Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/17/15

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/17/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Kate watches as Rafe talks to Victor at the nightclub. Victor goes to approach Kate and then Kate pretends to be talking on the phone about not printing slander about Lucas and Adrienne. Victor asks what's going on. Kate acts surprised and questions where he came from.

Lucas goes to see Adrienne at the Kiriakis Mansion. Adrienne is unsure about him being there but Lucas says he asked Henderson that no one is home and kisses her.

A nurse says on the phone at the hospital that Daniel is off duty. Jennifer hears this and thinks back to arguing with Daniel as she exits. Jennifer tells herself that JJ has to be so careful as he can't push Paige until they're sure she will never know the truth.

JJ and Paige continue having sex for the first time. JJ's phone lies nearby as Jennifer calls.

Daniel tells Nicole that if they can work things out, they could have something special, long term, deep, and lasting as he doesn't want to settle for anything else with her but he's having a hard time trusting her. Nicole agrees to take things slow to prove herself but she needs to know if he's really ready to try. Daniel responds by kissing her.

Serena pours a drink in her hotel room then her phone rings with a text from Melanie that she's going to Europe and doesn't know when she's coming back. Serena gets upset and doesn' know why she's just getting it when it was sent hours ago. Serena says she has to get in to Daniel's apartment to get the diamonds and doesn't know how to do it if she's out of town. Xander arrives and grabs Serena, questioning if she has the diamonds.

Eve goes home and tells herself that she's sure JJ came up with a cover for the fight that Paige walked in on. Eve insists that JJ will not get his way with Paige. Eve holds a photo of Paige and says she can't let her find out about any of this. Cole arrives. Eve asks what's wrong and quickly brings him in. Eve asks why he isn't in class with Paige. Cole responds that she never showed up and asks if she has any idea where she is.

JJ and Paige lay in bed together. JJ calls her perfect as they continue kissing.

Xander questions if Serena thinks this is a game as he grabs her throat. He tells her he gave her cut and demands she stop stalling and playing him. Xander shoves her down and laughs. She finds Daniel's business card that he dropped and declares he is playing her

Nicole knows they should stop but Daniel says he didn't say that.

Xander questions what Serena is talking about. Serena questions what he's doing with Daniel's card and how he knows him. Serena then remembers him saying he had family in Salem and asks if he's related to Daniel. Xander is more interested in what her connection to Daniel is.

Daniel agrees that they should stop but it's not what he was going to say. They sit down. Daniel meant what he said about loving her and he hopes she feels the same. Nicole assures that she does. Daniel points out that they are alone tonight so he has an idea of how they could take advantage of this. Nicole asks what he has in mind. Daniel responds that it's something they should've done a long time ago.

Lucas apologizes as he knows he said he would give Adrienne time to think but he couldn't stay away. She admits she hasn't thought of anything else. He doesn't feel guilty and hopes she doesn't either. She says it's more complicated than that if people knew. Lucas points out they are alone now. Adrienne brings up seeing Kate at the club the other day and it seemed like she knew. Adrienne then realizes Kate does know.

Victor tells Kate that he heard enough to know it's about Adrienne and questions her. Kate tells Victor of a rumor about what's going on between Adrienne and Lucas.

Cole tells Eve that Paige no showed class today. Eve talks about how Cole could've tried to get alone time with Paige to upset JJ and further their agenda. Cole admits he didn't think of anything. Eve says she's trying to help him take JJ's place but she can't do all the work.

Paige tells JJ that she could stay like this all night. JJ agrees that he could stay like this for the rest of his life. Paige worries that she heard the front door. JJ gets up as Jennifer comes home and calls out asking if JJ is home.

Lucas tells Adrienne that Kate is happy for them. Adrienne questions Lucas not denying it. Lucas says he won't deny his feelings. Adrienne questions Kate being happy and keeping her mouth shut. Lucas is sure that she won't say anything until they can tell their kids about it and insists that Kate is happy for them. Lucas says now he just has to convince Adrienne that it's all okay. Adrienne kisses him back.

Victor asks Kate about the rumor between Lucas and Adrienne. Kate claims that if something was going on, she would know. Kate gets a text from Clyde that he's going to be late. Rafe approaches so Victor steps away with him. Rafe wants to talk to Victor about Clyde and Hope.

Daniel thinks he knows what they should do and suggests they go out, talk a lot until they're sick of talking but they won't talk about Jennifer, Brady, Melanie, Xander, Victor, Serena, or Eric but just them. Daniel says they will have fun and will laugh together like they always did. Daniel says it looked like it would go another way but promises this will be better. Daniel suggests they go bowling. Nicole jokes with him about losing. Daniel goes to get dressed, leaving Nicole excited.

Xander tells Serena that he's known Daniel a long time, they aren't family but that's the connection. He asks what her connection is. Serena informs him that the diamonds are in Daniel's apartment as Melanie is a good friend of hers. Xander asks what the problem is then. Serena says Melanie is out of town so she can't come up with an excuse to just drop by while she's not there. Xander suggests she might not but they can. Xander tells her to grab her thing as this will be like old times with them working together.

Rafe tells Victor about Hope asking questions about Clyde's business and why Victor let him take over. Rafe says he told her to stay out of it. Rafe doesn't want Hope hurt by any of this. Victor looks back to Kate and says it looks like he has his hands full.

Lucas and Adrienne kiss in to bed and begin to undress.

