Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/15/15

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/15/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Agent Carson and the other man grab Marlena as Stefano ignores Chad's call.

Chad tells Abe that Stefano isn't answering. Abe tells him to try again so they can track the phone if he answers as Marlena's life may depend on it. Chad tries again to call but no answer. Chad insists that Stefano wouldn't hurt her.

Stefano watches as the two men bring Marlena to the window while she screams for Stefano to stop this.

Abigail stands in the park alone with her phone. Ben joins her and excitedly talks about passing a test in school. Abigail asks how everything is going and she is surprised about Ben changing his name back to Ben Weston. Ben says it's all ready to go through but Abigail questions him actually going through with it.

Jeremiah finishes showing Will around Poplar Bluff. Will thanks him but Jeremiah tells him that he still won't know anything about Clyde. Will says he'll interview him when he gets back. Jeremiah says he'll need to talk to the people.

Xander orders Serena to get out so she goes to leave as Nicole arrives.

Melanie comes home. Daniel asks how she's doing. Melanie says she's great. Daniel mentions the bone marrow transplant being done and he's headed to the hospital. Melanie tells him to have fun. Daniel suggests she come with him to see Brady and the baby but Melanie says she can't.

Theresa wakes up in her hospital bed with Brady at her side. Theresa asks about the baby and Brady assures that everything is okay.

Marlena continues to struggle with the two men as Chad tells Abe that Stefano isn't answering. Stefano orders the men to do it as Marlena screams no.

Roman joins Chad and Abe at the DiMera Mansion with a warrant. Roman tells Chad to keep trying as he and Abe go to search the mansion.

Marlena argues that Stefano can't do this as he knows this is wrong. Stefano asks if that's how Kristen pleaded for her life. Stefano finally answers Chad's call and tells him that he's busy, dealing with some long overdue business. Chad responds that he knows exactly what he's doing. Marlena shouts to stop him as he's going to kill her. Chad asks if that was Marlena. Stefano claims it was the television. Chad responds that it's not funny and he will not let him do this.

Will tells Jeremiah that it's clear that everyone in Poplar Bluff thinks highly of Clyde so he must have done a lot of good for the town. Jeremiah suggests they are just too scared to tell him the truth.

Ben doesn't know why Abigail is surprised since he told her he was doing this. Abigail didn't expect him to just do it. Ben says he's just taking back the name he was born with. Ben brings up Abigail having no objections before and asks if something changed.

Stefano claims not to know what Chad means. Chad says he knows he has Marlena and he cannot hurt her. Stefano tells him that it's about family. Chad says he's family and brings up that Marlena was going to murder four people to hold on to a stolen baby. Chad warns him to be careful how he uses the word family to justify another murder.

Nicole tells Serena that she is getting quotes from family members for her story on what Kristen did. Serena questions her being best friends with Brady and knowing Eric but coming to Xander. Serena guesses they won't talk and threatens to call Eric to let him know how desperate she is. Xander comes out from the back and thought Serena was done here.

Melanie tells Daniel that she's been texting with Brady and it's clear that his son is his priority and they don't want friends or family hovering around. Daniel points out that she's the one that got their child back. Daniel knows Brady wants Melanie to be a part of this big change in his life. Melanie says she will be later. Daniel encourages her to come to remind Brady how great his life is because of her. Melanie doesn't want to do the right thing. Daniel knows it's her decision and tells her to think about it as he exits.

Brady tells Theresa that the doctor said the transplant went well but they have to stay for a couple days to be monitored. Brady thanks her for going through it for their son. Theresa jokes that she actually did something for somebody else. Brady suggests she could surprise a lot of people including herself. She knows he would've done the same thing but she's glad she was the match. Theresa says she helped someone she loves and it's not a bad feeling. Brady calls it crazy that they didn't even know he existed and now there's nothing they wouldn't do for him. Theresa asks Brady to stay with her if he can.

