Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/14/15

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/14/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Daniel and Maggie walk through the town square. Maggie can't believe Daniel kept their plans after he spent the night in the operating room. Daniel says he wanted to see her and gives her a drawing from Parker. Maggie loves it and then says she's glad nothing will keep him from getting rest today. Nicole then walks by. Daniel invites her to join them.

Xander walks out of the town square and meets Serena, saying it better be about the diamonds. Serena says they'll get to that but questions the rumor that he's staying in town.

Nicole asks Daniel if he's sure he doesn't mind. Daniel says he asked her so she sits down. Eric and Theresa walk by. Eric realizes he left his wallet in the car and goes to get it. Theresa then approaches Daniel, Nicole, and Maggie. Daniel says goodbye to her. Theresa praises the clothing drive to Maggie. Theresa then brings up the hot date she saw Nicole with.

Sonny meets John at the Pub. John thanks him for meeting as he didn't want to have this conversation in front of Will. Sonny informs John that he spent the night in his office.

Marlena goes to see Will. Will tells her that Sonny never came home last night and the whole mess with Paul is ruining their relationship. Marlena says welcome to the clbu.

Brady and Melanie lay in bed. Brady gets a text from John that he wants to talk later. Brady comments that he hopes when he has kids, they are easier on him than he was on John.

A baby is shown in a crib.

Xander asks Serena why she cares if he stays or goes. Serena wants him as far away from Eric as possible. She thinks it's best they go their separate ways after their business. Xander questions settling with Eric. Serena asks what is keeping him there and if it's Nicole.

Maggie questions Nicole having a date. Daniel tells Theresa to go as she's not getting a rise out of him. Theresa encourages Nicole to tell him.

Brady asks Melanie if something's wrong. She thinks back to her research. Brady explains that he wasn't saying he's dying to have kids as he doesn't think he's ready to be a dad. Melanie says it just kind of got to her because she thinks any kid would be lucky to have him as a dad. Brady thanks her and kisses her.

John knows the Paul situation has been hard on Sonny and Will. Sonny knows it can't be easy on John either. Sonny thought he knew everything about Paul but not that John is his father. John informs Sonny that he had a fight with Paul over Sonny.

Marlena tells Will that she and John are no longer on speaking terms because he felt she should've come straight to him about being Paul's father. Will points out that she didn't think it was their place. Marlena adds that Will thought it would work out so well for him. Marlena asks why Will trashed Paul to John. Will claims he didn't. Marlena brings up that he implied that Paul knew he was married to Sonny before they slept together. Will admits he felt it could be possible. Will wouldn't be surprised if the reason Paul came is to break up their marriage. Marlena warns him not to make her sit and watch him turn in to his mother.

Daniel asks if this is true. Nicole tells him that she just had a cup of coffee with the man. Daniel asks to speak alone to Theresa and steps away with her. Maggie thought Nicole and Daniel were starting to talk about where things might go between them and asks if she was mistaken about that. Eric comes back around the corner and sees Daniel talking to Theresa. Daniel asks if she's happy now as Eric watches. Nicole tells Maggie that Theresa is just trying to cause trouble. Maggie has no idea what's going on because Daniel doesn't discuss her but she knows Daniel cares about her. Maggie is appalled that she could be seeing someone else. Nicole tries to explain but Maggie tells her to explain it to Daniel and walks away. Daniel comments that Theresa is determined to cause trouble between he and Nicole. Theresa says she didn't force Nicole to go behind his back. Daniel remarks that Theresa loves to always cause trouble. Eric comes back and says they are going to get some coffee somewhere else.

Serena argues that Xander doesn't know anything about Nicole. Serena talks about Nicole investigating her and calls her suspicious and nasty. Serena says Nicole is a threat and she could find out a lot about him. Serena asks why Xander would stick around for a woman he just met. Xander responds that he's staying in Salem because he has family here which she questions.

