Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/21/15

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/21/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Chad is on the phone and leaves a message for Stefano, saying he needs to know that Marlena is alright.

Stefano and Marlena remain on the plane. Stefano calls it her final destination as Marlena asks where they landed.

John meets with Paul in the town square and asks how things have been. Paul tells him that he would have never come back to Salem if he knew he was such a hypocrite.

Eve sits at home with a photo of her holding Paige as a baby and breaks down crying as she thinks back to Paige revealing she knew what she did.

Paige goes to the Horton house looking upset and is shocked by everyone surprising her at the door. JJ hugs her and wishes her a happy birthday, telling her it's going to be the best day ever as he has it all planned. JJ then asks her if something is wrong.

Eve answers the door hoping to see Paige but Cole arrives, asking her what's going on.

Everyone cheers and greets Paige with hugs. Paige points out that her birthday is tomorrow. Everyone heads in to the living room, assuring that Paige just needs to catch her breath. Jennifer tells Kayla that she thought earlier that Paige was upset about something so maybe this was a mistake. Kayla thinks she knows what's up. JJ asks Paige to talk to him because they tell each other everything. Paige turns away. JJ asks if it's school. JJ wants her to tell him if something is wrong so they can fix it. Paige calls it not the time or place. Rory interrupts with video of them surprising Paige. JJ tells him that Paige needs a few minutes. Daphne compliments Paige on moving to California. In the living room, Kayla comments on Paige not liking surprises. Jennifer says she'll see what she can do and goes to talk to her. Rory and Daphne pull JJ away while Jennifer joins Paige to ask if she's okay as she seems upset. Paige claims she's fine and joins everyone inside.Abigail presents her with her cake and JJ kisses her as everyone cheers.

Stefano questions if Marlena seriously believed he would land at Salem airport where he would be arrested. Marlena brings up Stefano promising to Chad that he would bring her home. Stefano laughs at her believing him and brings up killing Kristen. Marlena blames Kristen's psychotic behavior. Stefano blames Marlena for ruining Kristen's life along with John.

John asks Paul what's going on. Paul talks about John encouraging him not to interfere in Sonny and Will's marriage. Paul questions walking away from the man he's in love with.

Sonny joins Chad in the office and apologizes for not coming to see him since Kristen died. Chad thinks back to kissing Abigail and brings up Paul being back in town.

John knows it's difficult. Paul talks about his grandfather and mother encouraging him to be open to John but the more he learns about him, he's surprised he didn't suggest he have sex with Sonny on a conference room table for Will to walk in on them like what happened to John and Marlena in the past.

Cole questions Eve's phone call. Eve says it all seems so long ago. Cole notes that she's messed up and asks if she and Paige had another fight.

Abigail jokes about JJ wanting everything to be perfect for Paige. JJ says Paige deserves it as Maggie calls him an honest man. JJ tells Paige how special she is and he can't believe how lucky he is. JJ tells her that she's more important than anything else in his life so from now on, he will do everything he can to be a better person like she deserves. Paige imagines JJ having sex with Eve as JJ talks. JJ finishes telling her how he feels and wishes her a happy birthday then says he loves her. Maggie asks about JJ putting "ILYF" on the cake. Paige recognizes it standing for I Love You Forever. Paige then slams the cake on the floor.

Paul tells John that Will told him about he and Marlena years ago. John tries to explain it in context. Paul says he was told that Sami walked in on them and scarred her for life. John tries to explain but Paul tells him to stop making excuses and be honest that they loved each other and knew they were meant to be together no matter who got hurt.

Sonny tells Chad about Paul punching Will out and says there's no excuse for it. Chad gets a call and says he has to deal with this. Sonny asks if everything is okay. Chad hopes so as he exits to answer.

Marlena tells Stefano that he can't excuse Kristen's behavior because of things that happened years ago. Stefano says Kristen's one mistake was loving John. Marlena states that John couldn't love her the way she needed and it was so many years ago. Stefano says that Kristen died the day she lost John's baby. Stefano accuses Marlena and John of destroying Kristen's life. Marlena continues insisting on Kristen's death being an accident but Stefano blames her and tells her to stop trying to deny it. Marlena is sorry that he lost his daughter but encourages him to enjoy his son Chad. Stefano thinks she just wants to be let go. Stefano motions for Agent Carson and orders him to take her and finish it.

