Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/6/15

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/6/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Lucas tells Adrienne that he does have another meeting for a local job but he doesn't want to jinx it. They open the door to leave but stop and kiss first as Justin arrives and sees them. Justin tells them they might want to do that with the door shut next time. Adrienne is surprised to see him. Justin says he came for a few words with Lucas but she may as well stick around.

Tori finds John in the park in San Francisco. She is surprised he's still there but is happy for the chance to talk about Paul.

Sonny walks out of the town square and gets a call from Paul. Paul is surprised he answered. Sonny admits he's been on his mind lately with baseball season starting. Paul thanks him for remembering him. Sonny asks if John is still out there. Paul says he is and wants to do the whole father-son thing but it feels weird. Sonny encourages giving it a try. Paul says if he makes an effort with John then he'll probably end up back in Salem. He asks if Sonny is ready for that.

Chad talks on the phone to Stefano and asks when his plane lands. Stefano says soon and he wishes they could be together to mourn Kristen but this must be done. Stefano tells him to stay strong as he'll be in touch. Kate arrives and surprises Chad. She asks if he was expecting someone else from Sonix magazine.

Clyde shows up at the door and tells Will that they need to talk. Will is glad he came because he's been doing a lot of thinking since they last spoke. Will introduces him to Arianna. Clyde asks about her mother being in prison. Clyde calls it a dangerous place to be and asks if Will is going to invite him in.

Adrienne tells Justin that Lucas was just leaving for an appointment. Lucas asks Justin if they can talk like adults.

Chad asks Kate about knowing they bought Sonix magazine. Kate comments that it didn't seem like a move Stefano would make but guesses that Chad advised him to do it. Kate then says she can tell by his face that it was Stefano's idea.

Will invites Clyde in and says he was just about to put Arianna down for her nap. Clyde talks about Will taking care of her and hopes he takes care of himself since it's important for him to be around with Gabi in prison. Will puts Arianna down and comes back. Clyde comments on the picture of his family. Will tells him he's been doing a lot of thinking about the article and decided he doesn't have the time for it so he's going to ask his editor to assign it to someone else. Clyde responds that it would be a terrible mistake.

Chad questions Kate coming to play games because he's not in the mood. Kate encourages having fun. Chad asks her about getting her job back at Mad World and hopes they are done here. Kate is curious as to why Chad is so sad.

Stefano remains on his plane.

Tori tells John that she's had some long talks with her father Hiro. John likes him. Tori tells John that Hiro felt she was being unfair to Paul. John understands she's made enormous sacrifices for Paul and she should be proud of that. Tori talks about seeing flashes of John in Paul. John jokes with her then asks if Hiro is the reason she wanted to talk to him. She says no as she came to her own conclusion that she needed to see him because he needed to hear something from her. Tori thinks it's time that Paul got to know his father and she's going to tell him that.

Sonny tells Paul that he knows John will make an effort with him. Paul talks about John continuing to apologize for everything but it's hard to stop blaming him for not being there. Paul talks about Tori never telling John that she was pregnant so it was all just one big misunderstanding. Sonny points out it being hard to blame John for that. Paul notes Sonny not saying much. Sonny asks him about Justin coming to see him. Paul tells Sonny that Justin really loves him. Paul guesses he knows what they talked about. Sonny knows he thinks he should come back to Salem.

Lucas asks what Justin came to tell him. Justin says he was thinking about their last talk. Justin brings up Will cheating on Sonny and Lucas helping himself to his wife. Lucas warns him to keep it up and they might be throwing punches after all. Justin questioning his threats. Lucas shouts back that the only reason they are together is because Justin cheated with Elsa. Adrienne declares she and Justin are going to talk alone. Justin mocks it being okay with Lucas. Lucas says he will respect any decision Adrienne makes as he then exits. Justin suggests they do this at home so they walk out.

Roman and Caroline talk at the Pub. Caroline assures him that Sami is fine but she wishes she was here for Will. Caroline talks about Will and Sonny being so happy together and she hopes they will be again.

