Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/22/15

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/22/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

JJ has a nightmare of waking up in bed with Eve and having Paige walk in on them.

Serena calls Xander from the hospital and tells him that she has great news that she will have the diamonds by the end of the day as she figured out a way to get in to Daniel's. Xander says excellent and they will discuss the details later as he hangs up. Serena sees Maggie and tells her that she needs a favor and she might be her only hope.

Nicole talks on the phone in the town square with her boss Miles, complaining about a story. Daniel approaches and invites her for coffee.

Kristen tells Clint that she's ecstatic and will see them very soon. Theresa comes out with her bags. She asks where they are going first. Clint tells her that it's going to be the surprise of her life as she hugs him.

Melanie digs in to her purse and finds something to pop the lifeboat. She tries to get out of the bathroom compartment she is in but the door handle comes off. Melanie realizes Brady got off the plane and tries to find a way out. Melanie tries calling for help.

Kristen talks about getting her child like she always wanted so her and Brady's child will have a happy life. Brady then appears at her door, surprising her. Brady greets her. Kristen can't believe he's actually there and invites him in. Kristen asks what he's doing here. Brady thinks she knows. Kristen admits she probably does.

Theresa sits with Clint on the plane and talks about wanting this trip her whole life. She asks what he wants to do first. Clint thinks back to Kristen's plan. Clint tells her that he will keep her so busy with one surprise after another.

Kristen wondered if this day would ever come and it finally has. Kristen calls it wonderful, believing this means Brady has forgiven her.

Xander sits with Eric at the club and is glad for a chance to catch up. Eric brings up Xander spending time with Nicole. Xander says he didn't know about them. Eric assures him they are history but points out that she isn't available. Xander comments on not moving in on Daniel's girl. Xander then surprises Eric by telling him that he and Daniel are practically family.

Daniel and Nicole walk through the town square and talk. Nicole apologizes for canceling their last date as she really wanted to go. Daniel asks if she wants to try again. Nicole worries that she looks terrible after being up all night but Daniel tells her that she looks beautiful.

Serena tells Maggie that she left a book for her research at Daniel's and asks if Maggie can let her in to get it.

JJ's nightmare continues with Paige screaming at him about how much she hates him and how she can't believe he would do this. JJ then wakes up in a sweat.

Jennifer wonders why Eve is holding on to the jacket and if she is plotting against JJ. Jennifer calls Eve and says she wants to see her. Eve doesn't want to see her but Jennifer says this can't wait.

Kristen asks if Brady has forgiven her. Brady says she's right as he hated the way they left things. Kristen can't believe it after how angry he was. Brady knows it couldn't have been easy for her and adds that he'll always be grateful for saving John's life and opening his eyes to Theresa. Brady brings up being so close to letting her back in to his life until he saw her with Daniel. Brady says that he didn't feel betrayed or angry but jealous. Brady says to move on with his life, he has to forgive her completely and he was hoping she could forgive him too.

Maggie tells Serena they'd have to leave right now but she has to text Daniel to let him know. Serena thanks her and calls her a life saver.

JJ sits in bed telling himself it was just a dream and Paige will never find out the truth unless Eve is trying to set him up. JJ wonders why Eve has the coat. JJ gets a call from Paige, who thought he was going to meet her before class. JJ apologizes for over sleeping. Paige tells him that she needs to see him as it's important. JJ hangs up and quickly gets out of bed.

Jennifer goes to see Eve. Eve remarks about her stalking her and asks why she's here. Jennifer brings up JJ and Paige getting closer then suggests cooking dinner for them all so they can see their families getting closer. Eve has no desire to go to her house or pretend to like the idea of JJ and Paige. Eve refuses to do it. Jennifer comments on Eve not wanting to be in the same room with JJ and Paige. Jennifer thinks something else is going on here.

Melanie continues struggling with the door on the plane.

Kristen tells Brady that she does forgive him. Brady claims it makes him so happy and talks about having to do this in person. Kristen is so glad he's here and has so much to make it up to him. Brady says they've done their apologies but Kristen tells him there is so much more. Kristen tells Brady that the last time she was in Salem, she did a terrible thing involving he and Theresa.

Eric can't believe he had no idea Xander was a Kiriakis after all their time in Africa. Eric calls it an amazing coincidence that Xander is related to Brady. Xander looks forward to get to knowing Brady and Daniel better. Xander comments on Victor thinking very highly of them.

Nicole wasn't sure Daniel wanted to do this again and calls it awkward when Xander and Serena showed up. Daniel asks if she wants to do it again. Nicole assures that she does if he's fine with it but she doesn't want to go bowling as she's tired. Daniel calls it an excuse but suggests lunch. Nicole says she will go change and freshen up then meet him at the Pub in an hour. Daniel jokes that she's worth waiting for. Daniel adds that he needs to take care of a surprise for Parker anyway. Nicole then walks away.

Maggie brings Serena to Daniel's and decides she will help her find the book. Maggie goes to check Melanie's room while Serena goes to the fireplace to get the diamonds but can't find them. Maggie gets a text that there's a mix up at her garden project so she has to get down there. Maggie tells Serena to stay as long as she needs but to lock up when she leaves. Maggie rushes out. Serena comments on the day looking up as she goes back to looking for the diamonds.

