Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/18/15

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/18/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Serena tells Daniel if he wants to know about Xander, to talk to Nicole because she's the one who is with Xander right now. Daniel asks what she's doing with Xander. Serena tells him to forget it but Daniel questions how Serena knows Nicole is with Xander. Serena admits she was just there and saw her.

Nicole finds a photo on Xander's phone of the elephant statue and thinks back to walking in on Serena with it. Nicole realizes it's Xander's connection to Serena but wonders what it means.

Paige sits in the student lounge and thinks back to talking to JJ about Cole planting the weed on him. Cole approaches and asks how she did on the final. Paige tells Cole that he should've studied but he must have been busy. She asks if he really thinks they wouldn't figure it out.

Eve goes home and finds a note on the floor saying to text now as it's important with a number attached.

JJ waits at home with a cell phone and the number, preparing to pretend to be Cole to Eve. JJ hides things when Jennifer comes home. Jennifer asks if he's ready to party since his finals are done. JJ responds that he's getting there.

Justin talks with Sonny at the club. Sonny wants to know what Adrienne said. Justin says she's barely said hello since they fought. Sonny isn't surprised and doesn't think he should've gone to Lucas's hotel. Justin wants to know where they stand and promises Sonny they will figure it out. Justin asks how Sonny and Will are doing now that Paul is back in town. Sonny says they are fine. Justin mentions that Will can't be too happy about it. Sonny then admits Will doesn't know yet.

John and Paul walk through the town square. Paul apologizes for being a jerk to Brady the other day. Paul talks about Theresa having a reason to be mad at him. John tells him that he doesn't owe her anything. Paul drops his bag that has Sonny's shirt he borrowed in it. John comments that it sounds like he's already seen Sonny.

Cole tries to claim he has no idea what Paige is talking about. Paige warns him and says she can't take his fake friendship. Cole says there's nothing fake about how he feels about her. Paige asks if that's why he tried to get JJ arrested.

Eve complains about Cole as she throws away the piece of paper.

Jennifer and JJ go over Paige thinking she's just coming for lunch and not knowing about the party since her birthday is tomorrow. Jennifer hopes they aren't stepping on Eve's toes with the party. JJ wonders if the party is a good time to tell everyone they are transferring to California. Jennifer says it is and asks if he's free right now. JJ mentions having to go turn in a paper. Jennifer offers to read it over but JJ says there might be something else she can help him with.

Serena tells Daniel that Nicole is there for work. Daniel questions her working with Xander. Serena says she's interviewing for the story on what happened to Brady and Melanie. Daniel further questions her picking Xander who barely knew Brady. Serena claims it's a side story but Daniel isn't buying it.

Nicole continues looking at the picture of the elephant statue and then quickly puts it away when Xander returns to the room. Xander asks her what's wrong.

Serena tells Daniel that it's the impression she got and says she has to get going. She stops and admits maybe she does know more about Nicole and Xander but if she tells him, he needs to promise it stays between them.

Xander tells Nicole that he caught her sitting down again when he came back in the room. Nicole claims she was just trying to walk on her hurt leg. Xander assures her that they will fix it and massages her ankle.

Justin asks Sonny why he hasn't told Will about Paul. Sonny responds that there's nothing to tell and Will is out of town for his new interview. Justin thought Will dropped the article to work on their marriage. Sonny says his work is important and doesn't want to have this conversation. Justin feels Sonny is uneasy because he's seen Paul.

Paul admits to John that he saw Sonny earlier and explains how Arianna spilled milk on his shirt which is why he borrowed Sonny's shirt. John asks how Will took it. Paul explains that Will wasn't there but he went to see both of them to straighten tensions out. John asks if he straightened things out with Sonny. Paul says he let him know where they stand and he's going to respect that. John offers to take the shirt back to Sonny for him. Paul says Will is out of town and Sonny's at work so he'll drop it off with the babysitter and won't even see them. Paul admits it was hard seeing Sonny. Paul talks about always being comfortable when they were together. Paul then changes the subject to meeting his new nephew. John says he'll set it up with Brady. Paul wants to apologize to he and Theresa. John thanks him for meeting. Paul tells him it's what fathers and sons do as John walks away.

Cole continues to claim to have no idea but Paige says she knows he planted drugs on JJ to get him in trouble. Paige brings up Cole doing it before too. Cole argues he would never do that. Paige says he obviously hates JJ as much as he always did.

