Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/5/15

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/5/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Hope and Rafe talk at the Pub. Hope thanks him for discussing an old case. Rafe agrees to do anything to help her. Hope hates not being able to work with him and asks how Gabi is doing. Rafe says she is worried about Will and Sonny as she can tell when everything isn't okay with them.

Justin surprises Sonny. Sonny asks if he has seen Adrienne but he says she wasn't home.

Adrienne goes to see Lucas. Lucas talks about his place being temporary but thinking they needed a place to talk without being interrupted.

Aiden meets with Will. Will apologizes for the scene with Paul at the fundraiser. Will says he needs to talk to him about Clyde.

Clyde asks Kate about Stefano being behind Will's article and questions why he would be coming after him. Kate tells him that Stefano is doing it to get back at her.

Nicole suddenly tells Daniel that they can't start over. Daniel asks why not. Nicole tells him hell no as Xander watches on. Daniel questions her. She says she's done some thinking and how he wants things to be doesn't work for her as she deserves better than that.

Hope tells Rafe that she doesn't know a whole lot about Will and Sonny but that Marlena said Will is working hard on the marriage. Rafe hopes so since Gabi doesn't want Arianna caught in between. Hope mentions Gabi might need an attorney. Rafe talks about how EJ used to be and he was a good one. Rafe thinks she needs a real good one. Hope thinks she might know just the guy.

Aiden tells Will that Clyde is a client. Will brings up the article and says he heard Aiden would make a good source. Aiden asks if Hope told him that.

Kate doesn't think it's a coincidence and feels Stefano is trying to get even. Clyde guesses there's another motive and that he's still not over losing her.

Daniel doesn't know where this is coming from. Nicole gets upset about Daniel blaming her for Melanie's problem. Xander continues watching. Daniel tells her that she's right and he wants to make it up to her.

Sonny doesn't know where Adrienne is and suggests Justin give her a call. Justin informs him that she doesn't know he decided to come back. Sonny questions why he did drop all the business and come home. Justin mentions stopping in San Francisco on the way to see Paul.

Lucas says it's been awhile since he and Adrienne talked. They talk about Kate not liking their relationship. Lucas finds it hard to believe their relationship isn't serious.

Will informs Aiden that Hope doesn't know about the article and asks if he should talk to her about Clyde. Will asks about Clyde's donation to the hospital being anonymous. Aiden refuses to talk. Will doesn't know why he wouldn't want to talk about Clyde. Will says it seems like Clyde has got something he is hiding. Aiden tells Will to get out of his office.

Rafe tells Hope that he likes Aiden and asks if he'd be interested in taking on Gabi as a client. Hope tells him to forget the idea and leave her name out of it if he asks him. Hope informs him that they are on opposite sides of some cases right now so she wants to steer clear of recommending him. Rafe realizes it's about Clyde.

Clyde can understand how Stefano would be bitter about losing Kate. Kate goes over Stefano sending Will after Clyde and says she could shoot him. Clyde says it's obvious he's not over her but wonders if perhaps Kate feels the same about him.

Daniel wants to fix this but feels Nicole doesn't want to stop being mad. Nicole asks him to get out of her face so he walks away. Nicole walks off the opposite direction as Xander watches.

Rafe assures Hope that he wouldn't say anything to Aiden. Rafe asks her about investigating Clyde. Hope asks if he happens to know anything about him. Rafe thinks Clyde has an act and is a real mean guy. Hope asks if Victor has said anything. Rafe says all he knows is that for some reason, Victor didn't try to stop Clyde from pushing him out of the trucking business. Hope asks if he thinks Victor is scared. Rafe says it's more like he's wary and suggests she should be too. Rafe warns her to be careful.

Sonny gets upset and doesn't get why his family won't let him handle the situation his way. Justin feels Will has been manipulating the situation. Justin talks about Will trying to keep John from knowing he was Paul's father. Sonny questions him talking to John. Justin tells Sonny that he told Paul to come back to Salem.

