Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/12/15

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/12/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Melanie talks on the phone at home to her mom, assuring her that everything is fine after what happened in Italy. Maggie enters and informs her that everything is not fine and she needs to go see Brady.

Brady says they are doing whatever it takes to keep the baby healthy. Theresa apologizes and says she just gets a little scared sometimes as she hugs Brady until Daniel walks in.

Jennifer and Abigail sit together in the town square. Abigail asks what she should know. Jennifer tells her that it's very serious and involves a lot of people. Jennifer informs Abigail that Kristen was killed. Abigail immediately worries about Chad and what it will do to him as he barely got over losing EJ. Abigail wants to go see him but Jennifer tells her to wait.

Stefano calls Chad and asks if he's alone because he has terrible news. Chad responds that he already knows as Marlena told him everything that happened to Kristen.

Marlena is surrounded by three men in suits in the park. She tells them to get out of her way but one of them says they cannot do that.

Eve complains that Cole did the opposite of what she told him and questions her threatening him. Eve grabs Cole to force him out of her apartment as Paige arrives at the door. Paige questions why Cole is there since she already sent him the notes for the final. Paige asks if this is about JJ.

JJ reaches into his bag and finds the bag of weed. JJ declares it has to be Eve and wonders what she won't do to ruin his life. JJ puts the bag back as Rory arrives. Rory asks what's wrong as JJ brings him in and shows him the weed. Rory tells him that he's lucky his bag wasn't searched. JJ says he's throwing it in the river as soon as he can get to the park. Rory calls it a waste. JJ says someone is trying to set him up and his prints are on it now. JJ blames Eve but Rory was thinking it had to be Cole.

Cole tells Paige that he couldn't download the notes. Paige says he could've just texted her. Eve tells Cole that he can go now but Cole stops and asks Paige why she thought him being here had anything to do with JJ.

Melanie tells Maggie that she's talking to Brady through text now. She doesn't want to get in the way of the focus on the child. Maggie encourages her but Melanie tells her to be honest that everything has changed.

Brady tells Theresa that Daniel is on the baby's medical team which she didn't know. Daniel says he's been monitoring him and everything is fine for the bone marrow transplant but Theresa is not okay with Daniel being on the case.

Jennifer tells Abigail that she thinks someone should go with her to see Chad like Will or Sonny. Abigail questions her being afraid for her being alone with Chad. Abigail asks what she thinks is going to happen while Chad is mourning his sister. Abigail insists that she can be trusted alone with Chad and claims she knows how to deal with any man. Abigail adds that she's not the naive person she once was. Jennifer just didn't want her to confuse the grieving Chad for who he really is. Abigail says she'd just be offering her sympathy for someone she used to be really close with so she thinks it's the right thing to do. Abigail tells her not to worry and then leaves.

Stefano questions Marlena being there. Chad explains that she wanted him to hear what happened to Kristen from her and it sounds like Kristen really lost it. Stefano responds that he'll be in touch and hangs up.

Marlena asks the men what this is about. One man reveals himself as Agent Carson from the FBI and says it's in regards to the events in Italy. Marlena tries to call her lawyer but he says no calls now and she needs to come with them so they escort her away.

Rory tells JJ that everybody knows Cole has a thing for Paige. Rory then brings up Roxanne as a possibility. JJ tells Rory to go and opens the door as Jennifer arrives and asks if something else happened.

Paige says someone tried to make trouble for JJ today so that's why she asked but it was just a prank that didn't go anywhere. Cole thanks her for the notes and exits. Paige asks how Cole seemed when he got there. Eve doesn't know and thought she wanted to talk about JJ. Eve says there is something very serious that they need to talk about.

Maggie tells Melanie that Brady and Theresa have their child because of her. Maggie praises all that Melanie did. Melanie says she loves Brady more than anything in the world. Maggie assures that Brady feels the same. Melanie then agrees that she should go see him so they exit.

Brady and Theresa sit with Daniel in his office. Daniel explains that the baby would need a surgeon but says that it doesn't have to be him. Daniel adds that the sooner something is done the better so some decisions should be made quickly. Brady thought he had decided. Theresa asks for five minutes alone with Daniel so Brady exits. Theresa says she saw the look Daniel gave when he saw them hugging but they were just comforting each other. Theresa declares that she doesn't want him anywhere near her or her baby. Daniel says they can have another surgeon immediately. Theresa brings up that look he gave her again. Daniel says they don't have to have this discussion. Theresa doesn't want him sharing suspicions with Melanie and talks about being grateful to her. Daniel says he wasn't planning on telling Melanie and brings up not buying her speech before. Theresa knows he hates her and he's probably not thrilled. Daniel responds that he's very happy they found their son. Daniel says any other feelings he has about this do not matter. Theresa agrees. Daniel adds that Melanie's feelings do matter a lot. Theresa then exits.

