Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/23/15

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/23/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Jennifer chases Eve through the town square and questions what feelings she has for JJ as JJ and Paige appear and see them. They approach and Paige asks what they were talking about. Eve says they just had a disagreement but Paige wants specifics.

Daniel says he's really impressed with how Xander's turned his life around since he saw him last. Eric returns and questions what that means. Xander tells Eric that before he met him, he had a bit of a troubled past.

Serena gathers up the diamonds as Nicole walks in and questions what she's doing here. Serena calls it a surprise. Nicole asks what she's hiding.

The nurse shows Melanie the way to where Kristen lives and calls her very rude. Melanie asks if a man was there with Kristen.

Brady asks Kristen where his child is. Kristen claims not to know what he's talking about.

Jennifer tells Paige that she just had an idea that they all have dinner together. Paige questions why that would make Eve upset when she talked about the same thing. Eve says she decided she just isn't ready. Paige asks why and what her problem is. Eve says she is having a really hard time dealing with the idea of JJ and Paige together. Eve suggests they talk about why and asks what JJ thinks.

Nicole asks what's in Serena's hand. Serena shows her phone. Nicole questions how she got in. Serena explains that Maggie let her in but had to leave. Nicole asks why she's still here.

Dr. Mandrake stands with the baby Christopher and wonders what is taking Kristen so long.

Brady yells at Kristen that she knows what he's talking about. Kristen tells him that she will be really honest with him and hopes he can handle it.

Daniel apologizes to Xander for blabbing like that. Xander says it's no problem as it was years ago. Maggie comes back so Daniel goes to talk to her. Xander sits with Eric and talks about his past with Daniel and Brady. Xander says he was the resident bad boy and got in trouble with the law until Victor took care of things for him which Eric questions. Maggie tells Daniel about having to leave Serena at his place and she hopes he's okay with that. Nicole texts Daniel that there's a change of plans as she'll meet him at his place. Daniel worries if Serena is still there.

Serena explains to Nicole further about Maggie letting her in and having to leave. Nicole questions Serena's book that she left. Serena picks it up. Nicole reminds her that she was there last night when Serena came with Xander and she didn't mention a book. Serena says she remembered it this morning. Nicole believes she's hiding something.

Eve tells Jennifer they should have the discussion but Paige says they need to talk and pulls her away. JJ questions Jennifer as to what they were really talking about. Jennifer thinks back to asking Eve about her feelings for JJ and says they will just talk about it later. Paige questions what's going on with Eve when she promised to give JJ another chance. Eve says she tried and wants to talk about it another time. Eve asks about them not having class. Paige says they are spending time together. Eve tells Paige to admit she's sleeping with JJ.

Melanie asks the nurse about a baby but she says there was not one and walks away. Melanie says she has to help Brady but worries about making everything worse by showing up.

Kristen talks about how she wanted to give Brady a baby. Brady yells at her to stop denying that she stole the baby from Theresa. Kristen denies it and responds by asking if he's doing drugs.

Paige doesn't want to do this here as it's none of Eve's business. Eve argues that she's her mother. Paige admits they had sex and asks if she's happy now. Paige tells her not to worry as she's on birth control. Eve's heard enough and tells her that she's making a huge mistake as JJ isn't who she thinks he is. Paige is sorry she feels that way but she's a grown woman now so she has to live with it and if she can't, they'll be at each others' throats all over again. Paige tells her it's her call and goes back to JJ. Paige informs him that Eve figured out they have gotten closer. Jennifer suggests they take off and she'll talk to Eve. JJ warns her not to turn her back on her as they walk away. Jennifer goes back to Eve and invites her back to her house. Eve doesn't want another round but Jennifer says she doesn't want to fight as they really need to talk in private.

Xander gets a call and steps away. Daniel tells Maggie that he better get to his apartment and he'll talk to her later. Victor arrives and jokes with Daniel about not responding about their golf game. Daniel says he'll see him later and exits. Xander sees them and thinks back to Victor praising Daniel and Brady.

Serena tells Nicole that she's been straightforward with her since the day they met so she questions her suspicions. Nicole accuses her of snooping around the apartment. Serena brings up Daniel not knowing Nicole is there either. Nicole informs her that they have a date. Serena says she got what she came for so she'll leave. Nicole grabs her purse and tells her she isn't going anywhere. A few of the diamonds spill on the couch as they fight over the purse. Serena tells her to let her go as Nicole questions if she's going to make her.

Melanie goes back and forth to herself over whether or not she should get involved in helping Brady.

Brady yells at Kristen that they know he's clean and sober. Brady asks where his child is. Brady says he can prove Theresa was pregnant. Brady brings up Dr. Mandrake but Kristen denies knowing him. Kristen tells Brady he's wrong. Brady says she won't mind if he takes a look around then.

Jennifer goes home with Eve. Jennifer brings up not saying anything about what happened. Eve shouts that they are sleeping together but realizes Jennifer knew. Eve shouts that she should be upset too. Jennifer tells her that her anger has nothing to do with Paige but what she wants herself and that's JJ.

JJ and Paige go to the Salem Inn and talk about their mothers going at it. Paige says Eve won't keep them apart as she can't change how she feels about him. Paige hugs him.

Eve tells Jennifer to make up her mind. Jennifer knows Eve didn't have it the best growing up and knows she had terrible situations with men so she can't help but wonder what happened in her past. Jennifer says it's affecting her now more than she realizes.

Nicole and Serena continue fighting until Daniel arrives to break it up. Daniel questions what is going on here. Nicole tells him that she caught Serena sneaking around and going through his things. Serena argues that Maggie let her in to find a book. Daniel says Maggie told her and Serena says she found the book so Daniel suggests she leaves. Daniel turns to Nicole as Serena gathers up the diamonds that spilled then rushes out after apologizing. Daniel questions Nicole as to what that was about.

