Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/16/15

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/16/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

JJ tells Paige that he loves her but he really thinks she needs to know this and he doesn't know how else to do it other than to just tell her flat out. JJ tells her that Eve is lying to her and so is he. Paige doesn't understand and asks what she's being lied to about. JJ thinks about it as Paige asks what they've been lying to her about.

Ben sits in the student lounge studying as Eve approaches and excitedly greets him. Eve talks about being surprised it took so long for them to see each other. Ben remembers her from Miami. She remembers him as Kevin.

Daniel goes to see Victor and wants him to give him a straight answer about Nicole.

Theresa questions what is with Nicole and calls her a psycho. Nicole stops her and calls her a bitch for running to Daniel about something she knew nothing about. Theresa accuses her of cheating on Daniel. Nicole argues that she had no right. Nicole calls her poison and is glad Brady dumped her because she would've destroyed his life.

Melanie knows it sounds crazy but Brady says it's not if you think about it. Brady talks about if Theresa was pregnant and if Kristen got people to get to her. Melanie tells him that an embryo transplant is possible. Brady realizes what Kristen meant when she said she was going to be carrying a part of him with her. Melanie talks about the process being complicated and says Kristen could've given birth by now to Brady and Theresa's baby.

Kristen holds the baby while Dr. Mandrake continues to warn her about sending Clint back for Theresa being risky. Kristen argues that nothing is too risky for her son and says she needs Theresa for the transplant.

Theresa brings up what Nicole did to Eric and tells her that Daniel will move on too if he's smart. Theresa calls Nicole a skanky old porn star. Nicole says she's going to kill her and attacks her.

Daniel talks to Victor about he and Nicole's future. Victor hopes he's not going to tell him that he's engaged. Daniel says they are actually having problems and he hopes this latest one doesn't involve Victor. Victor questions him. Daniel asks Victor if he brought Xander to Salem to screw up his relationship with Nicole.

Nicole chokes Theresa until Xander shows up to break it up. Xander stops and asks if they were fighting over him. Theresa tells him to get over himself and yells that he had a date with a total psycho. Nicole yells back that it wasn't a date. Theresa calls Nicole a piece of trash who should be put down. Nicole calls her a bitch while Xander holds her back and takes her away.

Dr. Mandrake tells Kristen that they really don't need Theresa's bone marrow as any donor will be good and he doesn't need it right now. Kristen tells him to shut up because Theresa is a perfect match and they're not going to waste time looking for someone else. He brings up that people will question Theresa disappearing and Brady could figure it out.

Brady can't believe he has a child out there and says he wouldn't if not for Melanie. Brady apologizes for yelling at her to back off. Melanie understands that he didn't know what she had stumbled upon. Melanie says she had to tell him the second she found out. Brady says this is huge. Melanie reminds him they have to think this through because there could be another explanation. Brady agrees that they need to make sure and they need to find Kristen.

Ben tells Eve that he goes by Ben now. Eve remembers hearing that from Paige. Ben apologizes for lying to Paige when he first saw her as he didn't want anyone knowing where he came from. Eve understands things get complicated. Ben comments on being glad that Paige and JJ worked things out.

JJ tells Paige that it shouldn't have happened and he can't talk about this here because they need complete privacy. Paige tells him that Eve is at the campus. JJ says they don't know when she'll be back and he needs time to explain so he asks to go back to his place. Paige agrees so they exit together.

Victor admits to Daniel that it's something he might do but he didn't this time. Daniel asks him again but Victor assures he had nothing to do with it. Victor adds that he'll tell Xander that Nicole is off limits. Daniel tells him it's okay and there's no need as they are all good. Victor asks if he's sure. Victor feels that Daniel wouldn't be so bothered if Nicole told Xander that she was off limits.

Xander takes Nicole to the club and blames himself for causing problems with her and Daniel. She says it wasn't his fault but he brings up how she kept saying she was in a relationship and if he knew it was Daniel, he would've backed off straight away. Nicole says she could've told him no but she does appreciate him taking the blame. She calls him truly a nice guy.

Melanie wonders where Kristen could have the baby hidden. Brady figures Stefano must have helped her. Melanie brings up asking Chad but that would be suspicious. Brady says they can't tip anyone off and no one else can know what they are doing so he's not telling Theresa as she could do anything. Melanie says they will figure it out then. Brady wants to do it alone but Melanie shouts that he's absolutely not doing this without her.

