Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/1/15

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/1/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Victor talks on the phone telling someone to do a job. Maggie comes in and questions why he was up all night screaming at people on the phone. Victor calls it business but Maggie believes it's about Brady and Melanie. Daniel comes in and asks if he knows where they are and what they are doing.

Brady and Marlena remain with the Italian police at the crime scene. Melanie and Theresa come back. Theresa wants to know where the baby is.

Chad thinks back to his last time seeing Abigail as he heads in to his living room, shocked to find Stefano seated inside with a photo of Kristen.

Serena goes to see Xander at his hotel room.

Nicole sits in her office and thinks back to overhearing Serena threatening Xander on the phone. Nicole grabs her phone and calls Eric, asking if she can see him because she needs to talk to him. She asks if he can come by her office as soon as he can. Eric says he'll be right over. She thanks him and hangs up. Nicole then declares she might have made a huge mistake.

Serena doesn't like how Xander jerked her around after she told him that they had important business. Xander doesn't like her giving orders. Serena feels that she has to get him mad to get him to do anything. Xander backs her against the wall.

Eric goes to see Nicole and she thanks him for coming. Eric says he has something that made him think of her. Nicole wants to see but Eric wants to know why she called first.

Daniel talks to Maggie about spending all night with Rafe's FBI contacts because Melanie is in Italy with Kristen. Daniel asks what Victor knows. Victor responds that Kristen is dead.

The police and a man representing the Italian government assure Theresa that the baby is fine. Theresa worries about them working for the DiMeras. Brady asks what they determined about the deaths. He says Clint was shot with his own gun and brings up his record. He then says the evidence was not the same with Kristen. Marlena asks if that means she's being charged with murder.

Chad asks Stefano what he's doing here. Stefano says he needed to talk to him in person. Chad warns him that he could be arrested here. Stefano says it doesn't matter as he needed to be with his only child left. Stefano says he had to be with him when he found out that his sister is dead.

Victor explains to Daniel and Maggie that Kristen fell or was pushed through a window and in to the bay so her body wasn't recovered. Daniel worries about Melanie and Brady being there. Maggie wants to get in touch but Victor says they don't have access to their phones. Victor brings up that they weren't the only ones who were there. Daniel brings up Theresa and Marlena. Maggie asks Victor if he thinks one of them killed Kristen.

Theresa argues that Marlena did the world a favor killing Kristen. Melanie corrects that she didn't kill anyone. Marlena asks if she's being charged but he informs her there is no evidence. Marlena thinks they should be free to go then but Theresa argues that no one goes anywhere until she has her baby.

Serena pushes Xander and wants to know what's coming next. Xander continues to joke with her.

Nicole tells Eric that she wanted him to come over because they are friends. Eric says they are friends which is why he brought what he did. Eric is glad she called him and wants her to feel like she can tell him anything.

Caroline returns to the Pub and catches up on the newspaper, seeing the article about Will and Paul.

Chad asks Stefano if he's sure and what happened. Stefano explains that he's here to tell him everything in person because they are going to need each other more than ever.

Brady assures Theresa that they aren't going anywhere without the baby. The man says they will be doing the DNA test as the documents show the wrong that was done to her. He asks them not to speak to the public about this. He sends Brady to sign some forms with one of the cops. Marlena asks if Kristen's family has been notified. Theresa doesn't care and complains about the baby being examined. A cop brings the baby back in.

Victor hasn't heard that anyone has been charged with anything. Maggie wonders why Marlena and Theresa were there when they hate each other. Victor gets a call and says they might get answers as he steps away to answer.

Xander talks about Serena's past attraction to him. She calls it temporary insanity and the biggest mistake she ever made. She wants to forget it but can't until their business is done. Xander says he had to have the diamonds inventoried and validated. Serena tells him to go away afterwards. Xander asks if it would really be so terrible if he stayed. She responds that it would.

Eric asks Nicole what's the matter. She doesn't know where to start. She talks about being distracted now by needing to know what he brought her. Eric reveals that he came across a photo of her that he thought he lost and he wanted her to have it. He gives her the photo. Nicole talks about loving the picture and it always making her feel so happy. She thanks him and says he really cheered her up. Eric asks about what she wanted to talk about and if it she and Daniel are having trouble.

The cop gets a call for Brady and gives him the phone. It's Victor, who puts him on speaker for Daniel and Maggie. Brady assures that Melanie is alright and they will be able to come home soon. Daniel asks what they are doing there. Brady confirms Marlena and Theresa are there and fine. Daniel questions why they went to Italy and what's going on. Brady doesn't want to say much on a police phone but they are fine and they need to keep quiet until they get back. Brady confirms Kristen is gone after an accident. Maggie asks to speak to Melanie but Brady says she's in another room and he's with an officer. Daniel sends his love as does Maggie then they leave together. Victor asks Brady what Theresa is doing there.

The cop gives Theresa her baby back. She talks about loving him as Marlena and Melanie watch on.

Victor tells Brady that he will handle his return and nothing will come out until they are safely home. Brady adds that there is more to tell when he gets home but it's good. Victor can't wait to see him and hear his news. They agree to see each other soon and then hang up. Victor states to himself that he knows what his damn news is and having a baby with Theresa is not good.

Theresa lets Marlena hold the baby. Theresa sits with Melanie and thanks her. Melanie says she couldn't let Kristen get away with it. Theresa says if not for her, she might have never known her son and now the rest of her life will change forever thanks to her.

Nicole tells Eric that she was upset with how things are going with Daniel but calls it a minor bump in the road. She complains how they keep keeping things from each other. Nicole thinks there are times where it's good to keep things to yourself. Nicole hopes they can work it out. Eric is sorry that they are having problems. Eric thinks it would be great if they could be as happy as he is with Serena.