Eve tells Cole that JJ found out what he did and calls him a stupid idiot. Cole claims it's not his fault because Paige told him. Cole tells her to relax as there's nothing to worry about since he covered for her. Cole says he's not worried either because there is no proof. Eve corrects that JJ has enough proof to send him away for a long time. Eve says goodbye. Cole tells her that she can't dump that on him and walk away. Cole brings up that if he goes down so does she. Eve responds that he can't drag her down any lower than she already is.

JJ asks Paige why she did that. Paige slaps JJ and calls him a liar, screaming about the words he said in front of everyone. Paige doesn't want to hear any more of his lies and screams at him as she cries. JJ asks if they can go outside but Paige refuses to go anywhere with him. JJ asks why she's upset. Paige responds that she knows what he did. Abigail asks what she means. Paige reveals that she knows JJ slept with her mother.

Paul goes over John doing everything to be with Marlena but still hurt Roman among others. John won't deny people suffered. Paul wants him to just admit they were in love. John says he's not sure. Paul isn't sure it's not best for he and Sonny. Paul insists that he still loves Sonny without question so he wants to put it out there. John calls it not the same because Sonny has made it clear what he wants and he can't force him to feel differently. Paul asks if John ever thought years ago that Marlena didn't really love him. John doesn't answer so Paul says that's what he thought. Paul adds that it was nice talking to him and walks away.

Agent Carson brings Marlena to the park and tells her this never happened and to have a nice day as he then leaves her.

Stefano remains on the plane where Chad joins him, assuring that he was not followed. Stefano confirms to Chad that Marlena is safe and back in Salem. Chad thanks him. Stefano says he's not welcome because he's not a man who likes to be threatened.

JJ asks Paige what Eve told her because she can't believe her. Paige responds that she didn't tell her anything until she forced her to. Paige brings up Eve lying to her for months just like JJ. Paige screams about JJ's lies and says she doesn't even know him. She calls him a monster and a nightmare. Daniel tries to calm her down. JJ tells her that Eve will say anything to break them up. Paige responds that the truth is what hurt them. JJ wants her to listen. Paige says he doesn't get it. Paige reveals that she did listen to he and Eve an hour ago as she was in the other room, listening to them admit to everything they did. Paige declares that she knows all of it.

Chad says that Stefano values family above all else so threatening to take away part of his family was the only way to convince him to let Marlena go. Stefano says Chad could've stayed out of his business. Chad brings up Abe and Roman. Stefano questions him letting them see Chad turn on him. Chad insists that they only know they talked but Stefano feels they saw a sign of DiMera weakness.

Marlena reunites with John in the town square and they hug.

Paul finds Sonny outside the club and asks if he has a minute. Sonny says he doesn't. Paul wants to talk but Sonny can't believe he hit Will especially with Arianna in the other room. Paul wants to move on but Sonny says they have nothing to move on to. Paul then reveals that he hit Will because he called his mother a whore.

Eve tells Cole that she will take pity on him and help him get out of Salem for good. Cole asks how. Eve says there's two reasons that he needs to pay attention to what she's saying. Eve tells Cole that she never wants to see his face again because he reminds her of how deluded she was to think he could help her. Eve adds that if he doesn't leave town, she'll make sure he goes to prison. Cole sits down and says she will go too. Eve responds that she doesn't care because without Paige, her life is not worth living. Eve tells Cole to get out. Cole says he just tried to do what she wanted and get Paige away from JJ. Eve remarks that she got her wish.

Abigail says there has to be a mistake or misunderstanding. Paige tells JJ that Abigail can't fix it and tells JJ to tell them it's not true. Rory realizes it is true. Paige tells JJ that she deserves the truth for once. JJ tells her that he loves her. Paige responds that he doesn't know what that means. Jennifer stops Paige. Paige tells her to understand what kind of person JJ really is and what he's done. Paige brings up how many times he's lied and then realizes that Jennifer already knew.

