Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/4/15

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/4/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Stefano talks in Italian on the phone requesting every detail about his daughter, Kristen's, death.

Abigail apologizes to Chad for just showing up but she really needed to make sure things were clear between them. Abigail tells Chad that she cares about him and maybe always will. She notes that Chad isn't looking at her and something is wrong. Chad hugs her.

Ben meets Clyde at the Pub. Clyde warns him to be more careful with people. Ben asks what Chad did now. Clyde says it's not Chad but another friend lying to his face in Will.

Will talks on the phone to Zoe that the confidential information on Paul was useless. Will insists that he's focused on the Clyde article. Kate arrives and Will invites her in. Will tells Zoe that he is taking a trip to Missouri for the article on Clyde and hangs up. Kate tells Will that she came over to talk to him about that.

Victor asks Xander about his project. He says it's doing well. Victor tells him that something has happened with Brady and Xander's skills may come in handy. Xander agrees to stay for as long as they need him. Victor hopes the business Xander came to Salem for was successful. Xander thinks back to arguing with Serena. He tells Victor there was a complication but he's taking care of it.

Nicole tells Serena that she is not taking Eric away from Salem. Serena questions if she means from her and accuses her of still having a thing for him. Nicole responds that it's not about her but about Serena and what she's doing which they both know what that is.

Eric talks about Nicole feeling responsible with her problems with Daniel. Daniel says their problem now is his fault as he's been taking his frustrations out on her. Daniel says he needs to stop and admits that he loves Nicole and wants it to work for them. Eric wants that too. Daniel talks about Nicole keeping things from him which makes him upset. Eric says he'll have to accept that because that's how it's always going to be with her.

Serena calls Nicole a jealous lunatic. Nicole thinks back to hearing Serena on the phone with Xander. Nicole tells Serena that she's not crazy and jealousy has nothing to do with this. Serena questions why she cares what she's doing then. Serena asks what she thinks she's even doing and mocks her. Serena suggests just staying away from her. Serena decides she'll stay away from Nicole and says everyone is sick of her petty drama.

Daniel decides maybe they shouldn't be having this conversation. Eric assures that he's not trashing Nicole as he still cares about her. Eric says he's happy with Serena and wishes the same for Nicole. Daniel brings up Eric not wanting them involved not too long ago. Eric admits that was unfair. Eric says he's moved past what happened. Eric understands why Daniel would want Nicole in his life. Eric wishes them both the best. Daniel appreciates him saying that. Eric asks if he's going to tell Nicole that the thing with Melanie was a misunderstanding. Daniel says their problems aren't really about Melanie. Eric hopes it's not about Xander.

Victor tells Xander that he doesn't want any details on his business. Victor is glad he was able to give his life some direction and purpose. Xander is grateful. Victor says they both know Xander isn't afraid to get his hands dirty. Victor tells him to just do what he says when he tells him. Xander is concerned about Brady. Victor tells him to just keep his eyes open and his mouth shut and be prepared to do what he asks when the time comes. Xander responds that he's at his beck and call. Victor says he better be. Xander brings up Daniel being like a son to Victor. Victor states that he would do anything for his sons. Maggie walks in and asks what they are talking about.

Eric assures that Xander didn't know Daniel and Nicole were seeing each other. Eric asks why he's concerned. Daniel admits he's not convinced Nicole is over Eric.

Nicole warns Serena about the drama from Eric's family when she tries to take him from Salem. Serena thinks she still means taking him from her. Serena mocks her about it being over. Serena warns her that the more she attacks her, the more Daniel sees that she's still stuck on Eric and she'll lose him too.

Ben asks Clyde about Will lying to him. Clyde informs him about Will writing an article on him and lying to Ben about why he wanted Clyde's number.

Will questions Kate being sent by Clyde to do his bidding. Kate tells Will that Clyde is very private and questions what appeal the article would even have. Kate thinks Will has more important things to do like hang on to his husband.

Chad apologizes to Abigail and picks up the photo of Kristen. Abigail asks what's going on but Chad says he can't and doesn't even really know. Chad says he has a lot to do so he tells her to say what she came to say and go home. Chad questions if she thinks she can just make everything okay and why she's even here.

