Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/19/15

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/19/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Paul plays with Arianna until Will comes home and is shocked to find Paul holding Arianna. Will tells him to get away from his daughter and takes her from him. Paul decides he should leave but Will tells him that he's not going anywhere.

Serena tells Xander that it must be a coincidence but Xander says it should come up on his most recent photo not the most incriminating one. Xander thinks back and realizes Nicole went through his phone.

Nicole sits in the club and thinks back to Daniel slamming the door in her face. She says that she should've told him that she isn't interested in Xander but investigating him. Nicole then decides it wouldn't work unless she has proof. She says she needs to catch Xander and Serena red-handed then he would have to understand. Maggie approaches and asks what Daniel would understand.

Jennifer decorates the house for Paige's birthday party until she thinks back to Daniel telling her to tell Paige the truth. Jennifer says it's too late for that but as long as Eve keeps her word.

JJ then arrives in the park and takes a picture of Eve on his phone, declaring he's finally got her. Eve tries to stop him. JJ says this is for the cops and brings up what she did. Eve tries to deny it but JJ reveals he is the one who sent the messages. Eve tries to grab the phone from him.

Will puts Arianna to sleep. Paul tries to explain to Will as he questions why he was here. Paul explains what happened. Will questions Paul being here yesterday and accuses him of coming in as soon as he's gone. Paul tries to explain that he wanted them to get along but Will doesn't believe him. Paul says he's here to spend time with John but Will continues to question him spending time with his family.

Eve gets the phone from JJ. JJ informs her that he has it all backed up and warns that she could go to jail. JJ brings up Roman and Paige finding out what she did. JJ says they need to go somewhere more private. Eve refuses so JJ threatens to have Roman pick her up in a squad car which changes her mind.

Xander tells Serena about Nicole taking a picture and then must have gone through his pictures afterwards. Serena questions him leaving Nicole alone with her phone. Serena tells him that this means Nicole is on to them.

Maggie asks Nicole again what Daniel will understand. Nicole tells her that they had an argument earlier and she hopes he eventually understands her point. Maggie tells her that Daniel is reasonable and cares about her a lot. She warns her not to hurt him. Nicole says that's the last thing she wants to do. Nicole tells Maggie that she wants to give Daniel some room but left something in his apartment. She asks Maggie to let her in but Maggie quickly refuses. Nicole brings up her letting Serena in. Maggie points out that not going well and says she has to go to Jennifer's. Maggie exits. Nicole wants a closer look at the elephant statue. Nicole talks about not hearing from Melanie and wonders who else might know anything. Nicole then calls Eric and asks him to meet for a few minutes as she needs his help with something.

Eve brings JJ to her apartment and tells him to say whatever he has to say and then get out. JJ tells her that she is done jerking him around and there is no more promises to make him let his guard down. She calls him paranoid. JJ warns that if he even thinks she's trying to make a move against him, the evidence will go straight to the cops. Eve argues that the video won't hold up in court. JJ argues that Cole would testify in court and give her up. JJ questions how stupid she was to team up with Cole. Eve blames Cole for coming up with planting the drugs. Eve says she never would've asked him to do something so stupid. JJ says that's too bad because she's going to have to pay for it anyways. JJ declares he has her dead to rights. Eve warns that if he even thinks about saying anything to the cops then she will tell Paige that they slept together.

Will accuses Paul of coming back to ruin his marriage like John did to Marlena and Roman back in the day. Will calls Paul just like his parents and brings up his mother sleeping around. Paul warns him. Will remarks about Tori whoring around so Paul punches him down right as Sonny walks in.

Serena worries about Nicole finding out what they're up to. Xander tells her not to jump to conclusions and suggests Nicole just wanted to look at the photo she took. Serena insists that she was searching through his photos. Xander says she's a snoop but they knew that. Serena tells him to wake up to the fact that Nicole is playing him. Serena says her finding the photo is a problem for both of them. Xander argues that Nicole doesn't know anything about it so he asks why she's panicking about this. Serena responds that she knows a lot more than he thinks.

Eric meets Nicole at the club. Nicole brings up having a stupid fight with Serena before and she wants to make peace with her. Eric says that would be great if she meant it. Nicole says she's realized lately that she has been unfair to Serena and her past. Nicole brings up their arguments about the elephant statue and asks about their being two.

