Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/11/15

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/11/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Chad sits at home on his computer until he accidentally knocks over a photo of Kristen. Marlena arrives and asks if he wants to know what happened.

Kate sees Lucas at the club with a woman and questions what is going on.

Eve asks again if she's up to something after the show she put on about how sweet Melanie is. Theresa jokes about getting through it with a straight face because she still hates her guts. Eve says it can only mean that Theresa wants Brady back.

Brady introduces John to his son which shocks him. Brady says that it's a long, complicated story involving Kristen. A doctor comes in and mentions examining the baby for tests which worries Brady, who asks if the baby is in danger.

Cole sits outside and thinks back to planting weed in JJ's bag.

JJ and Jennifer walk Paige to the door as she prepares to leave but Roman arrives and says he's here on police business. Jennifer asks what's wrong. Roman responds that he just needs to talk to JJ. Roman reveals that he's here to find out if JJ is dealing drugs again which he denies.

The doctor tells Brady that the child is in no danger. John suggests they step out so Brady can fill him in so they exit. John asks about the baby. Brady explains his condition. John can't believe he has a grandson. Brady reveals to John that the baby's mother is Theresa.

Theresa tells Eve that she can't think about Brady right now as she has a son to concentrate on. Theresa complains about missing so much time with the baby. Theresa worries about not knowing how to be a mother. Eve calls it natural and says it's one of the few things she got right in her life. Theresa worries about her son ending up hating her like she hates her mom. Eve encourages her not to make bad choices.

Jennifer questions Roman accusing JJ as Abigail arrives and questions what's going on. Roman explains that this isn't easy for him. Roman asks for a minute alone with JJ. JJ tells him that he can say it in front of everybody because he has nothing to hide.

Lucas asks for a moment alone with Kate. Kate questions him having coffee with her lead designer. Lucas tells her to drop the attitude because Audra no longer works for her as she works for him now. Kate questions him having his own company. Lucas reveals that he just took over Countess Wilhelmina.

Chad tells Marlena that what happened is that his sister died. Marlena knows he cared about her. Chad questions why she's here as he doesn't need to talk. Marlena informs him that she spoke to his nephew Johnny, who is worried about Chad being all alone now. Marlena talks about Chad losing so much so she came to inform him that she was with Kristen when she died.

Eve tells Theresa to forget about the future and focus on right now. She encourages her to call her parents but she knows how they will react. Theresa wants to do this on her own with Brady. Theresa doesn't want Eve trying to take over either as she feels the less people around, the better. Theresa says she has to get back and tells her that she just needs some space. Eve insists that this is all about Brady.

Brady tells John that he's shocked and numb but happy. John knows becoming a father is a lot to take in. John says it can't be fun having Theresa back in the picture. Brady says the baby is all that matters and wonders about if he never knew his son existed. John relates to not knowing his son ever existed as Paul arrives at the hospital.

Roman goes along with JJ being sure to do this in front of the family. Jennifer continues to question. Roman explains that they received an anonymous tip. JJ gives his word that he wasn't dealing drugs. JJ tells Roman to go ahead and search. JJ hands over his bag to start with.

Chad questions Marlena being in Italy with Kristen when she died. Marlena says Kristen was a very complicated person. Chad asks if she means crazy. Marlena says she isn't trying to label her or change his mind about her but just wanted to tell him the truth about what happened there.

Theresa tells Eve that she doesn't have some secret plan. She says her only focus is her child. Eve continues to bring up Brady so Theresa admits that part of her wonders if they would've got back together if she carried the baby to term. Theresa feels Melanie wouldn't have given him another look if he was with the baby. Theresa argues that it's not fair that Kristen stole so much from her. Eve encourages her to get past that. Theresa doesn't want people getting in her way as she decides things for her child. Theresa then quickly exits.

Paul starts to approach John but stops and asks a nurse who John is talking to. She informs him that it's Brady, his son. John tells Brady that he'll leave but Brady says he can hang around. John doesn't want to interrupt when Theresa gets there but he wants to talk to him after he's through. John says it can wait as the most important thing for him is to focus on his son. Brady hugs him and knows it's a lot to take in. Paul approaches and comments that it sounds like he told him.

Roman tells JJ that all he has is an anonymous tip. Abigail argues that she doesn't understand. Roman says he's just concerned. JJ and Paige can't believe it. Roman warns JJ that if he's not being honest, he's hurting everyone who loves him. Jennifer appreciates Roman coming to deal with this but she wants to get something absolutely straight.

Kate tells Lucas that she's happy for him getting a job. Lucas informs her that Chad came to him with an offer. Lucas mocks her not believing in family. Kate wishes him luck. Lucas reminds her that Audra quit but Kate says she would've known about it.

Marlena explains to Chad how Kristen fell through the window a tremendous distance and she's so sorry. Chad questions Kristen drugging Theresa and stealing her baby. Marlena says Kristen's inability to have a baby was a big problem for her that made her do strange things. Chad says that Kristen loved Brady. He asks about the baby. Marlena assures that he'll be just fine. She thought Chad had a right to hear this all from her. Chad remarks that they are quite the screwed up family. Marlena brings up knowing his mother as a beautiful, intelligent woman but Chad says she was a whore. Chad asks Marlena what the odds are that he'll turn out any differently from Stefano.

