Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/13/15

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/13/15


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Paul doesn't understand and questions how John knows Tori. Tori tells Paul that they need to leave. Paul asks if John met Tori when she was in Salem before. Paul reveals to Tori that he knows she lied to him before and he wants to know why now for real. Tori says they can discuss it on the plane. Paul talks about her telling him that his father was dead all these years but asks if she met him in Salem. Tori admits that she met Paul's father in Salem. Tori turns and looks to John, who realizes the truth. Sonny watches on as Will shakes his head.

Hope talks on the phone from outside the town square and says she hopes she won't be disappointed by this meeting. She hangs up and waits. Aiden tries to surprise her from behind but she grabs his arm on instinct then apologizes when she sees it's him.

Ben wonders if he should call Aiden. Clyde says he'll take care of it. Ben hates to ask him for something again but Clyde tells him not to worry. Clyde warns Ben to never trust Chad DiMera. Ben assures that he doesn't and won't. Ben mentions that it would've been easy for Chad to give him up so he wonders why he'd protect him. Clyde says it boils down to either money or a woman.

Abigail calls Chad unbelievable but very predictable. Abigail points out the dinner for two and decides to start eating it. Chad tries to talk but Abigail says she knows what he's thinking and he couldn't be more wrong. Chad asks what she thinks he's thinking. Abigail tells him this ploy of his to get to her isn't working.

Paul tells John to stay away from Tori. Marlena tries to calm things but Tori yells that she and John did this. Tori says they've hurt Paul enough and she then faints. John goes to call a doctor. Tori says she's alright and just needs water. Paul asks if she's eaten today. Tori asks to speak to Paul alone. Paul asks Sonny if they can use his office. Sonny agrees and goes to get food and water. John asks Marlena what she knows and if Paul is really his son. Will accuses Sonny of setting this all up and that he knew what he'd be walking in to when he called him. Sonny tells Will that Paul deserved to know the truth and reveals that he knows Will's article was about thinking Paul was a DiMera. Sonny asks if Will is ever going to stop lying to him and walks away.

In Sonny's office, Tori questions how Paul could do this to her in front of all those people when she told him they needed to leave. Sonny enters so Tori asks why he ever had to come in to Paul's life.

Hope apologizes to Aiden. Aiden blames himself. Hope didn't think he would be back until tomorrow. Aiden jokes with her and they kiss.

Chad questions Abigail thinking he's trying to get to her. Abigail brings up being with Ben and how he can't change that so she questions why he went through all this trouble. Abigail thinks Chad thinks he can get whatever he wants. Chad questions her thinking that he wants her. Zoe then arrives and apologizes for being late.

Ben tells Clyde that Chad can't get any money out of him. Clyde believes Chad just wants to impress Abigail then. Ben admits they both wondered why Chad was being nice. Clyde warns him about people being nice out of the blue. Ben then questions all the nice things Clyde has done for him.

John asks Marlena again if Paul is his son. Marlena thinks there's a very good chance. John asks why Tori blamed her and what she knows about it. Marlena explains that she met Tori with Paul and realized she was the same Tori that he knew but she didn't want to say anything until she knew for sure. Marlena brings up that Tori denied everything. John questions why Tori wouldn't say anything after all these years.

Paul tells Tori that she can't be mad at Sonny because the truth finally came out. She responds that she's not. Paul says he might never have felt love if Sonny never came in to his life. Sonny says to let him know if they need anything else. Tori questions if this was Sonny's idea. Paul explains that Sonny tried to talk him out of it but he wanted him to stay with Tori and Will because he wanted the lies to finally stop. Sonny tells Tori that he's sorry and exits the office.

Marlena tells John that only Tori can answer his questions. John doesn't understand and then remembers Tori was working for Stefano back then. Marlena tells him that he has to talk to Tori and Paul. John says if Paul is his son, he's already managed to make him hate him. Will questions Sonny going through the deleted files on his tablet. Sonny asks how he could trust him after what happened with Paul and he lied again. Will says he wasn't hiding anything and he trashed the article because it was only speculation. Sonny questions if Will knew that Paul was John's son. Will says no because Tori denied it. Sonny points out that Will said he never met Tori and calls it another lie. Will admits to lying because he was willing to do whatever it takes to get Paul out of their lives.

Paul knows Tori was working in Salem nine months before he was born so she must have met his father here. Paul asks her if John is his father.

Hope tells Aiden he was a nice surprise. Aiden jokes that it won't happen again. Hope realizes he set up the meeting she was waiting for. Aiden talks about trying to get them a room and they kiss.

