Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/7/15

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/7/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Nicole sits in her office and gets a call from Xander, who says he was just thinking about her. Nicole calls it a coincidence.

Hope and Ciara go through the town square. Hope gets a call and says she was hoping they would come through about Clyde. Aiden approaches so Hope says she will call back.

Daniel goes to Jennifer's office at the hospital and welcomes her home. Jennifer asks if he has a minute to talk as she wants to sort through some things with him and hopes he can help her figure out what to do. Daniel asks what's going on. Jennifer is worried that Eve is about to go off the rails.

Eve goes home and stops at the door, thinking back to Paige telling her that she and JJ had sex. Eve heads inside and imagines seeing JJ and Paige having sex on the couch.

Ciara tells Hope that Doug and Julie are waiting as Chase pulls Aiden away.

Nicole asks Xander what he was thinking. Xander tells her that he'd really like to see her but if he does, he'll hurt Daniel unless they meet privately so no one gets the wrong idea. Xander tells her that he's at his room in the Salem Inn.

JJ joins Paige in the student lounge at school and kisses her. Paige mentions a letter from Stamford, wanting to know her status. Paige says she always thought staying was temporary but now she doesn't want to leave JJ. JJ reveals that he got a letter as well. Paige excitedly kisses him.

Jennifer brings up to Daniel the coat that JJ borrowed from him and how Eve took it from the charity drive. Jennifer thinks Eve has very strong, unhealthy feelings for JJ.

Eve throws pillows in frustration until Cole walks in. Eve notes that he's early. Cole figured the sooner, the better. Eve asks if he likes Paige. Cole calls her the best and argues that JJ isn't fit to be in the same room with her. Eve tells him that their problem is to eradicate JJ. Eve wants their solution to be permanent and they just have to find it. Eve tells Cole that they will just have to be open to anything.

Hope catches up to Aiden outside the club and tells him that the call she got had nothing to do with what he said to her. Aiden understands their business is their own and they aren't going to talk about work so they kiss until Ciara interrupts with Julie.

Nicole asks Xander about meeting in his hotel room. Xander says it will be to talk. Nicole agrees to meet and hangs up. Nicole tells herself that this is where she starts digging on what he and Serena are up to.

Daniel asks Jennifer what happened. Jennifer says she confronted Eve and she denied it but when she asked about her feelings for JJ, she lost it. Jennifer says she's worried about how stable she is. Jennifer brings up Eve's past driving this and worries about it getting worse. Daniel suggests Jennifer and JJ sit down with Paige to tell her the truth.

JJ's letter is to San Jose State and they talk about it being close to Stamford. They talk about being together in California. They say they've never been this happy. JJ suggests not waiting until the end of summer and going as soon as possible like in two weeks. Paige feels rushed but JJ encourages her. Paige loves the idea but worries about leaving everything behind so suddenly. JJ says they would be going when the semester starts anyways. JJ talks about how great it would be to be alone together with no interference and they could just focus on them for the first time. Paige agrees to think about it and they hug. They say they will be together all the time as they kiss.

Eve tells Cole to review what they need and want. Eve adds that they can't be linked to anything that happens ever. She asks if Cole has any thoughts or if he knows any weaknesses from JJ's past. Cole responds that it sounds like she wants him to plant drugs on JJ.

Doug sings to Chase in the club as Hope, Aiden, Ciara, and Julie come in to greet him. Julie talks about how much they enjoyed their cruise.

Jennifer says she knew Daniel would say that. Daniel knows she doesn't want to but argues that it's the best choice. Jennifer argues they can't tell Paige as it would destroy her. Jennifer feels there is no solution. Daniel asks if she trusts him. She says she does so he asks her to hear him out as he thinks he has an idea.

Paige reminds JJ that she's going to think for a couple of days. JJ trusts that she'll make the best decision. JJ feels getting out of Salem is what they both need with a new start away from everyone. JJ knows Paige loves Eve but the best thing for them is to put some distance between them.

Eve notes Cole said it not her and Cole agrees. Eve says they have to make sure their hands are spotless. Cole assures her that he's got this. Eve talks about making sure they aren't seen together and sends him out. Cole wonders how dumb she thinks he is and says he could do this in his sleep. Cole makes a call for a dealer to meet him in the park and says they know what he wants.

Nicole goes to meet Xander and thanks him for calling. Xander tells her that this whole thing is tricky but he needs to know where she stands. Xander says if what they have is temporary and she has a real future with Daniel then he's here to help in any way he can.

Aiden credits Chase and Ciara for he and Hope meeting. Aiden toasts to them and kiss. Julie takes Hope to get refills. Julie comments on her and Aiden being so natural and relaxed. Hope says it is mostly and brings up them both working on a case. Julie encourages her. Hope agrees that it's mostly wonderful and comments on how happy Ciara is. Julie notes how happy Hope is and they hug.

