Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/20/15

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/20/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Chad pours a drink while on the phone with Stefano. Chad toasts to perfect timing. Stefano says it couldn't have worked more perfectly if he planned it. Chad jokes about the look on Abigail's face when she realized she ate his date's food.

Aiden meets with Abigail and Ben. Aiden goes over that the FBI went looking for Ben because he left town the same night they made a major bust in a gambling ring. Aiden suggests going to Florida to clear everything up but realizes Ben may have been involved so he asks Abigail for a few moments alone with Ben.

Marlena and Hope sit together at the town square. Hope invites her over for dinner sometime and mentions John being away. Marlena questions that. Hope says that John told her he had to take care of something out of town.

Sonny goes home. Will tells him that Arianna isn't there so they have the place all to themselves. Will tells Sonny that he can yell at him all he wants and get it off his chest.

Clyde joins Kate at the nightclub. Kate thinks back to telling Victor about Lucas and Adrienne as she tells Clyde that she kept herself busy.

Adrienne and Lucas are interrupted by Victor knocking on the door, asking to talk to Adrienne. They are startled as Adrienne agrees to be down in a few minutes. Victor then adds that Lucas is fired. Adrienne claims not to understand but Victor reveals he knows Lucas is in bed with her and he'll see them both downstairs. Lucas swears no one was there when he came in as Adrienne questions how he knew. They begin to worry if there's a camera in the room. Lucas apologizes as he knows she wanted to keep it quiet. Adrienne reminds him that he just got fired. Lucas feels he can handle it. Adrienne worries that Kate is the one who told him. Lucas doesn't think so. Adrienne says it doesn't matter how but what comes now. Lucas tells her they can do this as he gets out of bed.

Sonny yells at Will to stop acting like he just needs to throw a tantrum to make everything fine. Will just wants him to have what he needs and tells him to take his shots. Sonny asks if he's going to stop blaming Paul for what he did. Will insists that Paul is after him and he wants to save his marriage. Sonny tells Will to be honest with him as he knows what he told John about Paul. Sonny declares no more lies.

Lucas takes the blame to Victor. Victor brings up Adrienne cheating on Justin. Lucas shouts back that Justin was cheating on Adrienne and that he admitted it. Victor tells him to shut up and for them both to sit down.

Kate asks Clyde what he's been up to. Clyde says he's been trying to help Ben out of trouble. Kate comments that Ben has had his share of problems. Clyde says lately they all start with Chad.

Chad tells Stefano about Abigail leaving unsettled after Zoe arrived. Stefano asks about his meeting with Zoe. Chad says they are very clear about their duties and she knows to keep her boss happy. Stefano has an idea for Will's next assignment.

Aiden tells Abigail that it's an attorney-client deal but Abigail insists that Ben has nothing to hide. Aiden asks Ben if there's a problem. Ben hopes not but thinks he knows why the FBI think he's connected.

Adrienne tells Victor that she's been there every day for months waiting for weeks without a word from Justin. Adrienne tells Victor about Justin telling her about his affair on the way out the door. Victor accuses Lucas of taking advantage but Adrienne insists it was her decision. Victor still calls her a married woman cheating on his nephew in his house. Victor declares this cannot continue. Adrienne argues that what she does is her business. Victor threatens to tell Justin unless she tells him first. Adrienne says she will deal with it the minute he comes home. Victor gives her 24 hours to tell Justin and tells her to get out. Adrienne exits. Victor then tells Lucas that he's just getting started with him.

Hope apologizes to Marlena. Marlena claims she just hasn't checked her phone. Hope asks if everything is okay. Marlena says she can't get into it. Hope thought everything was great with them. Hope stops and asks if it has anything to do with Will and Paul.

Sonny brings up Will making it sound like Paul made him sleep with him for the article. Sonny argues that he knows Paul and he would never do that. Will argues that maybe he doesn't know Paul as well as he thinks but Sonny responds that the only person he doesn't know is Will.

Hope wants everything to work out for Marlena and John. Marlena says they will fix things when John gets back. Hope asks about Will and Sonny. Marlena responds that honesty is crucial.

Will comments on Sonny yelling. Will insists that he knows him as the same man he married. Sonny tells Will that John has gone looking for Paul. Will worries that John is bringing Paul back and he's going to be all over Sonny. Will brings up that John told him Paul came on to Sonny in the office. Sonny calls it a misunderstanding but Will calls it mixed signals. Sonny gets a call from Adrienne. She apologizes for bothering him but says she had to call. He asks if she's okay. She says she will be but needs to see him now. She asks him to come to the park and she'll keep it brief. She hangs up. Will says he can't leave now but Sonny says they are just going around in circles. Sonny says Paul is just a distraction and until Will sees that, they have nothing to talk about. Sonny then exits.

