer tells her to get out. Eve accuses her of hurting Paige more by getting them back together. Eve says Paige is the one who is lost and devastated. Jennifer agrees that Paige didn't deserve any of this. Eve questions her implying that she did deserve it. Eve calls her smug and condescending and says she hates her. Eve can't believe that Jennifer once again got away with everything like always while she loses the one good thing that's ever happened to her. Eve then walks out. Eve tells herself that she is not getting away with this as she walks off.

Paige tells JJ to go to Hell or back to Eve and to stay away from her. Paige stops and adds that he never answered how he could do this to her. Paige asks if he even understands why she's hurting so much. Paige says JJ made her love him even when he knew it was wrong. Paige hopes JJ vanishes forever. JJ tries to stop her. Paige tells him to go write a song and that can get him laid. Paige then walks away.

Kimberly knows this has been overwhelming for Theresa but insists it will be okay. Kimberly declares that she and Tate will go back to California with her as soon as possible so she and Shane can help her raise the baby. She tells him that it will all be fine and it's all being taken care of which shocks Theresa.

Brady jokes that it's not often Melanie is completely speechless. Brady pulls out the ring and proposes to Melanie.

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