Maggie joins Jennifer at home and finds the letter to JJ about San Jose State. Jennifer informs her that JJ plans to announce today that he's going to California with Paige. Maggie says it seems like he just got home from London. Jennifer doesn't think he'll be happy unless he's with Paige so she thinks this move will be good for both of them. Maggie comments on it keeping them away from Eve.

JJ argues that Eve wouldn't do it as she would destroy her relationship with Paige. Eve says she would spin it that JJ seduced her on her most vulnerable night. JJ calls her unbelievable and says Paige would remember the fight they had. Eve bets on who she would believe. They argue about that night. JJ says he would do anything to take back that night because the thought of touching her makes him sick. Eve questions if that's why he kept coming back for more again and again.

Sonny rushes in to check on Will and questions what Paul was thinking. Paul apologizes but Sonny yells at him to get out. Paul wants to make sure Will is okay. Sonny says that's his job. Will wakes up and asks what happened. Paul tries to explain. Sonny yells at Paul to leave so he reluctantly exits. Sonny tells Will that he's going to be okay.

Paul goes to the town square and wonders what he was thinking.

Sonny wants to call an ambulance but Will doesn't want one. Sonny insists on taking him to the ambulance but Will refuses as he's embarrassed that Paul flattened him. Sonny argues that he's a pro athlete and wants Will to be checked out but Will assures him that he's fine. Sonny asks what they were fighting about. Will responds that it was about him of course and then claims Paul started swinging out of nowhere. Will questions why he was even here. Sonny explains that the babysitter had to leave. Will questions what he would've walked in on if he got there an hour later.

Serena tells Xander about how Nicole wouldn't let up on the idea about the two elephant statues and then she went to Eric about it. Xander questions her not telling him about this before. Serena says she handled it and it never would've come up again if she didn't find the picture on his phone. Serena tells Xander that he's the one to blame for trying to get laid. Xander tells her to shut up and get out so he can think. Serena stops and tells Xander that there is something else he needs to know.

Nicole asks Eric about the two elephant statues. Eric confirms there was two and goes over giving one to Daniel which became Parker's favorite. Eric talks about getting the statues in Africa for nothing. Nicole notes that Xander didn't get one. Eric asks why she's so interested in them and quizzing him about them. Nicole says there is a good reason and she's going to come clean about it.

Jennifer thinks it's good for JJ and Paige to get away from Eve and herself. Maggie says Jennifer is great with them. Jennifer states that half of Eve's problem with them will always be her. Jennifer wishes she found a better way. Maggie says nothing could've changed Eve's grudge. Jennifer says if she had then she wouldn't have gone after JJ to try and undermine him at every turn. Maggie tells her that she can't control someone like that and hugs her.

JJ tells Eve that he was out of his mind every time he came. Eve questions him telling himself that. JJ calls it the only explanation. Eve brings up JJ lying to Paige every day of his life. JJ says they are in love so she can't hurt them anymore. Eve questions if he thinks Paige would ever want to be with him if she knew he was with her. JJ argues that he can't tell her. Eve threatens to tell Paige. Eve calls it mutual destruction and says if she goes down, he goes down too. JJ argues that he has proof to send Eve to jail while Paige wouldn't believe her. JJ reminds Eve that she has no proof so anything she says will make her sound like a lunatic. JJ tells Eve that she'd be completely alone behind bars and she'd still be alone when she gets out because her daughter would never speak to her again. JJ argues that Eve wouldn't do it. JJ tells Eve that her plans to get rid of him end right here and right now or he'll go straight to the police.

Sonny assures Will that nothing happened with Paul or would've happened as he told him they were working on their marriage. Will suggests that's why he hit him and says he doesn't remember what they said. Will brings up walking in on Paul holding their daughter and argues that he's trying to steal their family so he told him to stay away. Sonny goes to check on Arianna. Sonny's phone rings with a call from Paul and Will sees it.

JJ asks Eve if she understands and threatens to go straight to the police if she doesn't say she does. JJ declares it's going to end now one way or another. Eve tells JJ that she won't try to come in between he and Paige. She agrees to keep her mouth shut and not interfere. JJ makes sure she means for good because he will keep the evidence. Eve talks about what Cole did not being necessary because JJ won't be able to keep Paige for a year and he'll be lucky if it lasts through the summer. Eve argues that JJ will be history when Paige goes to Stamford. JJ reveals to her that he's going with her as he's going to San Jose State so they are moving to California together which shocks Eve.