Lucas isn't sure Victor can do more than fire him. Lucas asks what he wants. Victor asks if he has any idea what's going on here. Lucas argues that Adrienne has every right to move on. Lucas realizes Victor knew about Justin's affair and calls him a hypocrite. Victor warns him to watch his tone. Victor tells Lucas that he did a good job but he's done here. Lucas says he's not done with Adrienne. Victor believes Adrienne and Justin will work things out as they have been through worse. Victor tells Lucas to get out and adds that he had his car towed. Lucas points out that he didn't park near the house so he had to be looking for his car. Lucas questions how he knew that he was there.

Clyde asks Kate how interested she thinks Chad is in Abigail. Kate says maybe when Jordan first left town but she isn't sure there is anything to worry about. Clyde comments on Abigail's weakness for DiMera men. Kate responds that everyone has a weakness. Kate gets a call from Victor, who demands to see her at the house now. Kate says she'll be right there and tells Clyde she has to go. Clyde questions her leaving their date. Kate calls it business and tells Clyde that some thing are worth waiting for as she exits.

Stefano asks Chad what he thinks of his idea. Chad calls it genius. Chad comments that Abigail should be developing doubts about Ben right about now.

Ben tells Aiden about a guy he knew involved in the gambling ring. Ben admits he got a hundred a week as he tried to save money for school but he had no idea about specifics. Aiden states that this changes things. Aiden tells Ben to come clean to the investigators if they come to him. Aiden says they will take it one step at a time. Ben thanks him but Aiden says not to yet. Aiden warns Ben not to hold anything back from him again or he'll have to find a new lawyer. Aiden exits. Ben tells Abigail that he would've told her if he knew it would be a big deal. Abigail argues that it obviously is a big deal as he could be arrested in Florida. Ben argues against it. Ben offers to call in sick to work so they can talk about this but Abigail tells him no because he needs the job. Abigail says they'll talk later. Ben asks if they are really okay. Abigail says yeah and they kiss goodbye as she exits.

Aiden joins Hope in the town square, apologizing for being late and they kiss. Aiden asks Hope what's going on. She responds that she's happy and so grateful for what they have together. Hope asks if he made reservations for them. Aiden responds that he sort of did and he thinks she'll like where they are going as they walk off together.

Sonny finds Adrienne outside and asks what happened or if she's alright. She says she's fine but he knows she's lying. Adrienne says she's been trying to find the words but she wanted him to hear from her first. Sonny asks right away if Justin is having an affair.

Kate goes to see Victor and asks what's so urgent. Victor needs her to take over Mad World effective immediately. Kate asks about Lucas. Victor says it turns out her reporter was right that Lucas was shacked up with Adrienne under his roof. Kate argues that he has to be mistaken and it's impossible. Kate blames Henderson but Victor tells her that it's true and he can't have a man like that running one of his companies so he's out and she's in. Victor laughs and calls it vintage Kate to see her shocked outrage slowly turning in to slow acceptance. Kate says she has to think. Victor asks if she doesn't want the job after going through all the trouble to stab her own son in the back.

Aiden brings Hope to his hotel room with a candle lit dinner set up. Hope says she loves it and kisses him

Abigail goes to the club where Chad arrives. He asks her what's wrong but she says she's just in a hurry. Chad tells her not to feel bad about the other night with Zoe. Abigail claims she hasn't thought about that. She asks if he had a nice time. Chad says they did and calls it more business than a date. Abigail jokes about how Zoe was dressed. Chad claims he barely noticed. Abigail warns him to be careful around Zoe because she's a shark. Chad tells her that she doesn't have to worry about him. Chad asks about her and Ben's situation.

Marlena goes to see Will. She asks if Sonny is there but he says no and asks if she's looking for Sonny. Marlena admits she had a question for him as he was the last person to speak to John. Will informs Marlena that John left to find Paul and he's going to bring him back so all hell will break loose.

Adrienne asks Sonny how he knew. Sonny says he wasn't sure but he saw pictures and how he rushed back to Dubai. Sonny says it sucks and he knows how she feels. Adrienne wishes that wasn't true but adds there is more that she needs to keep between them. Adrienne says she hasn't told Justin or Will yet. Sonny wonders what this has to do with Will. Adrienne says she's known about Justin for a long time and it's been hard. Adrienne states that life goes on and mentions becoming friends with Lucas. Sonny questions if she's sleeping with Will's dad.