Theresa laughs off getting messages from Anne and can't wait to tell her she quit and to tell her why but Clint tells her not to.

Melanie gets out and calls for Lee to land the plane now.

Kristen brings up being the one to show Brady that Theresa put John in a coma but she didn't handle things. Kristen calls Theresa a horrible and vicious human being. Kristen says she shouldn't have used what she knew to her advantage. Brady tells her it's okay but Kristen says it's not because she ruined any chance of them getting back together. Kristen recalls Brady saying maybe there was a chance for them until he found her in bed with Daniel. Kristen admits on some level she was trying to hurt him but always ends up hurting herself. Brady repeats that he's forgiven her. Kristen says it's just hard to live with herself as she always ends up making a mistake. Kristen is glad to say all of this and is grateful he is here so she can confess. Brady questions if there's something else she wants to confess. Kristen asks what else could there be.

JJ goes to school to see Paige and asks what's wrong. Paige says nothing, she just has a surprise for him. Paige tells him that their first time was perfect. JJ brings up Jennifer almost catching them. Paige asks how their talk went and realizes she knows. Paige worries but JJ says she was cool about it but they won't be able to do it again at his place. Paige reveals her surprise is that she rented them a room tonight at the Salem Inn. JJ smiles but then thinks back to being there with Eve. Paige asks if something's wrong.

Eve claims she doesn't know what Jennifer is getting at as she loathes the idea of Paige and JJ being together. Jennifer reveals that she knows about the coat and asks why she has it. Eve says she doesn't have to explain herself to her. Jennifer says that's okay because she already knows the answer. Jennifer then questions her feelings for JJ.

Theresa asks Clint why he doesn't want her to share her exciting news with Clint. Clint jokes that Anne will try to stop her so Theresa agrees. Clint suggests starting the trip off right by joining the mile high club. Theresa worries about getting caught and kicked off the plane but Clint convinces her so Theresa heads to the back. Clint then takes her phone and plugs something in.

Lee questions what Melanie is doing on the plane. Melanie says she never left and hid in the back. Lee worries about landing the plane but Melanie insists on having to help Brady against Kristen. Melanie threatens to jump out of the plane with the parachute.

Brady brings up the last thing Kristen said to him before leaving town when she said she was leaving with a piece of him inside of her. Brady questions what she meant by that. Kristen says it's obvious that she'll always carry their love in her heart and she'll always love him even if he doesn't return it. Brady thought she meant something else and he must have really misunderstood. She asks what he thinks she meant. The doorbell rings and the nurse that Kristen called for arrives. Kristen tells her that she has company so she tells her to leave until she calls her. Brady asks Kristen who that was.

Eric sees Maggie at the club and offers to help her. Maggie tells him about the community garden project. Xander gets up to introduce himself. Eric helps Maggie store some plants. Maggie comments on hearing so much about Xander from Daniel.

Serena finds the diamonds in the fireplace and realizes the bag ripped so she gathers the diamonds.

JJ tells Paige that it's great and he just wishes he thought of it first so he offers to pay for half of the room. Paige tells him he doesn't have to as she was afraid he might be upset. Paige worries that maybe last night wasn't as perfect for him as it was for her but JJ assures her that it was. JJ tells Paige that they don't have to do it all the time. Paige jokes about pressure and says she can't wait to be with him again. Paige says she doesn't have class for awhile so they can head over there now. JJ agrees and they exit together.

Eve tells Jennifer that she hates JJ. Jennifer questions why she had sex with him then and if she regretted it, why did she do it again. Eve tells her to get out but Jennifer refuses until she answers her. Jennifer says JJ got rid of the coat as he didn't want to be reminded of that night so she questions why Eve has it. Eve storms out. Jennifer follows her as Eve goes in to the elevator, yelling at her to stay away. Jennifer declares this isn't over.

Kristen tells Brady that it was the nurse for her medical condition but it's private. Brady thought they were done with secrets and privacy. Kristen says she's just feeling worn out. Brady yells at her to stop as he's not going anywhere until he has what she's taken from him.

Maggie talks to Xander about keeping track of all the names. Maggie gets a text and has to get back to the garden. She looks forward to talking to him more later. They shake hands and she goes to leave as Daniel arrives. Daniel tells her that his surgery got postponed. Daniel didn't get her text as his phone was off. Maggie says it was nothing and tells him to have a good day as she exits. Daniel goes on and greets Xander. Xander comments on meeting Maggie and hopes they can have that dinner soon. Daniel says he's really impressed with how he's turned his life around since he saw him last. Eric returns and questions what that means.

Serena gathers up the diamonds as Nicole walks in and questions what she's doing here.

Jennifer chases Eve through the town square and questions what feelings she has for JJ as JJ and Paige appear and see them.

Theresa comes back and her phone is frozen. Clint says he'll just buy her a new one. Theresa comments that he's so good to her.

Melanie walks through the park trying to find out where she's going. Melanie realizes she left her phone on the plane. Melanie runs in to the nurse and asks her for help going to the address. She remarks about the DiMeras and points her in to the direction of the castle at the top of the mountain.

Kristen tells Brady to stop hurting her. Brady says to stop playing games with him. Brady asks her where his child is.

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