Jennifer asks JJ what he needs help with. JJ hates to ask because she's done so much already. JJ brings up Jennifer's recent conversation with Eve and he wants to show her they are really trying by wanting her at Paige's party. Jennifer asks if he wants her to go invite Eve in person. JJ thinks it would help if it's not too much to ask. Jennifer agrees to do it. JJ suggests she go right now so she agrees. Jennifer hugs him goodbye and he thanks her as she exits. JJ then goes back to the cell phone.

Eve prepares a gift bag as her phone rings with a text from JJ pretending to be Cole, asking if she got his message and to text him at the number. Eve ignores it and puts her phone down so he texts again saying to text him now or they are screwed.

Sonny admits to Justin that he saw Paul. Sonny questions why Justin wants his marriage to fall apart. Justin says he just wants Sonny to be happy and thinks it's selfish of Will to leave town while trying to fix their marriage. Sonny calls him hypocritical. Justin argues that he's only concerned about him. Sonny doesn't want him trashing Will. Sonny says he has to go. Sonny tells him that he doesn't need to push so hard about Will as he then exits.

Paul goes to bring Sonny's shirt back. The babysitter answers the door, hoping to see Will. She tells Paul that nobody is here but her and Arianna and she has to take her to the hospital right now.

Daniel tells Serena that he has no idea what she's going to say. She tells him that it's about Xander. Daniel asks if she's afraid of him. She says no but it's difficult for her to open up about him especially if he was to find out or if she caused trouble for him with anyone. Daniel shuts the door and tells her to tell him whatever she can about Xander and he promises that it will never leave this room. Serena says okay and that the thing about Xander is that he's not at all what he appears to be.

Xander continues massaging Nicole's ankle and she tells him it's much better.

Cole tells Paige that she sounds crazy. Paige threatens to call the cops if he walks out.

Eve gets another text saying it's falling apart while she complains about Cole.

JJ waits for Eve to take the bait.

Paige's phone rings and she orders Cole not to move. She answers a call from Eve, who notes that she sounds stressed. Paige says she's just busy and her finals are over. Eve asks what's going on. Paige responds that she's talking to someone. Eve's doorbell rings so Paige tells her they will talk later and hangs up. Eve answers the door to see Jennifer, who asks if she has a minute as Eve's phone rings again. Jennifer tells her to go ahead if she needs to take it.

Paul asks what's wrong with Arianna. The babysitter explains that nothing is wrong but her sister broke her arm and she has to go to the hospital. She says she tried to get in touch with Sonny but she has to go. Paul tells her that he has Sonny's number and he can stay with Arianna. Paul assures her that everything will be alright.

Serena tells Daniel that Xander is very straightforward and likable with men but with women, he likes a challenge and can be very persuasive. She says that's her experience with him and she hasn't told Eric and wouldn't have told Daniel normally. She says she's seen what Nicole is about to see up close and personal.

Xander continues massaging Nicole until she suddenly says he fixed it and pulls away. Xander helps her back to her feet and they get close.

Paige asks Cole if he wants her to call the cops. Cole calls it nuts. Paige argues about what Cole did. Cole continues to deny it but asks if she thinks he hid around until they went upstairs leading Paige to question how he knew they went upstairs or that JJ's house even had stairs.

Eve tells Jennifer not to worry about the phone. Jennifer suggests it could be Paige but Eve quickly says it's not.

JJ gets a text from Jennifer that she's at Eve's door. JJ wonders why Eve isn't freaking out yet.

Eve tells Jennifer that she just got off the phone with Paige so that's not her. Eve's phone rings again so Jennifer asks if she's sure she doesn't want to just get it. Eve asks Jennifer what's on her mind as she tries to ignore the phone. Jennifer wanted to make sure her invitation to Paige's party was genuine. Eve says she is coming. Jennifer didn't know if she was just trying to be polite. Eve's phone continues ringing. Jennifer asks if she just wants to get it because they aren't going to give up and it may be an emergency. Eve goes and looks at the texts from JJ pretending to be Cole, saying people will find out what they did and she knows the stakes.

JJ paces as he waits for a response, texting Eve to text him now. Eve finally responds telling Cole to stay put and asks what he wants. JJ smiles and declares he's got her.

Paul calls Sonny and tells him what's going on. Sonny says he's stuck in traffic and says he'll cancel his meeting and turn around. Paul gives the phone to Natalie the babysitter, who apologizes to Sonny. She thanks him and hangs up. She gives Arianna to Paul, who assures that he will be fine as she exits.