Victor praises Kate orchestrating making sure he found out about Lucas and Adrienne. Victor asks if she just wanted to steal his job or if she had another reason to screw up Lucas's life. Kate denies it and claims she would never do that to her own son. Victor asks if she doesn't want the job then. Kate suggests he do what he thinks is best for the company. Victor thinks any CEO who would be so ruthless will make his company a lot of money. Kate wishes he was this sharp with Stefano so she would still be CEO of DiMera Enterprises and she wouldn't need a job. Kate knew he would find out about Lucas eventually and she was trying to handle the fallout. Victor argues that she just wanted the job and tells her that she starts tomorrow. Kate asks where he's going. Victor thinks she'll want some privacy to bond with her son as he reveals Lucas had been around the corner.

Ben goes to the nightclub and tells Clyde that he messed up by not telling Aiden everything at first so now he's worried. Clyde asks if there's something he's not telling him.

Abigail tells Chad that there's just a mix up in Florida. Chad says that he was just trying to help by telling Ben about it and questions if she's mad. Abigail claims she's happy as it could've been much worse and they're going to figure things out now. Abigail then exits.

Marlena tells Will not to overreact. Will argues that Paul is coming back to steal his husband so he can't stay calm about that. Marlena insists nobody is going to steal Sonny. Will reminds her of Kristen. Marlena feels he can't compare Paul to Kristen. Will responds that Paul is worse because everybody loves and trusts him. Marlena compares Will to Sami which upsets him. Will says he has to come at Paul with everything he has. Marlena asks if that means lies and manipulation which will push Sonny further away.

Sonny notes that Adrienne sounds serious. Adrienne says they both knew it was wrong and she doesn't know what's going to happen now. She doesn't want Sonny to have to choose sides and cries that she just wanted him to hear it from her. Sonny asks who else knows. Adrienne says Victor knows and will keep quiet but Kate knowing worries her.

Kate asks Lucas if he can believe Victor. Lucas reveals that he heard her. Kate tries to explain and blames his affair with Adrienne. Lucas questions her. Kate insists that Victor finding out on his own would've been much worse. Lucas shouts that she wanted his job and that clearly meant more to her than he does.

Hope continues kissing Aiden, feeling they don't have much time because of the children but Aiden reminds her that they are both at sleepovers. They agree that they are free all night then and continue kissing. Aiden carries her in to bed.

Ben tells Clyde that he's not hiding anything as he had no idea with the main guy they arrested but the guy he knew worked for him. Clyde asks if that's the whole story and that there's no other reason he left Florida. Ben assures him and goes to clock in for work.

Chad calls Zoe and tells her that he has a perfect story for Will, an in-depth article about Clyde Weston.

Kate knows it looks like she sold Lucas down the river but claims she has a long term plan. Lucas questions her. Kate says Lucas knows that Victor would fire him but now she can bring him back in after a little time. Lucas says he should've learned his lesson a long time ago when she burned the mansion down and left him to die. Kate argues that's not true. Lucas shouts that her trying to kill him doesn't make the top ten. Lucas talks about Kate manipulating him as a teenager and ruining his relationship with Sami. Lucas argues that he and Sami could've made it if not for Kate. Kate yells at him to grow up. Kate tells him that he needs a job. Lucas yells back that he'll get one but he's never working for her again. Kate tells him not to be foolish. Lucas refuses to let her ruin his relationship with Adrienne. Kate shouts that he has no future with Adrienne. Lucas says she has no say in that. Kate calls it just a blip. Lucas screams at her for always ruining his life and how he'll always be just a blip to her. Kate understands he's upset. Lucas says he's not upset as he declares he's finally free from her. Lucas walks out, leaving Kate in tears.

Sonny asks Adrienne how they found out. Adrienne thinks Kate found out and told Victor, who was pretty mad. Sonny questions Victor kicking her out. Adrienne isn't sure she wants to go back there. Sonny offers to go talk to him but Adrienne doesn't want that as she feels she's complicated his life enough. Sonny tells her not to worry about him but just to take care of herself. Sonny assures her that they will be okay as they hug.

Marlena tells Will to stop and think that he could do a lot of damage if he's not careful. Will questions if he's supposed to do nothing. Marlena says she didn't that. Will argues that Paul is coming back and is using John to do it, not caring about him. Will tells Marlena to open her eyes to why Paul is really coming back. Will declares he knows why and he'll be ready for him.

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