Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/29/15

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/29/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Kristen tells Dr. Mandrake to tell Clint to wait as she doesn't want anything to happen to Brady until she's gone because she just doesn't want to hear it. Kristen says she will meet him in the car so he heads down. Kristen opens the door to leave and is shocked to see Marlena at the door!

Hiro returns and wants John to see the view of the golden gate bridge. John says he would be honored. Hiro takes John alone while Paul stays behind. Paul then turns and asks "what are you doing here?" as Justin appears. Justin says they've never met but Paul recognizes him as Sonny's father.

Sonny tells Will that he is so far off base. Will brings up Victor not wanting them to work things out. Sonny questions what he's talking about. Will can't believe he sent Marlena to convince Paul not to come back which shocks Sonny. Will tells him that she's out there trying to help her pathetic grandson and wasting her time because Sonny is already moving on with bigger and better things. Sonny questions what he was thinking. Will says he wanted to save his husband and their family.

Hope and Ciara join Rafe in the town square. Rafe jokes with her about playing baseball but she tells him that she'd rather be an umpire.

Clint brings Brady back down to the basement with Melanie. Melanie questions what is wrong with him and what he's going to do with them. Clint pulls out his gun and says she can figure it out. Clint puts the gun away as he gets the text from Dr. Mandrake that there will be no shooting until Kristen is gone. Clint aims at Brady but Melanie warns him not to hurt him. Clint turns and aims at Melanie as Brady breaks free of the rope and tackles Clint.

Theresa wakes up on the floor next to Christopher crying in his crib. Theresa crawls to the crib and sees Christopher inside.

Marlena asks Kristen where they are. Kristen is shocked and asks if she followed them here. Marlena tells her to forget how she got there and questions what she's up to. Kristen says it's none of her business. Marlena comes in looking for John and Paul which confuses Kristen. Marlena admits she came all this way because she thought John was here. Kristen tells her that she wasted a trip. Marlena asks who she thought she followed then. Kristen claims she meant the staff. Marlena responds that she used to be a much better liar.

Theresa thinks back to finding out about Clint and Kristen. Theresa says she has to get out of here and tries to run but Dr. Mandrake stops her.

Brady and Clint fight as Melanie tries to reach the gun. Clint grabs the gun and punches Brady down. Melanie begs Clint not to hurt him. Clint grabs Melanie and calls that her famous last words.

Ciara talks about being an umpire because she likes being in charge. Ciara sees her friend so she goes to leave with her. Rafe jokes that Hope will have her hands full with Ciara. Hope realizes she's late for a meeting and has to go. Rafe stops her and asks if she has anything new to tell him about Clyde. Hope says not really as she doesn't want to tell him anything. Rafe questions her and reminds her that he's not on the force anymore. Rafe tells her to call him whenever she wants to tell him or whenever she needs him. Hope agrees to as they head their separate ways.

Justin questions Paul knowing. Paul mentions Sonny showing him family pictures back then. Paul thought Justin was in Dubai. Justin says he was in but stopped here on his way back to Salem. Paul asks how he knew he was here. Justin points out that he's a Kiriakis. Paul questions if he came to tell him he messed up Sonny's marriage but Justin says that's not it at all.

Sonny tries to explain to Will but Will tells him that he heard him making plans to go to Italy which is where he believes Paul is. Will mentions Paul saying he would go to Italy to get away. Sonny shows him the address is San Francisco where Paul is. Will is confused because Victor had an address to Italy on his desk which is where Marlena went.

Kristen tells Marlena that she doesn't owe her an explanation and yells at her to get out. Kristen opens the door as the nurse arrives, wanting to see the baby but Kristen hurries her away. Marlena questions there being a baby.

Dr. Mandrake questions how Theresa is on her feet. Theresa asks who he is as she is dazed. He tells her none of it matters.

Melanie warns Clint about hurting Brady. Clint isn't worried as he works for a DiMera. Melanie continues. Clint yells at her to shut up. Melanie tells him that he doesn't have to do this. Clint threatens her. Clint tells her that he's going to take Brady out first so she gets to watch as he aims the gun at Brady.

Hope meets with Roman and Abe at the club and says she doesn't have much or enough for a warrant but there's definitely something with Clyde. Roman brings up a murder victim. Aiden then interrupts.