Stefano doesn't want to listen but Chad insists this is all Kristen's fault. Chad questions him blaming Marlena instead of facing the truth about Kristen. Stefano tells him to save it because they know he can't stop him. Chad brings up Stefano telling him that he was the only child he had left so if he goes through with this, he'll no longer be his son. Stefano questions him turning on their family. Chad says he is just trying to save the only family he has left.

Serena tells Xander that she just stopped to chat with her visitor. Serena gets a text from Daniel asking if they can talk. Xander walks Serena out and tells her not to forget what they discussed. Xander heads back inside and tells Nicole this is a surprise. He says he'll let it go this time but she should call next time as he doesn't like surprises.

Jeremiah thought journalists were supposed to ask questions and dig instead of taking things at face value. He asks if Will wants to know the truth about Clyde or not.

Abigail tells Ben that she doesn't have objections but questions him going to do something like this when they are supposed to be together. Ben asks her what's really going on. She thinks back to kissing Chad.

Chad goes over Lexie, EJ, and Kristen all being dead so if he doesn't see Marlena safe in Salem then he will be as good as dead and he will devote his life to make sure the DiMera name has no honor or dignity. Stefano argues that he can't change that he's a DiMera. Chad says he loved Kristen but still despised what she did. He calls her insane. Stefano disagrees. Chad says he will hold Stefano responsible for this so he will be responsible for the end of the DiMera name.

Brady agrees to stay with Theresa. Brady goes to check with the nurses about when they can hold their son again and runs in to Daniel. Daniel tells Brady that it seems the procedure went well. Brady talks about not getting much time to talk and he knows last night was awkward but he couldn't leave Theresa. Daniel thinks everyone understands. Brady asks about Melanie as she then shows up. Brady hugs her and says it's really good to see her. Daniel goes to get some work done. Brady tells Melanie that he's missed her and kisses her. Melanie gives him a present for the baby and then promises she will leave but Brady wants her here. Melanie understands he needs time alone but Brady wants time with her. Brady says they can go see his son. Melanie brings up the procedure but Brady says he's fine and not taking no for an answer. Brady takes Melanie in to the room. Theresa thanks her for coming and claims she's so happy to see her.

Daniel goes to his office where Serena joins him and asks if he has a minute after getting his text. Serena asks about Melanie in a tough situation and asks how she can help. Daniel responds that it's not about her or Eric but about Xander.

Nicole tells Xander that she'll remember and understands he wants to keep their friendship quiet. Xander tells her that she doesn't need to worry about Serena as they came to an understanding long ago. Nicole brings up Serena threatening to tell Eric she was here. Xander assures that she won't. Nicole doesn't understand his relationship with her. Xander asks if she needs to and hopes she'd be more in to their relationship. Nicole brings up how they got interrupted last time. Xander says a lot has happened since then and reveals he saw the fireworks between her and Daniel at Victor's. Nicole says she doesn't have to tell him that it's over then. Xander responds that he thinks the display showed that they don't have much to say to each other except goodbye.

Ben questions Abigail making a big deal out of this and asks if she's ashamed of being with a Weston then says it's not like he's changing his name to DiMera.

Stefano continues to claim Marlena's family should be hearing from her soon. Chad hopes so and hangs up. Stefano turns back to Marlena as the two men hold her with her mouth covered at the window.

Theresa tells Melanie that there is something they want her to know before anyone else. She calls it kind of a big deal. Theresa says she and Brady talked and they want her to hear it directly from them, leaving Melanie confused.

Daniel comments on Serena being so friendly with Xander earlier and knowing each other for a long time but then Eric just told him that they weren't really friends at all so he's confused.

Xander thinks it would best if Nicole left. Nicole admits maybe she does still have feelings for Daniel but it's clear that it's not going to work at all. Nicole complains that things are going to hell with Daniel and now she's not getting to have any fun with Xander. Xander asks if that's what she wants. Nicole responds that she wants to have long talks about feelings. Nicole brings up him asking questions and seeming interested when they first met but now she's not so sure. Xander stops her but Nicole says it's time to stop hanging out with impossible men. Xander says if it really is over with her and Daniel and she wants to have fun and keep it between them then they can. Xander suggests ordering champagne and picking up where they left off. Nicole agrees. Xander calls for room service and orders champagne as Nicole eyes his cell phone.