Lucas tells Adrienne that he's not trying to pressure her but wonders what's going to happen when Justin comes back. She doesn't know that he's coming back but Lucas insists that he will be. Adrienne asks if he's thinking about Kate saying she always goes crawling back. Lucas understands it's hard to move on. Lucas mentions still being friends with Sami. Adrienne questions if he's saying he'd rather be friends and end what they have now. Lucas answers maybe he is.

Daniel goes home and finds a box at his door. He takes it in and drops it in frustration. Maggie comes in behind him asking what happened.

Nicole goes to her office talking about letting Xander know that she's available but worries about doing it at the expense of a man she loves. Nicole thinks back to overhearing Serena on the phone and says they are up to something bad. Nicole says Serena is playing Eric, Melanie, and Daniel and the only way to find out what she's doing is to get closer to Xander. Nicole worries if Xander didn't buy their argument and if she screwed up things with Daniel for nothing. Xander then arrives at the door and asks if he's interrupting. Nicole says not at all.

Will talks on the phone outside the town square about the information on Paul not being anything useful. Will mentions going to Poplar Bluff, Missouri for the Clyde article. Rafe approaches and asks why he'd be going there.

Kate assures Clyde and thinks Stefano is just trying to irritate her. Clyde suggests they could turn this around on him.

Sonny questions Justin telling Paul to come back to Salem. Justin says he told him it was his decision. Sonny asks about his decision. Justin says Sonny deserves to be able to make the choice. Sonny says he chose Will. Justin brings up Will cheating on him so Sonny brings up Justin and Adrienne cheating on each other.

Adrienne questions if Lucas decided Kate is right. Lucas says if it's going to end, he'd rather it end before he falls deeper. Adrienne accepts that if it's what Lucas wants. Lucas points out that she hasn't told him what she wants. Adrienne brings up Lucas asking to meet in his hotel here and says she could've asked to meet in public but she came to the hotel knowing what could happen and she didn't think he was going to dump her. Lucas says that's not what he wants. Adrienne says inviting her to his hotel room shouldn't be to dump her. Lucas says he doesn't want it to end but she still hasn't told him what she wants. Adrienne responds by kissing him.

Daniel tells Maggie that nothing's wrong and he just dropped the box. Maggie says she came by with wonderful news. Maggie tells him that Victor found out Brady and Melanie have been cleared to leave Italy. Daniel says that's great. Maggie tells him they will be home soon. Daniel declares the ordeal is over and that's the best thing she could've told him because nothing else really matters. She asks if something else is on his mind. Daniel says it's nothing big. Maggie asks if he wants to talk. Daniel admits it's Nicole. Maggie is not surprised. Daniel says it's something he did this time. Maggie says she will judge that. Daniel explains how Nicole helped Melanie get some information and didn't tell him. Maggie questions Daniel being to blame. Daniel says he overreacted and Nicole let him have it today. Maggie tells Daniel that if Nicole can't accept what he said in the moment then maybe she's not the woman for him.

Nicole tells Xander that he's not interrupting at all. Xander notes her talking to herself and mentions seeing her argument with Daniel. Nicole doesn't want to bore him with that but Xander tells her not to pretend like nothing is wrong. Xander wanted to make sure she was okay. Xander asks if there is anything he can do. Nicole suggests he distract her by going out for a drink and talking. Xander agrees but doesn't think he should.

Adrienne and Lucas end up in bed together. They joke about not breaking up and agree that Adrienne coming here was the best idea. They agree that they have no regrets as they kiss.

Justin tells Sonny that he's his father and just wants him to be happy which is hard if he's not with the right partner. Justin thought Paul seemed like a great guy. Sonny says he is but he's with Will. Justin asks him if he still doesn't have feelings for Paul and if he's not trying to make the marriage work because that's what he's supposed to do. Sonny argues that all marriages have rough patches like Justin and Adrienne's. Justin tells him to be honest with how he feels in his heart and then act on that so he doesn't live with regrets in his life. Justin tells him to think about it and they'll talk later as he then exits.

