Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/13/15

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/13/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Hope and Rafe sit at the club and talk. Hope thanks him for his help on a case. Rafe reminds her not to let Clyde cause problems for her and Aiden. Ciara interrupts and tells Rafe that Hope and Aiden are not boyfriend and girlfriend anymore because Hope blew it.

Clyde meets with Aiden in his office. Aiden thinks back to arguing with Hope about not dropping his client. Aiden tells Clyde that there is something they need to talk about first.

Abigail and Melanie meet in the town square and catch up on everything with Brady and Theresa. Melanie says things are a little weird and asks how Abigail is doing. Abigail claims she's fine but Melanie doesn't believe it and asks what's going on.

Chad thinks about kissing Abigail until Kate comes in. Chad figures she heard about him hiring Lucas and tells her to take her best shot.

Sonny talks to Will on the phone and asks him how Poplar Bluff is. Will says it's boring and he's ready to come home. Sonny asks why he changed his mind about writing the piece but Will calls it complicated. Sonny has a knock on the door and is surprised to see Paul arrive.

Marlena is asleep on the plane as Agent Carson sits nearby.

Sonny tells Will that he has to get going and will talk to him later. Will says he'll call as soon as he knows when he'll be back. Will says he loves him and hangs up. Paul tells Sonny that he and John got in late last night. Sonny mentions Will being out of town and asks if that's why he came. Paul says he assumed Will would be there and that's why he came. Arianna cries so Sonny goes to get her while Paul looks over at their family photo.

Marlena wakes up and questions what Agent Carson put in her tea. He tells her that she'll be fine and they've landed. She asks where they are now. He responds that she'll be answering questions about the death of Kristen DiMera.

Rafe asks Ciara to get him a chocolate croissant so she goes to get it. Rafe asks Hope how she blew things with Aiden and if it has anything to do with Clyde. Hope responds that it does.

Aiden tells Clyde that a situation popped up in his personal life. Clyde asks if he means his son, pointing out the photo on his desk. Aiden talks about coaching his baseball team. Clyde talks about it being a blessing to spend that time with his son. Clyde asks about how old Chase was when his mother passed. Aiden says he was five and Clyde relates that Ben was around that age too. Clyde wishes he had that time but says he has a second chance to make it up and will give Ben everything he never had. Ben then arrives. Aiden didn't realize he'd be joining them. Clyde tells Aiden to wait until Ben tells him why he's here.

Abigail tells Melanie that her life is confusing lately. Melanie thought things were great with Ben. Abigail responds that Ben is great but something in his past kind of threw her. She calls it nothing major but it made her realize there's a lot she doesn't know about Ben. Melanie asks if there is something else because she can talk to her about anything. Abigail says not about this. Melanie figures out that it's Chad.

Kate admits she wasn't thrilled by Lucas's news. Chad blames Kate for getting Victor to fire Lucas. Kate calls it a good move. Chad waits to hear some threats but Kate says there are none. Kate says she came to tell him how sorry she is. Chad calls it a new approach. Kate says it couldn't have been easy to lose Kristen this way.

Paul comments on Arianna growing. Sonny lets Paul hold her. Sonny asks about him coming because he thought Will would be there. Paul says he just wanted the awkward stuff out of the way. Sonny reveals he didn't tell Will that Paul was coming back. Paul asks why not but Sonny doesn't have an answer as Arianna spills her milk on Paul. Sonny says he'll clean it off for him so Paul takes his shirt off. Sonny then tells him that he didn't tell Will because he was going out of town and he didn't want to stir things up before he left. Paul knows Will won't be happy about this. Sonny says he can't be mad about him wanting to know his dad. Sonny adds that he told Will that they don't have much of a marriage if Paul being around is such a threat. Sonny repeats that he's committed to Will. Paul talks about hearing what he wanted to hear. Sonny says he'll always care about him as they had something special and he'll never forget it. Paul notes that Sonny taught him it was okay to love another man. Paul says as much as he wants him back in his life, he just wants Sonny to be happy.

Will asks the waitress in Poplar Bluff if she has a few minutes to talk to him for his article which excites her.

