Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/14/15

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/14/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Serena imagines waking up in bed with Xander and then stabbing him in the chest.

Nicole sits in her office and thinks back to almost kissing Xander then breaking things off with Daniel and wonders what is wrong with her. Nicole says she wants to be with Daniel but pushes him away to help Eric because it's the right thing to do. She adds that if Xander doesn't take the bait then it's all for nothing. She then decides it's not because she's going to figure out what Xander and Serena are up to before she breaks Eric's heart or worse. She calls Xander, who says he's been thinking about her but he's in the middle of something so he'll call her later. Eric then enters Nicole's office and asks why she's calling Xander.

Xander finds Daniel at the hospital and asks if he has a second as he has a question.

Melanie mentions being at the castle when Kristen died and says she's sorry. Chad says Marlena gave him information but he thinks she was afraid to give him all of it because she thought he couldn't handle it. Chad needs to know what happened and wants Melanie to tell him everything. Melanie argues that it won't help anything but Chad says he needs to know how his sister died.

Roman finishes a call in his office as Abe enters and asks what's going on. Roman responds that he has a bad feeling about Marlena.

Marlena calls it insane. Stefano calls it justice and asks for one reason that he shouldn't kill her the same way she killed Kristen. Marlena questions this being how he wants to end it after all they have been through over the years.

Serena says to herself if only it was a simple as putting a knife through Xander's heart. She says she needs to stop running scared as he needs to know she's not afraid of him anymore. Serena then walks out of the town square.

Xander asks Daniel about Brady's son's bone marrow transplant. Daniel says they are still preparing. Xander says Victor wanted to know if anyone needed anything. Daniel says he told Victor he would update him and he will. Xander then asks about Nicole.

Nicole tells Eric that she talked to Brady and is still shocked about what happened with Kristen. Nicole says her boss is making her do a story so she's going to make it positive and vague. Eric asks what it has to do with Xander. Nicole claims she doesn't want it to have to do with Brady and Xander is his cousin. Eric points out that he's his brother and Daniel is the doctor involved so he questions what it has to do with Xander. Nicole claims she doesn't want to bug anyone. Eric asks if she really thinks he doesn't know what's going on.

Melanie goes over not believing everything would be true but then having to tell Brady and he ended up tracking down Kristen. Melanie says maybe Kristen wouldn't have died if she wasn't so obsessed with finding out about Dr. Mandrake. Chad says she's right but then Brady and Theresa never would've known about their child. He asks if she regrets what she did. Melanie regrets how things turned out for Kristen. Chad asks about how it turns out for her since the baby will bond Brady and Theresa forever.

Abe asks Roman what's wrong. Roman says he hasn't been able to get in touch with Marlena for 24 hours and she didn't respond about going to see Arianna. Roman feels something is off as she's not home and not answering her phone. Abe asks if he checked with Brady, Theresa, and Melanie. Roman says he has but hasn't told John in case it's nothing. Roman has a gut feeling that something's not right and Marlena is in trouble.

Stefano tells Marlena that she killed his daughter so how would she have it end. Marlena doesn't think this is about Kristen. Marlena says she knows him better than anyone and she thinks it's about her. Marlena thinks he's finally found a way and an excuse to rid himself of her and his obsession. Stefano stops her and suggests a trip down memory lane.

Melanie is sorry for Chad and how things turned out for Kristen but not for telling Brady because he deserved the truth. Chad feels he deserves to know what really happened and knows she's trying to protect him like Marlena. Chad says he can handle the truth. Melanie tells him that Kristen had them all locked up in a castle and planned to kill them. Melanie says it wasn't Marlena's fault and they struggled. Melanie adds that if Kristen didn't fall, she would've killed them all.

Abe tells Roman that Marlena's assistant canceled all her appointments. Roman declares that Stefano is behind this.

Marlena says memory lane would be recalling all the times Stefano tormented her and her family. Marlena says this time is different because people know this place. Stefano argues that she thought she got away with killing Kristen so he will have no problem getting away with killing her.