Will assures Kate that he is focused on fixing his marriage but has a job to do. Kate asks if he really thinks this article will impress his bosses as she thinks it will be a letdown. Will informs her that it was Zoe's idea, not his. Will tells her that it's not just an article but a cover piece. Will admits he didn't like the idea at first but has a feeling he will find plenty of things to write about.

Ben doesn't understand why Will would write an article about Clyde. Clyde agrees that it doesn't make much sense. Ben assures him that he never said a word to Will about him. Ben asks what he thinks Will is going to write about. Clyde guesses Will is going to question Ben about his life before Salem. Ben responds that he won't tell him anything. Clyde hopes not because there are things that happened that he doesn't want anyone reading about, especially Abigail.

Abigail didn't mean to upset Chad. Chad gets a call from Stefano and asks him where he is. Stefano responds that he's safely out of sight and is still waiting for more information about Kristen's death. Stefano tells him that it's still imperative that he tells no one else in Salem what has happened then hangs up. Abigail asks Chad who that was.

Victor tells Maggie that they were just discussing business opportunities for Xander in Salem. Victor thanks him. Maggie stops Xander and invites him to come over for dinner when Brady is available. Xander thanks her for the invitation. Victor says they will be in touch as Xander exits. Maggie tells Victor that they have some catching up to do.

Eric tells Daniel that if he and Nicole were able to be honest maybe things would've been different but he insists that she's being honest in that she's over him. Daniel says it's not really Eric's problem so he apologizes for putting him in that position. Eric understands why he would be conflicted. Eric adds that he knows Nicole's ability to love. Eric says he's learned lately that you can't change people so to make a relationship work, you just have to accept the person for who they are. Eric hopes everything works out. Eric says he'll let him know when he hears from Marlena and Daniel will do the same when he hears from Melanie. Eric exits. Daniel pulls out his phone and looks at Nicole's number.

Nicole tells Serena that her and Daniel are none of her business. Serena responds that she and Eric are none of hers. Serena tells Nicole that she won't be a part of their future and won't have a say in what they do. Serena adds that they don't care about her opinion because she doesn't matter to them. Serena exits as Nicole remarks that she has no idea how wrong she is about that.

Will tells Kate that she can't convince him not to write the article. Kate questions if he really thinks he can write it without Clyde's cooperation. Will says he'll figure something out. Kate asks why he's so determined. Will says he has no choice. Kate argues that he can say no to Zoe but Will says she would just get someone else to write it. Will assures that he'll keep in mind that Clyde is a friend of Kate's. Kate brings up Abigail getting hurt in his first article. Will argues that it was his first piece. Kate mentions Will making Paul a national hero which Will wishes he could take back. Kate questions Zoe wanting the article on Clyde but Will isn't sure why. Will mentions the ownership at Sonix changing recently but nobody really knows. Will says he's just been given an assignment for an up close and personal account of Clyde.

Ben tells Clyde that he will talk to Will but Clyde tells him to just let it be as it might be already taken care of so there is no sense in him getting involved. Clyde just wanted to remind him to be careful who he trusts. Clyde then exits.

Chad apologizes to Abigail for losing it on her as he just has a lot on his mind. Abigail asks who called but Chad says it was just business. Chad knows she's trying to help but he's under a lot of pressure. Abigail feels she's just making it worse so maybe they should talk later. Chad says he told her last night exactly how he felt about her and she ran out right back to Ben. Abigail admits that she did. Chad says unless he's missing something, they have nothing else to talk about. Abigail thinks back to being in bed with Ben and imagining Chad. Chad asks if they do have anything else to talk about. Abigail felt bad about how they left things because she cares about him as a friend. Abigail says they both know they can never be more than that and she didn't know it would affect him like this. Chad questions if she's joking and if she really thought it was all about her.

Will runs in to Ben in the town square. Will invites him for a coffee to catch up but Ben declines and walks away.

Kate meets Clyde at the club. Kate tells him about meeting with Will. Clyde hopes she convinced him. Kate explains that Will was assigned the article and it wasn't his idea but she has a feeling she knows exactly who was behind it.

