Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/21/15

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/21/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Aiden and Hope wake up in bed together and kiss. Hope worries about the time but Aiden reminds her that the kids are at a sleepover so there's no reason to get out of bed and they continue kissing.

John finds Paul in a park with his grandfather.

Chad wakes Sonny up as Sonny slept on the couch of his office as they each question what the other is doing.

Zoe goes to see Will and tells him that she has a new assignment for him.

Clyde walks out of the town square on the phone, saying he needed it done immediately. He tells them to find out and get back to him.

Ben goes to see Abigail, feeling she was more upset last night than she led on.

Clint appears at the hospital on the phone with Kristen and tells her that Theresa is in his sight. Kristen tells him that his life depends on this. Clint goes over and greets Theresa but she tells him to get out of her face.

Brady talks with the pilot on the jet, who mentions the bumpy flight and possibly having to abort. Brady thinks back to Kristen and says they have to land as it's the only way to catch Kristen by surprise. Brady is thankful that Melanie is safe in Salem because he would never take the chance if she was there. Melanie remains hidden in on the jet and tells herself that if they die, they die together.

Sonny tells Chad it was a long night and Adrienne needed to talk to him then he came back and work late. Chad points out that Sonny has a text so he woke him up. Chad says as his business partner and best friend, he asks if he's not working things out with Will, if it's because he still has a thing for Paul.

Paul tells John that he told him to stay away. John says he couldn't just let him walk out of his life. Paul has nothing to say to him. Paul's grandfather says in Japanese that he knows who John is and can tell when he looks into his eyes that he is Paul's father.

Zoe tells Will that his next article is on Clyde Weston as she hands him an envelope.

Clint asks Theresa to hear him out as he's missed her. Theresa responds that she hasn't missed him. Clint wants to explain but Theresa tells him to start walking or she will so she walks away and Clint follows.

Hope tells Aiden that she could get used to this and Aiden feels the same as they continue kissing.

Abigail tells Ben that she was just surprised by the whole story. Ben admits he should've told it all from the beginning. She understands he didn't think it was a big deal. Abigail apologizes and hugs him. She says she just cares about him and doesn't want anything to happen to him. She doesn't want to judge him but that's exactly what he wants her to do.

Sonny doesn't want to get into it with Chad so Chad tells him to go get into it with Will. Chad reminds him of his wedding vows. Chad suggests they sit down and decide if the promises they made meant anything at all.

Will questions why he would be interested in Clyde. Zoe calls him a rags to riches story. Will mentions him dating his grandmother. Zoe tells him that Clyde is his next profile, end of story. Will agrees on the condition that he sees every response Sonix has gotten on the Paul article. Zoe admires his ego and says Paul is old news so it's time to move on. Zoe agrees to see what she can do but tells him he better get to work on Clyde as she then exits.

Paul introduces John to his grandfather Hiro. Paul is surprised that John knows a few words of Japanese. Hiro walks away to allow them to talk. Paul says he has nothing so he tells John to say what he came all this way to say.

Aiden talks on the phone about Ben. Aiden says thanks for letting him know and hangs up.

Abigail questions Ben wanting her to judge him. Ben says you have to judge the people you love. Abigail can't imagine what it was like for he and Jordan since they had to do whatever they could to survive and stay away from Clyde. Ben says he knew right from wrong but took the opportunity to make a little cash on the side. Ben adds that he knew it was illegal and now of all people he has to go to Clyde for help. She points out that Clyde still has a lot to make up for so she's sure he'd be happy to do whatever he could to help him.

Clyde is frustrated waiting for a phone call back.

Kristen holds baby Christopher. Dr. Mandrake continues telling her that they have time to find another donor other than Theresa. Kristen refuses to wait for a bone marrow transplant. Dr. Mandrake has faith in Clint but worries about the risks in bringing Theresa here. Kristen says this is how it must be done.

Clint follows Theresa home and gives her an expensive bracelet. Clint says he just came in to a lot of money and realized she's the most important thing. Theresa calls it one of the nicest things anyone's ever said to her but she doesn't believe him.

Brady has confidence in the pilot and says he can't let the DiMeras know he's coming. Brady says to land and then needs it back in the air as soon as possible. Lee talks about the risk as the flight continues to be a bumpy ride, Brady comments that he's glad it's just the two of them. Melanie ends up accidentally pulling the lifeboat out.

Abigail is grateful that Ben has a good lawyer. Ben gets a call from Aiden, who tells him that he has good news for him. Aiden says he just got off the phone with Florida authorities and they will not be bringing him in for questioning. Aiden reveals the leader of the gambling ring was stabbed to death during a prison transfer. Hope listens in as Ben asks who did it. Aiden says he must have a long list of enemies. Aiden says it's a shame for him but at least Ben has nothing to worry about now. Ben thanks him for letting him know. Aiden tells him to stay out of trouble. Ben responds that's the plan and hangs up. Abigail asks what happened. Ben explains to her that the man was killed in prison this morning.

Clyde talks on the phone, saying that's a lot better and to make sure the family gets paid in cash for a job well done.

Hope notes Aiden having an intense conversation. Aiden calls it a lucky break for Ben. Hope agrees and Aiden puts an end to the conversation.

Theresa questions Clint never spending a dime on her before. She asks what changed and what he really wants. Clint says he just wants her. Clint says he landed 2 million in a scratch off but Theresa doesn't believe him so he shows her the check and declares he is so rich and ready for an endless party. He asks if she wants to join him or not.