Kristen asks Brady if he's serious. Brady says it's no problem if she's not hiding anything. Kristen says they can get it over with. Kristen tells Brady to leave when they are done and never come back because he has hurt her too deeply. Brady responds that he's fine with that. Dr. Mandrake hears them going through the place so he grabs his gun and hides.

JJ and Paige kiss. She starts to undress him but he doesn't know about continuing. She tells him not to let Eve spoil things for them as they are alone in their own place with lots of time. They continue kissing until JJ pulls away and drops his bag, revealing a gift he had for her.

Eve questions if Jennifer is saying she's damaged. Jennifer understands Eve was forced in to prostitution when she was very young and anyone would have a hard time dealing with those emotions. Jennifer says it's clear it still affects her. Eve yells at her to stop. Jennifer says she needs to deal with those issues or she's going to destroy her and Paige's lives.

Nicole questions Daniel not thinking it was weird that Serena convinced Maggie to let her in and leave her alone. Daniel says that's been explained but questions Nicole being here. Nicole says she sent him a text. Daniel says he finds her here fighting with Eric's girlfriend and that says everything he needs to know.

Victor greets Xander and Eric. Maggie asks how Xander is enjoying Salem. He says it's been great. Xander asks about the family dinner they discussed. Victor says it slipped his mind but they will make it happen. Victor mentions waiting for Brady to get back. Eric didn't know he left town and asks where he went.

Dr. Mandrake wonders how Brady found the place. The doorbell rings and Melanie arrives. Melanie recognizes him from her research. Dr. Mandrake asks who she is. Melanie pretends to be the nurse he hired. He tells her there has been a slight delay so she can come back in an hour. Brady wonders if he heard a doorbell but Kristen says it's unlikely as she gets very few visitors. Dr. Mandrake goes back to the secret room behind the bookshelf so Melanie comes back in.

Victor tells Eric that Brady had some Titan business overseas and decides he should call him. Victor kisses Maggie goodbye. Xander decides to walk him out. Xander talks about a plan to make profit but Victor says he has to call Brady and walks away.

Daniel tells Nicole that they were going to have fun in public and questions why she would be here. Nicole says she was early and decided to surprise him. Nicole thought they could walk to the Pub together and apologizes. Daniel insists that Serena had a legit reason to be there and he's fine with it. Daniel asks why she didn't just stick to the plan. Daniel decides they will go to lunch and forget the whole thing. Nicole says she's going to freshen up but she's going to think about whether or not she still wants to go to lunch.

JJ gives Paige a music box. Paige asks what the gifts are for. JJ explains that they were from Christmas but they weren't together anymore. JJ wants to pretend the bad times never happened. Paige tells him it's perfect and kisses him.

Jennifer tries to comfort Eve but she pulls away and tells her that she's dealt with her past a long time ago. Eve accuses Jennifer of throwing it in her face. Eve says she is so wrong about her. Eve insists she has no feelings about JJ. Jennifer questions why she kept the coat. Eve responds that she felt bad about what they did so she kept the coat to remind herself of how awful they were. Eve tells Jennifer that she threw the coat away so she can stop harping on it. Jennifer reminds her that they used to be friends and she was trying to help her. Eve warns her to never bring it up again and to never mention it to Paige. Jennifer agrees to never say a word. Eve tells Jennifer that she hates her and then exits.

Kristen tells Brady that if there was a doorbell, it was a delivery and her servant took care of it. She insists there is no baby, pointing out that he found nothing. Kristen says he's destroyed the last part of her that could love him. She tells him to get out and reminds him that he promised to leave and never come back when he found nothing. Brady then exits.

Maggie notes that Eric is still a little tense when Victor is around. Eric apologizes. Maggie hopes one day he can forgive him for what happened at the wedding as he's a good man. Eric comments on just learning that Victor helped turn Xander's life around.

Serena meets Xander at the Pub and gives him the diamonds. She apologizes for taking so long and says now they can move on. Xander says he must count the diamonds for inventory and it might take some time. She realizes he doesn't want to leave Salem. Xander says they'll see and walks away.

JJ and Paige have sex. He stops and she asks what's wrong. JJ never wants to lose her again and she assures that he won't ever as they continue.

Eve goes home and knocks over a photo of Paige, smashing the frame. She imagines JJ appearing to tell her it will be okay.

Jennifer calls Daniel and asks if he could hear her out as she needs to decide some things and thinks he could help her if he's not angry. Daniel tells her to name the time and place and he'll be there. Jennifer asks him not to tell anyone about this. Daniel agrees not to tell anyone as Nicole comes back and hears him. Daniel tells her that he's not saying anything about it. Nicole questions her having to explain every move while he has secrets. Nicole tells him to forget lunch. Daniel tries to explain that he can't talk about it as Nicole storms out.

Brady goes to the park area and uses his binoculars. He calls Victor and tells him he found Kristen but not what he came for yet. Victor advises him if he needs backup. Brady says he'll be in touch. Victor makes a call to get a team in place.

Dr. Mandrake rejoins Kristen and says it sounded like Brady knew about the baby. Kristen argues that he put some pieces together but he knows nothing. Kristen says Theresa should be coming soon so they have to be ready as Brady is watching and Victor will likely have spies. Dr. Mandrake mentions telling the nurse to come back in an hour. Kristen says she spoke to the nurse and asks him to describe her. He describes her as American, petite and with red hair.

Melanie sneaks in to the hidden room and finds the baby.

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