Eve had no idea that Ben knew JJ and says he must talk to him often. Abigail interrupts and questions what's going on. Eve tells her that Ben is an old acquaintance. Abigail informs her that she is Ben's girlfriend so Eve realizes that's how he knows JJ. Ben explains that Eve and Paige were regulars at the diner he worked at in Miami. Ben gets a call from Aiden and steps away to take it. Eve tells Abigail that she's lucky she found a nice guy like Ben after her slimy affair with EJ made her damaged goods. Abigail questions how long Eve has known Ben has been in Salem. Eve says Paige probably mentioned it last summer and asks why. Abigail questions if Eve felt the need to tell other people where Ben is living now.

JJ brings Paige to his place and suggests they sit down but she's too nervous. She wants to know what's going on as it has to do with he and Eve fighting before. JJ says he knows he promised to be cool with Eve and that she would give him another chance but she's lying as she hates him. JJ adds that he hates her too and that's never going to change.

Daniel thinks it's better that they don't talk about Nicole. Victor points out that he brought her up. Daniel asks why Xander is in Salem. Victor tells him that he has business dealings here. Daniel remembers him being troubled in the past and how Victor helped him out with the cops then paid for his education. Victor says he is his brother's son. Daniel comments that his help paid off as Xander has obviously turned his life around.

Nicole asks Xander about not seeing Daniel since he was a kid. Xander says it's been a long time so he doesn't know much about him other than Victor being proud of him. Nicole doesn't remember Victor ever mentioning him. Xander says he's been off doing his own thing but he's here now and looking forward to catching up. She asks if he's seen Brady. He mentions seeing him earlier. He apologizes again for the trouble he caused her and Daniel. He adds that he hopes they work things out.

Brady warns Melanie that this could get extremely dangerous. Melanie understands. Brady feels it will be less dangerous if he's alone. Melanie offers to talk to Chad. Brady says even if they find Kristen, she won't hurt him because of her love for him but she will hurt Melanie. Melanie doesn't care as Kristen won't let Brady leave with the child. Brady assures that the child will come home with him. Brady refuses to put Melanie in that kind of danger and says that's the end of the discussion. Melanie reluctantly accepts. Brady says he's wasting time and starts to call to get the jet ready. Melanie points out that he doesn't know where to go. Brady says he knows somebody who does and he'll text her. Brady hugs her and they say I love you as Brady exits. Melanie laughs off letting Brady go alone.

Kristen argues that Brady wants nothing to do with Theresa so no one will notice if she disappears because everyone wishes she would. Kristen says nobody will suspect if Clint does his job right. Dr. Mandrake asks how she's going to stop Theresa from telling people what she did to her. Kristen responds that it won't be a problem.

Eve asks Abigail why she would tell anyone where Ben lives. Abigail feels she loves to cause trouble. Eve assures her and tells her to save her attitude for someone else. Eve tells Ben that it was wonderful to see him and walks away. Ben asks Abigail what that was about. Abigail thinks it's a little weird that Florida authorities are now looking for him when the only people that knew he came from there were Paige and Eve.

Paige knows Eve has been awful to JJ and suggests maybe they could work things out if they spent more time alone but JJ quickly says no. JJ says today it really hit him that there is no trusting Eve ever. JJ doesn't care what she says as she doesn't even want him near her. JJ says Eve always pretends to be reasonable but she will do anything to break them up. Paige argues that Eve knows she loves him. JJ feels that Eve is always looking for a way because she hates him. JJ wishes he didn't hate her but he does and there is no turning that around. JJ promises that nothing about Eve can change how he feels about Paige because he loves her.

Daniel comes home and asks Melanie what is going on. Melanie informs him that she was leaving him a note. Melanie claims that she talked to her mom and she was feeling down plus her birthday is coming up so she's decided to go see her in London. Daniel questions it being now and asks about work. Melanie tells him that she already asked off and will only be gone for a week. Daniel asks if Brady knows about this. Melanie says he's going to be out of town on work so it worked out perfectly. Daniel tells her that he will miss her. Melanie says the same as they hug. Melanie feels lucky to have her parents. Daniel wishes they were there for her growing up. Melanie asks Daniel questions about biological parents wanting to raise their child no matter what risks there are. Daniel asks if she's okay. Melanie apologizes and says she's just grateful for amazing parents. Melanie tells him that she's going to surprise her mom. Daniel tells her to be safe as they hug goodbye and she exits.

Brady goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and says he needs to see Victor. Victor notes that he is serious. Brady needs information and needs him to keep it to himself. Brady knows he keeps tabs on people. Brady tells Victor that he needs to find Kristen and asks if he knows where she is.