Brady and Melanie get up and get dressed. Melanie asks if they have time for breakfast but Brady says he has calls to make before the getaway that he promised. Melanie is surprised they are still going. Brady says he can stop to see John on the way to the airport. Melanie asks if he has something important. Brady says they are in a really good place now. Brady tells her she's great and kisses her goodbye as he then exits. Melanie makes a call to get the results on the plasma she had tested.

John tells Sonny that he shouldn't have gone in on Paul like he did so he wants Sonny's side of the story after what Will said. Sonny says that Paul has always been totally honest about his feelings. John asks Sonny how he feels about Paul.

Will questions Marlena saying he's like Sami being the worst thing she can say. Marlena says she'll always love Sami and she would also point out their similarities in behavior. Will argues that Sami went out and got what she wanted so he asks what's wrong with that. Marlena says that Sami never cared who she hurt as long as she got what she wanted.

Melanie gets a mail delivery and says once she opens this, there's no turning back as this could change Brady and Theresa's lives as well as hers.

Eric and Theresa went to the club. He asks what was going on. Theresa tells him about the date she saw Nicole on so he should be lucky he's done with her. Eric suggests it could've been innocent or work. Theresa assures him and praises Xander. Theresa says Nicole can't play her stupid games. Eric looks away so she questions why he isn't saying anything. Eric wonders if he may have met the man she is talking about.

Xander thinks back to seeing Brady. He doesn't feel like sharing with Serena. He says he's been patient and paid her so he expects her to deliver what she promised. Serena agrees to try and get the diamonds back today. She then walks off. Xander pulls out his phone and looks at Nicole's number.

Daniel questions Nicole meeting the guy for coffee. Nicole says it was just one cup. Daniel asks if that's what he thought.

Melanie decides she has to know and opens the mail. Melanie reveals it was true that Theresa was pregnant and she didn't have an abortion or miscarriage so she wonders where the baby is.

Dr. Mandrake stands near the baby and says his office will have the answer to all questions soon.

Sonny tells John that he walked away after Paul turned down his proposal but seeing him again reminded him of how much he cares about him which makes this whole situation so difficult. John says he's going to Paul's hotel and he wanted to see Sonny because he knows Paul better than anybody. John asks Sonny if he could tell him about his son.

Will doesn't care what Marlena or anyone thinks, he is not going to let some washed up baseball player ruin their lives. Will says he has to go feed Arianna. Marlena stops him and says sometimes she doesn't know who he is anymore. Marlena adds that she'll always love him and has no doubt how much he loves Sonny and Arianna. Marlena wants to see him save his marriage but he can only do that if he realizes it's not about what Paul did. Marlena says that all that is important is what he does next. She hopes he realizes that before it's too late. Marlena then exits.

Nicole tells Daniel that the guy probably thought it was more than coffee. Daniel thanks her and gets ready to go back to the hospital. Nicole asks who cares about the guy. Daniel says now he knows she meant it when she said she was done. Daniel walks off.

Melanie wonders what Dr. Mandrake did with the baby. There's a knock at the door so Melanie hides her papers. Serena arrives, surprising Melanie. Serena hopes she didn't forget their hang out day. She looks towards the fireplace where she hid the diamonds. Melanie tells her that she has to cancel because her life just got a little complicated. Serena insists on coming in so they can talk about it.

Eric asks Theresa about people treating her like dirt. Theresa doesn't want to change for anyone. Theresa warns him about adding him to the list of people she doesn't give a damn about so Eric walks out. Brady approaches. Theresa asks what he wants. Brady questions what the hell is wrong with her.

Marlena runs in to John in the town square and asks if he got her text. John says he did but he's busy and is heading somewhere right now. Marlena understands he's angry but the situation is complicated. John feels she didn't tell him that Paul was his son because he was protecting Will.

Sonny comes home. He thought Will had an appointment. Will says the babysitter couldn't come so he had to stay with Arianna. Will comments on Arianna having a bad day. Sonny says he's sorry. Will asks if he means because he's here and now he has to deal with him.

Nicole joins Daniel in his office at the hospital and tells him that she was wrong. Daniel tells her that he has a patient to see. Nicole stops him and says she wants this to work. Nicole says she went to coffee because she wanted to matter but she doesn't want to be mad anymore and doesn't want to give up on them. Nicole hopes they can talk and start over again. She asks what he says to that.