Daniel tells Xander that Nicole is fine and asks why. Xander still feels bad for asking her out and hopes he didn't cause any problems between them. Daniel says of course not. Xander calls Nicole fantastic and Daniel close to family. Daniel says they're fine and thanks him. Daniel mentions going to get some coffee so Xander offers to join him.

Nicole tells Eric that she told him about her and Daniel arguing because she kept things from him. Nicole says they aren't seeing eye to eye so he would be upset if she was looking for information. Eric reminds her that she can still come to him. Nicole feels that it was easier to go to Xander. Eric questions her acting defensive. Eric hates to see Nicole ruin her great thing with Daniel over someone she barely knows. Nicole responds that Xander not being Daniel might not be a bad thing. Eric calls her a lousy liar. Nicole denies lying but Eric says something is going on with Xander that has nothing to do with the story on Brady. Nicole says if he wants to know the truth, she will tell him. Nicole imagines telling Eric what she knows about Serena and Xander leading to Eric getting furious with her. Eric tells her that he's waiting and asks what's wrong.

Daniel fills Xander in on what happened with Melanie at the club. Serena enters and sees them together. Xander talks to Daniel about Victor being like a father to him. Serena joins them and tells Xander that she would love to know more about his childhood since they never discussed his family in Africa.

Roman asks if they have enough for a warrant but Abe says he's not waiting to find out and he's going straight to the source.

Melanie tells Chad that she's sorry. Chad says she told him exactly what he wanted to hear. Melanie insists that his family is not who he is. Chad brings up when he blackmailed Gabi or tried to rush Melanie in to marriage. Chad goes over everything with Abigail. Chad says to face that he's a DiMera through and through. Melanie says she's made big mistakes in her life too. Melanie adds that nothing he's done has come close to what Stefano, Kristen, or EJ have done. Chad corrects with nothing he's done yet.

Marlena questions her family being the cause of all Stefano's misery. Marlena brings up all his threats and how she's still here. They flashback to several times of their past. Marlena insists he has an obsession with her.

Nicole tells Eric that maybe there is more to it like she flirted with Xander to make Daniel jealous or just wanted to have some fun. Nicole says she's off limits to Xander since he considers Daniel family. Nicole says she just never gives up and apologizes for never living up to people like he and Daniel. Nicole asks what Eric wants to talk about. Eric says he just wanted to make sure she wasn't doing the story on Brady. Nicole says now she is and thanks him for stopping by. Eric then exits. Nicole tells herself that she needs to find the proof so she can finally tell him the truth.

Serena brings up overhearing Xander's family connection and how they are all together now. Serena says one day she can get filled in on the family. Daniel decides to get going. Serena tells him to tell Melanie that she's thinking of her and wants to go to dinner. Serena suggests they join them too. Daniel tells her to let her know and exits. Xander demands Serena come with him now.

Melanie brings up Chad not even knowing he was a DiMera until a couple years ago and if he never found out, he wouldn't worry about turning out like Stefano. Chad still would've felt like a screw up. Melanie didn't think he was a guy to sit around feeling sorry for himself. Melanie tells him to stop worrying and be the man he wants to be. Melanie hopes he makes the right choice. Chad stops her and says he didn't mean to make it all about him as he knows she's gone through hell. Chad hopes things work out for her and Brady and she gets everything she wants because she deserves it. Melanie thanks him and then exits.

Stefano mocks Marlena for her diagnosis and says it's his turn now. Stefano argues that Marlena canonized herself and calls her a liar. Stefano says he's been called a murderer while his hands are clean and asks about hers. They flashback to past times where Marlena shot, drugged, and injected Stefano as well as when she was possessed by a demon. Marlena argues that he knows she wasn't in her right mind then. Stefano mocks the devil making her do it then says the truth is that she is the devil.

