Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/28/15

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/28/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Theresa questions what Kristen is doing there. Kristen says she came to see her. Theresa tells Clint to call the cops as she's nuts but he doesn't do anything which she questions. Theresa realizes they know each other. Theresa screams and tries to run but Clint grabs her. Brady and Melanie hear it from the basement. Theresa grabs Clint's gun and they struggle over it. The gun goes off causing Brady to worry.

Sonny goes to the club and is handed a card left for him from Victor with Paul's address.

Marlena sits on a plane and thinks back to leaving a message for John then to talking with Will.

Paul and Hiro confront John in the park about why he's still here. Hiro comments that John is as stubborn as his son.

Will apologizes and says he's not asking for permission as this article will be written with or without his permission. Clyde sits back down and asks what he just said to him.

Kate tells Ben that she saw Abigail earlier and they had a nice conversation about Chad.

Abigail doesn't understand Chad kicking her out when most of the time he's trying so hard to have her around and now he's trying to get rid of her. Chad responds that he's not trying to get rid of her as that's the last thing he wants to do. Chad then grabs her and kisses her. Abigail questions what he's thinking. Chad thinks it's exactly what she wants and kisses her again.

Melanie screams for help but Brady tells her to stop and stay calm while they figure out their next move.

Theresa and Clint continue struggling over the gun. Clint overpowers her and gets it away. Theresa asks why he would do this to her. Kristen says she will fill her in.

Abigail says this is not what she wants. Chad tells her that he can't and won't keep playing this game with her.

Kristen mocks Theresa and says no one ever cared about her. Theresa asks if this is about Brady.

Brady hopes the gunshot means someone is coming to find them. He warns Melanie that if she makes noise then someone will come shut them up. Brady feels Melanie's ropes are a little loose so she tries to get free.

Ben questions Kate thinking he cares about her conversation with Abigail. Kate says it's good that he's not threatened by Abigail's relationship with Chad. Ben responds that they don't have a relationship anymore.

Abigail insists that she's with Ben. Chad questions her always making excuses to come see him. Chad accuses her of wanting to be alone with him and says he can't keep fighting his feelings for her. Chad says she knows exactly how he feels about her.

Will tells Clyde that he has plans to do some research on him and his hometown. Will adds that Ben and Abigail can help fill in some blanks. Clyde repeats that he doesn't want him writing about him. Will responds that it's not his call to make. Clyde warns Will not to do it.

Sonny goes home and finds a note from Adrienne that she took Arianna for the day. Sonny opens Victor's card with Paul's address. Sonny then pulls out his phone and calls to plan a flight.

Marlena sends an e-mail that she's on her way to see Paul and John. She hopes she's doing the right thing.

Hiro walks away to let John and Paul talk. Paul questions him wasting his time here. John declares that nothing is more important than family.

Melanie blames herself for not minding her own business. Brady argues that he never would've known he had a son so he's thankful to her. Brady says they are in this together as he will be grateful to her forever. Melanie worries about Kristen hurting them.

Kristen tells Theresa that it's about necessity and justice. Kristen says it's not just about Brady but all the people she has run over. Clint holds her as Kristen brings up Theresa trying to take out John. Kristen feels she owes her some mercy so justice will be swift and painless. Kristen pulls out a needle and injects Theresa causing her to collapse.

Brady tells Melanie that their involvement with Kristen is on him so he's not going to let Kristen hurt her. Brady talks about loving Melanie and she feels the same. Melanie feels the rope got looser as they continue to struggle.

Clint tells Kristen that the new safehouse is ready so they can take the baby there and have the procedure done. Kristen worries about Victor sending men. Clint says they will stay ahead. Kristen says she has time for one last thing.

John sits with Paul and says he realized he was right that he knocked him off his pedestal at the first chance. John apologizes. Paul says he's not the first person and won't be the last. Paul talks about receiving hate mail since he came out but he's used to it.

Will tells Clyde that he's dealt with EJ, Stefano, and Victor so he's not going to feel intimidated by him threatening him. Clyde says he's not threatening him but trying to help him understand that he won't be happy if he goes through with the article about him. Will calls it funny as he first thought it would be a waste of time but now feels it could be a real good story.

Abigail questions Chad doing this to her now. Chad accuses her of playing house with Ben. Abigail argues that he loves her. Chad points out that she doesn't even know Ben's real name. Abigail says it's not DiMera. Chad says that's why he'll never be the right guy for her.

Kristen tells Christopher that it must be done.

Dr. Mandrake returns to the basement with Brady and Melanie along with Clint carrying Theresa in. Melanie questions what they did to her and what they are going to do to them.

Paul tells John that he doesn't have a problem with who he is. John brings up Paul coming out in a very public way after hiding for years. Paul talks about getting hate mail about coming out after his career is over. John asks about his old teammates. Paul admits they were mostly positive and he's also gotten some incredibly supportive mail. Paul recalls a kid coming up to him at the airport and thanking him. Paul talks about it being an amazing feeling. Paul says he has a lot to deal with out here so he doesn't need John to hang around and make things harder.

Clyde is disappointed as he thought Will would respect someone's privacy after he had his affair all over the front pages. Will says he made a mistake. Clyde agrees but points out he didn't have any problem dragging his mom through the mud so it must not be a big deal to do it to the man with his grandma. Will stands up for his writing. Clyde understands Will is going to do what he has to do but so will he. Clyde then exits.