Abigail tells Ben that Eve has never been nice to anyone in her family and brings up her suing Jennifer. Ben wonders why she'd be out to get him in trouble. Abigail thinks Eve would do anything to hurt her or her family. Ben notes that Eve was surprised to find out they were together. Abigail agrees that he may be right. Abigail asks what Aiden said. Ben says he's going to try and find out why the FBI are trying to track him down. Abigail suggests it could be something simple to clear up over the phone.

Paige wishes she knew JJ was wrong about Eve. JJ knows it would mean a lot to her if they could get along but that's just not going to happen. Paige will still hope. Paige says she's never going to let Eve break them up ever because she loves him. Paige really feels they are just meant to be. JJ feels the same. Paige knows they were going to take things slow. JJ feels the same way and says he could never love someone the way he loves her. Paige tells him that she doesn't want to wait and they kiss.

Nicole goes to Daniel's and he opens the door in a towel. Nicole calls it bad timing but Daniel points out it's not something she hasn't seen before. Daniel asks why she came. Nicole asks if he has a minute so he invites her in.

Victor tells Brady that Kristen has been out of his life now for some time and he hopes he's not rethinking things. Brady says it's not about that as he hates her more than ever but he needs to find her and talk to her in person. Victor asks why but Brady says he can't say yet. Victor admits he keeps tabs on her in case she decides to come back to Salem. Brady asks where she is. Brady tells him not to worry because Kristen won't hurt him. Victor worries that she could manipulate him. Brady knows he screwed up with her more than once but he needs him to let him do this his way. Brady asks him to let him be his own man here. Brady insists that he knows what he's doing and asks Victor to trust him. Victor informs Brady that Kristen is in Italy and he has the address.

JJ and Paige kiss in bed. JJ stops and says he has to make sure this is what she wants. Paige says it is. JJ knows it's her first time and doesn't want to put any pressure on her. Paige assures this is what she wants and says she loves him so much as they kiss.

Victor gives Brady the address to an old castle in Rome. Victor says she's pretty much in seclusion and offers to send some guys with him as backup just in case but Brady says he has to do this alone as no one can know about it especially John. Victor knows John would want to get involved and agrees to cover for him. Brady hugs him and thanks him for everything. Brady goes to call the pilot as Victor tells him to be safe.

Nicole tells Daniel this will only take a minute. She hates the way they left things and she shouldn't have stormed out but she was frustrated. Nicole doesn't want to fight anymore and apologizes for being impatient and playing games. Nicole understands he needs his time and space but she hopes someday he finally realizes that it is over between her and Eric. Nicole adds that she is so sorry for going out with Xander as she acted like a stupid teenager since it meant nothing and she has no interest in him or anyone else. Nicole wants to be with Daniel and wants to make things work with him if that's what he wants. Nicole asks Daniel if that's what he wants.

The pilot tells Brady on the phone that he will be ready. Melanie joins him on the jet and tells him that she came to say goodbye to Brady. He tells her that he's not there yet. Melanie asks if she can leave a note then sits down.

Kristen talks about the baby Christopher. Dr. Mandrake continues to warn Kristen that Theresa will be here for some days and nothing can wipe out her memory for that long so it will come back to her and she'll tell the authorities. Kristen says she won't. Dr. Mandrake says there is no way to know that Theresa will not regain her memory when she goes home. Kristen questions who said anyone about her going home.

JJ and Paige continue kissing and begin to undress as they have sex for the first time.

Xander exits the club and calls Victor. Victor asks what he can do for him. Xander tells him that his deal is going to turn a nice profit. Victor doesn't need the details. Xander assumes he heard about the misunderstanding with Daniel. Victor tells him not to worry about it but to stay away from Nicole as she's nothing but trouble. Xander hangs up and remarks that he likes trouble.

Daniel tells Nicole that if they can work things out, they could have something special, long term, deep, and lasting as he doesn't want to settle for anything else with her but he's having a hard time trusting her. Nicole agrees to take things slow to prove herself but she needs to know if he's really ready to try this.

Brady goes to the jet and gets Melanie's note that she left for him. Brady comments that she's always full of surprises. Melanie hides on the plane and says ready or not Kristen, here we come.

Dr. Mandrake asks Kristen what she's saying. Kristen says it might be too risky to let Theresa go back to Salem. He points out that she's his mother but Kristen yells that she is his mother and no one else. Kristen says once they get Theresa's bone marrow, she will be useless. Kristen shouts that she is the only mother that the baby Christopher has ever known or will ever know.

Theresa sits in the club, drinking wine and looking at her phone.

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