Victor assures Maggie that Brady didn't know he was having him watched for his own safety as he felt he needed to do this on his own but he had no idea Melanie was involved as he never would've let her, Marlena, or even Theresa be put in harm's way. Maggie knows how hard it's been for him not to interfere or help Brady but he did it because he loves him. Maggie says Victor may be realizing that he can't shield Brady from the world. Victor argues that he never said he could. Maggie points out that he has always been there to rescue him. Maggie states that Brady is ready for the consequences of his own actions. Victor responds that Brady has some more consequences and he's going to need all the help he can get.

Eric goes to the hospital and greets Serena with a kiss. Serena tells him that she's almost finished with her project. Eric suggests going to dinner to celebrate. Serena reveals that she got a job offer in Hawaii so they could go next week. She asks what he says to moving there with her.

Nicole sits in the town square and tells herself that Eric deserves to know the truth as she owes him that much but she doesn't even know what the truth is. Nicole says that Serena would just win again. Nicole thinks back to Xander offering to help her in any way he could. She decides maybe Xander could be persuaded to be more forthcoming but wonders how Daniel would feel about that. Daniel then appears and asks what she's thinking about. Nicole responds it was him.

Abigail says she didn't think it was all about her but Chad accuses her of always thinking it's all about her. Abigail argues that isn't fair as she cares about him and wants to know what's wrong. Chad responds that it's none of her damn business and asks her to go. Abigail then storms out.

Clyde doesn't care whose idea it was, he just doesn't like it. Kate says if the article is going to be written, at least she can monitor it. Clyde suggests control it. Clyde asks who wanted Will to write about him. Kate informs him that Zoe gave him the assignment but Will mentioned the magazine being sold recently. Clyde realizes Kate is going to find out to who. Kate knows an interesting party who has a history in publishing which is Victor.

Maggie asks why Victor is being so cryptic. Victor tells her that Brady will have to explain it as it's complicated. Maggie assures that Brady will appreciate Victor taking a step back in managing the people he loves. Victor asks why he would do that when Sonny, Justin, Brady, and Daniel are all a mess. Victor wonders what would happen if he left the family all up to them. Maggie laughs and tells him everyone will be just fine as she hugs him.

Daniel is glad he found Nicole as he wanted to let her know that Melanie and Brady are okay. Nicole says that's great and asks what exactly happened or if that's something else he can't tell her.

Eric is surprised by Hawaii. Serena says they talked about her applying for other positions. Eric notes it being so far and happening so soon. Serena encourages him. Eric congratulates her on the job but he has no idea what's happening with Marlena so he can't leave Salem until he knows she's alright. Serena suggests he can call or text. Eric doesn't understand why she's in such a hurry to leave.

Daniel tells Nicole that he just doesn't know the whole story yet. Daniel mentions coming to apologize last night and doing the opposite so he's sorry. Nicole jokes that's usually her line. Daniel says he was just worried about Melanie and took it out on her which was really wrong. Daniel hopes they can move past that and start again if she'll accept his apology. Nicole sees Xander in the distance.

Clyde tells Kate that Victor knows better than to make an enemy of him again. Kate notes him being so sure. Kate gets a call and asks if they are absolutely sure the information is accurate. Kate thanks them and hangs up. Clyde guesses she just found out who bought Sonix. Kate reveals that it was Stefano.

Stefano returns to Chad and they toast. Stefano tells him that he must leave Salem before anyone suspects that he's here. Chad notes that he just got here. Stefano says there is an important matter he must deal with in person. Stefano says Chad has lost so much in his young life. Stefano adds that Chad must grieve for his sister but also must deal with the task at hand. Chad promises not to let him down and they hug.

Serena tells Eric that the job starts soon and she hoped to get settled in but they don't have to leave right this minute. Eric asks if she has to give an answer today. Serena agrees to put it off for a few days. Eric says Serena could have her pick of jobs as something closer would be better for him. Serena says they'll see how this pans out. Eric is glad they don't have to decide right away but he's proud of her. Eric talks about being happy to have her in his life as they kiss. Serena says she feels exactly the same way.

Nicole jokes about Daniel not bringing flowers this time. Daniel suggests dinner instead. Nicole looks over towards Xander and suddenly tells Daniel that they can't start over. Daniel asks why not. Nicole tells him hell no as Xander watches on.

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