Hope tells Rafe that it's hard for her to believe that Aiden can't see Clyde how they do. Rafe notes that Clyde knows how to turn on the charm. Hope feels Aiden should be able to see through it. Hope compares it to how she and Bo were always on the same side in work and it's so different with Aiden. Rafe hopes that she doesn't let Clyde ruin this for her with Aiden. Hope doesn't know how to fix it. Rafe tells her to forget about Clyde and focus on Aiden. Rafe adds that she won't have success with Clyde as he's like Stefano. Hope is surprised to hear him put Clyde in Stefano's league. Rafe tells her not to let this go on and fix things with Aiden. Ciara returns and agrees. Hope thanks him.

Ben informs Aiden that he's decided he wants to go back to the last name he was born with. Aiden calls it a simple matter. Ben talks about using a lot of different names in the past. Aiden asks if he's sure this is what he wants. Ben confirms as Clyde mentions he never thought he'd see this day. Clyde adds that Ben is going to make him proud of the Weston name.

Abigail admits to Melanie that she went to see Chad yesterday to offer her condolences about Kristen. Melanie states that was really nice of her but figures there's more to it. Abigail says she felt so bad for him and then she hugged and they kissed but then stopped. Melanie asks if she didn't want him to stop.

Chad tells Kate that he's gotten all the sympathy he needs. Kate feels he's still too young to have suffered so much loss. Chad says he knows how she felt about Kristen. Kate says she's still sorry for his loss. Chad says he still has Stefano which Kate calls the biggest tragedy of all.

Agent Carson brings Marlena back to where Kristen died. Marlena questions him and complains about being drugged. He tells her to stay put as Marlena looks out the window where Kristen fell. Stefano then appears behind her.

Abigail feels like a bad person and wonders what's wrong with her. Melanie suggests the old chemistry just came back but she stopped because she loves Ben. Abigail doesn't want to talk about it anymore. Melanie suggests retail therapy. Abigail agrees. Melanie mentions Arianna's second birthday coming up so they go shopping.

Chad figures the real reason Kate came by was to still try and get him to turn on Stefano. Kate says she couldn't care less about Stefano but she cares about Chad. Chad responds that they are nothing as he is not her son.

Hope has to get Ciara to school and Rafe has to get to work. Hope says they'll talk when she gets back. Rafe exits. Ciara asks Hope if she's going to talk to Aiden. Hope says she will after she drops her off at school. Ciara hugs her.

Aiden gets a text from Chase with a photo of them, Hope, and Ciara. Aiden then looks at Hope's number on his phone.

Will talks to the waitress about wanting a feel for what the people of Poplar Bluff really think. She tells him that he's come to the right place. Will is curious to hear what the locals think of former resident Clyde Weston. She changes her tune and suddenly says she has to get back to work.

Sonny brings Paul a clean shirt and says he's glad he came by to say what they needed to say. Paul adds that he'll be careful when Will comes back. Paul comments on Will's career doing well. Sonny wishes he would stop writing about local people since it stirs people up. Paul holds Arianna again as Melanie and Abigail arrive with presents for Arianna. Melanie assumes Will is there but they are surprised to see it's Paul.

Marlena says she should've known Stefano would be there. Stefano talks about growing up not far from here and mentions the view out the window being the last thing Kristen saw. Marlena says she's sorry and it can't be easy for him to be there. Stefano states that life is not easy right now. Stefano calls it a very difficult few years. Marlena assumes he wants her to explain what happened. Stefano laughs and calls that interesting.

Hope goes to Aiden's office. Aiden is surprised to see her. Hope apologizes for last night while Aiden feels he should've understood she was just trying to make things easier for them. Hope says she's going to Chicago on a case and didn't want to leave things like that. Aiden talks about how Clyde won't be the only client that comes up like this. Hope suggests maybe they are better off as just friends then. Aiden responds that he was thinking the same thing.

Melanie and Abigail ask about Paul being back in Salem. Paul reveals to them that his father is John which shocks them. Melanie realizes that means he's Brady's half brother. Paul notes that Brady didn't take the news very well. Melanie says he's going through a lot. Paul thought Theresa was Brady's girlfriend but they correct him that it's Melanie. Paul realizes Melanie is Daniel's daughter. Melanie calls the whole thing a hard thing to understand.

