Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/27/15

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/27/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Kristen tells Brady that it's not his call to make. Brady brings up how she tends to lie so he's not letting the baby out of his sight until they have a DNA test. Kristen says in that case, he's not going anywhere as she pulls a gun on Brady. Melanie steps forward but Dr. Mandrake pulls a gun as well and they hold them at gunpoint.

Kate talks on the phone in the town square about issuing a press release to announce her return to Mad World. Abigail walks by and overhears her. Kate hangs up. Abigail questions her being back at Mad World. Kate informs her that Lucas is no longer employed. Abigail asks what happened. Kate responds that he made a few moves that Victor didn't approve of.

Lucas tells Adrienne that Kate is the one who told Victor about them because she wanted to take over Mad World and he was in her way. Adrienne can't believe it and questions why she would do that to her own son. Lucas says Kate has her own unique take on right and wrong.

Chad talks on the phone to Stefano about the FBI losing interest in Ben after the leader of the gambling ring was killed. Chad asks what he's thinking. Stefano says they poked a hornet's nest and are lucky they didn't get stung.

Clyde meets Ben outside in the town square and tells him that he's glad the Florida mess is over but he doesn't want any more surprises. Clyde wants to know everything about Ben's life that might come back to bite him.

Will sits at the Pub with his laptop trying to find dirt on Paul. Will gets a call from Zoe and tells her that he's working on the article now as it's his priority then hangs up. Will decides to see what there is to dig up on Clyde.

Theresa wakes up on the plane with Clint. Clint tells her that they have landed in Italy. Theresa hopes her phone will work now. Clint questions her thinking about that. Theresa says she hasn't told her family or anybody about this trip. Clint suggests calling later because they are in Italy to party. Theresa can't find her phone and says she can't get off the plane.

Brady asks Kristen if this means it's true that Christopher is he and Theresa's son. Kristen argues that he's her son and always will be and there's nothing he can do about it. Brady disagrees but Dr. Mandrake knocks him out from behind causing Melanie to scream and check on him. Melanie calls Kristen a psycho and questions what's wrong with her. Kristen backs her away and then checks on Brady herself. Kristen says she doesn't want to hurt him and didn't want it to come to this but now it has so Mandrake knows what to do. Dr. Mandrake grabs Melanie and takes her into another room.

Adrienne continues questioning Kate betraying Lucas like that. Lucas says she wanted her job back even after denying it and he was in her way. Adrienne still can't believe it. Lucas knew she wasn't happy about them being together. Lucas says Kate loves herself more than him. Adrienne says she's so sorry. Lucas says she did him a favor because now she's finally out of his life for good.

Abigail feels bad for Lucas. Kate assures that he'll bounce back like always. Abigail thought she and Chad were on top with DiMera. Kate says they were which is what Stefano couldn't stand. Kate remarks that business gets cut throat even with family. Abigail is glad Chad's not too hurt by it. Kate questions them being close again. Abigail says they aren't close but they are civil with each other. Kate is not that surprised that Chad is taking it well because he's not like Stefano or EJ. Kate thinks Chad may be the only DiMera there's any hope for. Abigail thinks back to her last argument with Chad then walks away.

Chad tells Stefano that he can't believe Ben got out of the whole mess in Florida. Stefano tells him that all is not lost because it planted a little more doubt in Abigail's head about Ben. Chad responds that the same doubt has been put in with him.

Ben talks to Clyde about leaving Florida and assures him that he knows everything now. Clyde understands he was young and did what he had to do. Ben says that what he did is on him but he's glad Clyde knows now because he could never tell Jordan and he was sick of living it by himself. Ben thinks he'll feel better once he comes clean with Abigail. Clyde asks if he's crazy and tells him that he can't tell Abigail a single word of this.

Clint tells Theresa that she has to get off the plane but she can't find her passport. Clint reveals that he had it and she's relieved.

Dr. Mandrake is unhappy that Melanie tried to fool him about being the nurse. Melanie tells him that she knows all about him.