Paige tells JJ that they can't avoid talking about Eve. Paige talks about Eve not having anyone in her life right now but decides to stop talking about her. They kiss as Cole comes down the stairs and sees them together. Cole sits down and pulls weed out of his bag. Cole goes down and greets them. Paige excitedly tells him about JJ getting in to San Jose State. JJ sees someone he has to go talk to and steps aside as Cole eyes JJ's bag.

Eve sits at home with a glass of wine, talking about getting JJ away from Paige without it linking back to her. Eve gets a text that was sent a long time ago and wonders why she's just getting it. Eve questions the message which says they are just now landing and to meet at the hospital from Theresa. Eve responds wondering where she was and if she's okay as she exits.

Daniel tells Jennifer that Eve knows he knows about her and JJ but doesn't know what he's going to do about it. Daniel suggests going to Eve and telling her to go to therapy. Jennifer says she already tried that but Daniel brings up threatening to go public with what he knows. Jennifer excitedly hugs him and says she knew coming to him would be the right thing to do. Daniel says they will see what happens. Jennifer thanks him for giving her something to hold on to. Jennifer notes that they've been talking about her and her family then asks about him and Nicole. Daniel says they go back and forth so he thinks he's finally coming to an understanding about how she really feels about him.

Nicole is surprised how protective Xander is of Daniel. Xander says he owes the Kiriakis family since Victor saved his life. Nicole brings up her relationship with Victor and reveals that a long time ago, they were married. Xander is shocked. Nicole explains that Victor hates her guts. Nicole talks about keeping their friendship and says everything between them will stay strictly private. Nicole adds that she will leave if that's an issue.

Hope wishes she got to see Doug and Julie more often and says she'll see them between cruises. Doug tells Aiden that he's thrilled to see Hope say happy. Aiden says goodbye to Doug and Julie. Hope hugs them as they promise to call. Hope and Aiden exit with Ciara and Chase. Julie kisses Doug and says she's overcome with bliss as she saw Doug talking to Aiden and is thankful he got over his worries. Doug believes Aiden loves Hope and they kiss again.

Cole sits with Paige and tells her that she'll love California. Cole mentions missing his physics class and tries to check JJ's bag for his notes but Paige stops him and says they have to go as they're going to see a movie. Paige takes their bags and walks away. Cole comments to himself that they'll be at a nice long movie so that's perfect.

Daniel tells Jennifer that they will see how it goes with Eve. Jennifer says she will text him as Eve arrives. Jennifer walks away as Eve approaches Daniel and asks if he's seen Theresa. Eve explains the text she got but Daniel says he hasn't seen her but he knows she's fine because she's with Melanie.

Xander agrees that maybe Nicole should go and opens the door. Xander then shuts the door and says on the other hand, he doesn't want her to.

Aiden and Hope return to the town square where they send the kids off together. Hope thanks Aiden for today and kisses him. Aiden mentions Julie talking to Hope and asks if there's anything he should know. Hope says she explained to her that sometimes things are difficult because of work but it was nice to talk about it. Hope talks about how one of them could change. Aiden gets upset that she wants him to drop a client, thinking they agreed to not talk about this.

Eve questions Daniel as to why Melanie and Theresa would be traveling together when they hate each other. Daniel calls it a long story and gets a text from Melanie that they just landed. Eve complains as Jennifer approaches and asks how things are going for Eve today.

Cole sneaks in to the Horton house and wonders where to hide the weed. He decides on the bedroom and heads upstairs.

JJ and Paige walk out of the town square together where Paige finds out the movie is already sold out. JJ decides they have a load of free time then and head to his place.

Xander tells Nicole that he can't hurt the people he cares about. She assumes he'll be happy if she and Daniel work things out. Xander says yes and no.

Aiden questions why deal with this. Hope says this is a certain person. Aiden refuses to drop a client. Hope questions him representing a criminal. Aiden calls Chase over to leave and tells Hope that he's sorry a terrific day has to end like this. Aiden takes Chase and exits. Ciara asks Hope what happened. Hope says she put her foot in her mouth.

Daniel gets a text that Melanie is heading through customs then home and can't use her phone in customs so Eve should probably wait for Theresa. Eve questions why and if she's sick. Daniel assures her and says he has to meet Melanie at his apartment. Eve asks what's going on. Daniel says he doesn't know completely but assures her that everyone is fine as he exits. Jennifer knows waiting can be frustrating. Eve mocks Jennifer caring then apologizes as she's not in the mood to fight. Jennifer says she isn't either. Eve says she's been thinking about things she said about taking a step back to consider why she's so angry. Eve tells Jennifer that she made a good point that she needs to stop fighting JJ and Paige and let them work it out.

JJ and Paige go to the house and prepare to head in where Cole is inside.

Xander tells Nicole that he cares about her as a friend and he wants to help fix things if he can but maybe no one can. Nicole says they'll just have to wait and see. Xander says sometimes one door closes and another one opens. Xander hopes she meant what she said about keeping this private between them. Nicole assures that she did. Xander says he could tell her how he feels about her but right now, he'd rather show her as they get close.

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