Abigail mentions meeting Zoe before she published Will's first big story. Abigail then realizes that Zoe is there for the dinner wtih Chad and is embarrassed.

Clyde agrees with Ben about trusting him and says he's trying to make up for everything but he's doing it for very selfish reasons. Clyde says seeing his son doing well reflects good on him and it feels good to know maybe he did something to help him. Ben says he has. Clyde promises to help with this problem too. Ben agrees not to trust Chad.

Abigail apologizes. Chad tells her not to worry about it. Abigail says she will let them get to it and hurries out.

Marlena tells John that Paul doesn't hate him or even know him. John says he barely knows him too but it doesn't take much to make a bad first impression. John informs Marlena that he caught Paul coming on to Sonny yesterday and really laid into him. John questions Paul's motives and brings up Paul seducing Will and going after Sonny. Marlena goes over Paul not knowing about Will and Sonny at first but John doesn't believe it so Marlena questions what Will said to him.

Sonny tells Will that he must not have much faith in their marriage if he thinks the only way it will work is getting rid of Paul. Will complains that Paul still wants Sonny and he knows how persuasive he can be. Will points out that Paul is not in the closet anymore and he has become a gay icon. Will thinks Sonny has to admire that. Paul and Tori come out from the office and gather their things. Paul tells John they are leaving but John says he has a right to know. Paul responds that he has no rights. John asks him to listen to him. Paul asks why should he when they already told each other how they felt about one another so they have nothing left to talk about. John says he can't walk out without telling him. Paul responds that John is his father and asks if that's what he wanted to hear. Paul repeats that John is his father. Paul tells Tori they should go and not miss their flight. Sonny advises Paul not to leave things like this. Will suggests they just let them go. Marlena can't imagine how difficult this is for Tori and she thinks Tori owes John an explanation. Paul argues that John should explain himself and questions what kind of man he is. John doesn't understand and questions Tori never telling him all these years. Tori responds that John was dead to her.

Aiden and Hope go to the nightclub and talk about the kids at the benefit. Hope comments that everything worked out except for what happened between Will and Sonny. Clyde interrupts and tells Aiden that he's just the man he wanted to see.

Ben goes home and Abigail joins him. Ben tells her about meeting with Clyde. Abigail surprises him with ice cream. Ben suggests dessert first and kisses her. Ben asks if she got everything she needed to get done. She says yes but then says she just needed to do one thing. Abigail admits she went to see Chad.

Zoe tells Chad that he didn't have to go through all this trouble. Chad credits having his own chef. Zoe says she was surprised to get his call. Chad says he's been an admirer of hers for a long time and praises her work with Will. Chad wants to maintain the momentum of the Paul article. Chad informs Zoe that Sonix magazine is now property of DiMera Enterprises which she laughs at.

John knows it's been a long time but can't imagine what he did to make Tori feel that way. Tori says she was so ashamed when she discovered she was pregnant and didn't know how to explain it to her family. She decided it could be okay with the truth. John questions why she didn't tell the truth. Tori tells him that she decided to come back to Salem to tell him herself as she hoped somehow they could be a family. John questions her coming back. Tori says she did and when she saw him, everything changed. John says he never saw her after she left Salem. Tori informs him that she saw him but never spoke to him. John asks her why not. Tori recalls seeing John in the church 20+ years ago and reveals that she discovered he had given himself to the priesthood so she felt it would be wrong to be the reason he left his vocation.

Clyde knows this isn't the time or place to talk but he wants to schedule an appointment soon with Aiden. Aiden asks what's going on. Clyde tells him that Ben is in a bit of trouble. Hope asks if it's another run in with Chad. Clyde says not exactly but he knows Aiden can help them out. Aiden agrees to have his assistant call him in the morning. Clyde says that's great and apologizes for interrupting. Aiden asks Hope about not liking Clyde. Hope says she just doesn't trust him.

Abigail doesn't want Ben to get upset over Chad and he says he's not. Abigail knows Chad drives him crazy. Ben responds that she drives him crazy and asks why she had to go see Chad so they don't have to talk about him anymore. Abigail says she wanted to know what his motive was for helping Ben. Ben says it was to get Abigail to go see him. Abigail points out that she didn't stay long. Ben questions her eating there. Abigail explains what happened. Ben tells her that he's proud of her and asks who Chad's guest was. Abigail tells him that it was Zoe Browning.

Zoe asks Chad what she can do to make her new boss happy.