Theresa informs Melanie that they have decided on a name for the baby and if it was a girl, they would've gone with Melanie. Theresa says they thought about Melvin but it wasn't the same. Brady mentions just wanting the baby to have his own name that didn't come from anything else. Theresa announces that they went with Tate. Theresa explains that it means cheerful and happiness which they are because of her so they named him in honor of her.

Will asks what Jeremiah is saying. Jeremiah tells him that the truth is Clyde was a son of a bitch who put his kids through hell. Jeremiah adds that he was a real mean drunk and a lot of people paid for it. Jeremiah tells Will not to run away from it if he wants to be a real writer and tell people who Clyde really is. Jeremiah exits. Will states that he can't as he looks at a photo of Sonny and Arianna on his phone.

Ben apologizes to Abigail. Abigail questions if he's going to take a cheap shot about her and EJ every time they have an argument. Ben just doesn't understand why she's getting upset. Abigail decides they should just talk later before they say something they regret. Ben says whatever and walks off.

Roman and Abe return to Chad to ask if he had any luck getting through with Stefano. Chad says he hopes so but he's not sure. Chad says he has a meeting and they know the way out. Chad leaves, saying he has to get out of this house.

Stefano tells the men to let Marlena go so they do.

Will makes a call, saying he wants a flight out early tonight instead of tomorrow as he finished his business early. Jeremiah listens from nearby.

Ben sits alone in the town square.

Abigail finishes a call as Chad appears in the park.

Marlena calls Roman from the plane and he asks if she's alright. Marlena says she will be home soon. Roman asks what happened and if it was Stefano. Stefano takes the phone and hangs up, telling the plane to take off now.

Brady tells Melanie that he has more to talk about but promises it's all good as he hugs her.

Serena tells Daniel that it's not that she doesn't like Xander but that Eric liked him better than she did. Serena jokes that she's not as nice as him. Serena is glad that's cleared up. Daniel asks if it is and brings up her being uncomfortable with Xander being at his place before like she had an issue with him. Serena doesn't know what he's getting at. Daniel wants to know if she has an issue with him since he doesn't know him that well. Daniel comments on Xander seeming so polite now but maybe Serena doesn't see him that way. Serena doesn't get why he's asking her. Daniel is just trying to understand. Serena says she doesn't want to talk about it.

Nicole and Xander talk about the champagne as they sit together. Nicole likes his definition of fun and asks him to reassure her one more time that Serena will keep her mouth shut about them. He says he'll make sure of it. Nicole mentions having to be discreet about how they get in touch. Nicole suggests taking a picture of him on his phone and putting it with her number so he can remember this night every time she calls and they'll make a new moment every time. Nicole takes a photo of him and then trips, hurting her leg. Xander agrees to go get her some ice. He leaves and she quickly gets up to look through his phone.

Stefano asks Marlena if she remembers the last time they were on a plane together as they flashback to that time. Marlena tells him that he's doing the right thing. Stefano argues that the right thing would be leaving her body at the bottom of the cliff. Marlena asks what Chad said to him. Stefano tells her that's none of her concern but she owes her life to his son.

Abigail notes that Chad is upset. Chad says he's sick of being upset. Chad says she was right when she left the other night. Chad adds that if she's smart, she'll stay as far away from him as possible because she deserves so much better than him. Ben appears in the bushes and watches as Chad walks away.

Melanie thanks Brady for letting her see his son. Brady thanks her for being there and says he'll look forward to tonight. They kiss goodbye as she leaves through the elevator. Brady reaches into his pocket and pulls out a ring.

Theresa holds her baby Tate and tells him that his dad will be right back and they will never be separated from him ever again.

Serena apologizes and claims she doesn't like offering her opinions on other people. Daniel insists and asks what she's not saying. Serena tells him if he wants to know about Xander, to talk to Nicole because she's the one who is with Xander right now.

Nicole hopes Xander takes his time as she looks through his phone but doesn't know what she's looking for. She then finds a photo on his phone of the elephant statue.

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