Xander tells Serena that they have fires to put out. Serena informs him that she let it slip to Daniel that Nicole was in Xander's hotel room so he knows about that. Xander calls that careless. Serena warns him that Nicole is not worth it. Xander tells her to get out and not make things worse. Xander adds that he'll have the final number on the diamonds later today so their business will finally be done. Xander suggests she plan to get out of Salem afterwards immediately. Serena then exits.

Eric asks Nicole what she's up to since she has no use for the elephant statues. Serena claims she was going to try and track down a replacement for Serena. Eric questions if she thinks they are going to bond over it. Nicole says she isn't expecting a miracle but she and Eric are friends so she doesn't want Serena to be an enemy. Eric says she'd be going through a lot of trouble as they were from a very little village in the Congo. Nicole notes that they were unique and decides she'll just get Serena something else. Eric assures she'd appreciate anything. Nicole asks him not to tell her as she wants it to be a surprise. Eric decides he should go. Nicole thanks him for his time and says she'll see him soon as he exits. Nicole tells herself that Eric is wrong as the elephant statue is more and wonders why Xander would have a picture of it on his phone. She states that she needs a closer look at it in person. She then gets an idea.

Will answers Sonny's phone and tells Paul to leave them alone. Paul asks where Sonny is. Will says he's busy. Paul apologizes for hitting him. Will says if he means that then he'll stay away from Sonny and his family as it's what they both want. Will hangs up and Sonny comes back from Arianna's room. Will worries about Arianna being exposed to that kind of violence as Sonny gets an ice pack for Will. Sonny questions Paul just hitting him after he told him to stay away. Will talks about knowing he was on to him and that he wanted Sonny back. Will says he must have hit a nerve because Paul hit him. Will insists that Paul wants him and it's clear that he'll do anything to get him back.

Eric meets with Serena outside of the town square. She thanks him for coming quickly and says she has some good news. Serena talks about her research project finishing at the hospital and the Xander project might be nothing so it's time for her to make a decision about her future which she hopes includes Eric.

Nicole makes a call to get in to Daniel's apartment.

Eve calls JJ a little bastard and says he can't keep himself from ruining Paige's life. Eve argues that Paige would drop JJ in the real world. JJ argues that they are in love. Eve accuses him of robbing Paige of time. Eve tells JJ that Paige is too good for him. JJ says every word makes him more sure that this is right because it gets Paige away from her. JJ says Paige is an amazing person who deserves a real mom. Eve cries that Paige loves her and they were doing fine until he showed up. Eve asks if he's trying to poison Paige against her. JJ says no as he accepts that Paige loves her and he doesn't want to hurt her so if she keeps quiet, he will keep quiet and she won't see much of them. Eve questions him trying to keep her away from Paige. JJ tells her that they are starting a new life together and nothing can stop them from being happy. JJ then walks out as Eve cries.

Will tells Sonny that maybe Paul was just frustrated but he would appreciate not having him around here. Sonny agrees so Will thanks him. Will talks about missing him so much. Sonny says he was gone for a night. Will brings up not being together since before Sonny was stabbed. Will asks if he ruined it and if Sonny looks at him and only sees his mistakes. Sonny responds that he wouldn't be here now if that were true. Will worries that Sonny doesn't love him anymore but Sonny assures that he does. Will tells him he missed him and needs him. Sonny points out that he was just knocked out. Will tells Sonny that he loves him and they kiss.

Eric assures Serena that he wants to be apart of her future. She excitedly hugs him and tells him to pack up then because they are heading to Hawaii. Eric thought they had time to think about that but Serena says she got a call about the job offer and she has to take it right away. Serena knows it's sudden and she didn't want to rush it but she can't say no to this. Serena says if they are going to be together, this is the only way.

Xander finds Nicole outside of Daniel's apartment.

JJ goes home. Jennifer notes that he looks very happy. JJ declares he is done, everything is set and he is so ready for the party as Paige is going to be so surprised.

Eve pours a glass of wine and says that JJ is right that there is nothing she can do now and takes a drink as Paige then comes in.

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