Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/20/15

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/20/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Eve pours a glass of wine and says that JJ is right that there is nothing she can do now and takes a drink as Paige then comes in.

Lucas stands in his hotel and thinks about being with Adrienne. He pulls out his phone and texts her.

Adrienne gets his text while at the Kiriakis Mansion. She heads in to the living room where Justin is on the phone, talking about wanting to get back and missing them too. Justin sees Adrienne and quickly finishes the conversation then hangs up. Justin thought she was gone. Adrienne asks how Elsa is.

Xander finds Nicole outside of Daniel's apartment. Nicole asks what he's doing there. Xander asks her the same thing.

JJ, Jennifer, Abigail, and Maggie decorate for Paige's party. Jennifer assures that everyone knows when to get there. Abigail asks about Eve. JJ thinks back to his argument with Eve. Jennifer thinks Eve will behave and show up but JJ says he doesn't think she'll be showing up after all.

Eve is surprised to see Paige. Paige informs her that she's been there.

Xander thought Nicole was done with Daniel but here she is at his door so if he asks if she's sure. Nicole asks if he thinks she's a stalker. Xander wants her to tell him.

Kayla talks to Daniel at the hospital and offers to give him a ride to Paige's party but Daniel says he left Paige's gift at home so he has to stop there on the way.

JJ comments on Eve not coming. Maggie and Abigail go to get things ready. Jennifer questions JJ about the prepaid phone that she found the information for. JJ says it's complicated. Jennifer asks if it has something to do with Eve suddenly not coming to the party. JJ tells her that Eve is not going to be a problem for them anymore.

Paige reveals she was in her room the whole time. Paige talks to Eve about her room being the same. Eve says she would never touch her things. Paige questions her. Paige says she has to go to lunch with JJ. Paige then stops and asks if there was someone there before she came out as she heard voices. Eve says no but Paige tells her that she heard her.

Justin questions Adrienne suddenly wanting to start a conversation after not talking for a week and not wanting anything to do with him. Justin brings up Adrienne sleeping in another room and with someone else. She asks again how Elsa is. Justin says she's far away at work. Adrienne asks if she's waiting for him. Justin asks what she expects. Adrienne tells him that she hasn't seen or spoken to Lucas since they fought. She says she's here and questions where Justin is.

Nicole asks Xander why he's being like this. Xander says he's confused. Nicole explains that she left a few things at Daniel's and wanted to get them while he's not there. Nicole asks why Xander is there. Xander says he's meeting Daniel as he's on his way home. Nicole thought he was in surgery but Xander says he cancelled. Xander suggests maybe no longer being discreet and telling Daniel as he's on his way now.

Jennifer questions what JJ is up to. JJ tells her that he will tell her after the party. Abigail comes back in so JJ tells her the plan to move to California.

Paige tells Eve that she woke up at the sound of a man's voice. Eve claims it was the TV but Paige knows someone was there. Eve then claims it was a delivery guy who had the wrong apartment. Paige argues that it wasn't as it was a really familiar voice. Paige reveals that she's sure it was JJ.

Adrienne questions why Justin came back when he doesn't want her. Justin says it's still his home and family and their son could use his support. Adrienne questions pushing him to divorce Will. Justin argues that Sonny deserves loyalty. Adrienne calls him a hypocrite. Adrienne complains that she was here alone, waiting for him for months and believing every lie he told on the phone while he was sleeping with Elsa. Justin brings up Lucas. Adrienne shouts that she's done feeling guilty. Adrienne cries that he's not here for their marriage so he can't play the wounded husband. They both hate this. Justin admits that he started it. Adrienne thanks him for making it easier and says goodbye as she then walks out.

The supervisor of the apartments Lou shows up to meet Nicole but she tells him she has to go to work now so she'll try again another time and he leaves. Xander questions her not wanting to face Daniel. She tells him that her life is not his or Daniel's business so she suggests forgetting the whole thing.

JJ tells Abigail that he owes her for having his back when he needed her the most. Abigail hugs him and tells him that he deserves the best. The doorbell rings as Rory and Daphne arrive with gifts. Daphne assures they didn't come together. Rory jokes with Abigail that he's free. JJ thanks them for coming and invites them in. Daphne tells JJ that she's there for Paige. JJ says he is too.

Eve tries to tell Paige that it wasn't JJ but Paige knows they were fighting. Paige asks what they were fighting about and mentions hearing Cole's name. Paige brings up JJ not wanting her to confront Cole but she did. Paige declares she's so done with liars. Eve says she should be. Eve asks what she thinks Cole did. Paige asks what Eve thinks he did. Eve pretends not to know. Paige looks over to the gift that Eve had for her. Eve says she got something she would like. Paige questions her knowing what she would like. Eve tells her to take the gift but Paige says she spoils her more than enough. Eve tells her that she deserves every good thing she could ever give her. Paige suddenly hugs Eve and tells her that she knows what she did. Paige knows she slept with JJ, having sex with her boyfriend. Eve pulls away in shock. Paige cries that Eve is so good at lying and wonders why she is so surprised by it. Eve continues trying to deny it. Paige yells at her to shut up. Eve tries to calm her down.

Lucas talks on the phone, excited about a business deal. Adrienne arrives. Lucas finishes the call and tells Adrienne that it's really good to see her. She quickly kisses him and says she missed him too as they continue kissing.