John still feels Tori should have told him. Paul tells him not to blame Tori. Marlena knows he's upset and tries to calm him down. Paul wants to get Tori out of here. John knows he can't wait to leave but he can't let Paul just walk out of his life. Paul and Tori exit the club. Marlena tells John to just give him some time. Sonny goes after Paul and tells him that he had no idea. Sonny asks if he's okay as he's really sorry how it all came out since they didn't hit it off. Sonny tells Paul that John was just being protective of him and Will but if he gives him a chance, he'll see he's a good guy and that he's lucky to have him as a father. Paul responds that they have to go as he and Tori walk away. John comes out. Sonny tells him that he tried to stop him and he's really sorry.

Chad tells Zoe that the last thing he wants to do is get in her way so for the most part, he'll leave her to her own judgment but she'll have more responsibility, freedom, and compensation. Zoe asks Chad what he really wants.

Ben questions Chad having dinner with Will's editor and why they care. They continue eating their ice cream and then kiss.

Aiden asks Hope if there's a reason why she feels that way about Clyde. Hope apologizes for saying anything about his client. Aiden feels he shouldn't have asked and decides there's certain things they just can't discuss then they kiss.

Marlena questions how Will could say those terrible things about Paul to John. Will says John brought things up. Marlena feels Will painted Paul in the worst possible light. Will argues that he didn't say anything that wasn't true. Marlena questions why he shaded the truth. Will tells her that he would do anything to protect his marriage. Marlena guesses that includes destroying a father's relationship with a son that he never knew he had. Sonny and John come back in. Sonny asks what's going on. Will gets a text that the babysitter has to leave so they need to get going. John asks them to keep this to themselves for now as he wants to be the one to tell Belle and Brady that they have a brother they never knew about and he wants to find the right time. Will agrees. Marlena decides they should go so she and John exit. Will asks Sonny if he's ready. Sonny tells Will to go ahead as he's going to clean up a bit. Will offers to wait a few minutes but Sonny tells him that he doesn't want him to wait.

Paul and Tori go home to their hotel room. Tori apologizes to him. Paul understands she did what she thought was best for him like always. Paul's phone rings and it's his grandfather so he answers the call.

John and Marlena talk outside. John talks about always knowing Paul was someone to watch in baseball and how he went to a game just to watch him pitch. John says everyone knew Paul was someone special and he wonders if deep inside, he knew he was watching his son. John says that Paul and Tori were going to leave town so if he hadn't been at the club tonight, he turns and wonders if he would've ever known or if Marlena would've kept that from him forever.

Ben and Abigail lay in bed together. They question where they would be if Ben hadn't come to Salem. Abigail asks about his past as Kevin Reynolds. Ben tells her about how Jordan gave him a fake ID and how he got Reynolds from the aluminum foil box. Ben jokes with her and assures her that he is sticking with Ben but is thinking about going back to his real last name of Ben Weston. Abigail is happy for him and they kiss.

Clyde walks through the town square on the phone, saying he can't come back home to Missouri and he wants a message sent about how unhappy he is. Clyde says he would do it himself but he has bigger fish to fry here.

Chad tells Zoe that he may suggest future stories. Zoe is open to all suggestions. Chad thinks they'll get along just fine and they toast their champagne.

Will argues that Sonny can't blame him for Tori keeping Paul's paternity a secret all this time or for it coming out like this when Sonny called them all to meet here. Will asks if he's mad that he found the old photo because if he hadn't then John would never know Paul was his son. Sonny questions if they are supposed to give him credit for his good deed. Will asks if he means him and Paul.

Marlena wanted to tell John about her suspicions but it wasn't her place and then Tori denied everything. John thinks she knew in her heart. Marlena says he has a lot to think about so she'll leave him alone. Marlena tells him that she loves him and walks away.

Paul's grandfather thought he was coming home tonight as he hasn't seen him in so long. Paul apologizes for the publicity that he has had to endure. He responds that he doesn't believe what he reads, he believes in Paul. Paul tells him that he will see him soon and hangs up. Tori says after all that's happened, she thought he might want to stay.

Will tells Sonny that he knows he made a mistake. Sonny responds that he made a lot of mistakes and he's trying to understand why he keeps making excuses. Sonny argues that Will was so desperate to avenge his writing career that he went off to Hollywood then he came back and lied about why and then he slept with Paul to get his big article. Will says it's not how it happened. Sonny reminds him that they made a lifetime commitment but Will got his article and his moment. Sonny questions if Will thinks he can just do whatever he wants and hurt whoever he wants in the process. Sonny asks if he's just supposed to be okay with that. Sonny tells Will to just get away from him and go home so Will exits. Will tells himself that he will not lose Sonny.

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