Sonny tells Paul that Justin had no right barging in on them like that as what he does is not his business. Paul tells him to say if he doesn't want him to come back to Salem. Sonny says it's his decision whether or not he wants to know his father. Paul responds that it's not all it would be about for him. Sonny tells him not to do that because he and Will are trying to work things out. Paul agrees that was unfair and knows he can't have any expectations. Paul says he will let him know what he decides and thanks him for talking as he hangs up.

Chad claims he's sad about the stock market then laughs off Kate pretending to care about him. Kate says she knows he's still capable of genuine feeling unlike Stefano and EJ. Kate is concerned that he's going to get caught in the crossfire. Chad questions what she means. Kate says Stefano and Victor are big league and he should let them go at it. Chad asks if that's the same advice she gave Clyde because she didn't include him in that list.

Will doesn't understand. Clyde explains that he didn't know at first that the article wasn't Will's idea and someone else will write it if he doesn't. Clyde says he does want Will to write it. Will brings up having a lot on his plate right now and says he doesn't have time to go out of town. Clyde insists that he wants him to write it. Clyde encourages him about Poplar Bluff and mentions Kate calling him a hell of a writer. Clyde states that he would feel more comfortable knowing that the writer of the article really gets it. Will gets a call from Zoe so Clyde tells him to go ahead and answer it. Will asks if she got his message about the Clyde article.

Chad tells Kate that maybe he's not ready for the big leagues but asks about Clyde. Kate tells him that Clyde is fine with being underestimated and they'd be much smarter not to play along. Chad questions Clyde sending her to tell him how tough he is. Kate says she came on her own because her concern is real. Chad tells her to save it for somebody who cares as he's fine. Kate reminds him how long she's known him. Kate says she is not the enemy and walks out.

Justin and Adrienne go to the Kiriakis Mansion. Justin asks where to start. Adrienne asks what he was doing in San Francisco and if Elsa was there. Justin wants to talk about them. Adrienne wants him to stop lying so Justin admits he stopped to see Paul to convince him not to give up on Sonny.

Will tells Zoe that he can't go to Poplar Bluff without telling Sonny. Will wishes she told him she wanted it on the next edition and says he'll get back to her. Will hangs up and tells Clyde that she wants him to go today. Clyde says he must be a hotter story than he thought and asks what he's going to do. Will decides if he goes today, he can get his interviews done. Will asks for a list of people to talk to. Clyde says everybody knows him there and guesses he'll have a lot of questions when he comes back. Clyde comments on knowing where to go if he wants to see Arianna again. Clyde adds that he thinks Zoe will be disappointing because he won't dig up much information on him since he's a very boring guy. Clyde then exits. Will looks at his family photo with Sonny and Arianna. Sonny comes home and finds Will packing his bag. Sonny asks what's going on.

Paul joins John and Tori. He asks if Tori is ready to go to the exhibition that she wanted to go to. Paul says they should get going but Tori says it can wait as she wants him to hear what she's been saying to John. Tori tells him that she's come to realize that she's been unfair to them. John adds that he doesn't want her taking any blame for how things are now. Paul responds to put the blame right where it belongs.

Adrienne questions Justin telling Paul to come back to Salem. Justin says he wanted to understand the situation since she kept him out of the loop. Adrienne argues that Sonny and Will are trying to work this out but Justin says it won't be worked out since it was a bad situation that's only getting worse. Adrienne brings up Justin convincing her to give Will a chance. Justin argues that Will isn't good enough for Sonny. Adrienne yells that this isn't about Will but about his father.

Lucas goes to the DiMera Mansion. Chad thanks him for meeting him and asks if he wants to hear his proposal that he might find interesting.

Kate meets with Clyde at the club. She tells him that she went to see Chad to find out whose idea it was to buy Sonix and she knows it was Stefano. Clyde wishes she hadn't done that. Clyde tells her that from here on out, this is between he and Stefano.

Stefano arrives at the scene where Kristen fell out the window.

Caroline tells Roman that she thinks about Arianna depending on Sonny and Roman. She brings up Sami lying to Lucas when Will was a baby. Roman adds that Will is reminding him a lot of Sami these days. Caroline responds not in a good way.