Chad tells Stefano to explain how killing Marlena would have shown strength. Stefano feels it would show the world that anyone who hurts a DiMera pays the price. Chad brings up Kristen being out of her mind and trying to kill people. Chad wishes she got the help she needed but she tried to kill Marlena so she had no choice. Chad insists that Kristen fell while Marlena felt terribly sorry. Chad declares it's over and now their family is just them. Stefano tells him that he will do everything he can to help him and he will support him in every way. Chad thanks him. Stefano asks if he can say the same thing for him.

John asks if Marlena is okay. She tells him that she will be. John asks what Stefano did now. Marlena says he did nothing but was determined to make somebody pay for what happened to Kristen. Marlena doesn't want to talk about it anymore and understands John was busy with other things. She wants to be distracted and asks about Paul, Brady, and the baby. John informs her that the baby's name is Tate now and he's doing really well but with Paul, things went not so good.

Sonny questions why Will would say that. Paul suggests asking him and hoping he tells the truth like he deserves. Paul tells Sonny that he knows he wouldn't react that way unless they had it coming. Paul assures Sonny that he doesn't lie and asks if he can say the same thing about Will.

Paige says this explains so many things. Paige calls Jennifer like the mother she wished she had who was always there and told her the truth but she lied just like Eve. JJ tries to talk but Paige tells him to get away and she doesn't want to hear any more lies. JJ says it's nobody's fault but his so she should blame him. JJ tells Paige that she's right about he and Eve. JJ repeats that it's no one else's fault. Paige calls it the only honest thing he's ever said to her. JJ tries to say he loves her and ask for a chance but Paige storms out. JJ looks around the room and then follows Paige out.

Cole says he could never figure Eve out as one day she's desperate and then thinking of plans. Eve screams at him to go somewhere where nobody knows what a failure he is. Cole reminds her this was all her idea so if she rats him out, he'll turn on her and she'll be sorry as he storms out. Eve sits back down crying as she holds her picture of Paige.

Daphne leaves to go try and help Paige. Daniel walks Rory out. Rory assures Daniel that he won't tell anybody as he exits. Daniel comes back and tells Kayla and Maggie that they should go as Abigail tells Jennifer that she needs to talk to her. Maggie cries and tells Jennifer that she's so sorry. Daniel, Maggie, and Kayla exit. Jennifer drops to her knees crying as Abigail asks her what's going on.

Sonny talks about Will going through tough times lately. Paul says he's not here to talk about Will but about them.

John talks to Marlena about how they hurt a lot of people trying to go against what they felt. Marlena brings up if Sonny and Paul feel the same way that they did. John feels it will be a huge mistake.

Sonny insists to Paul that there can't be anything between them. Paul feels there already is. Paul says he tried to pretend it was over for them but he hasn't stopped thinking about him. Paul asks Sonny if he can tell him that he doesn't still care. Sonny responds that caring about him is not the same as loving him. Paul asks him to tell him that he doesn't still love him then.

Chad assures Stefano that he will help and support him in every way that he can. Stefano says his tax charges are about to go away so he should be able to return to Salem in a week or two. Chad says that's great. Stefano is looking forward to seeing all of his friends but his main concern is his son. Stefano wants Chad to be happy. Chad responds that he's happy enough. Stefano asks if he's finally gotten Ben out of the picture. Chad questions him. Stefano asks if Chad and Abigail are together again. Chad asks why he's so concerned on whether they get back together or not.

Abigail tells Jennifer that she can talk to her about JJ and Eve. Jennifer says Paige saying it came as such a shock. Abigail asks if it's true that Jennifer already knew before today.

Daniel brings Maggie home. Maggie feels Daniel knows more than he's letting on. Daniel tells Maggie that Jennifer is going to need her as she knew this could destroy JJ and Paige but couldn't face it. Maggie is shocked to learn that Daniel knew too. Daniel admits he figured it out awhile ago and now everyone knows.

Eve calls Paige, leaving a message that she's sorry she's hurt and she loves her so much. Eve feels they can make this right and they just have to find their way back.

JJ follows Paige to the park. Paige yells at him to stay away from her and get out of her sight. Paige stops him and questions why he did it.

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