Paul understands Justin can't be happy about what happened. Justin says you can't undo it and maybe it happened for a reason. They sit together as Justin talks about reading Paul's interview and discovering a piece of Sonny's life that he didn't know at the time. Justin says it's clear how much Paul loved Sonny and he understands why Sonny proposed. Paul says he was an idiot to turn him down. Paul talks about leaving to make things easier for Sonny. Justin doesn't think he would make things more difficult.

Will tells Sonny that he'll find Marlena later after Sonny goes to San Francisco. Will goes over hearing Sonny's message. Sonny reveals he was leaving a message for Justin. Sonny questions Will sending Marlena to find Paul. Will says he made a mistake and will make it up to her. Will tells him that he wants them to work as he wants him and their family. Will is glad that he told Justin that he wants him too. Will asks if he told Justin that he thinks they can work things out but Sonny reveals he wasn't talking about them.

Theresa struggles with Dr. Mandrake until he sits her down and tells her to stay. He pulls out a needle which makes her worry. She repeats questioning who he is. Dr. Mandrake says he's here to help. She worries about Clint and tries to run but he catches her with the needle as she realizes who he is.

Marlena questions Kristen about the baby and the doctor because she can't have children. Kristen mocks her and claims that she is paying for the medical care for a girl in the village but Marlena doesn't buy it. Kristen says she would do anything to help a child. Marlena brings up Kristen saying she was alone here.

Clint sets Brady up against the wall and aims his gun at him but Melanie breaks free from the rope and tackles him.

The noise causes Marlena to question what that was. Kristen tells her to go home but Marlena says she's going to find out what she's up to. Kristen responds that she won't as she pulls a gun on her and declares she should've done this a long time ago.

Aiden says goodbyes to Roman and Abe as they'll be in touch. They exit as Aiden sits with Hope. Aiden asks if she remembers a word they said the other day. Aiden questions her looking into a man that was murdered on the way to prison because she overheard him talking to a client. Hope thinks he's upset because he also thinks Clyde had something to do with the murder.

Paul asks if Justin wants him to come back to Salem. Justin says he can't say that as anything he does should be his choice. Paul asks why he's here. Justin responds that he loves his son and he's concerned about his well being. Justin says Sonny has a decision to make and he thinks he's getting a lot of pressure in Salem. Justin says that he has nothing against Will and will respect if Sonny stays with him. Justin brings up Paul still loving Sonny. Paul agrees that he meant every word in the article. Justin suggests maybe he shouldn't go back to Salem then because he could get his heart broken all over again if Sonny chooses Will. Paul asks if he doesn't want Sonny to end up with Will.

Sonny clarifies to Will that he was talking about Justin and Adrienne. Will asks what's going on but Sonny says it's not for him to say. Will pushes so Sonny shouts back that Justin had an affair in Dubai which came up after Adrienne's affair with Lucas.

Justin tells Paul that he wants Sonny to follow his heart where ever it leads not where people tell him he should go. John and Hiro come back. John is surprised to see Justin and Justin is shocked to learn that John is Paul's father.

Clint and Melanie fight until he overpowers her and decides now she does get to die first.

Theresa begins having flashbacks to the first time Dr. Mandrake injected her to steal her baby. Theresa screams at him about being pregnant. She goes to the crib and looks at Christopher. Dr. Mandrake tells her it's nap time as he raises the needle.

Marlena tells Kristen that there's something really wrong here but Kristen argues that she's wrong. Kristen says she could've ruined everything but she didn't as now it's the perfect chance to end this. Kristen tells her it's over today because she's in charge for the first time and is going to win. Marlena questions her. Kristen says she took John from him and turned Brady against her. Marlena brings up her almost destroying her sons and her marriage. Kristen states that today is about payback and everybody is going to get exactly what they deserve. Kristen says maybe there will be a sacrifice as part of her will die with him. Kristen adds that throwing Marlena in to the mix makes up for it as she aims the gun at her.

Aiden says Hope knows better than using information she overheard. Aiden reminds her of the rules with a client and warns her that he would get any evidence thrown out in court. Hope questions him throwing their relationship. Aiden explains that his client is his duty to protect. Aiden tells Hope that he loves her and they are partners outside of work but not at work.