Maggie and Melanie arrive at the hospital and look in the window of the hospital room. Brady comes out and greets them. Brady tells them that they are getting the baby squared away for the bone marrow transplant. Caroline arrives looking for Theresa. Brady shows her to her great grandson. Caroline calls it such a blessing for Brady and Theresa.

Eve fills in on Paige with everything with Theresa. Paige calls it scary but a miracle. Eve explains how Shane and Kimberly don't even know yet. Paige is glad Eve was there for her then. Eve talks about being with Theresa and then Cole just showed up. Paige wonders if all he wanted were the notes. Eve says she doesn't know but maybe he wanted to hang out with her. Paige wonders why he showed up here instead of her dorm. Eve doesn't know and switches the subject back to Theresa needing them. Paige agrees that she must be overwhelmed. Eve jokes about Theresa taking care of a newborn so decides she'll go get some things for her. Eve asks if Paige has something she wanted to talk about. Paige brings up that she still hasn't told her what went down with JJ. Paige asks if Eve wants to know.

JJ tells Jennifer that nothing is wrong and he was just filling Rory in on what happened. Jennifer says she needs to talk to JJ for a few minutes so Rory exits. JJ asks what she wants to talk about. Jennifer says she couldn't stop thinking about the tip and wants to know who did it and why. Jennifer says she first thought Eve but then decided it's too desperate of a move for her. Jennifer talks about how that would just bring he and Paige closer together so it's not just some innocent prank. JJ stops her and says there is something he should tell her.

Abigail goes to see Chad. Chad asks what now. Abigail tells him that she just found out about Kristen and she's so sorry. Chad calls it the DiMera Curse striking again. Abigail realizes that he knew before when she was here and that's why he acted how he did. Chad says it doesn't matter. Abigail asks why he didn't tell her before. Chad asks what she would've done. Abigail says she's his friend. Abigail adds that Sonny wanted to come see him too but Arianna is sick and Will is out of town. Chad questions her telling Sonny. Abigail says people are going to find out as he's been through so much and needs his friends.

Theresa greets Caroline with a hug. Caroline can't believe she's a mom. Theresa tells her about oweing it all to Melanie. Daniel comes back out. Theresa thanks him for being so understanding and suggests he catch Brady up as she takes Caroline in to see the baby. Daniel asks Brady to come talk in his office. Brady wants Melanie and Maggie to come too since he owes Melanie everything.

Eve thought Paige said it was nothing but a prank. Paige says it was still screwed up and tells her about the tip called in being a total lie and JJ had to defend himself in front of Roman and his family. Eve says it's okay if it all worked out. Eve decides she'll go shop for Theresa and Paige can study for her finals. Eve brings up Paige's birthday coming up after finals. Paige comments that it'd be nice to have a great birthday and a fun summer. They say goodbye and Paige exits. Eve grabs her phone and complains about Cole being an idiot. Eve says she has to do everything and this has to be taken care of now.

JJ tells Jennifer that he loves her very much. Jennifer thanks him. JJ talks about her always being in his corner and having his back. JJ adds that he wouldn't have gotten back with Paige if not for her and he'll never forget it. JJ talks about her keeping his secret. Jennifer is just glad that things are working out for he and Paige. Jennifer says she's sorry he had to deal with the prank call. Jennifer asks if he has any idea who did it. JJ figures it's just some jerk. Jennifer wants to help but JJ says he has to figure it out himself. JJ hugs her and Jennifer repeats that she's glad things are going well. JJ then exits and states that Jennifer can't stop Eve no matter what she says or does because Eve will just keep lying so this has to be on him. JJ declares he's going to put a stop to this himself.

Chad tells Abigail that he's right that he does need his friends considering the family that he had. Chad brings up EJ being responsible for ruined lives and trying to kill Nick. Chad brings up Kristen, obviously certifiable. Chad says Stefano is still very much alive and now can focus all on him. Abigail argues that he's not like them and hugs him.

Stefano remains at the sight of Kristen's fall in Italy with a drink.

