Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/15/15

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/15/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Nicole questions Xander following her. Daniel comes back to his office. Xander greets him and says it's so good to see him again as they hug. Nicole quesitons them knowing each other. Xander says he could never forget Daniel, making Nicole uncomfortable.

Eric says it was a disaster as she was already trying to cause problems with Daniel and Nicole. Eric talks about Theresa describing the man and how it sounded like Xander. Serena complains about why Nicole had to meet him of all people. Eric asks if she's worried about Daniel's reaction but she says she's worried about Eric.

Paige goes to see JJ but Maggie answers the door instead.

JJ goes to see Eve and questions why she has the brown coat.

Anne finds Theresa crying outside. Theresa gets up and hugs her.

Brady goes to see Melanie. She answers the door and says she has to tell him something about Theresa and Kristen. Brady doesn't want to hear it but Melanie says they are not done with him yet.

Kristen talks to the baby and says everything is going to be fine. Dr. Mandrake brings her the results and says one of the biological parents is a match. Kristen takes the paper and asks which one.

Paige tells Maggie that she baked JJ some cookies and thought he was here studying. Maggie says she's the only one here so Paige asks where JJ is.

Eve tells JJ never to come here again but JJ demands to know why she has the coat.

Eric tells Serena that whatever is happening has nothing to do with him so she has to let it go because it has nothing to do with her either. Serena thinks back to her last talk with Xander. Eric notes that something is really bothering her. Eric asks if it's about he and Nicole. Serena says she knows things are over so it's something else.

Nicole asks how Daniel and Xander know each other. Daniel reveals that Xander is Victor's nephew and they spent a summer together before. Daniel asks Xander what he's doing here. Xander says he's on business and mentions seeing Brady. Nicole decides she'll go and let them catch up. Xander says it was good running in to each other. Daniel questions them knowing each other and then realizes that he was the one she bumped in to at the club.

Kristen finds out that Brady isn't a match but Theresa is. Kristen tells Dr. Mandrake that this is so much simpler than having to go to Christopher's father. She says she knows exactly what she has to do and has already set it in motion.

Brady wants to drop this but Melanie says he has to hear it. Brady tells her to just tell him so Melanie informs him that she thinks he has a child out there with Theresa.

Eric says it's a simple question and asks Serena what's bothering him. Serena claims Melanie has something going on that has her upset but she's too busy to talk and she really wanted to help. Eric knows the feeling as he's worried about Daniel being upset with the Nicole and Xander thing. Serena gets a really great idea if he's up for it.

Daniel mentions that Nicole said Xander was nice about the coffee being spilled on him. Xander then realizes that Daniel is the one Nicole is seeing.

Paige checks her phone but doesn't have any messages from JJ. Maggie assures that he'll be there soon. Paige apologizes for not helping with the clothing drive. Maggie tells her it all went okay. Maggie mentions that Eve showed up with Theresa and volunteered to help. Maggie adds that she can't believe people would steal from a charity drive.

Eve claims she doesn't know what he's talking about. JJ goes over the coat and brings up that night. JJ tells Eve about Paige finding the coat. Eve stops him and says she handled it. Eve yells at JJ to get out but JJ demands to know why the coat was in the closet.

Brady tells Melanie that is crazy. Melanie says she knows but begs him to let her explain. Melanie brings up Theresa having the pregnancy scare. Melanie shows Brady a paper that is proof that Theresa was pregnant.

Anne asks Theresa what's wrong. Theresa cries that everyone hates her. Anne says that's not new and she never cared before. Theresa says she doesn't care but cries about her run in with Brady. Theresa knows she's lied but insists she didn't lie about the baby as she really thought she was pregnant.

Dr. Mandrake says Christopher is doing very well. Kristen responds that she's his mother so she's not taking any chances. Clint arrives and greets Kristen. She asks how he is. Clint says he's fine and asks if she wanted something. Kristen tells him what a great job he did in Salem and asks if he's ready to go back to finish the job once and for all.

Paige comments on shoplifting at a charity drive. Maggie says she has to go see Daniel so Paige agrees to go with her. Paige asks about the thief and Maggie says they'll get to the bottom of it.

JJ thinks Eve is planning to use the coat somehow to take him out. JJ thinks she's planning to set him up to break up he and Paige with the coat.

