Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/30/15

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/30/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Kristen and Marlena fight over the gun until it's dropped. Brady bursts in and yells for Kristen. Marlena and Kristen's struggle continue until Kristen is thrown back and crashes through the window!

Melanie finds Theresa and confirms to her that Christopher is her son.

Jennifer prepares to leave home and calls Daniel, saying she has to cancel as something came up. Daniel asks if it's about JJ.

Paige and JJ finish up their class work and kiss.

Eve sits in the night club with a glass of wine and thinks about JJ. Rafe approaches and asks if there's a problem.

Serena sits in the Pub and thinks back to being in bed with Xander in the past where he proposed the idea that they worked together. She tells herself that she should've seen him coming.

Nicole works at her office and thinks back to arguing with Daniel and walking out. Xander enters and notes that she's working late then asks if he's interrupting. She says not at all.

Brady runs to the window to check on Kristen.

Theresa picks up Christopher and holds him. They try to leave but Dr. Mandrake wakes up and grabs Melanie's leg.

Brady tells Marlena to stay while he goes to find out what happened to Kristen and he rushes out.

Theresa kicks Dr. Mandrake off of Melanie and they run out of the room with Christopher.

Serena thinks more about agreeing to Xander's plan and wonders why they didn't run. She declares it will be over now this week. She wonders where he is.

Nicole asks Xander how he found her. Xander reminds her that she gave him her business card. He asks if everything is okay. She says she's just busy with work. He asks about Daniel as he was afraid he complicated things. She tells him that he didn't. He asks if she's sure since Daniel clearly saw an attraction between them. Xander wants to help smooth things over and asks if there's anything he can do.

Marlena remains staring out the window and thinks back to her fights with Kristen over the years. Marlena says it can't be. Melanie and Theresa come out with Christopher. Marlena questions what Melanie is doing here. Melanie says they'll explain later and asks where Brady is. They see the window but Marlena clarifies that it was Kristen who fell. Brady comes back and hugs Melanie, asking if everyone is okay. Melanie assures that they are. Marlena asks Brady what he found. Brady says it was a 100 foot drop to the bay so there is no way that Kristen survived.

Paige and JJ plan their night and kiss in their room at the Salem Inn. JJ goes to text Jennifer.

Jennifer tells Daniel that she just had an emergency and will be back tomorrow. Daniel offers his help but she says she's okay. Daniel asks if she's still stressing over what she didn't want to talk about. Jennifer thinks about their last argument. Daniel asks for a clue but Jennifer says it's just Eve and maybe it's good to step back and not overthink it. Daniel asks if something happened. Jennifer says no so they'll hope that she's over it and moving on.

Eve complains to Rafe about the singer in the nightclub. Eve blames it on him looking like someone she knows. Eve complains about the bartender not refilling her drink. Eve asks to speak to the manager but Rafe reveals he is the manager.

Xander tells Nicole that he wants to help her in any way that he can. She thanks him but says there's no need. Xander says she knows where to find him and he hopes things work out between her and Daniel as Daniel is special to Victor. Xander tells Nicole that she deserves good things and he hopes she gets them.

Melanie says it's horrible while Marlena agrees. Melanie and Theresa bring up Dr. Mandrake still being alive. Brady goes to check the room. Marlena asks about the baby. Theresa reveals that the baby is hers. Melanie adds that it's Theresa and Brady's child.

Nicole continues working until Daniel interrupts with flowers in hand.

Jennifer gets a call from JJ. JJ questions her getting on a plane tonight. Jennifer says it's just something little with her mother and she'll be back tomorrow. She assures him that everything is fine. JJ reveals he won't be coming home tonight. She questions where he is. JJ admits he's at a hotel with Paige. Jennifer asks if Eve knows.

Eve is embarrassed. Rafe introduces himself to her. Eve apologizes for being rude about his establishment and now claims she likes it. They talk back and forth. Rafe hopes she'll give the place another try because they want her business. Eve assures him as Rafe goes to talk to the guitar player that Eve complained about. Eve gets another drink which pleases her.

Brady returns to the secret room but Dr. Mandrake is gone. Brady looks around and finds a briefcase. He opens it and pulls papers out then sees a photo of Kristen with Christopher. Brady thinks over all of his past history with Kristen. Brady shuts the briefcase then takes the photo of Kristen with Christopher and keeps it with him.

Stefano gets a call and is shocked as he asks if they're sure while holding a photo of Kristen.

Melanie and Theresa explain to Marlena how Kristen carried the baby to term. Police arrive and demand everyone stays there as Kristen DiMera is presumed dead under very suspicious circumstances and no one can leave until they have answers.

Daniel gives Nicole the flowers and apologizes for their fight. They agree not to fight anymore. Daniel asks if he can take her out. Nicole questions his plans for the night. Daniel says he was going to talk to Jennifer about something but she had to leave town. Nicole jokes about being second choice and admits she's glad he's there. Daniel asks if she can leave. Nicole suggests going to the nightclub to give Rafe some business and Daniel agrees.