Serena questions if Xander is thinking of staying to punish her for not bringing the diamonds quicker. Xander tells her that the whole world doesn't revolve around her. Serena warns him that if anything happens to her or Eric then the whole world will know it was him as she exits the room. Serena tells herself that she has got to get far away from him with Eric.

Chad tells Stefano that he had just talked to Kristen after his board meeting and talked about being together soon. Stefano tells him that they only have each other now which is why he must find a way to come back. Chad worries that him being here now is too big of a risk. Stefano says he had to tell him this in person because it's important. Stefano says he might hear things about Kristen but only listen to what he tells him. Stefano adds that until he knows everything, he must keep what happened a secret. Abigail arrives outside the door. Chad tells Stefano that she can't see him as Abigail knocks on the door, saying she really needs to talk to him.

Nicole sees that Eric is crazy about Serena. Eric thinks it's because of Serena that he and Nicole have been able to be friends again as being with her helped him let go of a lot of his anger. Eric's phone rings and he mentions trying to get a hold of Marlena so he has to go. She thanks him for coming and tells him to take care as he exits. Nicole says she knows Eric is crazy about Serena but she knows she's up to something with Xander that isn't good at all. Nicole wonders what it is and if Eric would even listen to her if she told him. Nicole then leaves her office.

The official announces that everyone is free to go. Brady thanks him. He then adds that the jet is not functioning well so they have commercial tickets, sending the baby's parents together and then Melanie and Marlena together. Theresa says that's great so they can be together which worries Melanie. Brady hugs Melanie and thanks her as they exit. Marlena asks Melanie how she's holding up and she claims she's fine.

Caroline goes to see Will. Will thought she wasn't coming back until tomorrow. Caroline wants to know exactly what's going on. Will says there isn't much to say other than he screwed up so bad. Caroline hugs him.

Serena goes to the club and thinks about where she could take off to and if Eric would come with her. She looks up places on her laptop and decides on Hawaii so she makes a call about a job there. She says it sounds wonderful and feels everything will work out perfectly as Nicole appears.

Will tells Caroline that he can't believe he did something so stupid by betraying Sonny and everyone who cares about them. Caroline encourages that a marriage can survive if that's what they want. Will brings up couples therapy which she also encourages them doing.

Chad answers the door. Abigail asks if everything is alright. Chad says he can't talk right now as he's busy. Chad looks back in and sees Stefano has left the room.

Victor calls Stefano and says despite their past history, he's terribly sorry for his loss as he knows what it's like to lose a child and this after EJ is too much. Victor assures him that Brady did not do this to Kristen. Victor decides to leave him to his grief and hangs up. Victor remarks that Stefano doesn't grieve, he exacts revenge. Victor then calls Xander and tells him that he needs him. Xander responds that he'll be right there.

Melanie calls Daniel and Maggie to tell them that she's fine and on her way home. She apologizes for scaring them and says she'll explain everything when they're home. Marlena mentions hearing from Will and Eric, who are concerned and it's hard to understand why no one told them what happened. Melanie knows it'd be hard to explain on the phone. Melanie looks over at Brady and Theresa holding their baby. They agree he's beautiful. Marlena adds that they should be very grateful to Melanie as it's because of her that the baby gets to go home. Theresa tells Brady that they almost died but now it's over and everything is gone to be fine as they have their perfect baby. Theresa calls it the beginning of happily ever after.

Eric joins Daniel and Maggie at Daniel's, asking about what happened. They assure that they will be back soon. Maggie asks Daniel to let her know that Melanie gets home safely as she exits. Daniel insists to Eric that there's nothing to worry about. Daniel asks if he wants to go get some breakfast but Eric wants to talk about Nicole.

Serena finishes her call to Hawaii. Nicole sits with her and questions her moving on, wanting to throw her a going away party. Serena then tells her that Eric will be coming with her but Nicole says the hell he will.

Will promises Caroline that he will do whatever it takes to make the marriage work. Caroline says it will take both of them. Will complains about the Kiriakis family weighing in on everything. Caroline jokes with him and tells him to just concentrate on Sonny. Will says he's trying to as it needs to be just them with no outside interference.

Abigail apologizes to Chad for just showing up but she really needed to make sure things were clear between them. Abigail tells Chad that she cares about him and maybe always will. She notes that Chad isn't looking at her and something is wrong.

Theresa worries about the baby crying. Melanie talks to Marlena how what Kristen did was so crazy. Melanie says she wanted to make sure Brady could raise his son. Marlena says that he will because of her. Melanie comments that Brady is only a couple feet away but feels like there's miles between them. Brady encourages Theresa to relax as the baby will be fine and they will do whatever it takes. Theresa declares he will definitely not be called Christopher because it's too close to Kristen. Theresa tries to stop his crying and then hands him to Brady. Brady holds him and talks to him as he stops crying. Theresa watches with a smile and tells Brady that he will make the best father.

Xander goes to see Victor and asks about needing him. Victor asks about his project. He says it's nearly completed. Victor knows he planned to leave town after but something has happened with Brady and he could use a little extra help for awhile. Victor says Xander's skills could come in handy. Xander agrees to stay for as long as they need him.

Eric tells Daniel that Nicole is worried about them and feels responsible. Daniel blames himself for taking his frustrations out on her about what happened to Melanie. Daniel admits that he loves Nicole and really wants it to work for them. Eric says he wants it too.

Nicole tells Serena that she is not taking Eric away from Salem. Serena questions if she means from her and accuses her of still having a thing for him. Nicole responds that it's not about her but about Serena and what she's doing which they both know what that is.

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