Brady wakes up in the basement with Kristen. Kristen asks why he had to be like this and come here. Kristen asks if he didn't hurt her enough. Brady asks about the baby and Melanie. Kristen tells him that the future won't be bright for Melanie and Theresa. Brady asks if Theresa is here. Kristen tells her it wouldn't be a party without her. Brady says Kristen has her baby so what else does she need from Theresa. Kristen explains about Christopher's genetic problem. Brady tells her to leave Theresa alone but she says she can't do that. Brady asks what she's going to do with her. Kristen says she's going to harvest her bone marrow. Brady says if she loves the baby and ever loved him at all then she will listen to him. Kristen says there's nothing more to say. Brady tells her that it doesn't have to end this way.

Adrienne asks Lucas if he really thinks he can shut the door on Kate permanently. Lucas says he can't keep her from Allie or Will but he will only see her every now and then because he wants nothing to do with her. Adrienne blames herself but Lucas says it's his own fault. Lucas says he won't let Kate ruin another relationship for him. Arianna wakes up so Lucas goes to check on her. Kate arrives at the door and walks in, surprised to see Adrienne, who calls her a two faced bitch.

Ben tells Clyde that he has to tell Abigail the truth because she got really upset. Ben says he wants to spend his life with Abigail. Clyde guarantees he will regret telling her. Clyde says he's ashamed of who he used to be but he's not that guy anymore. Ben doesn't want to be dishonest. Clyde argues that he's changed since coming to Salem and that's the only guy Abigail knows so he shouldn't mess with that.

Stefano doesn't see why Abigail has doubts about Chad. Chad explains how Abigail compared him to EJ. Chad wonders if he should just let her go but Stefano shouts that he cannot do that. Chad asks what difference it makes to him. Stefano says none and he just wants him to be happy. Stefano suggests giving her some time. Chad decides maybe he's right. Stefano responds that he's always right. Chad says he'll talk to him soon and hangs up. Stefano pulls out an envelope with Abigail's name on it and says that Chad can't let her go because they need her too much.

Kristen tells Brady to clue her in. Brady tells her that they could make this work. Kristen accuses him of replacing her with Theresa and Melanie. Brady tells her that no one ever replaced her even though he tried and wanted to as it didn't work. Brady says he should've known no woman could ever take her place in his heart.

Abigail goes to the DiMera Mansion to see Chad, surprising him. Chad asks why she's here. She tells him that she came to apologize.

Ben goes to work at the nightclub. Will arrives and asks if he could help him out with something. Will asks for Clyde's phone number and claims it's because he's dating Kate, who just got a new job so he wants to do something to celebrate. Ben gives him the number and Will thanks him. Will asks about being from the Ozarks. Will asks if Clyde is sticking around Salem for awhile. Ben says he seems pretty happy here. Will thanks him and exits. Ben then pulls out his phone and calls Clyde, who is sitting outside the club. Ben tells him that he's good and glad they talked but he just gave his number to Will. Clyde asks why he wants to talk to him. Ben tells him that he said it was about Kate.

Kate asks Adrienne if Will or Sonny are around. Adrienne questions if that's all she has to say after what she did. Kate says she's not the one whoring around on her husband. Adrienne says she's not one to talk. Kate argues with her. Adrienne tells her that she couldn't wait to tell Victor and says she can live with what she's done but wonders if Kate can say the same thing.

Dr. Mandrake says they are going forward with their plan. Melanie questions him. He mentions Theresa. Melanie questions what she has to do with this.

Clint brings Theresa in to the castle. Theresa is surprised by the place as Clint pours a drink for her then slips something into it. Theresa praises the view as Clint gives her the drink.

Brady tells Kristen that he tried to get her out of his head but wasn't able to. Brady says he wanted to hate her for the things she's done but he still can't do it. Brady talks about remembering how much she loved him. Brady says he still can't hate her after she took his baby. Brady asks why not raise Christopher with his father. She asks how Theresa would feel about that. Brady says who cares and just let Theresa and Melanie go. Kristen argues that they will tell everyone in Salem. Brady says they can take their son and disappear to have the family he always dreamed of. Kristen asks if he knows how much she wants that. Brady says he's always wanted that and always will so they can have that if she lets Melanie and Theresa go. Brady says they can be together forever. Kristen wants him to promise her and then they kiss. Kristen says she can do this. Brady tells her to figure out what to do for the baby. Kristen backs off and questions thinking she believed that. Brady insists that he meant every word. Kristen stops him and says the kiss freed her as she never wanted to hurt him but then he took her love to try and use it against her. Kristen runs away, leaving Brady with a guard holding a gun on him.

