Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/24/15

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/24/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Dr. Mandrake rejoins Kristen and says it sounded like Brady knew about the baby. Kristen argues that he put some pieces together but he knows nothing. Kristen says Theresa should be coming soon so they have to be ready as Brady is watching and Victor will likely have spies. Dr. Mandrake mentions telling the nurse to come back in an hour. Kristen says she spoke to the nurse and asks him to describe her. He describes her as American, petite and with red hair. Kristen calls him an idiot and tells him to shut up and listen.

Melanie sneaks in to the hidden room and finds the baby. Melanie states that this is Brady's son and that they have to get him out of here.

Marlena sits at the Pub and calls John, leaving a message that she hopes everything is going fine. She adds that it would be nice to talk to him or to see him.

Adrienne puts Arianna to sleep then gets a call from Justin. Justin tells her that he got her message and asks what the emergency is.

Will and Lucas walk through the town square. Will doesn't understand why Victor would fire him. Lucas says they can talk about it later as Will has enough on his plate. Will calls Victor a jerk but Lucas doesn't want to talk about it. Lucas asks how things are with Sonny. Will says he's on his way to see him and he's sorry Lucas lost his job. Lucas wishes him luck as Will walks off.

Victor drinks a coffee outside the club where Sonny greets him. Victor tells Sonny that he's worried about him. Sonny tells him that he and Will are working things out. Victor responds that that's what he's worried about. Victor asks if that's what he wants or does he want Paul back.

Brady checks his phone from outside in the park area, wondering where Melanie is. He texts her to answer him as soon as possible.

Melanie thinks back to telling Brady about the child. Kristen then enters the room and calls it a surprise.

Justin asks if it's about Sonny or if Will pulled something else. Adrienne says no. Justin questions what the emergency is. Adrienne apologizes for bothering him and says it's not an emergency but she thought it was the only way to get him to call back. Justin says it's not funny. Adrienne says she just thought she was running out of time to tell him that she's having an affair with Lucas.

Will goes to the club and asks one of the workers where Sonny is. He tells him that he's outside talking to Victor so Will decides he will catch up with him later.

Sonny questions how Victor even knows about Paul. Victor tells him that he knows everything about him. Sonny doesn't think he respects privacy. Victor feels he clearly has unresolved feelings. Sonny tells him to leave him alone. Victor thinks he's at a crossroads and has to rethink his decisions. Sonny talks about Victor being he and Will's biggest supporter when they first got married. Victor says he has some thinking to do. Victor brings up Will cheating and lying about it. Sonny calls it a mistake. Victor brings up Will's article on Paul and points out that Paul didn't know Will was married. Will listens in from the bushes as Victor tells Sonny that Will cheated on him but Paul didn't.

Brady gets a call from the pilot Lee, who realizes he didn't get his messages and doesn't know about Melanie.

Melanie tries to pretend to be the nurse but Kristen recognizes her from Daniel's pictures. Kristen asks about her relationship with Brady. Melanie asks where Brady is. Kristen says he's not here and she shouldn't be either. Kristen warns her about trespassing and kidnapping. Kristen says she won't call the authorities but will handle this in-house.

Justin questions Adrienne wanting to rub his nose in her affair. Adrienne compares it to his affair with Elsa. Justin points out that Lucas is Sonny's father in law. Adrienne didn't want to fight but wanted him to hear it from her instead of Victor. Justin is sure she told Victor about he and Elsa. Adrienne responds that he already knew. She is glad he took it so well. Justin says he isn't surprised as he figured they would hop in the sack as soon as he left town to pay him back. Adrienne can't believe he's making it all about him.

Sonny tells Victor that he didn't ask how he felt about this really personal subject. Victor calls it the truth but Sonny calls it none of his business. Victor says that Sonny proposed to Paul but settled for Will. Sonny argues that he didn't settle but Victor questions if he's thought about that honestly. Victor tells him that he and Will are never going to work. Victor suggests cutting losses and moving on while Will continues to listen in.

Kristen tells Melanie that she has to make a call.