Xander apologizes for coming on strong and says it was just coffee with Nicole. Xander adds that he hopes to see the rest of the family and Daniel again. Daniel gives him a business card and Xander says he'll be in touch as he exits. Nicole jokes about Daniel knowing Xander and calls it unreal. Daniel says he hasn't seen him since he was a kid so he asks Nicole to fill him in on Xander.

Serena suggests to Eric that they help Daniel and Nicole through their rough patch as Daniel would do the same thing for them. Serena says they can go over to Daniel's and surprise them with lunch or dinner. Eric suggests just asking them to come over but Serena quickly says no.

Melanie explains to Brady that she took Theresa's plasma from the blood bank in the hospital to take it to the lab. Brady calls it obsessive. Melanie tells him to focus on what's in front of him as she's been through the whole thing and it's accurate. Melanie promises that he will believe her.

Kristen says that Christopher needs a bone marrow transplant from Theresa. Dr. Mandrake says they could locate a more compatible donor but Kristen says no. Dr. Mandrake feels going back to Salem is too dangerous as there is suspicion. Kristen doesn't want to hear it and argues that Clint can handle difficult assignments. Kristen asks if Theresa is still in Salem. Clint responds there's one way to find out and calls her.

Theresa complains to Anne about Daniel, Melanie, and Brady. Theresa's phone rings so she wonders if it's Brady. She goes through her purse trying to find her phone.

Clint waits for an answer so Kristen wonders where Theresa is.

Anne tells Theresa it's not Brady but an unknown caller as Theresa answers the phone.

Melanie reminds Brady about Theresa seeming genuinely shocked when Kayla told her she wasn't pregnant. Melanie brings up Theresa's mood swings and freaking out about baby things. Brady says maybe she was pregnant but that means she had a miscarriage. Brady asks how she could give birth in secret and then keep the baby hidden. Melanie tells him to consider the fact that someone knocked Brady out and took his blood then did the same thing to Theresa.

Nicole tells Daniel that Xander likes coffee and ladies and that's all she knows about him. Nicole says she came to clear the air. Nicole admits she was mad because they weren't getting along. Daniel admits it's partly his fault and he apologizes for not taking it well that she was seeing someone else and he had to find out from Theresa. Daniel felt like it was payback. Nicole complains about Daniel shutting her out and not telling her anything about Jennifer or Brady or anything. Daniel responds that it's because he doesn't trust her.

Serena apologizes to Eric on how that came out as she wants to do it at Daniel's so Melanie can join them. Eric says they can do it here instead of inviting themselves over. Serena agrees and says she'll just ask Melanie. Serena remembers she has something to do. Eric asks if it's something he said. Serena apologizes and says she'll see him soon as she then quickly exits. Eric wonders what all that was about. Serena texts Xander that she needs to see him.

Eve tells JJ that Jennifer has slammed the point that if he was go down, she goes down. JJ knows she doesn't want him with Paige. Eve argues that she wouldn't do something stupid. JJ brings up taking the coat. Eve yells at him to get the hell out of her house as Paige arrives at the door. Paige calls it a surprise as she thought JJ was studying. JJ responds that he thought he should get some things straight with Eve.

Nicole questions Daniel not trusting her and if he's just hung up on one mistake. Daniel argues that it's not just one. Nicole yells at him that she's over Eric. Daniel still isn't sure that she's over Eric and brings up her going out with Xander. Daniel comments that she moves so quickly from man to man that he thinks she's afraid to be without a man in her life. Maggie arrives and asks if she's interrupting anything. Nicole says no as they are done here. Nicole calls her timing perfect and walks out.

Xander sits in the town square looking at a photo of Nicole on his phone and thinks back to their coffee date. Xander comments that it looks like he's poaching on Daniel's territory. Xander gets Serena's text and says finally.

Melanie talks about it bothering her how the guy who attacked Brady only took his money and blood instead of all the valuables at the Kiriakis Mansion. Brady questions them taking Theresa's too. Melanie explains how she went to see Theresa but ran in to Clint and he dropped his bag where a bunch of blood vials came out. Melanie says she saw the same puncture wound on Theresa so Clint took her blood and Brady's. Melanie talks about Dr. Mandrake and shows a picture to Brady. Brady wonders why he would want their blood. Melanie explains that Theresa really was pregnant like someone came and took her baby without her even knowing. Brady calls it impossible but Melanie brings up John waking up from his coma. Brady realizes Kristen was behind that.