Kate tells Adrienne that neither of them will ever win a mother of the year award but points out Adrienne sleeping with her son's stepfather. They argue back and forth. Adrienne says Kate sold her own son out for a job and took advantage. Kate says she did too. Kate argues that Adrienne and Justin always cheat on each other but get back together. Kate yells that she's already hurt Lucas to boost her ego and get revenge on Justin. Kate shouts that it could've been with anyone. Adrienne slaps Kate and Kate slaps her back.

Chad tells Abigail that he should apologize for walking out. Abigail says she took out her frustrations on him which was unfair and she shouldn't have told him about what EJ did. Chad says it was true. Abigail mentions still being messed up about EJ but she does believe in the end that he was trying to lead a different life. Chad questions if she just came to talk about EJ. Abigail tells him that he doesn't have to try to convince her that he's different from EJ because she already knows that.

Theresa puts her drink down which Clint questions. Theresa talks about everything she wants to do. Clint encourages her to relax and drink. Theresa stops and questions something.

Dr. Mandrake tells Melanie that she has too much self confidence. Melanie asks what Kristen wants with Theresa. He tells her that she may or may not find out. He tells Melanie that she's going to die tonight.

Adrienne and Kate fight onto the couch until Lucas runs in to break it up. Lucas questions Kate and yells at them to stop it. Lucas tells Kate to get out. Kate says she came by to bring Arianna a present. Lucas yells at her to get out as they don't want her presents. Kate screams for him to not let Adrienne do this to him because she'll go back to Justin. Lucas doesn't want to hear it and yells at her to get out. Kate exits and Lucas shuts the door. Adrienne apologizes to Lucas for starting it. Lucas tells her she has nothing to apologize for as all she's ever done is make him happy. Lucas hugs her.

Chad tells Abigail that it was sweet of her to come and say that but it was unnecessary as he understands she was upset. Chad says she said what she came to say and probably has other things to do. Abigail asks if he wants her to leave. Chad says that she should go.

Clyde meets with Will at the Pub. Will thanks him for meeting him. Clyde asks about wanting to plan a surprise for Kate. Will admits he lied to Ben. Clyde asks what he wants. Will says the surprise is for him as he's going to write a feature on him for Sonix magazine.

Dr. Mandrake ties up Brady and Melanie. Melanie is glad he's still alive. Mandrake says that should hold them and they should say their goodbyes as he exits. Brady and Melanie talk about needing to get out. Melanie says she blew it by not letting him handle it on his own. Brady says they never would've found the child without her. Brady talks about failing with Kristen. They talk about them having Theresa too.

Theresa picks up the pacifier and questions what it's doing here. Clint says maybe the last people who rented the place had a kid. Kristen comes out and says it belongs to Christopher.

Clyde questions Will as to why any magazine would waste time on him. Will brings up Clyde funding the hospital program and how people want to know more about a generous man like him. Clyde doesn't like the spotlight and tells Will that he wouldn't feel comfortable so that's all he is going to say about it. Will apologizes and says he's not asking for permission as this article will be written with or without his permission.

Kate goes to the nightclub where Ben makes her a drink. Kate thanks him. Ben credits her for bringing out the best in Clyde. Kate thinks that's because of him. Ben admits things are better than they've ever been between them. Kate encourages him to keep it that way no matter what.

Lucas tells Adrienne to forget what Kate said as they are taking this day by day with their eyes open. Lucas knows she's still married to Justin and things could be different when he comes back. Lucas tells her that she'll have a decision to make and he'll respect whatever she decides. Adrienne wonders how Kate ever ended up with a son like him as they hug.

Abigail tells Chad that he could just tell her if he had a meeting. Chad says he doesn't and just doesn't want to upset her. Abigail doesn't understand Chad kicking her out when most of the time he's trying so hard to have her around and now he's trying to get rid of her. Chad responds that he's not trying to get rid of her as that's the last thing he wants to do. Chad then grabs her and kisses her.

Theresa questions what Kristen is doing there. Kristen says she came to see her. Theresa tells Clint to call the cops as she's nuts but he doesn't do anything which she questions. Theresa realizes they know each other. Theresa screams and tries to run but Clint grabs her. Brady and Melanie hear it from the basement. Theresa grabs Clint's gun and they struggle over it. The gun goes off causing Brady to worry.

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