Brady questions Lee about Melanie being on the plane. Brady gets another call from Kristen, who tells him that he won't believe who showed up. Brady asks to talk to her but Kristen suggests he come by himself. Melanie tries to yell for him not to come by as she hangs up. Kristen tells Melanie that Brady will be so hurt and disappointed but she's given her no choice. Melanie asks what she means. Kristen tells Melanie that she's wrong and that it's not Brady or Theresa's child. Kristen says now because of Melanie, she will have to tell Brady the whole story about the baby. Kristen repeats that Brady is not the father but Melanie doesn't believe her. Kristen suggests she be nicer to her because they are basically family. Kristen claims the baby is Melanie's new brother.

Justin suggests they dial this down. Justin knows he shares some responsibility but they can't work it out over the phone. Justin says he'll try to work things out to come home. Adrienne asks if he's going to fit her in to his busy schedule. He doesn't know what she expects. She doesn't want anything other than for him to hear it from her before Victor. Justin talks about finishing things up here but she hangs up and cries.

Sonny repeats to Victor that it's none of his business. Sonny tells him that he and Will are going to couples therapy. Victor questions if he really thinks that will help and says he'd have to alter Will's DNA. Victor brings up Sami, Lucas, Kate, and Marlena's relationship histories. Sonny brings up Caroline's affair with Victor. Victor asks if Sonny wants to end up Shawn Brady. Sonny calls him a hypocrite. Victor says he's in denial and tells him to talk to Paul. Sonny says he left town. Victor tells Sonny that he knows where he is and he has his address if he's interested. Victor brings up how Paul feels about Sonny so the only question is how Sonny feels about Paul. Victor wants him to be happy and warns him about being unsure of his feelings for Paul. Victor tells him to atleast think about it. Sonny agrees that he's right. Victor thanks him for the coffee and walks away.

Brady returns to Kristen's. He grabs Dr. Mandrake and demands to know who he is. Melanie comes out with Kristen. Melanie hugs him. Brady asks if she's okay. Kristen says she's fine but maybe a little upset. Kristen calls it creepy that Melanie is the daughter of Brady's best friend. Brady asks what happened. Kristen tells him that she just introduced her to her son Christopher. Brady says he knew their was a child. Kristen calls it her son by Daniel. Melanie accuses her of lying. Kristen says it's hard to believe but true. Brady questions that being Daniel's son. Kristen brings up them making love right before she left Salem and how Brady walked in on them. Melanie is shocked to hear that. Kristen continues to claim she had her son and remarks that Daniel accomplished what Brady couldn't. Kristen talks about feeling punished by always getting denied a baby but now she has her son. Melanie suggests Brady look at the baby's eyes. Kristen comments that she doesn't like Daniel that much so she never shared her news. Melanie questions just believing her. Kristen tells Brady to do the math and then he'll understand why she had to lie. Kristen insists that Christopher is hers and that's that.

Will joins Marlena at the Pub. Marlena asks him what's wrong. Will responds everything as if things weren't bad enough because Victor is trying to get Sonny to dump him and get him back together with Paul.

Justin calls Sonny and talks about he and Adrienne's problems. Justin says he's trying to get back but doesn't know how long it's going to take. Sonny understands he can't just leave. Justin suggests Sonny come visit him in Hong Kong.

Will tells Marlena that Victor told Sonny he would be better off with Paul than Will. Will mentions Victor having Paul's address in case Sonny wants to visit him and he knows Sonny is thinking about it. Marlena argues that he doesn't know that but Will knows how Victor works. Will worries about Victor finding out that Paul is John's son. Marlena thinks he's getting ahead of himself. He tells her that she knows how Victor works. Will asks if she's heard from John. Marlena says no but she knows he's upset about her not telling him that Paul was his son. Will asks if she can try to patch it up because he and Sonny need time alone to make things work. Will says she knows what will happen if Paul comes back. Marlena agrees it would make things very complicated. Marlena says she can't interfere with John and Paul's relationship. Will says he and Sonny are a family with Arianna. Will worries that if Paul comes back to Salem, he will ruin that family. Marlena tells him that she's called John but he won't respond and she doesn't know where he is. Will reminds her that Victor knows.