Brady recognizes Paul but tells him they are having a private conversation. John tries to interrupt but Paul questions Brady's attitude. Brady doesn't like what Paul did to Will and Sonny. John tries to explain but Brady says now isn't a good time. Theresa arrives and tells Paul to beat it too.

Jennifer tells Roman about how JJ has made it his mission to stay away from drugs. Abigail agrees about JJ. Jennifer argues that the tip was a lie. Roman wants to believe it. Jennifer insists they aren't worried because JJ has completely turned his life around. Roman warns that they should always take a tip like that seriously. Jennifer decides to walk him out. He apologizes for being the bad guy. Jennifer understands and tells him to call Theresa and Marlena as they have something to tell him. Roman agrees to do that and exits. JJ thanks Jennifer for being there for him. Paige can't believe someone would be so mean. Abigail says someone is obviously out there to cause trouble for JJ.

Eve goes home complaining about Theresa being exhausting. Cole shows up with a smile as Eve questions what the hell he's doing there.

Marlena tells Chad that he's in charge of his own destiny and he has a right to live a proud life. Chad questions why she's really here. She wanted to make sure he was alright and knew the truth about what really happened. Marlena insists that it was an accident and self defense. Marlena does take the blame and says no one else is responsible as she's just sorry for his loss. Marlena then exits.

Paige says whoever did this is evil. JJ argues that it could be just a game someone is playing. JJ thanks them for having his back. Abigail knows drugs are out of his life. Jennifer reminds Abigail that they have to get to the town square so they exit. JJ can't believe someone called in a lie to the police about him. Paige wonders if Eve could be involved.

Eve brings Cole in and asks what the matter is with him as they aren't supposed to meet up. Eve reminds him about contacting through phones. Cole tells her that it's done. Eve says that what they had planned were just thoughts and they still had serious planning to do so that nothing would be traced back to them. Cole informs her that everything is already done.

Theresa yells at Paul. Paul questions her. Theresa says they are in a family crisis. Theresa reminds Paul of meeting her and then seducing Will. She calls him a liar. John yells at Theresa to shut up as he suddenly reveals that Paul is his son which shocks Brady. John tells Brady that this is what he was going to talk to him about, that Paul is his half brother. Paul remarks that it was great meeting him and walks off. Brady questions John as the nurse comes out and tells Brady and Theresa that they can see the baby now. John tells Brady that he has something important to deal with and they'll talk later. Theresa comments that she never saw that coming and Brady feels the same.

Lucas and Kate continue to argue. Kate says that Audra has a five year contract with Mad World. Lucas reveals that he wrote that contract and gave her an out so her resignation is on Kate's desk.

Jennifer and Abigail walk through town square with presents for Paige, talking about a surprise birthday party that JJ wants to throw for her. Jennifer mentions wanting to go home to talk to JJ but she remembered there is something else that Abigail needs to know.

JJ doesn't think it was Eve and is just glad it's over now. Paige decides she's going to go check on Theresa. She tells him to text her later and they'll hang out. JJ agrees and walks her out. They hug as Paige then exits. JJ wonders if Eve could've done it because the random tip makes no sense at all.

Cole tells Eve that he bought a big bag of weed and planted it in JJ's bag then called the tip line so he bets that JJ has already been arrested. Eve yells that Cole is an idiot as calling the cops doesn't prove anything so he's ruined everything. Eve questions Cole listening that no one could know about this. Eve worries that JJ has been alerted now. Eve warns Cole that what he did was a serious crime and he could go to jail. Cole corrects that she could go to jail.

Kate tells Lucas that they have their differences but Lucas says there is nothing between them. Lucas yells at her and doesn't want to talk to her. Lucas declares they are done and she's out of his life as he exits the club.

Jennifer and Abigail sit together in the town square. Abigail asks what she should know. Jennifer tells her that it's very serious and involves a lot of people. Jennifer informs Abigail that Kristen was killed. Abigail immediately worries about Chad.

Chad goes back to his computer then stops and looks at the photo of Kristen. Chad remarks that she never really stood a chance. Chad then gets a call from Stefano.

Marlena walks through the park and is stopped by a man then surrounded by two more men in suits.

John catches up with Paul. Paul complains about Brady. John tries to apologize but Paul says he got a real clear picture of how much he's going to enjoy his family. Paul storms out.

Theresa apologizes to Brady. Brady remarks about Paul apparently being his brother as they head in to the room. The doctor says he'll be in shortly with the second set of test results. Theresa questions no one telling her about the test. Brady explains that he just wanted a second opinion. Brady says they are doing whatever it takes to keep the baby healthy. Theresa apologizes and says she just gets a little scared sometimes as she hugs Brady.

Eve complains that Cole did the opposite of what she told him and questions her threatening him. Eve grabs Cole to force him out of her apartment as Paige arrives at the door.

JJ decides it was just some random dude trying to start trouble and he has to get a paper done. JJ reaches into his bag and finds the bag of weed.

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