Serena calls Xander and asks where he is since they need to meet. Xander says he's heading to his hotel to shower and invites her over.

Theresa and Melanie try to explain to the police what happened. Another cop questions Marlena as to where she was when Kristen fell but she says she doesn't remember exactly. Melanie finds Marlena's cell phone on the floor.

Daniel and Nicole kiss in her office. He suggests they leave now but Daniel gets a call from Melanie on Marlena's phone which he questions. Melanie says she just wanted to tell him that she's okay. Melanie says she's in Italy with Marlena, Theresa, Brady, and Dr. Mandrake and she will explain everything later. She assures that she's fine and has to go as she hangs up. A cop then takes the phone from her leaving Daniel frustrated as he tries to call back. Nicole asks where Melanie is. Daniel informs her that she's apparently in police custody in Italy. Daniel tells her who all she is with and Nicole reacts to Dr. Mandrake's name. Nicole says she warned Melanie. Daniel questions what she knows about this. Nicole asks why he's accusing her. Daniel says he's just asking what she knows. Nicole says she just looked up Dr. Mandrake for Melanie. Daniel wonders why she never told him. Nicole thought Melanie dropped the whole thing. Daniel argues that he should've known from the start and screams that Nicole does this all the time. Nicole tells him to be rational and calm down. Nicole blames not telling him on the fact that they weren't speaking. Daniel argues that he has every right to be furious. Daniel blames Nicole for keeping a secret from him about Melanie and Dr. Mandrake. Nicole refuses to fight. She dumps the flowers in the trash can and walks out.

Xander tells Serena that maybe they'll meet in the town square in half an hour. Xander tells her that she's not in charge then hangs up.

Stefano says on the phone to do nothing now and he will call as he hangs up. Stefano flashes back to moments with Kristen throughout their lives. Stefano then breaks down crying.

The cops talk about searching for Dr. Mandrake as they don't have the whole story. Brady comes out and tells them there is no sign of Mandrake but he found documents of the baby switch. Brady confirms it's all true that Kristen took the baby from Theresa's womb. The cop questions one doctor doing this all himself. Brady and Theresa bring up Clint helping. Melanie adds that it was all self defense. One of the officers brings up a body downstairs which is Clint. Melanie argues that it was self defense but the cops argue about Kristen disappearing and says someone must pay.

Daphne talks on the phone in the town square, telling a friend that they have her place to themselves because JJ and Paige are at a hotel which Eve overhears. Daphne mentions it being the Salem Inn. Eve approaches and tells Daphne that she heard. Daphne can't believe she spilled. Eve tells her not to be upset because Paige is old enough to make her own choices. Eve admits she wishes Paige told her. Daphne hopes she won't tell her that she told. Eve assures she won't say a word.

JJ tells Jennifer that he doesn't think Eve knows but he's glad he can tell her the truth. Jennifer is happy for them. JJ says that she's everything. Jennifer responds that he deserves to be happy. JJ adds that he owes her so much for believing in him. JJ can never thank her enough for what she did for them. JJ says he'll see her tomorrow and hangs up. Paige then questions what Jennifer did for them.

Nicole goes to the nightclub where Daniel is at the bar, calling Brady and leaving a message trying to figure out what is going on. Daniel mentions that Nicole knows something but wouldn't share it with him which she overhears.

The police mention needing a lawyer for an official statement to be made. Brady asks to make a call to be met. Brady says they have nothing to hide but the cop says there are too many questions for he and Marlena so they should plan to remain in Italy for a long time.

Rafe joins Daniel at the bar. Daniel asks if he's seen Nicole but he hasn't. Rafe asks if something is wrong. Daniel is afraid so and asks for Rafe's FBI contacts. Rafe asks if it's about Nicole. Daniel says to forget her as he has bigger problems to worry about.

The cops plan to take Theresa to the station to make her statement. She worries about the baby but is convinced he'll be okay. She hands the baby to Brady.

Jennifer sits on the plane and thinks about arguing with Eve. Jennifer hopes she got through to her and could be worrying over nothing.

Eve calls Cole and says they need to talk first thing tomorrow as they need to move this along. She declares it's time to take JJ out for good.

JJ tells Paige that Jennifer encouraged him to never give up on them even when it looked hopeless. Paige says she should thank her too. JJ says they'll never go back to that place as they kiss.

Serena waits outside the town square and calls Xander, who is seated outside the club reading the paper. Serena questions where he is. Xander tells her that something came up and they'll meet tomorrow. She warns him to stop messing with her as she won't let him destroy her life. Serena brings up both having plenty on each other. Serena threatens to take him down with her if he tries to ruin her. Nicole comes around the corner as Serena walks away.

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