Sonny goes home where Will greets him. Sonny asks if Arianna is still with Kayla. Will says she is and Kayla sent a picture. Sonny says since it's just them, he thought they could talk. Will would love that as long as they don't get into another shouting match. Will says he was right before that their marriage is them and no one else. Will takes the blame for what he did and says he needs to make things right whether or not Paul comes back.

John explains to Paul that he was never really a priest and only thought he was for a time. Paul doesn't understand. John says his past before Salem is a blank slate as there was a period of time that he didn't know who he was and there's still a lot he doesn't know. John says when he met Tori, he had just ended a long relationship. Paul finds it unbelievable. John says what he and Tori had wasn't just any fling. John praises her and never wanted her to leave Salem but he never knew she was pregnant or that she came back. John says he would've never turned his back if he knew she was pregnant and he's sorry that they lost all this time. Paul says if he stuck around, he would've found out a lot sooner who his son really is.

Brady gets the plane landed and tells Lee to get it back up immediately so no one knows they were here. Brady goes to get his things while Melanie struggles with the lifeboat inflating against her.

Kristen talks to the baby Christopher about not understanding Dr. Mandrake's worries. Kristen says once they get what they need from Theresa, they're going to make her go away and get rid of her for good.

Theresa argues the check can't be real. Clint says the money is already in his account. Clint puts the bracelet on her and says he's going to use the money to treat her like a queen, starting with getting her out of Salem. Theresa isn't sure about that as she can't lose her job. Theresa says there's a complicated situation in California so she's stuck here. Clint says she won't be found where they are going and asks where she wants to spend the 2 million.

John knows he came down hard on Paul the other day and he understands the situation with Sonny and Will is complicated. Paul says he wanted to believe Will that everything was his fault. John apologizes. Paul talks about going out of his way to help with the fundraiser. They argue back and forth as John says he doesn't hate him. Paul questions him wanting to start over and says it's a little too late for that.

Will tells Sonny that the way he's been acting is not him. Sonny isn't sure who he is anymore. Will tells him about Marlena accusing him of turning in to Sami and in a way, she's right. Will tells him that he was wrong to say they didn't need a counselor, he was just scared to admit to a stranger all the lousy things he's done. Will decides that's what he needs to do as their marriage and daughter are the most important things to him in the world. Sonny says he has no idea how much he wants them to be together. Will asks if this means he might be able to forgive him as he holds his hand.

Aiden tells Hope that she knows his conversation with a client is private. Hope says she didn't mean to overhear but she did so she questions him about it. Aiden repeats that they cannot have this conversation ever. Aiden states that it just has to be a rule.

Clyde goes to see Ben. Ben says he was just on his way to class. Clyde says he won't keep him long but asks if Aiden made any progress on the case. Ben informs Clyde about what happened. Clyde comments that things are looking up. Clyde tells Ben to just steer clear of the gambling kind.

Chad finds Abigail at the hospital and asks if she has a minute. Abigail says she has a full schedule today. Chad asks if there's any news on Ben's situation in Florida. Abigail informs Chad about what happened and Ben not needing to be questioned anymore. Chad comments that it works out well for Ben. Chad guesses someone was paid off to kill the man. Abigail responds that Chad and his family would know all about that.

Clint asks Theresa what she has to lose. Theresa admits she has nothing to lose as she hates her job and everyone in Salem. Theresa gets excited and announces she feels so free as she hugs him. Theresa goes to pack her things. Clint pulls out his phone and calls Kristen. She tells him that he better have good news. Clint says he does. Kristen says she's expecting a nurse to help Dr. Mandrake with the procedure. He tells her that Theresa is packing now for her trip. Kristen calls it a trip straight to Hell.

Sonny tells Will that he thinks they need to talk more and see where they are and where they want to go. Will agrees that it sounds like a plan. Sonny goes to take a shower. Will is relieved and then gets a call from Zoe. Zoe tells Will to keep an eye on his e-mail as her assistant found the feedback he wanted and the file is huge. Will thanks her and wants everything that comes in. She asks if he's planning another piece on Paul. Will says maybe. Zoe assures him that Clyde comes first and hangs up. Will goes to his computer to read the feedback.

John tells Paul it's never too late. Paul responds that he's seen John is just like everyone else. Hiro returns to the area. Paul tells John that he's family so it's no so easy to get rid of him. Paul walks away and Hiro follows.

Ben tells Clyde that he really wasn't involved with those people. Clyde warns that they could've come after him still. Ben says he must've finally crossed the wrong guy. Clyde is glad for how things worked out for him and they exit so Ben can head to class.

Chad questions Abigail where that came from. Abigail says she doesn't know what he's trying to imply about Ben but brings up EJ hiring a hitman to kill Nick. Chad points out Gabi killing Nick. Abigail explains that EJ told her about his plan so she knows what the DiMeras are capable of. Chad stops her and tells her to never forget that he's not his brother.

Kristen tells Clint that she's ecstatic and will see them very soon. Theresa comes out with her bags. She asks where they are going first. Clint tells her that it's going to be the surprise of her life as she hugs him.

Melanie digs in to her purse and finds something to pop the lifeboat. She tries to get out of the bathroom compartment she is in but the door handle comes off.

Kristen talks about getting her child like she always wanted so her and Brady's child will have a happy life. Brady then appears at her door, surprising her.

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