Daniel goes home. Lou tells him to tell Nicole that he was sorry for being late as she wanted to get in to pick up things but had to go.

Xander follows Nicole to her office. Nicole questions why he's still here. He apologizes for being a jerk to her. He says he just thought maybe she hadn't given up on Daniel after all when he saw her at his door.

JJ tells Daphne and Rory about going to California with Paige. Daphne admits she's never seen Paige happier. Jennifer answers the door as Kayla arrives. Jennifer brings Kayla in and introduces her to Daphne. Rory pulls JJ aside and asks if he handled Eve. JJ tells him that she's handled.

Eve tells Paige that she should've told her that JJ was there and they fought. Eve says she's trying for her sake to tolerate him but they yelled at each other. Eve continues to deny sleeping with him and questions how she could think that. Paige asks Eve if she loves her or if she ever did. Eve assures that she does. Paige says if she does, she will stop lying right now. Paige tells her that she heard every word from her and JJ. Paige declares this is her last chance. Eve tells Paige that she loves her with all her heart and soul. Eve then admits she slept with JJ. Paige cries and says it all makes sense now. Eve argues that it never made any sense and they both hated it. Paige recalls JJ coming back over and over again. Paige brings up every look between them and asks if she thought it was funny. Eve tells her they never thought that. Paige says the weirdness between them and realizes Eve was his secret girlfriend, not Roxanne.

Lucas and Adrienne lay in bed. Lucas tells her that he's missed her like crazy. Adrienne notes that he's been busy. Lucas says he's been working but nothing compares to this as they kiss. Lucas asks what exactly this means.

Nicole tells Xander that maybe Daniel is holding on to them but she's done with him. Nicole says they tried and it didn't work. She's tired of it and needs to look forward. Xander suggests they could move that way together. Xander asks her to have dinner with him tonight. She says he has some nerve. Xander jokes that women say it's one of his better features. Xander tells her 8:00 anywhere she wants. Nicole responds that she has expensive taste. Xander is sure and says he'll see her later as he exits.

Daniel arrives for Paige's party with his gift. JJ thanks Kayla for being so great to Paige. Kayla tells him they are both great and praises JJ for overcoming so many things. Kayla comments that JJ is not afraid to take responsibility for what he does. JJ says he still has a long way to go. JJ sees Daniel and asks to talk to him for a second.

Eve tells Paige that she never thought she was stupid. Paige calls her a vile, disgusting slut. Eve cries that it was a mistake. Paige brings up it happening over and over. Paige asks how many times. Eve knows she deserves this. Paige is done making excuses for her. Paige declares that she's done with her. Paige says JJ was her first and the only person she ever wanted. She questions why Eve couldn't just leave them alone. Paige cries that Eve destroyed them and destroyed her. Paige slaps Eve.

Adrienne tells Lucas that she isn't sure what exactly this is but she's here. Lucas says that's good. Adrienne adds that not that many people know about them and if she's around, they will find out. Lucas says he doesn't want to keep it a secret and she's the only one who had a reason to. Adrienne asks how he thinks people will take it. Lucas doesn't know or care. Lucas jokes with her and they kiss.

Justin walks through the town square on the phone. He announces he's on his way back to Dubai on the first flight he can get.

Nicole tells herself that she has to get the goods on Xander and Serena tonight as there's no way she can keep this up with him. Nicole checks her phone and has a voicemail from Daniel.

Xander sits outside and makes a call, saying he needs to see them now and it cannot wait.

Nicole listens to Daniel's voicemail and says she wasn't going to break in but she can't tell Daniel what she was up to until she has evidence. She decides she has to tell him something or else she'll lose him. Nicole states that she will tell him and trust him. Nicole imagines telling Daniel and him being understanding. She says it could totally happen close to that so she should tell him.

JJ tells Daniel that he knows what he did was wrong but he is going to make it right and won't hurt Paige again. Daniel says this isn't about him. Daniel believes he wouldn't do it again but it still happened so he'll carry this huge secret around for the rest of his life. JJ thinks it will go away over time but Daniel says the only way to do that is getting out in the open. JJ respects his opinion but realized that confessing what happened would just hurt Paige so he's not going to do it ever. JJ says he and Paige love each other and that's the only thing that matters.

Eve knows this feels like the end of everything. Eve apologizes but Paige doesn't care. Paige says all she needs to hear is how she could do this to her. Eve doesn't know. Paige says that sounds exactly right and like her but she doesn't give a damn because she is not her mother anymore. Paige then storms out. Eve cries over the gift she had for Paige.

JJ quiets everyone at the party as Paige could be there any minute. JJ says he wants this party to be what Paige remembers Salem for.

Nicole checks her phone and decides that Daniel said he'd be at the party so she'll finish up and go see him. Nicole says she needs to trust Daniel to help her so she'll just blow off dinner with Xander.

Xander gives photos of Nicole and Daniel to Navidad and tells her to follow her. Xander says he needs to know if she goes anywhere near Daniel. He says Daniel can't be touched but if Nicole needs to disappear without a trace, so be it.

Eve sits at home looking at a photo of holding Paige as a baby and breaks down crying.

Paige goes to the Horton house looking upset and is shocked by everyone surprising her at the door.

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