Will tells Sonny that he was just about to call as he has to go to the airport but will only be gone for a day if he goes now. Sonny asks where he's going. Will tells him that he's going to Poplar Bluff. Sonny recognizes it as where Clyde is from. Will says he was going to pass on the article but things have changed. Sonny questions if he got the cover story again. Will swears it's not like that. Will promises to get the article done in a day and will come back as soon as possible. Will says he will work from home and be with him. Will gets a text that the cab will be there soon so he has to finish packing. Will knows it seems like the same old, same old but this is different as he says he doesn't have a choice. Sonny remarks that he never does.

Paul tells John that Tori would've stayed in contact with him but she thought he became a priest so she was left to make the best of a bad situation. Tori thanks him for being loyal but wants him to try and understand John's point of view. Paul doesn't know what he wants. John just wants a chance. Tori encourages Paul to get to know John as he's a good man and maybe he can count on him for things that she can't give. Paul agrees to do what she wants but says he can't do it from here. Tori knows he would have to spend time in Salem and she has wanted him far away from there but things have changed. Tori says she can't tell him who to love or what to do about it but can only trust in him. Tori adds that his father would be there for help and advice. Paul asks what John thinks about all of this. John says it's his call so all he can say is that it would mean a great deal to him if he did come back to Salem so they could get to know one another. John declares he wants that very much.

Justin questions Adrienne thinking he would try to break up Sonny's marriage to get back at Lucas. Adrienne points out that he hasn't spent a day with Sonny in months and now he's flying all over the place after finding out about Lucas. Justin questions her championing Will now that she's with his father. Adrienne argues that it's up to Sonny if he thinks they can work through this. Justin argues that Will could do it again as he has no clue what he wants. Justin adds that Paul loves Sonny and never stopped. Justin doesn't like that Will cheated on Sonny. Adrienne asks what that says about them.

Lucas admits he didn't know what to make about Chad's phone call. Chad tells him that he ran this by Stefano. Chad brings up Lucas's impressive track record at Mad World so he's the perfect guy to run Countess Wilhelmina since he's run it before. Lucas questions it being Chad's idea and not Stefano's since it seems like his kind of game. Chad insists it's his decision. Lucas thinks there's more going on here like using him to get back at Kate. Lucas asks what's in it for him.

Kate hopes they can keep Chad out of all of this. Clyde asks why she cares for him. Kate says Chad isn't a DiMera through and through but a friend of Will's. Clyde agrees to give it some thought. Kate tells him to come up with a way to keep Will from writing the article because she doesn't want him in the middle of it. Clyde informs her that she doesn't have to worry about Will as they came to a meeting of the minds. Kate questions what he said to Will. Clyde says he tells him that he trusted Will to write the article. Kate hopes he didn't threaten her grandson.

Stefano asks the government official in Italy about Kristen's death and says there is one more thing he wants to confirm with him.

Paul hugs Tori as she cries. Paul assures her that it's just a visit and he'll be back plus they can come see him in Salem. John mentions his flight leaving in a couple of hours and hopes Paul can be on the flight with him. Paul agrees to be there. Both say they are glad he's doing this. Paul heads home to pack his bags. John tells Tori that she made this happen and he knows how hard it was for her to change her mind. Tori says she had to think about what's best for Paul. Paul walks through the park and sends a text to Sonny.

Will continues getting ready as Sonny gets a text from Paul that he's coming back to Salem tonight. Will wishes he didn't have to go like this. The cab arrives for Will. Will insists that he's doing this for them. Sonny tells him to keep telling himself that. Will exits.

Justin doesn't think it's fair to compare their situation to Sonny and Will's. Justin says they spent too much time away from each other. She brings up Elsa. She admits she wouldn't have turned to Lucas if Justin would've been here but she has no regrets. Adrienne decides to leave before they say things they can't take back.

Chad shows Lucas a paper outlining the offer and calls it an insanely generous pay package along with the opportunity to stick it to Kate which he thinks is the real selling point for him. Chad asks what he says.

Clyde tells Kate that he would never hurt anyone in her family. Clyde says they are so much alike as when they see what they want, they go get it without letting fools like Victor or Stefano stand in their way. Clyde and Kate then kiss.

Stefano says he must be certain of one thing. He shows a picture of Marlena to confirm that she was standing next to Kristen when it happened. The man confirms it and Stefano then rips up the picture of Marlena.

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