Daniel tells Serena that he's learned that Nicole knows how to handle herself with all kinds of men. Serena responds that she won't worry then. Serena adds that she wasn't trying to trash her when she brought this up. She says now Daniel knows about her stuff with Xander. Daniel reminds her that it will stay with him. Daniel states that he needs to see a patient and thanks her for coming by as she exits. Serena walks on and says she doesn't believe Daniel will be silent and says she's going to do damage control. She calls Xander, interrupting as Xander and Nicole were about to kiss. Serena tells him that she needs to see him. Xander says it's not a great time but Serena says it can't wait and she's coming over now. Xander apologizes to Nicole and says he has to cut this short again because of business. Nicole says she has a lot of work to do too so she'll go. They agree to see each other soon as long as no one else knows. Nicole exits. Xander says to himself that Serena better have something important.

Jennifer asks Eve if everything is okay. Eve says it's fine and to just give her a second. Eve gets a text that Paige is suspicious and he can't protect her. Eve tells Jennifer that everything is good but she has to deal with this Theresa stuff and rushes her out the door. JJ continues texting Eve as Cole, saying he needs money. She responds telling him to go away.

Paige calls Cole a sick, jealous lunatic and questions how he could do something so messed up. She asks why he did it. Cole agrees to tell her.

JJ decides he needs more from Eve and texts her to help him leave town. Eve claims to have no clue what he's talking about and to lose her number. He demands help and threatens to tell Paige everything. Eve responds back that he can't. Eve then writes back saying for Cole to tell her what he needs. JJ smiles.

Nicole sits in her office, wondering why Xander has a picture of the elephant statue. She thinks back to walking in on Serena with it and finding out from Eric that there were two statues. Nicole mentions Daniel having one of the statues and wonders if she can get a closer look at it but she doesn't want Daniel going off on her about Serena and Eric. Nicole decides she cannot tell Daniel until she has something solid and that there has to be a way to play this.

Cole tells Paige that she's amazing and is with the worst guy she can be with. Cole argues that he's trying to help her but Paige tells him to shut up as he doesn't know JJ. Paige says she tried to be his friend and even defended him. Paige tells Cole to stay away from her and JJ.

JJ texts Eve as Cole to meet her in the park with $1000. Eve responds that she can't be seen with him. He tells her to leave the money in an envelope on the bench and promises she'll never see him again. Eve responds that she will be on her way. JJ gathers his things and exits. Eve wonders what she's doing and declares she can't trust Cole.

Serena goes to Xander's. Xander tells her it better be good. Serena says she doesn't want to be there. Xander calls it messy for Nicole to see her there. Serena brings up him dragging her there. Xander tells her to cut to the chase about what was so urgent. Xander then gets a call and answers the phone.

Nicole goes to Daniel's. He is surprised to see her and tells her that he thought she was at Xander's hotel. Nicole says she was interviewing him for the story on Brady. Daniel brings up her not wanting to interview him, Melanie, or Eric but went right to Xander who barely knows Brady. Nicole calls it a unique perspective. Nicole says there is something he should hear. Daniel says he heard it loud and clear that she wants a break from them. Daniel thinks it's an excellent idea and slams the door in her face.

Xander finishes his call and asks Serena what's going on. Serena starts to tell him but Xander notices that he hung up the call and it went straight to his photo gallery with a picture of the elephant statue which he says there's no way that should come up first.

Justin and John walk through the town square, talking about John finding out he has a grown son. Justin says he's really glad Paul came back for John's sake. John tells Justin that Paul plans to give Sonny and Will their space. Justin says he just wants what is best for his son like John must want too.

Paul plays with Arianna until Will comes home and is shocked to find Paul holding Arianna.

Jennifer comes home and finds the information packet for the prepaid cell phone that JJ was using. Paige then arrives and asks if JJ is there as it's important. Jennifer says he's not and asks if she can help. Paige says she just needs to talk to him. Jennifer says he'll be back and mentioned picking her up for lunch. Paige agrees to go check and walks away. Jennifer shuts the door and says Paige is going to be so surprised in a couple of hours.

Eve goes to the park with the envelope of money and leaves it on the bench. She then gets a call from Cole and says she delivered the money, leaving him confused. JJ then arrives in the park and takes a picture of Eve on his phone, declaring he's finally got her.

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