Maggie joins Melanie and Serena. She asks if Daniel came home yet but he hasn't. Maggie goes to leave but Melanie asks if she has time for her. Melanie invites Maggie in and tells Serena that she will call her tomorrow. Maggie says it was nice to see Serena and tells her to say hello to Eric for her. Serena thinks back to talking to Xander about getting the diamonds back and walks off. Melanie tells Maggie that she has a situation and needs her help.

Brady questions if Theresa thinks about the way she lives her life and how she sleeps at night. Theresa asks if he thinks he's better than her. Brady says he's trying to see the light and live differently while she seems content being a bitch and always hurting people. Theresa argues that no one in this town has ever cared whether she lived or died but Brady says he did.

Sonny admits he was hoping Will wouldn't be home. Will asks where he was last night. Sonny says he spent the night in his office alone. Will doesn't think that could be comfortable. Sonny didn't want to have a fight in front of their daughter. Sonny talks about finding out what he's done and how he's never been this mad at anyone in his entire life. Sonny says he won't let it out and break things with Arianna in the other room.

Marlena tells John that Will found out that Tori worked for Stefano so he assumed the child was his and she asked him not to say anything because it wasn't true. John points out that she was the same when finding out it was his and gets upset. John says he wants to tell Brady and Belle so he hopes she can keep his secret too as he walks away.

Daniel tells Nicole that he's going to check on his patient and then will be right back. Nicole tries to tell herself that everything will be fine but wonders what she's going to say. Nicole imagines clearing the air with Daniel and what she would say about her mistakes with Daniel forgiving her. Xander then appears and startles her.

Serena goes to Eric's. Eric is surprised as she thought she was spending the day with Melanie. She says she was but she needs to be with him now. She hugs him and he asks if she's okay. She's not sure as Melanie backed out of their plans and she couldn't get some work done. She just wants this project behind her but doesn't want to talk about it as she missed him so much. Serena wants him to just take her mind off everything but him as they kiss.

Melanie can't believe that she finally found the right guy and he's been there the whole time. Maggie says the timing just wasn't right before. Melanie says she loves him. Maggie knows he loves her too so she asks what the problem is because she can tell there is one. Melanie doesn't want to do anything to screw it up. Maggie asks if she's done something like that.

Theresa argues that Brady never really cared about her. Brady knows they did a lot of stupid things together but he used to feel they knew each other better than anyone. Brady says he realized that she was just angry and cynical and enjoyed making people hurt which killed his feelings for her. Theresa responds that she never gave a damn about him and only wanted his money and his body. Theresa tells him to go to Hell because she doesn't care what he says or thinks about anything. Brady says goodbye and walks out.

Melanie tells Maggie that she hasn't done anything yet. Maggie says if she's worried about ruining things with Brady, she's sure that's not going to happen. Maggie adds that Melanie has grown up so much so whatever she chooses to do will be for the best.

The baby remains in the crib.

Will tells Sonny that they can't just stay like this as they have to talk about it. Sonny says they will but just not right now. Will asks how long until they can start. Sonny just repeats not now and heads to the bedroom.

John goes to Paul's hotel room but the maid tells him that Paul and Tori checked out first thing in the morning.

Eric asks if something is wrong. Serena realizes she didn't ask about his day so she asks how his lunch with Theresa went. Eric says it was a disaster as she was already trying to cause problems with Daniel and Nicole. Eric talks about Theresa describing the man and how it sounded like Xander.

Nicole questions Xander following her. Daniel comes back to his office. Xander greets him and says it's so good to see him again.

Theresa walks outside the town square and stops to sit down on the bench where she breaks down crying.

Dr. Mandrake says his office is faxing over the information they need so he's going to get it now. He says he will do everything in his power to make sure the baby remains hers for the rest of her life.

Brady goes to see Melanie. She answers the door and says she has to tell him something about Theresa and Kristen.

Kristen is revealed next to Dr. Mandrake and she picks up the baby.

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