Xander takes Serena to his hotel room and questions what that was all about. Serena says she was just having a little fun with him. Xander calls it not funny. Serena calls it revealing. Serena says she knows that when he's sickeningly nice to a woman, he wants to get her in bed but when he is to a man, it's because he can't stand him. She questions why he hates Daniel.

Nicole runs into Daniel in the town square. She mentions Brady telling her everything that happened and realizes that Daniel was trying to tell her before. She apologizes. Daniel says he should've let her go instead of trying to force her to listen. Nicole says she wanted to hear but was too stubborn to admit it. Daniel blames himself and they joke about both being sorry. Daniel asks if there is any chance they could have dinner tonight.

Abe goes to see Chad. Chad asks about Theo. Abe says he'll bring him by soon and they're both sorry about his loss. Chad asks what's going on. Abe says he's trying to track down Stefano. Chad says he can't help him as he doesn't know where he is now. Chad asks what's going on. Abe thinks he might have Marlena.

Marlena asks why Stefano calls her the devil and if it's because she'd do anything to protect the people she loves. Marlena argues that they have that in common and when EJ married Sami, they couldn't pretend to be one big happy family but they didn't have to pretend to love their grandchildren. Marlena says they are both a part of them and wouldn't change them for anything. Marlena brings up losing a child and knowing how it feels so she knows what Stefano is feeling. Stefano tells her not to tell him what he feels. She asks if he'll feel any better if he hurts her. Stefano says he does since she tried to kill him the same way and succeeded in killing his daughter. Marlena calls it an accident. Stefano declares now it's his turn. Marlena states that it would be cold-blooded, premeditated murder. Marlena brings up Stefano says the grandchildren don't need her and asks if he really thinks they need him. Marlena asks how they'll feel when they find out he took their grandmother away from them forever.

Daniel knows they have a lot to talk about. Nicole tells him that she does want to talk but she's working on this huge story and knows he's busy with the bone marrow transplant so she'll call him in a few days. Nicole apologizes and wishes they could do it sooner. Daniel agrees to be in touch. Nicole tells herself that this has to be worth it and then she and Daniel will be together.

Xander asks why he would hate Daniel when he's practically family. Serena brings up Xander never talking about family while in Africa. Xander yells at her that she doesn't know what it means and tells her to shut up.

Chad questions what makes Abe think that Stefano has Marlena. Abe responds that she's missing. Abe brings up Sydney and Johnny. Abe says Chad needs to tell him anything he knows. Chad admits that Marlena came to see him to tell him what happened to Kristen but that's it. Chad mentions telling Stefano about it but he didn't say anything to make him think. Chad notes that Stefano did seem much calmer. Abe insists that Chad get in touch with him because he's all he has left. Abe says Stefano didn't get revenge for EJ's death so he's going to go after Marlena. Chad understands it was an accident after talking to Melanie. Abe asks if Stefano could be persuaded to see it that way so Chad makes the call.

Stefano agrees that his grandchildren would never forgive him but they will never know. Stefano calls Agent Carson and tells Marlena to make her peace because now she dies. Stefano instructs Carson to throw Marlena out the window now.

Eric goes to Daniel's and brings him photos of Parker. Eric asks about the bone marrow transplant. Daniel says it's going smoothly so far and he doesn't expect any complications. Daniel mentions having coffee with Xander and how Serena showed up and invited them all out to dinner. Eric questions her inviting Xander since Serena doesn't like him at all.

Serena asks Xander if she hit a nerve. He calls her a fool if she thinks she can play at his level. He orders her to get out so she goes to leave as Nicole arrives.

Agent Carson and another man grab Marlena as she struggles with them. Stefano sees Chad's call but doesn't answer.

Chad tells Abe that Stefano isn't answering. Abe tells him to try again so they can track the phone if he answers as Marlena's life may depend on it. Chad tries again to call but no answer. Chad insists that Stefano wouldn't hurt her.

Stefano watches as the two men bring Marlena to the window while she screams for Stefano to stop this.

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