Will tells Rafe that he's going for an article that he's writing on Clyde as it's the assignment he was given. Rafe asks if he can get out of it. Will says he can't without ticking off Zoe and someone else would just write it. Rafe suggests that may be the better option. Will questions him. Rafe warns him to stay away from Clyde as he's not just some regular old redneck and he's scary. Will asks if he's saying there is something to find here. Rafe warns him not to do it. Rafe tells him to think about Arianna and stay away from Clyde because he's bad news. Rafe walks away.

Kate asks what Clyde has in mind for Stefano. Clyde knows how close she and Will are. Kate assures that she will use all her influence to present Clyde in a positive light. Kate remembers she has to go for a meeting at Mad World. They kiss goodbye and Kate exits. Clyde says to himself that Stefano better be worried about crossing him because he put Victor in his place and will do the same to him.

Sonny plays with Arianna at home and thinks back to Justin telling him to be honest with how he feels in his heart. Sonny thinks about Paul and then to marrying Will. Will comes home.

Aiden and Hope meet at the club. Hope thinks they should make a pact not to talk about work and Aiden agrees. Aiden mentions looking forward to seeing Doug and Julie later. Hope suggests they go get the kids. Aiden kisses her.

Lucas thinks they should go public and go have a nice dinner. Adrienne thinks it's a great idea as they kiss.

Justin walks through the town square on the phone and says he's not too far from there as he hangs up.

Clyde walks out of the town square on the phone about Will and Sonix Magazine. Clyde says to roll out the welcome wagon in Poplar Bluff when Will comes down there.

Will apologizes to Sonny for being late. Sonny asks if he's okay as he seems on edge. Sonny says he can wait before going to the bank. Will tells him that what he has to say can't wait. Will tells him that he and Arianna mean everything to him so he feels like he needs to focus more on them than work so he's going to tell Zoe that he can't do the Clyde article. Sonny asks if he's sure. Will says he's positive and Sonny then exits. Will holds Arianna and thinks back to Rafe's warning.

Xander tells Nicole that he would love to take her out for a drink but Daniel is like family to him. Nicole understands. Xander hopes she'll be okay. Nicole says she'll be fine as Xander exits. Nicole worries that she said all those things to Daniel for nothing and wonders what she's done.

Maggie talks to Daniel about knowing Nicole longer than him and every one of her relationships have imploded. Daniel says he knows about her past and that's why he put up so many roadblocks. He wasn't sure Nicole could fully commit to him but he now believes she could. Daniel confirms to Maggie that Nicole is the woman for him. Daniel says he's going to give her some space, everything will work out and they will be just fine. Maggie hopes he's right. Daniel responds that he knows he is.

Nicole starts to text Daniel an apology but talks about wanting to pump Xander for information if he wasn't so honorable about his friendship with Daniel. Nicole decides she will send the text but then gets a call from Xander. Xander tells her that he's been thinking about her and guesses she's not okay. Nicole tells him it's not his problem. Xander says they could get together later but it would have to be private and just between them. Xander agrees to be in touch. She thanks him and hangs up.

Sonny walks out of the town square and gets a call from Paul.

Will plays with Arianna at home. He tells her that Rafe is right that Clyde doesn't matter as she and Sonny matter. Will adds that Zoe will just have to accept that. Clyde then shows up at the door and tells Will that they need to talk.

Adrienne jokingly questions Lucas about paying for dinner if he doesn't have a job. Lucas informs her that he got a job offer in Dallas but he turned it down because he's not leaving Salem now. Lucas adds that he does have another meeting for a local job but he doesn't want to jinx it. They open the door to leave but stop and kiss first as Justin arrives and sees them.

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