Clint tells Kristen that he put a tracker on Theresa's phone and sees that she's in the town square. Kristen compliments him thinking of everything and says now on to what needs to be done.

Anne tells Theresa that it wasn't Brady and whoever called ran when they heard her voice. Theresa doesn't want to hear it and yells that she doesn't need anyone in Salem. Anne tells her that she needs to get back to work. Theresa says she might never show up at the hospital again and storms off.

Kristen tells Clint that he knows where Theresa is so go get her.

Eve tells Paige that they were trying to get past everything and learn to get along. Paige questions Eve being so angry when she came in. Eve hopes they can have two steps forward and one step back. Eve says Paige is the most important thing here so they are going to continue to try and get along and work this out. Paige says to try not to kill each other in the process. Paige goes to get her notes. Eve tries to encourage her to move back in. Eve mentions being on her way out when JJ showed up. Paige heads to her room. JJ warns Eve that they are not done but Eve doesn't ever want to be alone with him again and walks out. JJ says to himself that he can't do this.

Melanie tells Brady that there is more. Brady asks about Kristen. Melanie thinks he'll see the connection as Dr. Mandrake is being paid by an illegal company. Brady calls it insane and argues that Theresa would know. Melanie says they didn't know blood was taken and these people know what they are doing. Brady says Kristen is crazy and starts to say she wouldn't but stops.

Dr. Mandrake tells Kristen to think this through. Kristen says she has. He brings up the Salem police and doesn't want to overplay their hand as they still haven't closed the Kiriakis case. Clint says he made the Brady deal look like a simple mugging and he knows how to take care of Theresa, who no one will miss.

Theresa runs in to Nicole in the town square. Nicole questions what her problem is and says no one likes her. Theresa argues that Daniel needed to know the woman he's seeing was two timing her. Eric interrupts and tells them to grow up. Nicole walks off. Eric questions Theresa but she says she hasn't done anything even though no one believes her.

Maggie asks Daniel about Nicole being upset. Daniel doesn't want to talk about it. Maggie brings up the scene Theresa caused this morning. Daniel mentions Victor's nephew being in town. Maggie comments on changing the subject but then questions what he said. Daniel explains that Xander is in town on business which surprises Maggie. Daniel talks about spending a summer with him and Brady when they were kids. Maggie asks what he's like.

Serena meets Xander at the Pub. Xander wants to go somewhere more private before she gives him the diamonds. Serena says she doesn't have them yet so she needs another day or two. Xander grabs her arm under the table. She complains that he's hurting her and he says he knows.

JJ notes Paige is upset. Paige says she's not stupid or deaf and heard Eve say she never wants to talk to him again. Paige wants the truth about what they were fighting about. JJ tells her that he loves her but he really thinks she needs to know this and he doesn't know how else to do it other than to just tell her flat out. JJ tells her that Eve is lying to her and so is he.

Daniel tells Maggie that he was a little thrown but Xander felt it wasn't the best time for their reunion so he left quickly. Daniel talks about him being different than he remembered but knows he was rough around the edges. Daniel says his impression of Xander was that he was kind of lost and in a way, dangerous.

Xander warns Serena that she's out of time so he may have to drive home the point. He tells her that he will see her later today at her place privately and she will have the diamonds or she and Eric will face the consequences.

Theresa tells Eric that Nicole is a total psycho who destroys everything. Eric wants her to grow up and says he has to go. Eric tells her to think about meditation or therapy as he walks off. Nicole returns and tells Theresa that she's the psycho who is worse than she or Sami ever was. Nicole hopes she gets everything she deserves.

Dr. Mandrake reminds of what a loose cannon Theresa is. Kristen says she made her decision and she wants her son cured as soon as possible. Kristen says Clint is perfectly capable of doing what they ask and remarks that it'd be so much fun to see Theresa again.

Brady thinks back to the last time Kristen called him where she said she would be carrying a part of him inside her. Brady admits he thinks Melanie is right about Kristen, Theresa, and the baby.

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