Eve apologizes to Cole and sits him down. She says she's just been so stressed out lately for obvious reasons. Eve asks Cole to forgive her for jumping on him so he does. Cole swears to be more on top of his game from now on. Eve tells him to just be Paige's pal and someone she can count on with no reason to push him away. Eve encourages that she knows Cole can do it. Cole agrees that JJ hates him more than ever but he doesn't go off on him in front of Paige. Eve tells him to stick with it because he will snap and Paige will see it while Cole comes off as calm and reasonable. Eve remarks that JJ has no impulse control.

JJ gets dressed and leaves the room while Paige remains in bed. JJ goes down and greets Jennifer. She mentions calling him. He asks about her meeting at the hospital. She says it got cancelled and asks what's been going on here. JJ says he and Paige have just been studying. Jennifer points out they need books for that as Paige enters the room.

Nicole gets ready and asks about Daniel. Daniel says he is reserving a bowling lane. The doorbell rings so Nicole answers to see Xander and Serena which surprises her as Daniel joins her at the door. Xander asks if it's a bad time. He says they were having a business meeting and realized they have Daniel in common. Xander brings him a gift bag and says he wanted to apologize for earlier. Serena asks if she's missing something. Daniel says not to worry about it as it doesn't matter. Nicole adds that they are going out together. Xander offers to drop off the gifts and come back later. Daniel decides they can wait and invites them in. Serena keeps her eyes on the fireplace.

Rafe joins Kate and offers to buy her another round. Kate brings up how he acted towards her when Jordan left. Kate asks if they have something to talk about. Rafe argues that he makes more sense to be with her than Clyde. Rafe questions what she's doing with Clyde.

Jennifer asks how Paige is. She says she's fine. JJ claims that they got their studying done so Paige decides she should get home. Paige tells Jennifer that it was nice to see her again. JJ offers to walk her home but Jennifer wants to talk to JJ. JJ walks Paige out and apologizes as he didn't think she'd be home for a couple more hours. Paige says it could've been worse like at her place with Eve walking in. Paige hopes someday JJ will change his mind about Eve but it won't change things as she's glad she was here with him. Paige tells JJ that it couldn't have been more special and it was perfect as they kiss. Paige then walks away so JJ heads back inside. Jennifer tells JJ that they have to talk about what happened here.

Daniel opens his gift and it's a Hawaiian shirt. Xander says that he got one for everyone in the family. Xander says he wanted to show his love and respect. Daniel thanks him. Xander suggests a tour of the place so he can drop off Parker and Melanie's gifts in their rooms. Daniel suggests they all go but Serena says she has work to do on her computer while Nicole decides to stick around with Serena. Serena suggests she join them but Nicole insists on staying.

JJ apologizes as he got carried away. Jennifer says it's her house and her rules. JJ respects that. Jennifer hopes they were safe. JJ says of course they were as he's done making mistakes. JJ declares he loves Paige and they are going to be in love forever. Jennifer knows they care for each other but hoped they'd take things slower as there are things unresolved like Daniel knowing his secret. JJ trusts Daniel but worries about Eve.

Paige goes to Eve's. Eve tells her that Cole just came by worried about her since she didn't show up to class. Paige talks about being upset that she walked in on her and JJ fighting. Eve questions skipping class and says JJ explained it was absolutely nothing. She asks what they were doing. Paige says they were just hanging out. Eve asks if they were studying or what. Paige thinks back to being with JJ.

Victor goes home and pours a drink while on the phone about having something taken care of right away.

Lucas and Adrienne have sex.

Serena comments on being surprised to see Nicole here. She asks if it was awkward for them to just drop in. Nicole doesn't know why she would think that. Serena brings up Eric telling her that Daniel wasn't too thrilled about her and Xander meeting. Nicole tells her that she and Daniel are going out tonight. Nicole gets a text that upsets her. Daniel and Xander come back out. Daniel thanks him for his generosity. Nicole tells Daniel that her producer just texted her about a breaking story. Serena suggests it's a good time for Daniel and Xander to catch up but Nicole wants to talk to Daniel alone before she goes. Xander agrees to do it another time and he exits with Serena. Xander tells Serena definitely another time as they walk off. Nicole asks Daniel if he's disappointed in her.

Kate asks Rafe why he's not fond of Clyde. She asks if it's because he's different. Kate asks if he really thinks she would be with someone who wasn't interesting, complex, and powerful. Rafe adds dangerous. Kate suggests that could be what she finds really appealing as she walks away.

Lucas and Adrienne lay in bed together. Lucas asks if she minds that he stopped by tonight. She kisses him and asks what he thinks. Lucas knows he said he would give her time but he couldn't stay away. Adrienne feels the same. Lucas knows they have to keep things quiet until she talks to Justin. Adrienne agrees that she will talk to him soon. They are interrupted by Victor knocking on the door, asking to talk to Adrienne. They are startled as Adrienne agrees to be down in a few minutes. Victor then adds that Lucas is fired.

Daniel tells Nicole about all the times he ditched plans because of the hospital. Nicole was looking forward to talking and bowling. Daniel says it will have to wait. Nicole has to get to the studio and they hug. Nicole's phone rings again so she exits. Nicole wonders why Xander had to show up tonight.

Xander and Serena go back to her hotel room. She thought he would be more upset that he didn't get the diamonds tonight. He says he will find another way back in to the apartment soon. Serena says this would be over if not for Nicole. Xander tells her to let him worry about Nicole. Serena sensed that Daniel and Nicole are back on. Xander comments that they'll see as he exits.

Jennifer asks JJ what Eve did now. JJ explains to Jennifer about the jacket and how Eve has it now so he thinks she's trying to use it against him. JJ says he confronted her about it and says she wouldn't but wonders why else she would have it.

Paige hurries out from Eve's causing Eve to realize what happened. Eve screams and throws things off the table.

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