Justin questions John following Paul here. John wants to get to know his son as much as he will let him. Justin calls it incredible and says he wanted to see Paul too. Paul says they were talking about whether or not he should go back to Salem. John is surprised Justin would want him too. Justin responds that he wants what's best for his son and thinks John would want that too.

Sonny tells Will that he would've said something but thought Lucas should tell him. Will asks if Victor knows because Lucas just got fired and he thought it was because of him. Sonny warns him about saying anything negative about Adrienne. Will asks if Justin feels as awful as he does about what he did. Sonny says they haven't gotten that far. Will knows he's driving him nuts and acting so desperate. Sonny brings up Will sending Marlena to Italy. Will responds that he's scared to death of losing him.

Theresa tries to stay away from Dr. Mandrake as he tells her that the baby needs her and it's all for the best. He says he doesn't want to hurt her as they struggle over the needle.

Brady wakes up and grabs Clint off of Melanie. Brady and Clint fight again with punches as the gun is kicked away.

Kristen threatens to shoot Marlena. Marlena warns her that John will track her down. Kristen keeps the gun aimed at her.

Aiden apologizes to Hope but she tells him that he's absolutely right. Hope agrees that they have different jobs and it was disrespectful of her. They talk about being passionate about their jobs and they both want to do it legally. Hope apologizes for throwing a wrench in to things. Hope doesn't want to do anything to mess this up. Aiden doesn't either and feels he was a jerk. Hope knows when she's wrong and tells Aiden that she will cancel her evidence request. Hope reminds Aiden about their date and they kiss.

Paul asks if John wants Sonny to end up with Will. John responds that he wants them to decide. Paul says Sonny could decide either way but questions John not wanting him around just in case. John explains that they are trying to work things out for their family. Paul talks about John not knowing he was his son before all of this. Paul talks about Will blackmailing Tori and how Sonny is the only reason John found out he was his son.

Will talks about Sonny being with him from the beginning and how they made a family. Will can't stand to lose all of that because he acted like an idiot. Will asks Sonny what he needs to do or who he needs to be, saying he'll do anything. Sonny responds that he fell in love with him and who he was. Will says that's not who he is now. Sonny agrees that he's changed too but that's okay. Will wants Sonny to tell him what to do. Sonny tells him to stop holding on so tight and trying to control how he feels. Sonny asks him to let him breathe and asks if he can do that.

Theresa and Dr. Mandrake continue fighting over the needle. Theresa manages to turn things around and stabs Mandrake in the stomach with the needle. He collapses and she goes to the crib.

Brady and Clint continue fighting. Clint grabs the gun back and they struggle over it until the gun goes off, shooting Clint. Clint dies as Melanie and Brady hug.

Marlena tells Kristen that she doesn't want to do this. Kristen insists that she loves seeing her desperate. Kristen says these are her last few moments. Marlena argues that she won't get away with it. Kristen yells at her to shut up as there is no one left to save her. Marlena stops her.

Brady and Melanie check on each other. They then hear Marlena and Kristen arguing and decide they have to get out of here.

Kristen tells Marlena that she has things to do as she backs her up with the gun. Marlena grabs her and they struggle over the gun until it goes off with a shot above them.

Justin talks about Will being desperate to hold on to Sonny. John says he knows he screwed up. Justin talks about what Will did. Paul blames himself but Justin points out that Paul didn't know they were married. John agrees that he can't blame himself. Paul doesn't know what they expect. John just wants to get to know him and would love him to come back to Salem but they know it has risks. John states that only Paul can decide where he belongs and why. John decides they will give him space to figure that out. John and Justin exit. Hiro checks with Paul if he's alright. Paul wishes he knew.

Will tells Sonny that he will stop trying to control everything. Sonny gets a text from Adrienne to come get Arianna. Sonny asks if Will wants to come with him. Will decides he should probably call Lucas before seeing Adrienne because of the situation and he also has to e-mail Marlena. Sonny is glad they cleared the air some. Will hugs him. Sonny then exits. Will opens his laptop and gets an e-mail from Zoe that they may have found something on Paul. Will responds to give him everything she has.

Melanie finds Theresa and confirms to her that Christopher is her son.

Kristen and Marlena fight over the gun until it's dropped. Brady bursts in and yells for Kristen. Marlena and Kristen's struggle continues until Kristen is thrown back and crashes through the window!

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