Kristen has Christopher brought out. Kristen says she knows Daniel will come after her but their attorney will handle it. Kristen adds that the authorities have been alerted that there's an intruder. Kristen suggests they leave while they can but Brady demands to see the baby first. Brady gives his word that he won't take him or put him in danger, he just wants to look at him and then they can carry the conversation another time. Kristen agrees to give him one look and then he goes.

Adrienne breaks down crying while thinking back to her and Justin's last argument before he left Salem again. Lucas arrives and asks if she talked to Justin. She cries as he hugs her.

Marlena goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and heads to the living room to wait for Victor. She sees the address left on the desk and takes a picture of it on her phone as Victor comes in. Marlena says she came to talk to him about Sonny.

Will goes back to the club and heads inside to see Sonny. Will asks him how everything is going. Sonny says it's okay as he just talked to Justin. Will knows he missed him. Sonny mentions not seeing him much when he was in town. Sonny adds that he's thinking about going to see him.

Brady takes his one look at Christopher.

Lucas is sorry as he never meant for Adrienne to get hurt like this. Adrienne says he's hurt too by losing his job. Lucas doesn't care about that and only cares about her as he feels awful. Lucas declares that in spite of everything, it's really been worth it for him. Adrienne feels the same and they kiss.

Marlena knows Victor is upset with Will for what happened with Paul. Victor complains about Will cheating on Sonny. Marlena doesn't think they are in a position to judge and she thinks Will has paid for what he did. Marlena adds that Will is deeply remorseful and wants to make it up to Sonny. Victor doesn't give a damn and only cares about what Sonny wants.

Will questions Sonny going to Hong Kong out of the blue and asks about couples therapy. Sonny knows they have a lot to work through but there's more going on in his life than just them. Will asks if he means Paul. Sonny says no and he's going to see his dad. Will questions the long flight for a quick visit. Sonny says they'll talk about it later and walks away. Will feels Sonny is lying to him and knew Victor would get to him.

Marlena understands Victor is behind Sonny and she is also disappointed in Will but they have no right to judge this and he has no right to interfere. Marlena tells him to let them handle this on their own. Victor feels Will needed to be set straight. Marlena says Will knows that he made a terrible mistake and all he wants to do now is hold his family together. Marlena says they are a family with Arianna and she hopes that Victor respects that so she hopes he'll let them handle things on their own. Marlena exits and checks her phone.

Kristen claims Christopher has Daniel's mouth and her eyes. Brady responds that maybe he does as Melanie looks on. Kristen says she can tell he wished the child was his but they can't always have what they want like when she wanted his child. Kristen says she'll have to deal with Daniel. Kristen tells Brady not to come back. Brady wants the baby tested before he goes.

Lucas tells Adrienne that Kate is the one who told Victor about them because she wanted to take over Mad World and he was in her way. Adrienne can't believe it and questions why she would do that to her own son.

Victor talks on the phone with Justin about wanting to make sure he knew the truth. Justin feels he threw gasoline on the fire. Victor tells him it's easy to be mad at him but he should be focused on Sonny and Will.

Will calls Marlena and worries that Sonny is going to see Paul. She tells him not to jump to conclusions but Will says he can't take any chances since Paul is still in love with Sonny. Marlena says against her better judgment, she's decided to help him. She knows where John and Paul are and she's going there now. Will thanks her and hopes she can make John understand that he's sorry. Marlena tells him to take care of himself and Arianna. Marlena adds that the lesson to be learned is to be crystal clear about what matters. Will thanks her and says he loves her. She says the same and hangs up. Will turns and looks at Sonny behind the bar. Will declares he will do whatever it takes, anything at all.

Kristen tells Brady that it's not his call to make. Brady brings up how she tends to lie so he's not letting the baby out of his sight until they have a DNA test. Kristen says in that case, he's not going anywhere as she pulls a gun on Brady. Melanie steps forward but Dr. Mandrake pulls a gun as well and they hold them at gunpoint.

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