Marlena is brought on to a plane. Agent Carson says it's a quick trip to answer a few questions about Kristen. Marlena wants her attorney but he tells her that it's unnecessary and if she resists, threatens everyone involved including the baby. Marlena agrees to answer any questions so he calls in that they are ready for takeoff.

Daniel fills in Brady, Maggie, and Melanie on getting another surgeon for Theresa so everything will still go on as planned. Maggie asks Brady to step out so they do. Melanie asks Daniel if Theresa wanted him off the case to keep her out of the loop. Daniel doesn't trust Theresa.

Eve walks out of the town square and calls Cole. Cole questions what Paige meant about a prank. Eve tells Cole that his package didn't arrive. Cole questions it since he put them right in his bag. Eve tells him to shut up. Cole doesn't understand. Eve hopes he covered his tracks and warns that he could go to jail, not JJ if he's not careful.

JJ goes to the park with his bag and Paige arrives, asking about him wanting to meet. JJ tells her that he just threw it away. Paige asks about getting rid of the evidence. JJ explains that it would've been evidence against him. Paige insists that it was Cole and goes over him knowing they were going to the movies so he snuck into JJ's house. Paige mentions the knocked over plant and then finding Cole at Eve's. Paige declares she's going to get in Cole's face about this but JJ stops her and says she can't.

Chad apologizes to Abigail and says he wasn't even that close with Kristen. Abigail understands they cared for each other as she was his sister. Chad says they did in their own way. Abigail tells him that he doesn't have to worry about turning out like her as that would never happen because he's a good man, who can fight Stefano's influence. Chad and Abigail then kiss.

Daniel tells Melanie that what Kristen did to Theresa was horrible but he doubts Theresa learned anything from it. Melanie says they will see since she's a mom now. Melanie just wants the baby to grow up happy and safe. Melanie says regardless of Theresa, it's Brady's son.

Caroline talks about the baby and can't wait to babysit. Caroline tells Brady that they will have a nice long talk when there is more time. Theresa hugs her as Caroline then exits. A nurse comes over to start the paperwork for the procedure tomorrow. She sends Theresa to a room. Daniel and Melanie come back. Brady asks Melanie to talk for a minute. Daniel sends them to his office to talk while he takes Maggie home. Theresa remains nearby watching.

Cole tells Eve that he was totally careful and his prints are not on anything. Eve says he better hope so for his sake. Eve warns him to never think about ratting him out because she has phone records and can log all their time together. Eve threatens more prison time and warns him not to think about messing with her. Eve declares they are done and tells him not to try and contact her ever again. Eve wipes off the disposable phone and throws it away as Jennifer appears.

Paige asks JJ why he doesn't want her to talk to Cole. JJ tells her that the evidence is at the bottom of the lake now so he doesn't want anyone to know what happened. Paige asks what if Cole does something else. JJ says he'll be ready for him but they can move on. Paige questions Cole getting away with it. JJ says tomorrow is her last final and then it's her birthday and then they can prepare their new life together so this is the last thing they should be thinking about. Paige agrees and mentions having to go meet Daphne to study. They hug as Paige says she wants this over. JJ states that it will be.

Agent Carson brings tea to Marlena as they sit on the plane.

Stefano sits alone with his drink then again looks to the window where Kristen fell.

Chad and Abigail continue kissing and start undressing each other then they stop. Abigail says they can't do this. Chad tries to continue but Abigail says it's wrong then Chad agrees because of Ben. Abigail talks about coming as his friend. Abigail blames herself and rushes out.

Brady thanks Melanie for being so understanding when it hasn't been easy. Melanie knows it hasn't been easy for him either. Brady talks about her support meaning a lot. They hug as Theresa listens in from the door. Brady tells Melanie that he loves her and nothing will change that. Brady says he'll be here tonight with Theresa and the baby but Melanie is in his heart and always will be. Brady kisses Melanie as Theresa listens in with an upset look.

Paige sits at the club and wonders why JJ was so determined not to confront Cole.

Jennifer questions if Eve knows what happened with JJ today. Eve says Paige mentioned a prank but it was no big deal and now she's dealing with Theresa and her new nephew as her focus. Eve talks about Theresa getting a second chance so she thought maybe she should give JJ a second chance if they could do the same for her because she thinks that's the only way they will move on.

JJ goes home and says to himself that he knows Eve got Cole to help her frame him but there's no way he's going to confront him and let Paige get suspicious of Eve's involvement because the truth might come out. JJ declares that Eve still screwed up and gave him exactly what he needs to end this once and for all.

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