Chad talks about his plan to hurt Abigail like she hurt him with EJ and he was going to use Jordan to do it. Abigail argues that she knows he cared about Jordan. Chad says he did but he loved Abigail. Chad talks about being in bed with Jordan but seeing Abigail no matter how hard he fought it. Abigail asks why he's doing this. Chad says he's sick of the lie and hiding it. Chad is sick of making an excuse every time he wants to see her. Chad declares that he will do anything to be with her again. Abigail realizes that he's the one who got the people from Florida to go after Ben.

Melanie questions where Clint took Brady and what's going on as Dr. Mandrake ties Theresa up. He tells her that he will be right outside the door as he exits. Melanie wakes Theresa up.

Clint brings Brady tied up to Kristen. Kristen sends Clint away. Kristen tells Brady that there's nothing to say but goodbye.

Abigail argues that Chad has been trying to hurt Ben ever since he came back. Chad swears that he had nothing to do with it. Abigail questions why he would help Ben then. Chad says he wanted to be the bigger man but he found out he can't be because he was lying to himself. Chad says he's not a good person, he's a DiMera who goes after what he wants. Chad wanted her to tell him she was done with Ben so he could make love to her all night long. Chad tells her that now she knows the whole truth about him. Chad opens the door and Abigail rushes out.

Clyde joins Kate at the nightclub. She tells him that he just missed Ben as he had to go. Clyde says that's fine as it's not his family that he wants to talk about right now. Clyde informs Kate that he just had a meeting with her grandson.

Will goes home and texts Marlena, thanking her for being in his corner. He heads inside where Sonny is on the phone, talking about coming and seeing someone who he has a lot to talk about with and thinks they can work things out. Will sees Paul's address on the table and questions if Sonny just couldn't stop himself.

John knows he and Paul have a lot to work through but the fact is that he is his father and he's grateful that it's not too late to get to know each other.

Theresa asks what Melanie is doing here then realizes it was Clint. Melanie says they are both being held by Kristen. Melanie knows she was drugged but she needs to focus because she has a lot to tell her.

Kristen says in spite of Brady's betrayal, she just felt that on every level, he needed to see his son as it's the last time he's going to. Kristen tells him that their son is never going to want for anything as she's going to take all the love she wanted to give to Brady and give it to their son. Kristen talks about dreaming of how he would grow up. Kristen thinks he looks like Brady and asks if he thinks so too. Kristen tells Brady that she forgives him for trying to make her think he could love her again because she knows he never could. Kristen cries that so much has happened but she wants him to know that she will always love him as she hugs him. Kristen says the torment is going to end now because she is a mom and can't hold on to hopelessness so she's going to let him go spend eternity with Melanie while she raises their son. Kristen cries that she could've made him so happy as she kisses him. Kristen says some things just aren't meant to be.

Paul says he's spent his whole life without a father so he doesn't need or want one now. John says he's got one. John knows it's hard but he's going to do whatever it takes to make this right.

Marlena gets Will's response and then gathers her things to get off the plane.

Sonny tries to explain but Will tells him not to bother as he heard the whole thing. Will shouts that he should've known everything he said about working things out was a lie. Will questions why he would want him when he could have the one that got away. Sonny tries to explain but Will says he listened and also heard Victor push Paul on him. Will tells him to go get what he always wanted.

Kate doesn't understand why Clyde wouldn't want an article on him. Clyde wants no part of the magazine and brings up Will's article on Sami. Kate says she will talk to him. Clyde asks how he could thank her as they kiss.

Abigail goes to Ben's and immediately kisses him.

Chad sits alone in the dark and thinks about Abigail.

Melanie tells Theresa that this will be a lot to take in but she needs her to listen. Theresa passes out. Dr. Mandrake returns. Melanie asks where Brady is and what's going on. He pulls out a needle and injects Theresa. He then unties Theresa and carries her out.

Brady tells Kristen that she doesn't have to do this. Brady brings up how he once saved her from herself. Brady argues that the woman that he loved is still in there and she can find her. Brady asks her not to raise the baby with blood on her hands like this. Kristen calls Clint back in to the room. Kristen says goodbye and she's moving on as Clint takes Brady out of the room. Kristen makes a call and says they have to do this now.

Ben and Abigail have sex and say they love each other. Abigail then briefly pictures Chad in Ben's place. Ben asks if she's okay and they continue.

Dr. Mandrake tells Kristen that Theresa is out cold in the room with the child. He asks about the others. She tells him to leave that to Clint.

Clint brings Brady back down to the basement with Melanie. Melanie questions what is wrong with him and what he's going to do with them. Clint pulls out his gun and says she can figure it out.

Theresa wakes up on the floor next to Christopher crying in his crib.

Sonny tells Will that he is so far off base. Will brings up Victor not wanting them to work things out. Sonny questions what he's talking about. Will can't believe he sent Marlena to convince Paul not to come back which shocks Sonny. Will tells him that she's out there trying to help her pathetic grandson and wasting her time because Sonny is already moving on with bigger and better things.

Hiro returns and wants John to see the view of the golden gate bridge. John says he would be honored. Hiro takes John alone while Paul stays behind. Paul then turns and asks "what are you doing here?"

Kristen tells Dr. Mandrake to tell Clint to wait as she doesn't want anything to happen to Brady until she's gone because she just doesn't want to hear it. Kristen says she will meet him in the car so he heads down. Kristen opens the door to leave and is shocked to see Marlena at the door!

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