Kate feels she and Chad have a connection. Kate talks about helping Chad navigate his way in to the DiMera family. Chad says she's not married to Stefano anymore and there's not a lot of family left. Kate feels some people stay in the orbit. Kate says she should resent Chad but they have a bond that keeps her from having those feelings. Kate knows he's in pain and tells him that she's here for him. Chad thanks her. Kate says that's all she had to say. Kate adds that she will get him back for making her son her competition. Chad wouldn't expect anything less as Kate exits.

Marlena assumes Stefano has been briefed by the authorities and read the reports. Marlena talks about losing a child. Stefano says that was years ago and maybe he needs to refresh her memory.

Aiden tells Hope how grateful he is for everything they had and hopes they can still be friends. They shake hands. Hope wishes him luck but Aiden changes his mind and kisses her.

Clyde's worker Jeremiah enters the restaurant while he's on the phone with Clyde and tells him that he's looking at Will now and knows just what to do. Kate joins Clyde and he calls her a sight for sore eyes as they kiss. Jeremiah approaches Will and asks if he's the writer. Clyde happily tells Kate that he got his son back.

Rafe approaches Ben in the town square and asks what he's up to. Ben informs him that he's changing his name again. Rafe thought those days were behind him. Ben says they are and shows him the papers that he's changing back to Ben Weston.

Chad sits at home and looks at the photo of Kristen. He thinks back to Stefano telling him to keep what happened a secret until he knows everything. Chad picks up his phone.

Paul realizes he has a nephew too as Melanie welcomes him to Salem. Paul wonders if he should go back to the hospital to try and straighten things out with Brady but Melanie suggests waiting. Melanie gets a text message and says she has something to take care of. Melanie tells Paul to give Brady another shot because he's a great guy. She says it was so nice to meet him and then hurries out. Paul decides he's going to head out too. Paul is glad they got to talk and Sonny is too. Paul says bye to Arianna and that it was great seeing Abigail again. Paul exits. Abigail asks Sonny about Paul being back.

Marlena questions if Stefano is threatening her children. Stefano brings up an eye for an eye. Marlena calls him a bastard and says what happened with Kristen was an accident but if he's threatening Sami, she reminds him that she's the mother of his grandchildren. Stefano says that's why he won't harm Sami but declares those children don't need Marlena at all.

Aiden and Hope continue kissing until the phone rings. Aiden answers and says he'll be with him in a minute. Aiden apologizes to Hope but his next appointment is here. They continue kissing and agree on no more of this craziness. They kiss goodbye and Hope exits.

Clyde says he was thinking he was the last of the Weston family but now there's a future again because he got his son back. Clyde wants to make sure that Ben's life is everything he wants it to be.

Ben tells Rafe that it's a done deal as he was born a Weston. Ben knows Rafe doesn't like it. Rafe says it's his choice and asks what Jordan thinks about it. Ben says she doesn't run things in his life but he is going to tell her, he just hasn't gotten around to it yet.

Abigail wonders how Will reacted to Paul being back. Sonny explains that Will is out of town so he doesn't know Paul is back. Abigail knows how difficult it can be when things get complicated. Abigail mentions the way Paul looked at him. Sonny says every time he thinks things are getting better with he and Will, he goes off and does something that drives him nuts. Sonny knows it's not easy but they are going to work on it and won't give up. Sonny declares that they will figure out a way to make things work.

Jeremiah tells Will that he heard he's writing about Clyde and has been asking all kinds of questions about him. Will tells him that he's doing his job and insists Clyde knows all about it. Jeremiah tells him to come with him right now.

Melanie goes to see Chad. He thanks her for coming. Chad says he heard about Brady and Theresa. Melanie mentions being at the castle when Kristen died and says she's sorry. Chad says Marlena gave him information but he thinks she was afraid to give him all of it because she thought he couldn't handle it. Chad needs to know what happened and wants Melanie to tell him everything.

Marlena tells Stefano that he could've killed her in Salem if he wanted revenge. Stefano argues that she wouldn't die seeing what Kristen saw out the window. Marlena calls it insane. Stefano calls it justice and asks for one reason that he shouldn't kill her the same way she killed Kristen.

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